A simple method to stop black men- or anyone else- from being shot by police



Michael Brown

Eric Garner

Rayshard Brooks

Jacob Blake

George Floyd

You know their names. They were either wounded or killed by law enforcement. They have been the ignition point for riots, looting and destruction as a mean of honoring them.

Their deaths are being used as an excuse to act as lawless as one chooses. Naturally, the left wing media has taken the side of the lawless and against law enforcement. Left wingers are whining non stop about how the police should have done this or that, used less force or fewer rounds of ammunition (“excuse me, Mr. Perp, do I shoot you enough?), not used a choke hold and whatever. Seattle has voted to defund its police force, NYC is cutting its police budget by a billion.

As if any of this is helpful. It’s not.

There is one simple thing that can be done that it costs absolutely nothing and it will end the deaths during apprehensions immediately.


That’s it. Comply with a police order. Do as they direct. Sort it out later.

Every one of the above named people refused to comply with the police and the situation escalated to tragedy. Most recently Jacob Blake fought with officers trying to apprehend him and wasn’t brought down by a taser. He was armed with a knife.


The worst part of this is really no one is talking about it. It’s all about the police being at fault- they’re all racists, they need better training, yada yada yada.



If I am Trump I make this a talking point in my speech. I plead with everyone to comply with the police and if they feel they’re been wronged it can be addressed later. I ask parents to put this into their kids’ heads.

It’s a simple thing and it would end this vicious cycle we’re in now. Had the above done this all would be alive and well.

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It’s simple Marxism. You destroy the authority of those enforcing the laws, then you replace the rule of law with the rule of authoritarianism.

The antifa/blm clowns will be the pool from which you create your new “SS” or Secret Police.

This is so textbook, and predictable.


You have to disarm the citizens first. That didn’t happen, so this latest Communist takeover is doomed, thank God.

God. Versus the Marxist un-god. That’s what this is about.

Has a toxicology report been released on Blake? He was tased and that was ineffective as he continued into his car to retrieve his knife. I hate to speculate, but I feel we will find him strongly under the influence of drugs.

Of course, whatever is found, it’s too late for those Kenosha businesses or Rittenhouse. No one waits for facts or details; the political desire to commence violence, intimidation

President Trump could invoke the insurrection act and round up all of the rioters in one fail swoop for any and maybe all of these cities where these biden Bolsheviks are engaging in lawlessness. It may not be practical pre election but once re elected does anyone think these pukes will just go home to mommy?

Blake had a restraining order filed against him, it was the woman he assaulted who called to have Blake removed. There was a warrant for his arrest. They tried to taser him, that failed. There was no fight he was trying to break up. I would like the toxicology report to see if he was on anything that a taser would not have an effect. 1 initial report(unconfirmed) is he had the knife on him, a good reason the police didnt just grab him and had their guns drawn.
Missing is the 5 to 10 minutes before he was shot just 30 seconds of video. Like the 30 seconds of video of a kid smirking at a Native American VN veteran beating a drum in the kids face.
Would we feel different if it was an angry guy, high as a kite, armed with a knife about to drive off with 3 kids in the car?
Dont break the law, COMPLY

The issue of racism will never be fixed until the black leaders are willing to address the ingrained black crime/drug culture. An absence of responsible black fathers/parents in the black family is the biggest issue. It’s the elephant in the room and until this is addressed the problems in the black culture/crime/drugs will remain. Honest law abiding people of all colors are afraid of these out of control narcissistic thugs in the streets. We witness the burning/looting and it has nothing to do with racial justice. Justice is the cry screamed by the white marxists stoking the riots behind the scenes. When the culture conversation occurs, we can begin to address the fear that is confused as racism. There is no systemic racism, the fear of the black criminal is self inflicted and it is caused by thug culture. We have a marxist ideology and street thug problem.

@TM1: Well, they have to admit the problem IS a problem. As long as there is disproportionate black poverty (made worse by Democrat policies) there will be black crime. There will be black single-parent families. There WILL be black crime, disproportionate to other demographics. Thus, there will be MORE black encounters with police and more police shootings of blacks. It’s not that we should accept people getting killed by cops; it’s that we should understand other factors are going to make that inevitable.

But as long as the left does all they can to enhance the conditions that create police and blacks confrontations with the desire to exploit any tragedies that ensue, the problem will NEVER be resolved.

@Nathan Blue:

this is pure text book marxism tactics. recall that 60% of the SS were released criminal from the german prisons. the inmates of the Black Dauphin prison make these boys little in comparison.
killing more than a few is going to be necessary. the communist playbook is by force, and the communist do not expect any resistance.
So when more that a few are killed and the parents are call to ID their POS snowflake or millennium that has been looting, beating up Americans, and destroying businesses, SIMPLY-“you killed my son/daughter” not even attempting to grasp the fact there their progeny is a communist. Next come “going to sue you”.
TM1-very nice job