The Week in Radical Leftism, 9/10/21


Greetings fellow travellers, and welcome back to Day 234 of the Harris* Occupation! Afrer a few weeks of much needed R&R we’re back to our regularly scheduled look at what our Lefty pals are up to. So, did anything interesting happen while I was away? Of course it did! For starters, let’s jump into The Wayback Machine of earlier this summer:

7/14 – Let the Border Games Begin!

Heaping every bit of praise that Biden’s* border policies deserve!

3/25 – The Dushanbe Interviews: Christopher Rufo – Wop “Waste Management Consultant” vs. Critical Race Theory

This interview obviously took place early in the CRT war and goes in some strange directions, but is one of the funnier interviews I’ve read in a long time

4/26 – Michael Yeadon | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown (Video)

The video is not short, coming in at 46 minutes, but well worth your time

6/3 – Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0

Mike may not be perfect and I can’t say I understand all of the technical elements of this video, but from what I understand Lindell makes a strong case.

7/15 – NFL To Double Down On Social Justice | Will Be More Woke In 2021! (Video)

As if the NFL is Gay video weren’t enough, this news confirms that if the day ever comes that I come back to the NFL it won’t be while Roger Goodell is Commissioner.

7/28 – “It’s Not About Where the Virus Escaped From: It’s About Where It Was Developed”

Exactly the question that our press should ask.

8/29 – Why Kamala Harris?

Here’s a sobering thought – Biden* was Veep to make Obama look good by comparison. Harris* is in place to make Biden* look good by comparison. What would it take for a VP to make her look good?

9/1 – Watchdog Report: Fauci’s NIAID Funded Experiment Forcing Dogs To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ By Infected Flies

Not exactly a direct tie smoking gun, but be sure to share this with any animal-lover Faucist friends of yours

9/2 – Something Missing

Not a major story, but the kind that would have the media’s attention if a Republican were President

9/3 – If Gen. Milley Were A Traitor, What Would He Have Done Differently?

Buck Throckmorton over at Ace raises a fair question.


Stories like this fill me with hope for the next generation. This wasn’t the only one from last weekend, either. Expect more.

9/5 – The Politics Of COVID.

Candace Owens is a great example of how one takes the most flak when you’re directly over your target. I think that she has the potential to one day possibly have a stint as The Radical Left’s Emmanulel Goldstein.

9/6 – American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom

This article starts off with one of the dumbest Doctors in America and shines a harsh light on how corrupt our education system has become

9/7 – How The Amazon Web Hosting Crackdown Threatens Patreon, Substack, And You

Dive down the rabbit hole of where this could lead – stories like this could potentially affect every one of us.

9/8 – What I Learned about Democrats from the Inside

You probably won’t agree with all of the author’s points. I didn’t either, but it still makes for a good read.


I don’t think that Biden’s* handlers thought this one through. Although it will be entertaining to watch XiNN try to spin this as Biden* being greeted by adoring crowds

9/10 – A Hate Crime Against Larry Elder Isn’t ‘Racist’

It’s not a hate crime when you have a monopoly on hate.

ICYMI – While I was staying off of current events at the end of summer I popped out a bunch of relatively short thought pieces that have been in my hopper for a while:

Hollywood Makes Garbage Like Antebellum for the Same Reason Bad Faith Based Movies Get Filmed

Class Action Park – What We’ve Lost as Americans

The Conservative Case for Student Loan Forgiveness

The Olympics – What We’ve Lost as Americans

Is it Time to Go Master Blaster on The Radical Left?

The Conservative Case for Keeping Your Kid in Public Schools

The One Simple Trick Every Parent with Kids in College Must Do!

Keep your Son Away from this Kid’s Show – Watch this instead!

Funny side note – including my non-political posts from when I started blogging, my kids’ show article was Brother Bob’s 666th post! To Hell with Hollywood!

And for something to laugh about as we approach the grim 20th anniversary of 9/11 – the old Taliban Phone Call video. The original that came out afterward was slightly longer and the video was funnier, but this one is still good. When 9/11 happened I was working for a telemarketing company and even the president of our small company cracked up when he saw this.

Good to be back – have a great weekend, everybody!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is winding down his presence on Twitter, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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“7/14 – Let the Border Games Begin!” If something can possibly be made worse and more harmful to the nation and citizens, idiot Biden is up to the task… for a few hours a day.

“3/25 – The Dushanbe Interviews: Christopher Rufo – Wop “Waste Management Consultant” vs. Critical Race Theory” How is it that “antiracist” continues to survive as a concept when being racist is its very core principle?

“4/26 – Michael Yeadon | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown (Video)” We are being conditioned to accept unlawful orders without question. It’s not about COVID.

“6/3 – Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0” I hope no one is under the allusion that this illegal, illicit, illegitimate regime born of fraud is going to be reversed and replaced. That ain’t happening and all we can strive for is to limit the damage this regime of idiots can inflict and make sure such fraud is never repeated.

“7/15 – NFL To Double Down On Social Justice | Will Be More Woke In 2021! (Video)” I predict that if and when the NFL and teams lose enough money so as to affect the bloated contracts of the coddled so-called athletes, squeezing every drop of racism out of every comment and action will become far, far less important. If they are going to play a “Black National Anthem”, isn’t it racist not to play an “Asian National Anthem”? Where is the “Hispanic National Anthem”? Since it is woke to consider a religion a race, why was no “Islamic National Anthem” not played? (my suggestion It’s significant to note, Kaepernick STILL doesn’t have a job.

“7/28 – “It’s Not About Where the Virus Escaped From: It’s About Where It Was Developed”” We definitely have the wrong guy and people in charge at such a critical time.

“8/29 – Why Kamala Harris?” No doubt Kamala was intended to replace idiot Biden. Though she was chosen solely on the virtue of the boxes she checked, no one expected her to prove herself to be such a dud in such a short period of time. Granted, idiot Biden has been such a total and complete disaster that it has put a lot of pressure on Kamala to take some of the heat off of Grampa Grope, but she ran and hid from the first tough task she was handed. Far from making idiot Biden unimpeachable, she makes impeachment more attractive. The nation needs a heavy dose of liberalism and Democrat ineptitude to cure it from considering Democrats as leaders. Put Kamala in the top spot and show them what putting woke before capability REALLY looks like.

“9/1 – Watchdog Report: Fauci’s NIAID Funded Experiment Forcing Dogs To Be ‘Eaten Alive’ By Infected Flies” Where is PETA the one time you need them? Maybe THEY can get Fauci fired.

“9/2 – Something Missing” It is becoming clear that the idiot Biden regime simply loaded up anyone and everyone they could find to pad the numbers of those evacuated. No doubt, many good and deserving people were saved, but not enough Americans.

“9/3 – If Gen. Milley Were A Traitor, What Would He Have Done Differently?” Nothing.

“9/4 – WATCH: F*** JOE BIDEN CHANTS AT VIRGINIA TECH COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME” First evidence students learn something that will actually serve them well in life.

“9/5 – The Politics Of COVID.” If you ever needed proof of what rationing and “death panels” would look like under full federal control of health care, just listen to some of the punitive suggestions of self-righteous liberals (who don’t even follow their own mandates) of how to restrict care for those who “don’t obey”.

“9/6 – American Education Is Rotten from Top to Bottom” This is the destruction of education as a means to make people smarter. No wonder the left wants to make college free; that’s what it’s worth. I guess I should be proud that I did so poorly in those racist math classes.

“9/7 – How The Amazon Web Hosting Crackdown Threatens Patreon, Substack, And You” Fear of ideas and speech are the real identifiers of a totalitarian regime. Censorship is how that fear is addressed.

“9/8 – What I Learned about Democrats from the Inside” My brother-in-law, my wife’s twin sister’s (who had unfriended us all) husband, is a perfect example of the willfully ignorant Democrat. Every idiot Biden disaster gives birth to a list of (mostly imaginary) past failures of Republicans. For one thing, as long as they sit like a baby bird in a nest with their eyes blind and mouth open, being fed nothing but leftist propaganda; this is why when they are kicked out of the nest, they flounder. Their tyranny is not that benign.

“9/9 – BIDEN TO DESECRATE 9/11” Actually, I thought I read he wasn’t going to speak anywhere. He set up the Taliban to celebrate their victory over the beheaded US on the very day that initiated their defeat by a US that actually had a leader at the time. Of course, anything related to the United States of America is desecrated by this idiot. He is the embodiment of anti-America.

“9/10 – A Hate Crime Against Larry Elder Isn’t ‘Racist’” I really wish Elder had been hit with that egg. That would have triggered a whole new level of action and reaction. I don’t know what is more disgusting, that BITCH in her ape mask assaulting a black candidate or the total silence the “antiracist” left wing media has exhibited in reacting to it. What MORE do they (the left) need to PROVE that race and racism is nothing but a political tool and weapon for the left to use against anyone they want to silence? They LOVE racism; they EMBRACE it.