Odd how all of a sudden Trump is COVID positive. Was this an arrow in the quiver?


Remember what Nancy Pelosi said not long ago?

“We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country.


“Furious Democrats are considering total war

democrats said

‘Everything is on the table’

Can’t stop wondering about this.

Prior to the debate in Cleveland all of Trump’s cadre and family in attendance were tested for COVID and all were negative.

…the Cleveland Clinic made one thing clear: every single person with credentials who went into the debate had to have a negative Wuhan coronavirus test.

And then in the next blink of an eye Trump, Melania and many of his staff are COVID positive. ALL of it is traced back to the Cleveland Clinic.

Officials for the City of Cleveland said 11 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus could be traced back to the Sept. 29 presidential debate. The cases were a result of debate pre-planning and set-up, with the majority of cases impacting out-of-state travelers, particularly debate organizers and members of the media.

The Cleveland Clinic said chances of infection were low

Before the event, the Cleveland Clinic, which oversaw the health and safety measures at the debate, said there was a very low risk level of exposure.

“Based on what we know about the virus and the safety measures we had in place, we believe there is low risk of exposure to our guests,” the Cleveland Clinic said in a statement before Tuesday’s debate.

There are some questions to be answered:

“In the event the person’s case stems from the debate, the individual will be asked: who they are employed by, who they were in contact with at the debate, how they got to the debate, how long they were there, if they did any traveling recently or attended any other mass gathering,” the city explained.

No one on Biden’s team is reported to be affected.

So how did this happen? Inquiring minds want to know.

Had democrats and the FBI and CIA not framed Trump and Flynn, nearly destroyed Page, had the DNC, obama and hillary not paid for a phony dossier with trash in it bought from a Russian spy I might not be so curious about this.

But now I am.

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@Deplorable Me:
Apparently if that fraud is true
The Republicans are just too stupid to catch anyone and certainly shouldn’t be put in any position of responsibility
Great claims require great proof
Got proof?
Even Trumps fav pollster Rasmussen days that Bidenbis up by 12 points

Marks only greatly reduced the rate of Covid transfer
That is why now in the White House they have had to go to full moonsuits


That is why now in the White House they have had to go to full moonsuits

And will have immunity when they recover if they even get symptoms.

@John: Yeah. I “got” proof.

LA county sends out ballots with no Presidential candidates

LA County Sends Out Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots That “Mistakenly” Leave Off Two Important Candidates

Biden’s Texas political director caught in ballot harvesting scheme

NYC voters who never served in the military receiving military absentee ballots

Ilhan Omar vote harvesting

New Project Veritas Video: Voter Fraud in Ilhan Omar’s District

Military absentee ballots found in the trash in Pennsylvania

Bloomburg and Democrats committing voter fraud, buying votes, in Florida

Legal analyst: Bloomberg likely breaking federal law by paying felon debts in return for Democratic votes

AOC and Hillary say they will vote in person; how is that possible?

Hillary and Ocasio-Cortez Make Big Voting Announcement, They’re Voting in Person – Why Can’t the Rest of America?

Pennsylvania Supreme Court sets the stage for massive Democrat voter fraud

Michigan “accidentally” prints mail in ballots with wrong VP for Trump.

Georgia voter fraud

Prediction: Trump wins election night but Democrats simply keep “counting” until Biden wins

Voter fraud: how it’s done

Democrats working hard (and hypocritically) to promote voter fraud in 2020

Detroit absentee ballots, ballots do not match voter rolls

NJ city has to call new election… because of mail in voter fraud

Democrat fear tactics and lies; Trump is NOT trying to “kneecap” the USPS

The left relies on stupidity or those simply wanting to believe lies to conflate absentee and all-mail voting

Obama removed thousands of postal collection boxes

Michigan rejects 10,000 absentee votes in primary

Most countries ban vote by mail… for the obvious reasons

China providing fake ID’s

4 arrested for vote harvesting in Texas

USPS workers caught throwing away GOP campaign material

800,000 flawed vote applications sent out by liberal group

Battleground Texas/Turn Texas Blue voter fraud

Voter registration fraud goes uncorrected in the Windy campaign

Mail in voter fraud in Ft. Worth

Mail in voting a disaster in NJ

Mail in voter fraud in NJ



Democrats using collusive lawsuits to enact voting rules ripe for fraud

NY Democrat urges cheating, for foreign visitors to fill out census forms in order to bloat their numbers

Thousands of Pennsylvania mail in votes lost, turned in late

Yes, voter fraud is widespread

Postal worker accused of tampering with mail-in vote ballots

It’s confirmed: Democrats hate it when Republicans use their own tactics against them

People who “voted” in NJ claim they never got their mail in ballots

Democrats stuffing ballot boxes in Philidelphia

Nevada’s mail in voting shows the risks and danger of fraud

Fearing the loss of a California House seat, Democrats open a new polling place the weekend before the election after mandating that voting would be done by mail

Michigan Democrat caught changing votes in 2018 election

Why do Democrats want widespread mail-in voting? Easy to defraud.

Republicans in S. Texas can’t get ballots to vote Republican

Liberals believe the liberal elite should choose Democrat candidates; voters are not reliable to choose the “right” candidate

Detroit has thousands of registered dead voters, and no doubt they vote up a storm

Chalupa involved in DHS hacking of voting machines in numerous states

OF COURSE Democrats have been committing voter fraud. For 50 years

Priorities USA making massive voter information requests in Michigan but trying to mask their involvement

California to pay for health care for illegal immigrants while using voter fraud to enable them to vote

NJ Democrat Mayor resigns over voter fraud

Democrat Mayor in Texas and his wife arrested for voter fraud

HR 1 designed for Democrat dominance

Pelosi pushing for allowing illegal immigrants to vote

Fraud likely in New Mexico through absentee ballots

Stamford, Connecticut Democrat town clerk falsified absentee ballots

That’s just a portion of what I have.

Doctors find that Trump now has COVID19 antibodies. This means Regeneron WORKS, which Democrats have denounced (like hydroxychloroquine) as being ineffective.

@John: As to your question if I would be violent, that isnt the way conservatives behave, we will defend ourselves. Violence is a leftist tactic.
The dominant forms of communism are based on Marxism just so you are a little less ignorant.

@kitt: do you think that they should have worn masks in order to reduce the possibility of transmission?
Surgeons wear masks when operating, is tgat really necessary ?

It sounds like you are preparing a long list of excuses for losing the election
Must suck to be you and to always feel like you are being victimized

@John: Do you think it is necessary to wear masks AND isolate by social distancing? Do you also condone the numerous examples of Democrats preaching the necessity of masks while on camera but showing what low regard they have for masks when they think they aren’t on camera?


It sounds like you are preparing a long list of excuses for losing the election
Must suck to be you and to always feel like you are being victimized

That’s simple projection on your part. Everything indicates Trump will win in a landslide, much to the chagrin of leff-wing disinformation outlets desperately cooking “polls” to use the Bandwagon Fallacy.

Trump and his team wore masks. To say otherwise is just a partisan lie. Another “hoax” if you will, because your Party has now shown it will do anything…ANYTHING…to bypass free and fair elections to install their own into power.


: do you think that they should have worn masks in order to reduce the possibility of transmission?
Surgeons wear masks when operating, is tgat really necessary ?

All had tested negative, no one was going to be operated on , and no ones personal bacteria was going to get into anyones elses open wounds. Seeing how masking those without enough virus to trigger the test and even NY times reported a 90% false positive because of the sensitivity of tests, It would only be a security blanket like Linus drags about. You cannot control or protect yourself from an airborne virus with todays best mask technology. The N95.
Those at the Rose Garden ceremony were not yelling, singing, none had fevers,so I say I dont care if they wore masks or not. I would not force my fears or beliefs on others, Ring around the rosie a pocket full of posies.
Its a good thing the President caught it and the first lady lucky they were strong enough to have mild cases, they both now have some immunity.
Make sure you are not vitamin D deficient it has shown to be a factor in recovery.
I do take Zinc, C, D, Magnesium and B vitamins (I get the recommended ones from the pharmacist) during cold and Flu season and I opt out of the flushot. I wouldnt force you to do the same.

Some, perhaps most of this story that there is a bump/spike in covid cases is due to a policy in hospitals to test the same person multiple times until he/she tests negative!
So, a person, like Donald Trump, who is positive and hospitalized might account for four, five, even more positive “cases” as each test is counted as “one case,” until that person either dies or tests negative.
Used to be a person wasn’t considered sich with covid unless they BOTH 1. tested positive for it and 2. had symptoms.
Now, these new spikes are of people who merely test positive!

Dems/the media want you to panic.

@Nan G: last week we averaged about 1000 people per day dying
If you think that the number of new cases is incorrectly high, then that also must mean that the fatality rate is too low

@John: The fear mongering of intensive care units being at 90% full, hint its designed that way they cant make ends meet without 85% full. They are not overwhelmed they are months behind in needed procedures put off to save the precious PPE.
A true death by covid can only be done with a tissue sample and an electron microscope showing millions of virus that overwhelmed the immunity system, not a simple faulty test.
The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”
They admitted they have no quantified virus isolates FFS what in the hell are all these old sick people dying of? 1000people a day dying from this and the CDC cant get a sample?

Better tell Trump to crack the whip on the CDC
He hadn’t got much time left
Better get going

@John: Ass, I dont have the ear of the President. I would have a task force to study the safety of all vaccines as given 2 or 3 at a time. Have a lifetime ban of any head of the CDC and FDA from working for any big pharma company after they leave. Never approve a drug where cancer is a side effect. Hey Just a voice on a blog tiny unimportant just 1 vote.
I hope today I rattled your cage made you wonder, maybe even look beyond the MSM for your opinion. As the governors lose in court they hand the power to local health officials to make the rules based on information from the CDC who dont even have a sample of this virus…think about that as you follow the science.

Yes I wound agree with you the Federal government has done a miserable job of mitigating the tremendous amount of dead Americans
Here we are supposed to be #1 in the world but instead we find ourselves the country with THE most deaths. How did that ever come about ? Why were we told that us was just like a flu?
The CDC is predicting 300000 dead by the end of the year, possibly even 400000
If nothing is done we can expect 2,000,000 by the time our country develops herd immunity

@John: Most of the dead were very old and sickly, they were not protected. Our family grounded my mom at 90 years old for 2 months) We know now that those are the ones that need to take the most precautions, there is never a guarantee with air borne viruses. The virus certainly isnt a death sentence, it never was. Its the Government agencies that need a new normal not the average citizen. Like any virus some get their asses kicked down in bed and some get a sniffle maybe a bit achy. It was from their own numbers it was determined that the fatality rate was no worse than a bad flu. Health officials estimate more than 95% of infected patients survive. That certainly isnt something to be panicked over and ruin our economy over. If you are high risk take care to protect yourself, dont expect some government goon to do it for you.
I think the taskforce did a good job it was suppose to be 3 million dead. Cutting off travel from highly infected areas, getting private industry to step up slashing red tape setting up field hospitals.
The media on the other hand cutting off the daily briefings, asking the same damn questions over and over about ventilators then masks finally tests never accepting the answers given by any of the task force, just looking for the next sound bite to beat up the response.

The virus has been a death sentence for over 200000 Americans
Sickly ? 70% of all Americans over the age of 50 must take prescription drugs, dies that mean they are “sickly”? According to studies in the UK Covid typically shortened the lives of those it killed by 10-15 years
Ventilators ? Yes they certainly could have saved more lives. I do remember when they were a staple of press releases from the White House
Many of those killed were from “the greatest generation” I am not ready to say that their deaths are any less important to their families than you or I.
Well of course panic is never a good option I certainly agree with you on that point.
The figure if 2 million ( I don’t recall 3 million) was if NO mitigation was done like lockdowns or masks. So at least that hasn’t been traced , yet. But it certainly looks like 300000 plus by the end of the year. And if the death rate doesn’t decrease in the states that didn’t go for masks and lockdowns than in another year we might realistically expect 600000 to 700000
Your mother is fortunate to have a family that can help to keep her safe.
Also please remember that the 230000 killed so far are not the only consequence many other perhaps a multiple of 3/5 have long term problems. 1/3 have neurological problems “brain fog”. That “cure” that Trump
Claimed?? Hydroxlychroide s it ?? That seemed to have dropped off the radar. Did you give any to your grandmother ?

Please remember something about your fixation in mainstream media
That is the nedia that most Americans choose to watch
They have many choices Fox News being one of them
However the vast majority of Americans choose not to watch what is basically the one outlet that is right of center
Your gripe isn’t what mainstream media shows, it is that most Americans CHOOSE. to watch it

@John: Do you think every one of those 200,000 were killed by COVID19?

@John: I think the media could have done a much better job getting information out that would have saved more lives if they wouldnt have instead used their important platform for bashing.
Wisconsins trend was downward til a mask order California has had a mask order as their numbers multiplied. Its a crutch that people use to be less sanitary, always touching and readjusting with contaminated hands. I gave my N95s to my mom (left over from drywalling projects)and made cotton masks with my sewing machine, put several in each vehicle, I made them to fit so once on you, can talk without it coming off the nose. A bit of hand sanitizer before touching it to put it on. Simple right?
Do I think they work, no the virus is to tiny even for the best N95s. The virus can enter through the eyes. We are F’ed til we reach herd immunity so live life none of us are getting out of this world alive.
Dont think I am not sad for those that have lost loved ones. If they worked on cures not just turning people into patient income streams… So many problems are from poor nutrition and lifestyle. I helped my mom with her severe leg cramps by getting her reacted Magnesium.
If I get covid I want the hydrox plus z pac plus a steriod as a 5 day treatment its cheap.
I think you are a Biden voter but would still like to sit down for a coffee clutch with you.
Mom isn’t just lucky she is loved by all her children,grand children and great grandchildren sometimes payback isnt so bad. In her condition she may beat 100 I hope much longer before Dad comes for her.

@Deplorable Me: yes I think that the primary cause of death as listed on their death certificates was Covid
Do you think that none of the 215000 who died had their death certificates listed incorrectly ?

@kitt: when your mom is visited by her loved ones do they wear masks ?
Masks do not stop the virus completely
But of course the virus is most commonly transferred in a water droplet or aerosol
Putting your hand over your mouth when coughing or sneezing around others does not stop virus transmission, but most of us do that anyway. Do you ? Surgeons and nurses wear masks while operating. They do this to stop bacteria and viruses in water droplets from infecting their patients
Viruses are almost always exhaled in a water droplet
Coffee ? I drink that only slightly more often than beer
My vice is milk

@John: Medicare is paying hospitals $13,000 for patients admitted with COVID-19 diagnoses and $39,000 if those patients are placed on ventilators. So unknown, we know that if it isnt treated aggressively in early stages the virus can put your immune system on over load.
Hydroxychloroquine is a disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drug (DMARD). It regulates the activity of the immune system, which may be overactive in some conditions. Hydroxychloroquine can modify the underlying disease process, rather than simply treating the symptoms. (from an arthritis site)
Corticosteroids do not directly attack the novel coronavirus. Instead, the drugs work by dampening the activity of a patient’s immune system to prevent it from attacking the lungs — a serious and often fatal condition called acute respiratory distress syndrome, or ARDS.
British researchers conducting a large clinical trial called RECOVERY reported that the use of dexamethasone reduced the death rate by 35% in patients requiring ventilation and by 20% in patients who needed oxygen but were not ventilated.
Vitamin D is one of the most important immune system-strengthening nutrients that can reduce the risk of colds and flu. Zinc has antiviral and immunological properties.
household cinnamon may possess antiviral effects and help prevent infection in humans. While cinnamon appeared to deactivate viruses in some organisms, the other extracts did not.
Dont become vitamin or mineral deficient stay reasonably sanitary and dammit live your life as normal as possible and allow others to do the same. There are no guarantees of 100 % safety ever. There isnt a cure for the common cold this virus a close relative just has to be viewed like the common cold virus its out there nothing can control it.
No masks lots of hugs, she gets my grandkids on the school bus in the morning, its to hard to look at each other as a corona virus rather than someone dearly loved, no one visits if they have so much as a head ache or sniffle. Take away her babies she would soon die of heartbreak.
How do you pollute your coffee? Cream, sugar, bleach? 😉


@John: I think the media could have done a much better job getting information out that would have saved more lives if they wouldnt have instead used their important platform for bashing.

That wasn’t the goal of the media. Their goal was to promote the Democrats and hurt Trump. As we can clearly see (see John), the more dead, the better. So, the media has no interest in simply transmitting accurate data; their goal is to spread fear and blame.


Do you think that none of the 215000 who died had their death certificates listed incorrectly ?

By they question, you obviously do not believe every death listed as due to COVID is, really, due to COVID. That, of course, wasn’t my question or implied position. Back to reality, not only do I not believe all 215,000 died of COVID, but it is a demonstrable fact. We have seen numerous examples of incorrect cause listed, even in cases of motor accidents. So, your dishonesty is wasted on this; the fact that the tally is wrong is clear. The question is, will we EVER know that actual number?

@Deplorable Me: If this doesnt tear you up inside and bring things into better perspective https://denver.cbslocal.com/2020/10/09/nursing-home-residents-greeley-protest-covid-19-restrictions/

I hope that she remains healthy
Did you understand my post about masks being effective against virus in water droplets ? They are seldom exhaled without water
@Deplorable Me: should we then use as the number of excess deaths during that time frame ? If we use that the figure is substantially more than 215000
What go you think it is tgat has increased the number of Americans dying over the last 3 months ?

I hope that she remains healthy
Did you understand my post about masks being effective against virus in water droplets ? They are seldom exhaled without water
@Deplorable Me: should we then use as the number of excess deaths during that time frame ? If we use that the figure is substantially more than 215000
What go you think it is tgat has increased the number of Americans dying over the last 3 months ? @Deplorable Me: the goal of all Publicly traded media right left and center is to maximize shareholder profit
If there was a larger market for any political ideology it would be filled
You just don’t like the fact that most Americans CHOOSE left if center media
Sorry but not sorry

@John: The true effectiveness of masks is still in question. You also must have to have it to spread it.
Yes billions of dollars for big pharma pockets when a virus sample isnt available even to the CDC. Im sure he will get a big book deal when this is all over.

@John: No, you can’t even do that because there are people dying from drug overdoses, lack of treatment and, of course, crime driven by riots and defunding police.

@Deplorable Me: well following the science only REDUCES the likely of testing positive
You should have known that !

The man in the White House has endorsed herd immunity as a COVID-19 strategy.

From MEDPAGE TODAY, September 1, 2020 – The Cost of Herd Immunity in the U.S.

It’s not certain what percentage of the U.S. population of about 328 million would need to be infected to achieve herd immunity. Given its transmissibility, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 65% to 70% of a population would need to be immune to the virus before it would burn itself out — though in some recent reports, experts have argued that the number may be closer to 40% or 50%.

Currently, the U.S. has a case fatality rate of about 3%, based on 187,000* deaths and 6.2 million infections; however, the infection fatality rate is likely lower since most asymptomatic infections probably aren’t detected. The CDC uses 0.65% in its pandemic planning scenarios.

*That was as of September 1, 2020. The number as of October 15 is 217,000.

Using the WHO (65%) and CDC (0.65%) figures, 213 million people in the U.S. would need to be infected to achieve herd immunity, leaving 1,385,800 Americans dead.

Stress on the nation’s hospitals could also be tremendous. Thus far, about 370,000 Americans have been hospitalized with COVID-19. If we assume that, for each case diagnosed so far, five cases occurred without symptoms or diagnoses, that leads to a hospitalization rate of about 1%. With 213 million infections, then, about 2.3 million could be expected to end up hospitalized.

@John: YOU should have known that when you made the same accusations about Trump. See how that works?