2 cops in Chicago shoot unarmed man in the back. It didn’t make news. Guess why


Police drop charges against man shot by officers in rail ...


On Feb. 28 a pair of cops in Chicago shot a man in the back as he fled from them. Sound a little familiar?

Extended security and bodycam video released Tuesday shows Chicago police shooting an unarmed short-order cook at the foot of a subway escalator and then again with his back turned to officers after they tried to stop him for violating a city ordinance by walking from one train car to another.

The Chicago Transit Authority and police bodycam videos for the first time provide a detailed look at how the incident unfolded from the time Ariel Roman used a subway’s gangway doors to when he was shot for the second time after scrambling away from officers up the escalator. Roman, 33, survived but was severely injured.

In the most striking video segment from a CTA camera, Roman is seen running up to the top of the escalator in the busy red line station holding a coat in his right hand. With the pursuing officers about 10 feet behind him, and with his back still turned to them, a female officer shoots him and he immediately slams face first onto the floor. The officer reholsters her gun and appears to handcuff him.

The February 28 shooting raised questions about whether the Chicago Police Department is complying with a court-monitored reform plan that, among other things, seeks to remedy decades of excessive force by the 13,000-officer force through training that stresses conflict de-escalation.

Shot for walking from one subway car to another. There is something missing in the above story. See if you can figure out what that is.



Fortunately, Roman survived, and he is suing.

One wonder why this hasn’t been splattered across the left wing news media as have similar incidents.



Not really.

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Sounds like a primo lawsuit, taxpayers get to pay up, up, up.
Someone screams shoot him. Cops too fat to chase him obviously.
This really makes me want to burn some elses shit down and steal some stuff. Cooks lives matter.

To these police there was a potential death penalty for violating a city ordinance by walking from one train car to another.
A city ordinance.
Many subways go from one city to another all day long.
How is it posted that, while the cars are in X city, these laws must be obeyed while in Y city these different laws, then in Z city these other laws?
But even if the subway is only in Chicago, sometimes (I have this on excellent authority) one car really stinks and people move to a different car to escape the offensive odors.

Excellent videos at one of the links.
Amazing how the public with their phones is covering the news better than the police cams.

Stupid cops do stupid things. Some are stupid, the vast majority are not. But, like in the Eric Garner case, police are pushed by the greedy, bankrupt government, to collect every penny the city is due.

Of course the Democrats were still flush off their impeachment offensive, still trying to squeeze SOMETHING out of that, so I guess they weren’t paying enough attention to this to exploit. Besides, there is no race component to exploit.