Panic grips the DNC. Trump will steamroll Biden and they know it.



Donald Trump is going to crush Joe Biden and it will be in no small part due to democrats. There will be so many to thank for this victory. In 2016 we were deplorables. This year the vitriol is being stepped up. For instance, there is Nancy Pelosi calling Trump supporters enemies of the state.

As Pelosi yaps, America burns, anarchy reigns and democrats have ignored the cries of the victims.

Think people haven’t noticed? There is a real human cost to all this anarchy. Here a woman cries over her lost business

In Kenosha, they recognize who is responsible

Livelihoods are being destroyed in democrat run cities and no democrat cares.

An elderly man was beaten as he tried to save his business:

Ted Wheeler, the imbecile mayor of Portland has watched his city set ablaze for nearly 100 days, says his plan is to allow the rioting to “burn itself out.”

Portland mayor Ted Wheeler (D.)—who has yet to provide his police department with consistent directives to quell the riots, arson, and looting that have plagued his city for months—told Oregon Public Radio his strategy was to let the violence “burn itself out.”

Wheeler told OPR reporter Rebecca Ellis last week that he expects daily protests in the city—which began in May following the death of George Floyd—to last for some time. He said he expects nightly violence that followed the protests “will ultimately burn itself out.”

He hasn’t addressed the losses of the property and businesses he’s used as kindling.

Rep Jerry Nadler (D-NY) calls the violence a “myth.”

Joe Biden promised to “absolutely” redirect funding away from police.

“But do we agree that we can redirect some of the [police] funding?” Barkan asked Biden.

“Yes, absolutely,” said the former vice president.

Biden went on to call for police reforms.

democrats are in a panic and are trying to distract from the truth

Kamala Harris? She’s telling Antifa/BLM not to let up on the violence.

And they are not letting up. Last night BLM assaulted Rand Paul and his wife

They were screaming at him about Brionna Taylor and in so doing proved just how galactically stupid and ignorant they are. Paul is the author of the Brionna Taylor Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced the Justice for Breonna Taylor Act to prohibit no-knock warrants, which allow law enforcement officials to forcibly enter a home without announcing their authority or purpose.

The bill is named in memory and honor of Breonna Taylor, a Louisville resident and EMT who was killed during a police raid on her home in March 2020, which was conducted under the authority of a no-knock warrant.

CNN is doing its part- for dark comedy. Not only have they jumped the shark, they’ve jumped the whale. You cannot beat CNN for sheer idiocy.

Last night CNN demeaned David Dorn’s widow

But one of the things about having so many victims or the families of victims speaking at this convention is that, the victims themselves are obviously no longer here with us to say how they would feel about it.

The NY Times does not want to be left out. They tried to cancel a black Christian pardoned by Donald Trump:

A New York Times money and politics reporter, Kenneth Vogel, is trying to cancel a pardoned black Christian, Jon Ponder, whose inspirational story of redemption was prominently featured on night two of the Republican National Convention Tuesday, for endorsing the president’s re-election.

“JON PONDER’s story is inspirational,” Vogel wrote on Twitter. “But should he be endorsing a candidate for president while being identified as the founder & CEO of Hope for Prisoners, which — as a 501(c)(3) non-partisan non-profit group — is barred from participating in partisan politics?”

And thank you, Joy Reid, for belittling the black people who spoke at the RNC

#walkaway founder Brandon Straka, a gay man, found himself under homophobic attack by BLM

Someone please explain to me how the hell democrats get away with this- Sen. Tim Scott “might as well be white”:

Cohen, in a since-deleted tweet, wrote after Scott spoke of being a Black Republican during a high-profile speech at the Republican National Convention: “The Republican convention is a mirror of the Trump base:white, and as he likes to say, ‘the poorly educated.'” One user responded to Cohen’s tweet to point out that Scott, R-S.C. is not White.

“He might as well be,” responded another user. The user said: “He is Trump’s new black friend since he killed the last one with Covid,” referring to Cain.

All of a sudden it occurs to the left that their tolerating all this violence and destruction might not be the best path to November

“There’s no doubt it’s playing into Trump’s hands,” said Paul Soglin, who served as mayor of Madison, on and off, for more than two decades. “There’s a significant number of undecided voters who are not ideological, and they can move very easily from Republican to the Democratic column and back again.They are, in effect, the people who decide elections. And they are very distraught about both the horrendous carnage created by police officers in murdering African Americans, and … for the safety of their communities.”

But let’s be clear. They really don’t give a damn about their people. This is about polls and power. Nothing else. People are not stupid. dems can have the BLM/Antifa vote they desperately seek to lock up. The more sober and sane have somewhere else to go.

The steamroller is warming up.

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Anderson Cooper did a softball interview of Joe Biden the other day.
I thought the Q&A were suspicious, like the Biden camp had approved of them all in advance, or something.
Turns out it was even worse.
The Biden camp set up all the Q&A so Biden had answers to READ while on the air on CNN!
Take a look for yourself.
If Biden can’t even handle a softball interview for a few questions, how on earth can he debate?
Damn right Dems are panicking.

The only place for Looters to be is in Prison doing 10 to 15 Years

@Nan G: I can’t figure out why they don’t want Biden to debate Trump. Wouldn’t that be the perfect opportunity for Biden to mop the floor with the incompetent and lying Trump and show him up before the entire world?

@Nan G:

It is more than obvious that manderson pooper knows he is participating in propping up sleepy joe. biden needs to take eva (Braun)pelosi’s advise and drop out of the debates.
President Trump does not need to have sleepy joe drug tested, he needs to make sure donna brazile is no where near the questions.

Interesting stuff here. On Fox and Friends, Kellyanne Conway says: “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order,”. This is a disturbing admission (disturbing to true Christians and people of rational thought rather than to Trump enablers and the so-called conservatives) that team Trump doesn’t see the social unrest at a problem at all but rather a political boon to which they can exploit.

And here we have Dr. John beaming with glee that Kenosha is on fire and he believes it will be politically advantageous to Trump.

We’ve also seen this week where the Party of Trump has gone all out defending a pro-Trump white vigilante who traveled from out of state toting an illegal assault rifle in order to murder protestors.

And as always, there’s the obvious protection from conservatives of the white supremacists who have infiltrated and incited additional violence.

Not only has the Trump cultists refused to denounce any racists or murdering tactics that Trump would use for his personal gain, but you have actually become a tool to further assist him in those endeavors.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Not only has the Trump cultists refused to denounce any racists or murdering tactics that Trump would use for his personal gain, but you have actually become a tool to further assist him in those endeavors.

You can’t denounce something that didn’t happen.

Please show me one of these “racists” you claim are running around killing black people for sport. You’re ok fabricating racial/class division for political gain, so of course you disingenuously distort this into something Trump is “using” for political gain.

Leftists (You): accuse you of what they are actually doing. That’s called transference, and it’s a pathological disorder.

We’ve also seen this week where the Party of Trump has gone all out defending a pro-Trump white vigilante who traveled from out of state toting an illegal assault rifle in order to murder protestors.

Lies. That you have to point out his race makes you a racist. He shot three people who were trying to attack and/or kill him, and legally it will be found as self-defense.

And the three people were white, so how does this play with your “racism” farce?

The truth is antifa/blm is a white on white civil war: Normal people vs Bolshevik Democrats.

I hope that image of the guy’s arm almost blasted off makes you think twice about taking to the street, little guy.

@Ronald J. Ward:

state toting an illegal assault rifle in order to murder protestors.

Your statement about the innocent until proven guilty boy is ignorant.
I can tell you that he should have stayed home and left the police handle the rioters.
I can say he broke the law even open carrying at 17 in Wisconsin.
The felon aiming a gun at him, the one that wanted to “empty his mag into the child got shot in the arm. felon with a gun hmmmm.
About that racism if you are talking about the original shooting…
The police were called, the female caller said the man should not be there and took her keys and would not return them. Seems she was a victim of this guy sexual assault and domesic violence he was to have no contact with her, there was a warrant out for his arrest for these charges. Were the police to let him drive just away with 3 kids in the car ignoring the warrant? The police dispatch named him and that there was a warrant so they had this info before they rolled up to protect the young woman from this guy. He resisted arrest either had the knife or was getting the knife found on the drivers floor of the vehicle. If the man were latino or white no one would have ever heard of this outside of Wisconsin. Thats racism in a nutshell using the color of the criminal shot to riot. Trump was not in Wisconsin at the time. Evers initial statement with no facts invited the riots. The police have invited both the Governor and Lt governor to STFU until all the facts have been fully investigated. I extend the same invitation to you.
Trump is going to crush Biden in this election.

@Ronald J. Ward: Please, I’m waiting for you denounce Biden’s comments on race, such as “you ain’t black” and the like.

I’m waiting for you to denounce the first “headshot” felon who got shot in Kenosha who was on camera calling people the “N” word.

I’m waiting for you to denounce the fascists in DC forcing people to sieg…I mean put up the fist of BLM.

I’m waiting for you denounce the violence against two old women in Portland, where they covered one’s face in paint.

I’m waiting for you to denounce blm thugs calling gay people “faggots” while they attacked them

You are supporting a marxist/fascist/racist/homophobic police state, and you’re too f*cking stupid to know it.

Floyd: we called it racist because..the cop was white?

Blake: we called it racist because…the cop was white?

Rittenhouse: we called it racist because…he was white?


That’s racism.

When I was in college, decades ago, Cornell West came to speak. He told us in that charming “brotha/sista” way that we were all inherently racist against blacks because we were white. I wanted to stand up and tell him that was racist, but even then, knew I’d be ruined for such. I kept quiet.

Floyd was on 3.5 times the legal amount of Fentanyl.

Blake had a warrant out for his arrest for sexual assault, had stolen someone’s keys, wrestled with cops, and reached for a weapon.

Rittenhouse shot, legally, three white males.

This is about getting whitey….by whitey.

It’s going stop as soon as those “woke” whites like Ron/AJ start getting killed by the people they think they are “helping”, the help being an institution of racism against whites.

No thank you.

@Nathan Blue: Ward just needs his meds checked.
love this quote Buck Sexton
Gotta give the RNC credit: they didn’t just make last week look like the JV team- they spiked the football in the DNC’s end zone, did a back flip, then ran up into the stands to ask out the prom queen
The fireworks and opera last night ,seems the prom queen accepted time to go pick out the engagement ring.

The cognitive decline joe biden is experiencing is accelerating daily. The democrats are unsure where his head will be especially now that it looks possible there may be an early debate in advance of September 29th early voting. The democrats know they are going to lose to President Trump now more than ever. The debates, if they happen will close the door on an election win for President.
What follows from this is 2024 looks even worse in terms of fielding a candidate who will be faced with a third term Trump Republican candidate. The democrat bench is week and has no strength. Coupled with that is their aggressive investment in extreme leftism this cycle. They have lost the American people with their support of violence and mayhem.

@July 4th American: Their internal polling must be enlightening, inducing for them to have Joe make the milktoast statement against the riots. The medias rabid reaction to the RNC convention equals “They arent listening to what we tell them to think!” They believe its their job to control what you think .

From 2017 before the economic boom. When they lose control they come up with wild conspiracy hoopla devoid of fact.

@Nathan Blue:

Lies. That you have to point out his race makes you a racist. He shot three people who were trying to attack and/or kill him, and legally it will be found as self-defense.

Well, uh, no. That, like most things blurted out by Trump loyalist, would not be true. The most revealing thing to happen in conservative politics this week did not involve the Republican National Convention, at least not directly. Instead, it took place in Kenosha, Wis., in the aftermath of a shooting on Tuesday night that killed two people and wounded a third.

Breaking news (not Fox, Anon, or team Trump so I realize the automatic dismissal) seem to be painting a different picture.

<blockquote"The suspected shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old from nearby Antioch, Ill., was in Kenosha with a group of armed counterprotesters. After several days of rioting — sparked by the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man who appears to have been paralyzed after police shot him seven times in the back — so-called militia groups arrived on the scene to defend businesses and other properties from protesters. Rittenhouse was with one of those groups when, according to a visual analysis by The New York Times, he was seen running away from several people.

Eyewitness testimony fills the gap.

Rittenhouse was approached by Joseph Rosenbaum, who threw a plastic bag in his direction. He ran, and turned to face Rosenbaum with his AR-15 in the ready position. Nearby, an unknown gunman shot into the air. It’s at this point that Rosenbaum reached for the barrel of Rittenhouse’s rifle. Rittenhouse then fired four rounds, one of which struck Rosenbaum in the head. Rittenhouse then fled the scene. Several people chased him, some shouting to identify him as the shooter.

As Rittenhouse is running, he trips and falls to the ground. He fires again — four more shots — as several people run toward him. One of the people in that group is hit in the chest and falls to the ground. Another, who is carrying a handgun, is struck in the arm. Rittenhouse then gets up and walks toward several police vehicles with his hands raised. Although bystanders identify him as the shooter, police pass him by. Rittenhouse is arrested the next day, in Illinois. Authorities charged him with first-degree murder.

This is a complicated situation, but a few things are clear. Wisconsin isn’t a “Stand Your Ground” state, and Rittenhouse was in illegal possession of a weapon — under Wisconsin law, it is a Class A misdemeanor for a minor to carry a deadly weapon in the open. There is also no legal right in the state to use deadly force for the protection of property you do not own. And in any case the “Castle Doctrine” only applies to the use of deadly force in one’s home, vehicle or business."

From more of a consistent opinion which matches mine and generally people not glazed over to Trump’s marching orders, as well as what we’re seeing and hearing from the so-called conservatives:

To the conservative media, however, what happened in Kenosha was eminently justifiable and even cause for celebration. “Are we really surprised that looting and arson accelerated to murder?” Tucker Carlson said on the Wednesday broadcast of his Fox News show. “How shocked are we that 17-year-olds with rifles decided they had to maintain order when no one else would?” Carlson, who has an average nightly audience of more than 4 million viewers, blamed local political leaders for the killings. “Kenosha has devolved into anarchy because the authorities in charge of the city abandoned it. People in charge in Wisconsin from the governor on down refused to enforce the law,” he said. “They stood back and watched Kenosha burn.”

Ann Coulter, a conservative author and provocateur, said that she wanted Rittenhouse “as my president.” Graham Allen, a contributor to Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA, called the Kenosha killings a “justified shooting” in a video that has garnered more than 150,000 views. Katie Pavlich, another Fox News host, declared that, “When you have no police around to defend businesses, and people who are being attacked, then there is a void that is filled.” According to The Guardian, “fund-raisers, messages of support and celebratory memes” for Rittenhouse are being “shared widely” on social media platforms. And Paul Gosar, a far-right Republican congressman for Arizona’s 4th District, said it was “100% justified self-defense. Do not try to take a weapon away from a man or bear the consequences.”

What happened in Kenosha was a tragedy. Rittenhouse should not have been there, and we should agree — all of us — that the shooting should not have happened. We should also be troubled by police action, or the lack thereof, against armed militias. Tacit support from Kenosha police (at one point, an officer thanks the group for being there) almost certainly contributed to the permissive environment that led to the shooting. It is reminiscent, in that way, of the events in Charlottesville in 2017, where an official review found that law enforcement failed to “maintain order” and “protect public safety” leading to fights, skirmishes and the vehicular murder of a protester.
We should be appalled. But it appears only some of us are. Others are prepared to elevate Rittenhouse as a symbol of self-defense. It’s an ominous reaction, not the least because it might inspire other Rittenhouses to do the same, to travel to protests ready for the use of lethal force against protesters. Put differently, the extent to which Carlson and Coulter and Turning Point are representative of conservative thought on violence against protesters is the extent to which we may have to prepare for further Kenoshas.

I said, at the start, that these events lack a direct link to the Republican National Convention, the headline event for conservative politics this week. They do, however, have an indirect link. The night before the killings in Kenosha, Mark and Patricia McCloskey delivered a prime-time address from their St. Louis home as part of the convention’s opening program. The McCloskeys aren’t politicians or activists, they’re trial lawyers, famous for just one reason: brandishing firearms (Mark an AR-15, Patricia a pistol) at passing Black Lives Matter protesters. Their celebrity in conservative circles has everything to do with their threat of violence against people the president has denounced as a threat to the country itself. However ridiculous the McCloskeys may have looked in the media, the fact of the matter is their actions led to a reward. For threatening protesters with death, they were given a chance to speak to the entire nation.

One other thing. Earlier this summer, as the first protests against the death of George Floyd unfolded, President Trump took to Twitter to warn of consequences for those who damaged property. “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen,” Trump tweeted on a Friday morning in May. “Any difficulty and we will assume control, but when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Although Trump backpedaled in the face of criticism — claiming, implausibly, that he was making a descriptive statement of what would happen if looting began — his meaning was clear enough: that “looters,” however defined, would and should be shot.

The bully pulpit matters. Presidential rhetoric matters. Rittenhouse was a fan of the president — he took a front-row seat at a January rally in Des Moines — but that connection is less important than the atmosphere created by Trump’s words. A president who speaks of shooting people in the street — who elevates those who threaten to shoot people in the street — cannot be separated from the individual who does, eventually, shoot people in the street.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Interesting stuff here. On Fox and Friends, Kellyanne Conway says: “The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who’s best on public safety and law and order,”. This is a disturbing admission (disturbing to true Christians and people of rational thought rather than to Trump enablers and the so-called conservatives) that team Trump doesn’t see the social unrest at a problem at all but rather a political boon to which they can exploit.

Odd you would assign exactly the strategy the left is using to incite the violence and keep it going to the Trump campaign. All the violence is driven by the left with the approval of the DNC. They used ANTIFA violence in 2016 to try and suppress Trump support and again this election to terrorize and intimidate voters. Now, if the left thought Trump was using this for support… why don’t they just stop? Seems you have a pretty good realization and acceptance of the left’s use of political terror and wish to disguise it by blaming Trump of keep it going… a particularly absurd concept. In fact, only Trump has made effort to STOP it.

We’ve also seen this week where the Party of Trump has gone all out defending a pro-Trump white vigilante who traveled from out of state toting an illegal assault rifle in order to murder protestors.

You have proof of this? Actually, the facts state otherwise. Tell me, what was the race of the three people Rittenhouse shot? How was the rifle “illegal”?

Not only has the Trump cultists refused to denounce any racists or murdering tactics that Trump would use for his personal gain, but you have actually become a tool to further assist him in those endeavors.

I can guarantee you that we would all denounce such tactics by Trump… were they to occur. For instance, look at how disgusted we are with the Democrats doing just that since June.

You know what gives us confidence in victory? You make the best argument the left can make. And it stinks.

@July 4th American: For the Democrat party to ever have a chance to come back would be for them to do like Khrushchev did and denounce the Stalinist-Democrats that came before. Who that leader would be is not currently visible to us today.

@kitt: What do you want to bet that a week from now, the liberal media will be denouncing the violence as if they’ve been against it from the beginning.

@Deplorable Me: They will do their level best to deny Trump offered assistance to Evers and Tony chose to allow riots until pressure from Kenosha locals made him cave.
The mob tried twice to wrest the firearm from the boy, both times one of the mindless mob lost their lives, if it were just a plastic bag what was in this bag that made it fly so far and hard? But I really prefer to allow the courts try this case they will have many more facts in evidence than the different multiple stories from different sources.
I do know there was no organized militia group in attendance at best an ex Alderman put out a facebook post and some guys with weapons showed up. I think the kid glomed on to them but did not lawfully disperse at curfew. The violent mob that was mixed in with protestors also did not obey curfew and through facebook selectively targeted businesses to burn.
Because only 150 guardsmen were trained to assist they could not protect all businesses, multiple fires chaos caused by those who did not live in Kenosha.
You see Ward doesnt believe the young black woman that called the police for help with the violent Blake was worthy of protection, her Black life did not matter.
Ward is garbage the mob is garbage, democrats will run from this shit as their internal polls show we have had it and the election is close.
All these lil bastids are now headed for DC.

@Ronald J. Ward: If the only thing you can offer in your Left-wing Cultist indoctrination is to say I’m a Trump Cultist, then you have nothing to say…

… doesn’t keep you from blathering on, though…

You failed to address what I said.

You are supporting racist, totalitarian people and doctrine…and you don’t even know it.

I’m and Independent Liberal, btw. Most of us are voting for Trump.

@Nathan Blue:

You failed to address what I said.

That would involve honesty. AJ has none.

@Deplorable Me: He and greg just wildly pivot when they know they are wrong.

Ron/AJ is just one silly ball of “confirmation bias”, and not rational enough to even think for himself. You literally have Biden making racist comments, race-based rioting, and a Dem platform of Marxist “free stuff” and “each the rich”.

But Trump is somehow a fascist and racist and all that…

Most of us saw this coming. I started to move away from the Dems 20 years ago, because I was concerned that White Privilege and Social Justice was going to take us back to being warring monkeys killing each other.

I wasn’t wrong.

@Nathan Blue: No, you definitely weren’t wrong. I don’t see a Democrat in the current limelight or one coming up from the ranks I would give the time of day. Maybe, one day, that will change. But, like yourself, this version of the Democrat party does not seem to allow anyone with anything close to centrist sensibilities to exist, much less gain any prominence.

@Nathan Blue:

Do you remember when the left kept saying that the Republican Party was the party of “old white men” and they were the “big tent” party? Well, this year Dems had an opportunity to nominate a black man or a woman or a woman of color or an Asian man. What did they choose? An old white man.

Yesterday, six mayors from the Iron Range region of Minnesota all threw their support to Donald Trump. All six of those mayors, every one of them, is a Democrat. Why?

“Lifelong politicians like Joe Biden are out of touch with the working class, out of touch with what the country needs, and out of touch with those of us here on the Iron Range and in small towns like ours across our nation.”

Leftists (You): accuse you of what they are actually doing. That’s called transference, and it’s a pathological disorder.

That is the sole purpose held by AJ/Ward and Comrade Greggie. Projection, pure and simple with the hopes that someone is stupid enough to buy what they are trying to sell. Because, you see, the left thinks Americans are all stupid and can be fooled into not believing their own eyes.

@Ronald J. Ward:

Pull your head out of your ass. It was justifiable self defense. The dirtbag biden supporters came armed to the hilt. Young Rittenhouse was minding his own business until some of the biden rioters decided to aggressively engage the youngster.

He definitely shot the guy in the arm who said yesterday he regretted not emptying his full mag into Rittenhouse while he was on the ground. He definitely shot the snot nosed rosenbaum and good riddance to that dirtbag.

Howeva, the dirtbag with the hole in his head was most likely a result of friendly fire. A .223 round to the head would have exploded the head. Instead, we see a round entry wound and probably a round exit wound since it is unlikely there was anything between the ears.

More of this needs to happen. When these pukes, biden supporters, aggressively attack innocent people or places of business, shoot them all. Like fish in a barrel. Remove them from the living as they do not deserve to live

The only thing I need to know about Leftists VS Conservatives I can see right here on FA:
They have people like Ward, dour, humorless, unhappy and jealous, with no sense of humor, filled with discontent and contempt, even hatred and envy.
We have people like Kitt, happy, humorous, filled with the joy of life and living.
I know who I’d rather side with.

@retire05: I saw that, about the Iron Range defection. That’s rather important.

I sincerely hope our fellow-Americans snap out of this Marxist-induced haze. As I said, I saw this coming about 20 years ago, when the nascent SJW’s…after a beer or two…starting talking about “ending” Conservatives and making so certain organizations “no longer exist.”

Sounds like every genocidal movement I’ve ever heard of.

time to declare black terrorist movement and antif**k – up terrorist groups. the government already as an arrest list and corporate donating list that will be investigated. the shithole cities with continued rioting . Simple: MARTIAL LAW let the killings begin and soon the terrorist will have little support. gut the internal organization and watch it fall. there is a no tolerance policy. Hell, obama-shit built the concentration camps in norther Min. so why not use them.

The libs are so in control of the narratives that they even tried ending coverage of polling as of this month!

From August 1-15 there were 16 polls that came out. From August 16-31 there have been only 8 and none covering a later date than the 25th.

Now what happened that last week of August?
Just the Republican National Convention!
So, hide the bump and the bump never happens?
We are not fooled.
I guess that’s why antifa/blm is starting to murder people they suppose are Trump supporters.

@Nan G:

So, hide the bump and the bump never happens?

Well, they believe if you hide the violence, it never happens, so why not?