Never Tell A Leftist They Hate America…


Never tell a leftist they hate America. They will correct you every time. They don’t hate America, they’ll tell you; they just want to improve it. They just want to help make it better. They just want America to live up to her ideals.

No, it’s not America per se that they hate, but rather the things that made America so spectacular in the first place. Free enterprise. Limited government. Federalism. Separation of Powers. Individual freedom.

But, while they don’t hate America, it is, according to them, racist, sexist, homophobic, ethnocentric, intolerant, and more. In addition, the Constitution is an outdated document that old racist White guys wrote, and it needs to be reimagined.

So, okay, sure, I’ll buy that leftists don’t technically hate America. Indeed, consider that, even when they have Hollywood or Silicon Valley or Wall Street type money and could live anywhere in the world…big surprise, they never actually leave!

When I tell leftists that America is the greatest nation that’s ever existed, it seems to send them over some sort of cliff. They often get angry and look at me as if I just told them the earth is flat. But the funny thing is that when I ask what nation is better or empire was better…crickets. They immediately launch into a polemic about how America is racist, sexist, homophobic, ethnocentric, etc. It’s ripe with inequality, inequity and rich White men run it. And not to be forgotten, its Constitution is an outdated document that old White racist guys wrote and, as such, shouldn’t control our lives today.

Then I suggest that even if it were the case that America was the hellscape they suggest, where should we go to escape it? Again, crickets.

Even though leftist snowflakes can’t point to a single place on earth or in history that is, or was, superior to the United States, or that had or has a more successful combination of prosperity and freedom than the US, they most certainly have an endless supply of ways to improve it:

  • Bans on hate speech, which they define as anything that hurts anyone’s feelings.
  • Defund the police.
  • Pack the Supreme Court.
  • Disband the INS.
  • $15 minimum wage.
  • Demonize the Founding Fathers.
  • Eliminate the Electoral College.
  • Cancel anyone who ever uttered an opinion that doesn’t comport with the currently favored position on any given subject.
  • Eliminate bail requirements & sentencing minimums.
  • Participation trophies.
  • Eliminate academic requirements and standardized testing for entrance into college.
  • Universal healthcare
  • Free college tuition
  • Green energy mandates and subsidies
  • Eliminate fossil fuels
  • Repeal the Second Amendment
  • Eliminate capitalism.
  • Eliminate the binary gender construct
  • Make the Pentagon the bleeding edge for social experiments
  • Tax the rich
  • Forgive student debt
  • Mandate vaccinations

And the list goes on, and on, and on. It literally never stops. Griswold v. Connecticut begat Roe vs. Wade which begat partial-birth abortion. Gay rights turned into civil unions turned into gay marriage. Jimmy Carter’s Community Reinvestment Act turned into coerced lax lending standards which turned into the housing crash. And the Americans with Disabilities Act started out as compassion for the handicapped and mutated into a vehicle for extortion of small businesses by a cabal of pernicious lawyers. Removing the Confederate Battle Flag from state flags led to pulling down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas to canceling Dr. Seuss and Aunt Jemima.

At what point, exactly, will America cease to be the racist sexist hellhole that the left tells us it is? Must the military perfectly reflect the hue and sex of America itself? Must corporate executives be promoted based on their socioeconomic heritage?

What else needs to be reflective of the demographics of the American populace? How about the NBA and the NFL? Black men make up 74% of the NBA and 70% of the NFL. Do we fire 90% of them to hire more White men and women of every race? Would that make the games more competitive, more exciting? Probably not.

Or how about nurses? 93% of nurses are women. Should 40% of them be fired to hire men to make the industry reflective of the rest of the country? Would that make healthcare better or patients happier and safer? Unlikely.

This could go on endlessly for every area of the economy: Ditch diggers. Sanitation workers. Teachers. Barbers. Rap artists. Surgeons. Lawyers.

The bottom line is the left knows how to do one thing well, and that is to destroy what someone else built. We’ve seen that play out across America time and again. From the burnt husks of Detroit and Washington that rotted for decades following the riots of the 1960s to turning once-great American cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles into giant homeless camps strewn with needles and feces to the economic devastation wrought in cities like Minneapolis and Portland and Seattle from a year of “mostly peaceful protests.”

When the left comes to power in successful cities, the march to a real hellscape begins. And it’s not just cities. The left broke the Boy Scouts, they destroyed the NFL as a truly national form of entertainment, they’ve ruined Disney and Marvel, and they are in the process of destroying women’s sports.

Dennis Prager often says, “The Left destroys everything it touches” and he’s right. The left has never built a nation that millions of people risk their lives to enter. The left has never built a society where freedom of thought, speech, and the press have thrived. The left has never built an economic juggernaut founded on free markets or anything else.

The left can do nothing more than take advantage of the freedom and prosperity that others have created and throw stones at it for its imperfections. Voltaire was prescient when he observed, “Perfect is the enemy of the good.”

America is no doubt imperfect. It is flawed and sometimes unfair and often inequitable… but mankind is all imperfect. All of God’s creations are. The reality is, the United States is by far the greatest nation God has seen fit to grace man with and, while it will continue to be imperfect until the end of days, it is nothing like the racist, fascist hellscape the left makes it out to be.

But of course, none of that matters because, for the left, building something great is never a necessity; in fact, it’s never even a consideration. Why bother trying to build anything when it’s so much easier to throw stones at those who are too busy actually building things to notice they’re being targeted for their imperfections by those who don’t have the courage to try.

I’m not sure what the textbook definition of “hate for ones country” might be but everything the left does and says most certainly looks like it — which makes one think of the old saying: “If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s probably a duck.”

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Since education and being cultured are now traits of the Right and not of the Left, I’ll offer this quote from Walter J. Miller’s book, A Canticle for Leibowitz:

“To minimize suffering and to maximize security were natural and proper ends of society and Caesar. But then they became the only ends, somehow, and the only basis of law—a perversion. Inevitably, then, in seeking only them, we found only their opposites: maximum suffering and minimum security.”
― Walter M. Miller Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz

Leftism is, simply put, Satanism: it operates under the delusion that humankind can make a perfect world and perfect lives.

Ever has this led to death.

none of these snowflakes have served in the military. most sill live at home and are intellectually vacuous. they are clueless on where the foods comes from, transportation, fuel, the internet and a huge list of material and physical infrastructuring to facilitate the production of a day. notice how these useless pieces of fecal material never leave the safe haven of the commicrat controlled cities? wondering outside the city limits is liken to sun light for a vampires.
Political correctness is a weapon against reason and critical thinking. The weapon functions as the enforcement mechanism of diversity narrative that seek to implement cultural marxism.

Military service would clean a lot of this ideological nonsense up. Except for greg. He obviously sided with the Viet-Cong, probably served as Jane Fonda’s luggage carrier.

Schools run by the NEA are Indoctrination Centers for Big Brother thats why they oppose Home Schooling

These useful idiots foresee a world where capitalism (which requires some personal commitment and effort do succeed in) is replaced with free handouts. Though they can’t find an example in history where this has ever been emplaced, they believe that it is coming here; all the freedoms, rights and lifestyle they currently enjoy AND government subsidy from cradle to grave. Sadly, their ignorance will hurt us all.

In order to glean those bennies from the government, they will have to turn over all control of their lives to that government. People too stupid to realize this are bringing the nation down.

Liberals have lied for t1 years! Still lie!

I would like to be notified if they ever tell the truth.

We all knew when Clinton and Obama lied their lips moved Biden is lying because his lips are moving and we all know the M.S. Media is lying on both the Morning and Nightly News and in the Birdcage liners as well

“……they don’t hate America, it is, according to them, racist, sexist, homophobic, ethnocentric, intolerant, and more.”
What was the quote?
“The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan.

Is it poor education?
Or, is it indoctrination into lie upon lie?
With global warming (the old name for “climate change”) it is indoctrination.
Supporters of President Joe Biden overestimate the negative effects of climate change compared to the views of prevailing establishment science, a poll by Rasmussen has shown.
A majority of the respondents who approved of Biden believed that humankind will “become completely or nearly extinct due to climate change” in the next 100 years.
More than two-thirds of Biden supporters estimated that the earth’s surface temperature has warmed more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit since the preindustrial times in the late 1800s. But establishment science, such as from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, put the figure at 2 degrees.
Where do they get these lies to believe?
Public school teachers tell them, “The World is On Fire!”
These teachers created a lying agenda point and the Biden campaign made a matching promise to fight that imaginary problem.
think of all the money that has disappeared into the black hole of this fantasy. Obama made sure his own buddies all got this money.
I’m sure Biden’s puppet masters are doing the same thing.
After all, there’s no real problem.