Is it Time to Go Master Blaster on The Radical Left?


If you’re not familiar with what the title of this post is referencing, back in the 80s Mel Gibson made a third Mad Max movie, often referred to by one word as part of it’s title, “Thunderdome.” While the Thunderdome part and Tina Turner’s performance as the leader of a semi lawless trading post called Bartertown gave the movie character, overall the film fell flat when it’s writers forgot that the story needed an ending. One other memorable piece of the film was a character called “Master Blaster”, the foreman who oversaw Bartertown’s energy production, via methane from pig Schiff. Being a prickly character, Master Blaster would occasionally embargo the energy to Bartertown as a reminder of the power he held.

A few months ago, The North Face (TNF), a left leaning outdoor apparel company, snubbed a requested order by an oil and gas company for reasons. Three months later the Colorodo Oil and Gas Association gave TNF an award for all of the petroleum products that go into their manufacturing process. A few years ago I would have applauded this gesture, but not today. Granted, it was a damned clever move, but we’re in different times. I could drop dozens of stories about Leftist authoritarianism tied to the Climastrology cult, but if you’re reading this you already know plenty of them. The correct gesture today would be for thier oil supplier to immediately end their contract with TNF, and to reach out to other potential suppliers and agree to embargo TNF.

The Radical Left loves the idea of inflicting their horrible ideas on us Normals, but absolutely hates the idea of having the same standards applied to them. There’s a reason the Leftist leading the “Defund Your Police” movement don’t apply it to themselves. Do you think John Kerry, or any other powerful leftist, is going to give up their private , maskless, chartered flights to travel the world to lecture us how we must change our lives? College campuses want law enforcement thrown off? I say give it to them.

A professor at Oxford University had exactly this idea in mind when students demanded divestment from fossil fuel companies. He suggested they divest from using any fossil fuels, and as you can guess the students did not like it. We see plenty of this insanity. The People’s Republic of Takoma Park, MD proposed banning all fossil fuels from their DC area enclave, which I hope they achieve. California brags about how green their energy is, by importing it from other states. A member on Bill Whittle’s site posted a great piece that made the rounds on Facebook called “Greta’s Day”.

Rael Jean Isaac over at The American Spectator had some good advice – have fun mocking Climastrology:

And how about reviving the chronicle of Climategate, which almost wiped out faith in the apocalypse before the media buried the scandal? In 2009, a hacker downloaded candid emails among top climate scientists in England and the United States that bemoaned recalcitrant data, described the “tricks” (their term) used to coax the data, reported efforts to keep the views of dissenters out of reputable journals and UN reports, and boasted of deletion of data to make it unavailable to other researchers. “If science is on your side, why do you need to make it up?” would make a good bumper sticker or t-shirt slogan.

This is good and should be incorporated in our fight against this cult, but we’re beyond fun and games. When a rogue activist judge shuts down a gas pipeline by decree, why can’t Washingtotn gas shut down the pipeline leading into Judge Boasburg’s home? Ace raised the great point asking what wuld happen if Deplorables started de-platforming Leftists from their skilled trade services? Read the post – it’s actually a pretty good & practical idea. Of course, we’re held to a double standard by The Radical Left, but in general The Radical Left needs what the Normals produce more than we need them.

If you’re having any doubts as to whether or not The Radical Left deserves this, check this excerpt from a piece in The Washington Compost (apologies for linking ot that rag) on a new practice called “Greentrolling”:

“Most days, when Mary Heglar wakes up, the first thing she does is reach for her phone in search of a fight.
Armed with her Twitter handle and “deep reserves of anger,” the 37-year-old climate essayist and podcaster haunts the feeds of fossil fuel companies, harnessing memes and the native language of the Internet to engage her particular brand of climate activism against the flow of misinformation in the digital ether.”

Doesn’t this just sound like the kind of person you’d like to have a beer with on a Friday night? I can just envision her 14 cats meowing furiously for their breakfast & it falling on deaf ears. And maybe cutting off someone’s coal fired energy might just be what the doctor ordered!
Truckers SNAP, Won’t Deliver To Cities That Defund Police As Nearly 129 … via @YouTube
— Geo Garcia (@CrunchyBobJones) August 9, 2020


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It all has to do with Money and Politics Global warming/Climate Change is like Evolution a unproven theory being taught as Fact in the Schools and Universties of today

Before the East Anglia emails, I was a global warming believer. I wasn’t a climate Nazi, but it was something I was seriously concerned with. But there’s nothing like seeing, in their own words, that those advocating for anthropomorphic warming are lying.

The same goes with liberal economic theories. I advocated in 2010 to just allow Obama to emplace his economy and watch the results; that is the only way to cure liberalism. It took a combination of parts of all their policies to open the door for Trump to come in and reverse the damage wrought by Obama, but we are right back in that hole again. Sadly, what is needed is to allow (as if it could be stopped) the left’s ruinous polices of spending $6 trillion of pork, waste and corruption to educate the American public. Pain will have to be felt; jobs lost, inflation fanned, crime and collapse is the only thing that can get through the propaganda fog laid down by the left. I don’t look forward to the short term pain, but I welcome the renaissance.

Likewise, making the connection between idiot Biden’s ruinous border policies (or a simple lack of any) and the exploding COVID case resurgence is awakening many to the downside of using fraud to emplace a doddering puppet into a position of supreme power. Sadly, people will get sick and some will die, but it takes harsh reality to dispel the leftist propaganda that inundates the country.

Give em what they want and watch them choke on it. Then point at their tortured faces and state, “See? THIS is what we warned you about. Now, what are you going to do?”

We’ve been feeling the ever growing pains since I’ve been alive. And I’m 67. It was Nelson Rockefeller who was the last straw for the Democrat party shenanigans, which made Mom and Dad turn conservative. We are beyond the pale now and direct action has to be taken. The left has too many tentacles, and needs to be completely destroyed—-and soon. Personally, I’m just waiting for it to start as I have nothing to lose. However, my children and grandchildren are not going to live a life of suffering and pain like my parents did in Europe in the ’20’s and ’30’s before coming to our once great land of plenty. Be prepared with great resolve.

Except now, when they control all the corridors of power. Sure, they blame Trump for the fiasco at the border, but the majority see the reality.

They are printing money, and there has to be a reason why.

People get a $250 check for the child tax credit (???), per child.
No one pays rent if they don’t want to.
People are being paid not to work.
School lunches, and breakfasts, are now free for the year.

Something is up. We discovered cold fusion or something that the government sees as completely ending our economy as we know it.

I can’t see any other alternative, unless you go with China intentionally destroying our economy by just upping the uselessness and greed of the average American. For all the corruption of the FBI et al, I don’t see that happening.

I could be wrong.

Something is up? Yeah. COVID. COVID has hammered the economy. Global and domestic supply chain disruptions are affecting the prices and availability of countless goods and services.

With Delta now surging out of control before all the negative effects of the first round of COVID are even in, what would happen to the economy if there were mass evictions and mass foreclosures, resulting in massive labor force displacements?

Some people don’t seem to realize how thin the ice is that we’re currently trying to get across. Some people are actively promoting resistance against the only effective measures we have to push back against the COVID pandemic.

wow ur dumb…

Maybe you could elaborate on that, making some passing reference to any of the points I just raised.

No it didn’t. DEMOCRATS did. Intelligent states reopened their economies in April. Democrat states remained closed. Idiots called the Republicans “Neanderthals” but Republicans were right and Democrats were wrong. ARE wrong.

All Democrats cared about was an excuse to enact one multi-trillion dollar “aid” (aka waste, pork, graft and corruption) bills, feeding failed leftist policies and agendas.

Democrats blamed the virus, the shut down and the deaths on Trump. Well, what goes around damn sure comes around and Democrats are proving what utter, complete and total failures they are. Unless, of course, their goal is to destroy the nation. If that is so, they are alarmingly successful.

Idiot Biden said if he had been President when the CCP virus broke out, NO ONE would have died. The also promised he would shut down the virus, not the economy. What the hell happened? Not only has the virus EXPLODED under idiot Biden, but people are still dying. None of that, of course, gets in the way of his vacations. What an imbecile.