The One Simple Trick Every Parent with Kids in College Must Do!


The good news is that your son or daughter is going away to college! The bad news is that your son or daughter is going away to college! The good is obvious – out of the house, gaining independence, and hopefully coming out smarter all around and with enough skills to get a foot in the door toward their chosen profession. The bad news is… there’s a good chance your kid will be taught that something like this is their history, or they’ll be taking the first steps toward turning their backs on their families and cutting you out of their life. We all know that higher education in America is now dominated by Marxists, but what can you do to help your kids or grandkids?

It’s easy to believe that your student will be shielded by their good upbringing, and you’ve been as good at communicating with them as any parent and teenager could hope to be. But don’t forget what it’s like to be that age – young men and women are impressionable, and can easily be taken in by someone who argues with enough conviction. Or they’re just looking to rebel & upset the order as every generation before them has done, but today this can be a far darker path. Luckily there is one simple trick, and while it does not guarantee success, it gives your family a fighting chance.

Earlier this summer, Virginia State Delegate Nick Freitas spoke at an event I was attending, and I asked him a question at the end regarding fighting back. The Q&A themselves aren’t as important as the tangent he went on toward the end of his answer. He mentioned that when your kids come home from college giving you and earful of Leftism, instead of challenging them or chiding them for spouting the joys of Communism or the latest Climastrology theology, try this instead – engage them. Ask probing questions as to what they believe? Decrying Capitalism? Ask what their definition is and be ready to pull it apart. Preaching Climastrology? There are many angles to hit, so choose carefully – where is the plan for how many solar panels & wind farms will go & how much will they cost? What is the carbon footprint of all of these Climate Conferences? Granted, as we all know from engagng our Lefty pals that you can’t reason someone out of a position thay haven’t reasoned themselves into. But at least with the parental relationship there is a greater bond that can hopefully keep the rot from taking hold.

I loved Nick’s advice, and I’d also suggest taking it one step further. You know which classes your son or daughter is taking, so you should also know who their professors are. Why not do your homework on the profs? If they’re not published, they probably at least have social media feeds. Do your homework on them, and learn what they’ll be preaching to their masses. For that matter, you can do similar homework on any campus leaders who may also be crossing your family’s path. The better you understand what your kids are hearing, the better you’ll be prepared for what’s going to get repeated back home.

Yes, I know, reading articles and social media feeds of Radical Leftist educators is nobody’s idea of a good time. But the days where we can can assume that our kids’ education and entertainment that they ingest aren’t teaching them to follow some hateful ideology that will make them despise thier family, culture, history, and country are long gone. To whatever degree appropriate, we have to find ways to keep looking over our kids’ shoulders. On a personal level, your family depends on it, and when you think about it, on a larger scale America is depending on it.

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There has to be a way to break the hold the left gets on children trying to get an education. I like pointing out the hypocrisy, but I haven’t had to deprogram any of my kids or grandkids yet… they haven’t gone over to the dumb side yet. But, I like to ask the simple questions.

For instance, if climate change is so dire and these people believe in it so enthusiastically, why don’t they teleconference their religious revivals instead of using all the private jets and limos, not to mention the resources devoured by occupation of numerous facilities? If masks work, why does EVERYONE have to wear one? Seems if half wore them, the other half would be protected as well. Why do we have to honor the Taliban’s demands when it was THEY who violated the agreement made to leave? If socialism and communism is so great, why do the supporters have to lie to convince other to support it and why is force and oppression required to keep people under the system?

you are referring to the agalmetophile, moron biden, in the closet chairman of joint chief of staff, miley, race baiter adkins, kamaslut, and the entire cabinet. so why is slut hillary talking to the PM of canada???

Send your kids to community college for the first two years. The subjects are the same and most credits transfer. The instructors are usually more sane. The cost is much, much less. Optionally, the kids may be able to live at home, if it is close enough.