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Really good research for this photo.
Too bad the photo and video of the police officer kneeing George Floyd’s neck wasn’t subjected to as much scrutiny.
A news article from NBC shows that this knee-on-neck technique has been done by police in that city over 200 times in the past few years.
In that time it rendered 17% (44 people) of those police used it on unconscious.
So, rather than a one-off thing, this was a standard operating procedure, albeit an off-the-books one.


Now that that is out of the way, I guess we have yet another “success” story courtesy of the liberal media. They have already achieved the feat of making the print and television media so untrustworthy that everything they present has to be researched and fact-checked (no… REAL fact checking, not replacing fact with propaganda and CALLING it fact checking). Now we can’t trust a photograph?

Always progressing, huh progressives?

@Deplorable Me: If you go to a riot, and you get hurt, it’s on you. It’s your fault.

Some folks (who shall remain nameless, Piss be upon them) deliberately put children in harm’s way for their cause. I would hope it was simple stupidity on the man’s part to bring a child to a potential riot…..

@Deplorable Me:

Why? Protection, of course. There’s a much better iconic photo coming soon. Joe Biden is going to use Floyd’s body as a “prop” at his funeral. But I bet the media doesn’t admit that.

lets see, recent meth use laced with fentanyl , 6 years for armed robbery, unstable personality disorder with explosive physical violence-not so nice floyd. soo how would sexualpredator/pediophile joe handle this situation? oh! forgot, if the democraps were in office this woulh have never happened.

BUSTED! Democrat Rep. Engel Caught on Hot Mic Asking For a Turn to Speak at George Floyd Presser, ‘If I Didn’t Have a Primary, I Wouldn’t Care’ (VIDEO)

Can anyone make this audio out to determine if this is legit? Or is there another source?

Judging from the shallow depth of field and the compression, this was taken with a telephoto lens. Notice how the girl and the gunner are both in sharp focus and the police behind them are fuzzy (no pun intended)?
The two are in the same plane relative to the lens, at 90 degrees. If he had been pointing the launcher at the girl, you wouldn’t be able to see the opening in the muzzle, as the gun would have also been at 90 degrees to the lens.

Oh, and that guy with the sledge? He’s holding it wrong. No doubt it’s the first time he’s picked up a hand tool.