2020 dems pledge to destroy the United States of America



democrats have staked an interesting position. They are not officially the party of Mexico and Central America. They are the party of illegal aliens. They have no interest in the welfare of American citizens. Their platform is a unique and horrible nightmare and would end the country as we know it.

1.Open borders

Other than offering some vague nods to “border security,” Democrats never put forth any policy that would prevent the hundreds of thousands of unknown people streaming into the U.S. Yet if you point out that the party doesn’t care about securing the border, a confounded news anchor will insist, “Silly fool! Why, everyone supports border security!”

It’s a cover-up for what Democrats truly believe in: An open border that discriminates against no one from anywhere.

Look at any one of the Democrats running for the party’s presidential nomination, and you will not find a single policy proposal that would stop a single illegal entrant. Or even just the top five of them in the RealClearPolitics national average.

What’s to stop Russia or China from sending tens of millions of “migrants” into the US with the intention of voting for candidates who would support Communism?

2.Stop enforcing immigration law

Then she added, “In terms of interior enforcement, what is the purpose? What is the point?”

ICE officials said that their plan is to track down the 97% of illegals who have refused to obey court orders issued in February to leave the country. ICE had offered each one legal help and a 30-day pass, but that time has come and gone.

Pelosi also suggested the immigrants have guaranteed rights to the U.S. She said, “You cannot be ignoring the rights of immigrants to our country.”

You know what you get when you give millions of illegal aliens unlimited free heath care? You get millions more illegal aliens.

3. Health care for all illegals

All of the candidates — including former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Kamala Harris and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg — raised their hands when asked by an NBC moderator if they would support a health care plan that would cover undocumented immigrants.

“All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare,” Trump wrote on Twitter from Japan, where he is to attend the G20 Summit.

“How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!”

It is telling that democrats put the welfare of illegals before that of Americans. We already spend over $18 billion on health care for illegals.

4.Elimination of private health insurance for 180 million Americans

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted they would abolish private health insurance during the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary debate on Wednesday evening.

“Many people watching at home have health insurance coverage through their employer,” asked NBC’s Lester Holt, “Who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? Just a show of hands.”

Sen. Warren and Mayor de Blasio raised their hands in response to Holt’s question, admitting that they would abolish private health insurance in favor of cradle to grave, government-run healthcare.

5. Single payer health care

The little problem, of course, is that payment reductions for medical services always affect the patients who need those services. Cost control through budgetary limitations or medical-payment cuts typically reduces the access that patients have to treatment, starting with progressively longer waiting lists.

Third, the program will not be a model of simplicity. Sanders insists that the beauty of his proposal is that it will simplify American health care. This is nonsense. There is nothing simple about Medicare, and the nature of the diverse demand for medical services guarantees its regulatory complexity.

Government officials cannot control the demand for medical services; they can only control the supply of medical goods and services. In practice, this means that government officials must determine what kind of care patients get, how they get it, under what circumstances they get it, and how those services will be “priced.” (They don’t negotiate prices; they fix them.)

There is nothing “simple” about any of this. The Medicare program, with its tens of thousands of pages of rules and regulations and guidelines, demonstrates that painful fact daily to any Medicare patient struggling with a Medicare claims denial, or any doctor or any other medical professional wrestling with Medicare paperwork. Meanwhile, forget personal freedom.

Single payer FAILED in Bernie’s home state of Vermont. Leave it to a democrat to take a failed plan and force it on the entire country. It’s always easy for a multimillionaire to spend your money.

6. Infanticide

A leading Democratic activist is worried that the 2020 candidates’ defense of late-term abortion may deal long-term damage to the party.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life, said that her party’s embrace of late-term abortion may win fundraising dollars from mega-donors like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, but will alienate voters come the general election.

“This abortion position is the most extreme it has ever been,” she told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re all fighting for the abortion lobby vote and that could turn around and hurt them all in the general election.”

Her comments came two days after former Rep. Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke endorsed abortion in the third trimester. O’Rourke was playing catch-up to the declared Democratic nominees in the Senate, all of whom voted against a bill that would guarantee care for children who survive abortions. The defense of not only late-term abortions but allowing newborns to die on the table, has been an eye-opening departure from former President Bill Clinton’s hope of making abortion “safe, legal, and rare.”7.  Green New Deal

It is not hyperbole to contend that GND is likely the most ridiculous and un-American plan that’s ever been presented by an elected official to voters. Not merely because it would necessitate a communist strongman to institute, but also because the societal costs are unfathomable. The risible historic analogies Markey and Ocasio-Cortez rely on, the building of the interstate highway system or moon landing, are nothing but trifling projects compared to a plan that overhauls modernity by voluntarily destroying massive amounts of wealth and technology. That is the GND.

democrats care so much for illegal alien children yet are so determined to kill the unborn children of Americans.

7. Abolishing the Electoral College

Elizabeth Warren wants to get rid of the Electoral College.

She is billing this as a step toward reform.

“Every vote matters,” the U.S. senator from Massachusetts told CNN, “and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College.”

She argued that presidential nominees no longer campaign in places like California and Massachusetts because they’re not swing states, instead focusing on battlegrounds that are up for grabs.

That’s true, but if you abolished the college tomorrow, candidates would camp out in such megastates as New York, California, Florida, and Texas in an effort to run up their popular vote totals. The college forces them to move around the country, especially to smaller states whose handful of electoral votes could tip the balance.

Such a move would nullify the votes of every American in the heartland and put the fate of the country in the hands of California and New York. When you see what’s happening in LA, SF and NYC, that should scare you.




8. Decriminalizing coming across the border illegally

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi embraced the view of some Democratic presidential contenders that illegal immigration should not be a crime.

“You cannot say anybody coming across the border is breaking the law,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday in her weekly press conference. “Not until there is a determination whether they can stay or not.”

Pelosi echoed the view of some of the Democrats running for president, including Julián Castro, who called for the repeal of the specific statute during the presidential debate Wednesday night.

9. Raise taxes on the middle class

Senator Bernie Sanders admitted on Thursday night that he would raise taxes on middle-class American families to pay for his big government programs.

“Yes. They will pay more in taxes but less in health care,” Sanders said.

10. Make the United States a socialist state

Democrats want to talk about Republicans living in the past, but the new progressives, as they like to call themselves, are in fact a lot like the old socialists. They want free college, free cash, free health care, new mandates for this and that, and so on. The latest progressive policy du jour to be gaining traction among Democratic Party presidential hopefuls is the so-called “job guarantee.” Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) announced one, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has one in the works, and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) says she supports the idea too. Yet there are some signs of intellectual honesty on the left. Kevin Drum, a liberal blogger for the progressive gospel Mother Jones, thinks the jobs guarantee is a ludicrous idea: “Even our lefty comrades in social democratic Europe don’t guarantee jobs for everyone. It would cost a fortune; it would massively disrupt the private labor market; it would almost certainly tank productivity; and it’s unlikely in the extreme that the millions of workers in this program could ever be made fully competent at their jobs.” Well said.

If Democrats go down this road, their only way forward will be to one-up each other in every primary election. Clueless liberals such as Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes want to guarantee $500 per month for every American earning less than $50,000 a year. But why not $550? Or should we go ahead and call it an even $600? A guaranteed monthly stipend would become the floor. And every subsequent election would be a referendum on whether voters want to support the candidate promising the larger pay raise from Washington. Is that where we want our elections to go?

Anyway, Clinton’s admission of the Democrats’ matter-of-fact acceptance of socialism couldn’t have been any timelier. Saturday marked the bicentennial of Karl Marx’s birth, and as Paul Kengor reminded us in his smart Wall Street Journal commentary last week, Marx’s communist philosophy “set the stage … for the greatest ideological massacres in history.” Marx’s rebuke of capitalism and individual property rights inspired the likes of Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Mao Zedong, the Kim family, the Castros and countless others to wage mass murder against millions of innocents.

Here’s a list of countries which have dabbled with socialism. See in which one you’d choose to live over living here.

“The goal of socialism is Communism” – Vladimir Lenin  That should be the slogan of the DNC. Soon they will be campaigning to dissolve the United States Constitution.

This radical lurch to the left by the democrat party is positively frightening. Rewarding criminal behavior is stupid. Their concern for illegal aliens and non-citizens over that of Americans is disgraceful and shameful. A vote for a democrat is a vote for the end of the United States of America.

They’re collectively insane.


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Democrats all for Open Borders a Disarmed American People More Regulations and red tape and Mountains of paperwork to do to start a news buisness

Single payer health care

Last night I was shocked at what Bernie Sanders said to a question about raising taxes so I searched for a video of exactly what Bernie Sanders finally responded . Every video I found conveniently cut the video eliminating important four words spoken by Sanders:

“Yes, they will pay more in taxes and less in health care for what they get,”

Sanders is not stupid. He understands that “universal” health care, single payer, will result in a British-type health care system. That is why the last four words “for what they get” has been edited by the people providing the video (leftists?).

“fOR WHAT THEY GET.” Let that sink in.

You will get waiting lines, less choice in medical services, told you are too old, or too young, for the cost to be justified. IOW, poor health care, but hey, it will be free when you pay more in taxes to sustain the cost to those some bureaucrat decides deserves the medical care.

Other than offering some vague nods to “border security,” Democrats never put forth any policy that would prevent the hundreds of thousands of unknown people streaming into the U.S.

AND they want to abolish or severely restrict ICE so that there will inevitably be MORE American citizens robbed, raped or murdered by the greater number of illegal immigrants. This same herd of idiots also want to restrict or ban personal gun ownership. But, they voted down notifying ICE when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun. THAT’S how much they care about US citizens.

5. Single payer health care

See the VA. Health care for veterans has only been improved by Trump granting the option of them seeking private health care. It would appear the VA, government run health care, is too broken to ever be fixed. This is what the left has in store for us all (well, not THEM).

7. Abolishing the Electoral College

I kind of wish Democrats would win the Electoral College and loose the popular vote so they would STFU about abolishing the EC. You know, that’s all it would take.

Senator Bernie Sanders admitted on Thursday night that he would raise taxes on middle-class American families to pay for his big government programs.

That is a massive understatement. His health care proposal alone is $4.3 trillion a year. Our current budget is about $4.7 trillion a year. Add in free indoctrin… er, college, student loan forgiveness, guaranteed wage and God knows what else he could heap on the pile and we would have crushing debt that would ruin the nation in less than one term in office. He should think about that; the collapse wouldn’t even wait until the next administration, like Obama’s did.

But, keep in mind that in the primaries, Democrat candidates are trying to appeal to the nuttiest, most liberal, most socialist of their base. All of these candidates are trying to out-stupid the other to get the nomination. THEN, their supporters are in for the shock of their lives as the candidate tries to appeal to NORMAL America. Then, every Democrat must ask themselves, “when were they lying; before or now?”

Free health care to Illegals. Single payer and elimination of private insurance. Cost and the absurdity of these moronic stances, has anyone even considered the distinct reality of the shortage of doctors and medical practitioners that will result form this?

As Big Brother takes over these programs one can be assured they will limit “fees” to the minimum and in turn people are going to turn to different professions so as to hopefully make a decent living.

Are our Socialist friends then going to force people to engage in the medical profession?

Forget the shortages one sees in other socialist countries. We’re talking a disater here

Dems dont have a platform, they have a panderform, big old expensive promises they have no intention of keeping cause after all these years subsidizing alternative energy only the most primitive ways have been pushed wind and solar, nothing new not a damn thing. Where have the billions of dollars on the climate crisis been spent? Into engineering into solving the problem? No way, we need it to go to study, lets make a model that works, of a solved science.
They wont tell the kids that Humans adapt, we live in both warmer and colder climates, hell no kiddies we are all going to DIE!
Ok if they are in charge we just might.

Remember when the DNC had to ratify a platform that included “God?”
There was widespread Boo’ing inside the Convention.
It comes back to bite them on their behinds.

These two debates had universal love for Open Borders but, at the exact same time broad lamenting over the overcrowded classrooms filled with stupid students and teachers.
Their unified idea to solve this is simply to throw money at the DoEd.
But, those who know anything realize the majority of money to “education,” goes to pensions and administrators.
Dems loves them some top-heavy bureaucracy!
They know (on some level) that the kids will stay stupid, the teachers will, too.
I think that’s the plan; an ill-informed voting populace incapable of grasping the roots of real issues.

We need a PATRIOT President who works constantly for AMERICAN CITIZANS !

hey retareded moron imbecile dems trump wins

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Republican. But I’m also not an idiot. The kind of childish misinformation that articles like this one spews out make the truth null and void. I have this strange habit of always telling the truth. The title of this article should tell you that nothing contained in it will bear any resemblance to the truth. It is just angry, partisan childishness. We would all do much better to insist on the truth rather than pander to angry nonsense.

To Donald Thomas Hill: Illegal immigration is the single biggest issue because it affects everything else such as jobs, healthcare, education, housing, clean water, the environment, etc. Illegals and so-called “minorities” don’t get equal treatment but PREFERENTIAL treatment and American citizens – including our disabled who live in pain 24/7 – are their financial slaves via being taxed to pay their bills. This affects quality of care, meds received (or not), and length of stay, and also any follow-up care such as going to a convalescent center until well enough and/or physical therapy (or NOT if you are caucasian). I have a disabled friend and have witnessed outrageous discrimination over and over the last 30 years. Nurses and doctors have sympathized with my friend, who lives in pain 24/7, but can do nothing. One doctor actually said while patting his shoulder, “It’s because you’re the wrong color. That’s why you can’t get the care you need. I’m sorry.” ABLE-BODIED people are sponging off the taxpayers and stealing from the disabled! It’s time for the U.S. govt to stop discriminating against the disabled and its own citizens and deport ALL illegals including DACA.

And don’t talk about the ‘free clinics.’ They also get federal funds for each illegal and ‘minority’ they treat. They will turn a Caucasian away, even if disabled, because they know they can’t pay and the clinic won’t get federal funds or reimbursed by the govt. I know firsthand since I drove my disabled friend to 3 clinics and all 3 turned him away – while the waiting rooms were full of ABLE-BODIED Hispanics and Asians leeching off the taxpayers.

You need to put in a 10-12/hr work day, a 3-hr commute, then take your disabled friend to the ER and sit and wait for up to TWENTY HOURS while waiting to be seen – and that does not include treatment time. Illegals go to the ER for nothing more urgent than a cold or a hangnail since at the ER they get everything for free!

It is the illegals who are attacking and invading in CA and other states. This is a planned invasion called “reconquista” or “reconquer.” It is the illegals who are STEALING social services, ER services and hospital services from our own disabled though the illegals are perfectly capable of working and PAYING THEIR OWN BILLS. Why should they get preferential treatment over other people?

In addition, Bank of America and Citibank give HOME LOANS to illegal aliens at better rates and with LESS documentation required than from American citizens! (L.A. Times, Aug 2005)

@Donald Thomas Hill, Sr: Can you point out the faulty issues that you label childish? Maybe the presentation was not sophisticated, but if you research the intent, you may find out that the labels are basically true. Give me a list ans let’s discuss them.

Trump is the one who is having a go at authoritarian police state tactics. He’s testing the waters in Portland, and yammering about other “Democrat cities” that need similar treatment.

No one should be surprised. He’s been steadily building up to this for over three-and-a-half years. Many signs of aspirations to turn America into an authoritarian state have been present all along, but they’ve been rolled out in practice a little at a time. The process has been as gradual as the abandonment of all traditional conservative values, until, in practice, virtually none remain.


Many signs of aspirations to turn America into an authoritarian state have been present all along, but they’ve been rolled out in practice a little at a time.

You mean like how U.S. troops, and Humvees rolled through a north St. Louis neighborhoods in 2012 in what was claimed to be a “training exercise?”

@Greg defamation and slander of our president per usual. It’s not called being a dictator or authoritarian when you have assholes trying to burn down government and federal buildings and have killed many innocent people for the sake of nothing more than total anarchy. There isn’t a true feeling in that entire bunch. It’s all for a dollar by those who have never done a damn thing good for society and don’t know shit about history


Trump is the one who is having a go at authoritarian police state tactics.

Trump is forced to uphold the law when cowardly Democrats fail to do their jobs. Left wing terrorists running rampant and destroying federal property get thwarted by Trump.

@retire05: Or Obama trying to create a para-military “police force”? No one pushed the police state like Obama.

@Damon: Even though the corrupt liberal media suppresses the true facts about the left wing terrorism, it is still difficult to determine if the leftists that continue to deny the left wing violence are lying or merely ignorant.

From Foreign Policy, July 23, 2020 – In Portland, the Baby Fascists Have Shown Their Face – Fascism can happen in America. Some of it has already happened, and more will happen as Trump fights to stay in power.

Fascism was never about actual people and their predicaments but about a glorious imaginary collective that had died but would be reborn. In the 1920s and 1930s, the idea was everywhere the same: At some point in the past, the nation or the race had been greater, purer, more beautiful. That ancient perfection could be seen in ruins, poems, monuments. Then, so the story went, another group, some inferior race, some cabal had come along and inexplicably ruined the people’s destiny. If only that group could be removed, then the race could be restored, made great again.

In U.S. President Donald Trump’s adoration of Confederate statues and in his mobilization of state power to protect monuments, it is easy to see a similar style. The specifics of the present, the plights of individual Americans, are irrelevant, beside the point. The death of George Floyd matters only insofar as it can trigger a desire to dominate. It is a prompt to a certain narrative in which, in the end, white Americans are the true victims and the U.S. president is the greatest victim of all. The deaths of tens of thousands of Americans from the coronavirus is neither here nor there. Here too the president is victim-in-chief, with a mandate to lead the people into myth. What matters is Americans’ ability, through the medium of metal and concrete, to see their way back to a past when they were great.

Consider what would have happened had the president expressed as much concern for people in February and March as for statues in June and July. There was no call earlier this year for haste, for sudden action, for interagency cooperation, for an expansion of the role of the federal government to defeat a pandemic. On the contrary: The states were told to deal with the coronavirus themselves, and individuals were left to sort through the confusion and contradictions of statements from the White House. But when statues are threatened, then, it seems, exceptional action is called for. What if all the men (and, yes, they are nearly always men) swinging batons now had been passing out masks a few months ago?

Who are the miniature stormtroopers now appearing in Portland and soon in other cities? That the men in mismatched shoes and ill-fitting uniforms lack identification and insignia recalls virtually every authoritarian regime. It is a basic feature of a state under the rule of law that a citizen can recognize legal authority and tell the police from the thugs. It is the nightmare moment of repression to be seized by unknown men. When the government itself elides the distinction between those who protect the law and those who break it, when it makes itself into a paramilitary wearing the wrong kind of camouflage, it invites others to do the same. It is not so hard, after all, to rent a van, play dress up, and start hurting people. When citizens do not know whether they are being intimidated by governmental or nongovernmental forces, the situation is rife for the kind of escalation that fascists liked.

Fascists thrived in crises and indeed sought them out. The unforgettable example is the Reichstag fire, which Adolf Hitler recognized right away as his great opportunity. As the German parliament burned, the Nazis mischaracterized the event, speaking of a vast left-wing conspiracy to destroy the country, the race, and so on. Something not so dissimilar is taking place now, as Attorney General William Barr and acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf rationalize the use of force against Americans on the basis of a dark fairy tale about what the protests mean. The Nazis claimed that their main rival, the Social Democrats, were ultimately to be blamed for a terrorist act; Trump’s fundraising messages say the same about his own political rivals. By deliberately provoking protesters, Trump and his allies are working to create their own Reichstag moment. The difference this time, of course, is that everyone knows that this is what is going on.

Well, not everybody. Trump’s most ardent supporters may swallow everything he tells them hook, line and sinker, but enough voters understand what’s happening to vote him out of office this November—assuming he doesn’t manage to prevent the elections from taking place.

@Greg: ANTIFA are the fascists. YOU are the fascist.

@Deplorable Me: ANTIFA even admit they are fascists and Marxist. Maybe greggie the rock didn’t have his reader yesterday.

@Randy: I am still amazed at people that deny reality right to our faces and try to convince us that their version of reality IS reality. ANTIFA is “anti-fascist” just like the DPRK is a “democratic republic”. But, folks like Greg just love to hide behind such monikers. They are fooled by bullshit so easily, they assume everyone else is as well.

File under How to Lose an Election:

July 27, 2020 – GOP, White House aim to temporarily reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200

Senate Republicans will propose cutting weekly emergency unemployment benefits from $600 to $200 until states can bring a more complicated program online, according to two people familiar with the plan granted anonymity to share details that had not yet been released.

The proposal will come as part of a broader $1 trillion relief bill aimed at dealing with the economic fallout caused by the novel coronavirus. Republicans plan to release the legislation later on Monday and start negotiations with Democrats. The $600 weekly jobless benefit expires in a few days, and House Democrats have proposed extending it until January because the unemployment rate remains very high.

Senate Republicans want to reduce the $600 payment to $200 until states can implement a new approach that would pay workers 70 percent of the income they collected before they lost their jobs. The states are supposed to phase in the new formula within two months under the new GOP plan, though it’s unclear how cumbersome that process could prove to be.

Many state unemployment systems are expected to have difficulty implementing the more targeted program, so the $200 weekly payment would be designed to serve as a bridge until the other changes are made. The $200 would come on top of whatever unemployment benefits states already pay, which vary but generally replace 45 percent of a worker’s wages before they lost their job.

In addition to the reduced unemployment benefits the legislation is expected to include a new round of $1,200 checks to individual Americans, billions of dollars for schools with some of the money aimed at helping classrooms reopen, and a five-year liability shield for businesses, health-care providers and others.

So, more $1200 helicopter money—paid whether an individual has experienced an income loss or not—but weeks or months without unemployment supplements for millions who had no income other than that from the jobs they’ve lost. Plus liability relief for businesses, which will likely benefit large corporations, and a legal shield for healthcare providers as financial protection from what will likely happen as a result of prematurely pushing kids back into their classrooms…

The GOP is going to burn itself down. But they never could have done it without Donald’s guidance.


GOP, White House aim to temporarily reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200

The 600 bucks was a bonus on top of regular unemployment, and self employed it dropping to a 200 buck bonus still aint to bad.
Any person who qualifies to receive state unemployment benefits, including furloughed workers, will automatically get the $600 added to their weekly check or deposit. The federal bonus is scheduled to end on July 31, according to current legislation.
Time to reopen the economy kick the tires and put out the riot fires.

July 27, 2020 – Trump is moving forward with his plan to regulate social media

We’re going ahead with our plan to remove Trump at the ballot box in November.

He’s had what? A total of only three or four Twitter posts flagged for violations of their rules, out of over 17,000 that he has posted?

So what’s he throwing his tantrum about? The removal of so-called “conservative” bot accounts at the discretion of the platform owners? Flagging demonstrably false news and disinformation? Platform owners declining to provide a free soapbox and megaphone for hate speech?

This guy is now several sizes too big for his constitutionally-authorized britches. Whoever would have thought I’d come to be in full agreement with this guy:

George Will: Trump must be removed. So must his congressional enablers.

Doctor? You have blood on your hands spreading this ridiculous propaganda. The stuff people on the right believe about people who vote democrat ignores the fact that it’s a really big tent. They’re not walking in lock step like No Compromise Republicans and the Trump party. Biden is what used to be a moderate republican. Of course there’s no such thing as a moderate republican anymore. Everyone who disagrees with the lunacy that most of you spout is labeled a RINO or a never Trumper. Fabulous strategy for dismissing alternate points of view and the sort of mind games initiated by those who want to control a voting block. At least a sizeable portion of the democratic voters are sick of establishment democrats helping republicans create policies that harm the average worker. The rich get richer, America’s infrastructure falls further behind, wages stagnate, the wealth gap widens, opportunities narrow, the US becomes a service economy, people have to work two and three jobs to survive, and all you guys can do is create phony BS, wedge issues to keep the gravy train going for the richest Americans..

@TiredOfYourBull: Biden used to be able to make a sentence without practicing.

Nikita Khrushchev once said that the Soviet Union would take down America without firing a shot. I guess the Democrats proved him RIGHT.

@Charles Scroggs: Well, they WANT to prove his point.

Leftist believe in communism .
They are taught it.
And others just want free shit.
You will pay the price of FREE by losing
useful idiots , by far useful to win and Idiots to vote out FREEDOM.

@Kathy: These are not people who think very far down the road.

@TiredOfYourBull: Not even worth a response. We are all dumber for reading this incoherent jibrish.

@Greg: Your a lying p.o.s.


Your a lying p.o.s.

You’re English needs some additional work if you hope to ever become an effective troll.

@Greg: I agree. You are english does need some additional work, Jin.

@Donald Thomas Hill, Sr:

How ya feeling now about your opinion this piece was about partisanship and alarmism? Still feel that way? The Dems/Left/Socialists/Communists are following through with all of this. America is dying as we speak.

Well, guess what you got what you wanted good luck in the soup line

Sorry so late to reply, and if you have noticed biden is destroying everything.
they also took away his nuclear operations code. What does this tell you, he’s a pawn.

Guess what can you guess the mistake you made at the polls now, your biden
will make you a dependent no matter what you think you are, that’s communism’s way of saying hello do what I say not what I do.
That car you own, house, property
It’s eventually will end up gone.

I bet you have a change of heart now
jobs, the economy, especially the keystone pipeline it’s gone, I bet you won’t vote democrat in 2024

@Donald Thomas Hill, Sr: you’re obviously living under a rock

Everyone has a opinion, if only those opinions were based on facts.

So true, sadly not enough stand up, and fall victim to media lies.