obama intent on disrupting Trump administration




barack obama, the narcissist without limits, declared the other day that he could have won a third term as President.

“You know, I’m confident in this vision because I’m confident that if I – if I had run again and articulated it, I think I could’ve mobilized a majority of the American people to rally behind it,” Obama said in an interview with David Axelrod, his former senior adviser.

Never mind that he has largely destroyed the democrat party.

While Obama’s tireless campaigning, broad demographic appeal and message of “hope” and “change” helped propel him to two terms in the White House, his skills on the stump haven’t translated down the ballot.

The Democratic Party suffered huge losses at every level during Obama’s West Wing tenure.

The grand total: a net loss of 1,042 state and federal Democratic posts, including congressional and state legislative seats, governorships and the presidency.

obama confuses the American people agreeing with his “progressive vision of change” with his popularity for simply handing out goodies willy nilly, rewarding sloth and punishing individual achievement- the whole social justice warrior thing. Now normally upon leaving office Presidents do the respectful thing and leave town, allowing the new President to act.

Not this jerk.

obama is not leaving town. He’s rented a home in the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington DC. The cover story is that he rented the home so his daughter Sasha can finish high school (at the very tony Sidwell- shunning public schools that liberals tout so highly). Sasha must be very particular about where she does her homework- the house obama is renting boasts of 8,200 square feet of living space and sold for over $5 million 2 1/2 years ago.

obama made clear his intention to “weigh in” on issues:

He went on to say, “Now that doesn’t mean that if a year from now or year and a half from now or two years from now there is an issue of such a moment–such import that isn’t just a debate about a particular tax bill or a particular policy but it goes to some foundational issues about our democracy I might just weigh in. I’m still a citizen. And that carries with it duties and obligations.”

Because he’s such a great guy and is never wrong:

“I know that in conversations that I’ve had with people around the country, even some people who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you point towards is the right one,” Obama said in the interview, which aired Monday.

This is the thing with barack obama. He says what he wants you to believe is true, no matter how detached from reality it is. The RCP average indicates that 32.1% say the country is on the right track under obama while 56.4% say we’re going in the wrong direction.

Back when he was sure hillary clinton would win the election, obama said

“I’m not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that, but make no mistake: These policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”

And the people spoke.

Those “duties” obama spoke of apparently include grooming disruptors who would continue to steer the country toward a Leninist ideal:

He said part of his post-presidential strategy would be developing young Democratic leaders — including organizers, journalists and politicians — who could galvanize voters behind a progressive agenda. He won’t hesitate to weigh in on important political debates after he leaves office, he told Axelrod.

obama’s intimated that he would wait a year or two before publicly opining but he is is a liar of galactic proportions- whether on health care, Iran or red lines. You can bet that he will be injecting himself into the political conversation on a non-stop basis and there will be a purpose to it. It will be to disrupt the Trump administration. It will be to force his progessive utopia on America.

Ed Klein suggested that obama is setting up a shadow government. He might just be right.

Thought you were going to be rid of barack obama? Think again.



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Can’t BHO just go away quietly?

He wont go quietly into the night, he knows we will all know soon he armed and trained terrorists and continues to do so. He is going to stir the pot making more mess for us to clean up.
The Media painted Trump a monster, and like their fake polls, actually believed something they created.
One good thing Obama did and continues to do is turned the liberal democrat party into a smoking crater, Demexit. Unions, white moderates, black moderates, women, all seemed to wake up.
Now a nice McCarthy style clean up in academia, and government is really required. We are so lucky they now have a digital fingerprint for proof.

So DJ, is it the thought of Obama ulilizing his right to free speech as a private citizen that bothers you so or is that his type has that freedom?

one thing you must never forget-never screw with the President of the United States. when the terrorist is discovered to be an illegal alien, eight years will collapse in a second. his latrine, cesspool legacy will be declared null and void. deportation is on the list if proven so.

@Ajay42302: The left despises freedom of speech, has weaponized the government against it, and now you screech you like it paaaleeeeze http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/191889/another-obama-assault-free-speech-robert-spencer
Sit up pay attention we are no longer going to play by the real rules, every rule that was good for the left we will turn back on you..ohh and it is going to be so much fun.
Let the media squeal about it only 10% of the people even trust them anymore.

@Ajay42302: there is freedom of speech, however there are limits . Try yelling fire in a movie theater or threatening the president . obama’s agenda is clear – muslim takeover of the United States. He won’t go away quietly and will continue to attempt to destroy our nation. Thankfully the damage will be limited.

@Enchanted: He puts a cop killer that was rejected by the majority dem congress into positions that dont require congressional approval http://americanlibertypac.com/2016/12/lame-duck-obama-sneaks-two-radicals-bureaucracy.
Someone must put him in a straight jacket and chuck him into a rubber room for our safety.

The Meltdown Of A Narcissist:

Obama isn’t just a LAME-DUCK President, who should be tying up loose ends and setting the process in order for a decent and seamless transition from his Presidency to the Incoming Presidency of Donald Trump . . . He is in fact NOTHING MORE THAN A SAD UNRAVELING CARICATURE of the Dog who caught the Bumper of the Car, and then had no idea what to do with it.

If I wasn’t so thoroughly ENJOYING the Spectacle of Obama Coming Apart At The Seams, it is possible (not really), but perhaps very remotely possible, that I could feel sorry for him.

But . . . Obama has caused so many REAL problems at Home and Abroad, which Includes – pain, fear, anger, anguish, division, racism, confusion . . . ETCETERA, that for me to feel sorry for him, would be tantamount to me feeling sorry for the VIRUS that Causes the FLU.

Even though Obama BURST onto the scene in 2008 . . . as the BLACK DEMOCRAT MESSIAH with the MOSLEM Name (Hussein), who by his own words was going to Reverse the Tides and Heal the Planet . . . all he did was to make what was GOOD . . . MISERABLE and what was BAD . . . HORRENDOUS.

The fact that Obama took his 2008 DEMOCRAT NOMINATION VICTORY BOW . . . Standing between MASSIVE GREEK COLUMNS with Theatrical Lights and Staging, Sufficiently Outstanding to make a BROADWAY Producer Blush, that it didn’t Scare the Hell of all the People who showered this Narcissist with their votes, says far more about the IDIOTS who voted for Obama, than about the NARCISSIST Himself.

AND NOW . . . after 8-Years of Abysmal Failures at everything Obama Touched, America and the LEFT are paying the Price. The Democrats have become Political Lepers . . . and for all of them, it will only get worse. And even the Mainstream Media, which sold their Journalistic Souls for Obama, have become little more than a Running-Joke

IT GIVES ME GREAT PLEASURE . . . to bear witness to the DEMOCRAT/LEFTIST CIRCULAR Firing Squad, as they lay BLAME for their never-ending political Defeats as they Train their Guns on Each Other.

THE FACT THAT THE PEOPLE REJECTED THE LEFT . . . according to the LEFT, is the Fault of the Russians, James Comey of the FBI, WikiLeaks, Fake News, FOX News, the Alt-Right, Rigged Voting, the Electoral College . . . Etc, Etc, Etc.

BUT IF YOU LISTEN TO THE LEFT . . . the Crushing 8-Years of one Defeat after another for the LEFT, have had nothing whatsoever to do with Obama’s Policies, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Crooked Hillary, and/or the BEVY of LEFTIST Political Liars, Thieves, and Scoundrels who have been ROUTED like SEWER RATS.

SO WHAT DOES OBAMA DO TO MAKE THINGS BETTER? . . . Instead of making things better on his way-out . . . Obama makes them WORSE, so much WORSE, that if there was any opportunity whatsoever for him to redeem even one SCINTILLA (Obama’s Word) of Presidential Respect for his White House, in this, his latest STAB at Israel and the Jewish People . . . HE’S SCREWED THAT TOO.

YOU HAVE TO KNOW . . . that just because it is said in the Media, it doesn’t make it TRUE. And as the Media love to do so much, especially when it comes to Israel, they PUSH equivalence. And in this case . . . It’s not that Obama doesn’t Like Israel or Conservative Jews – It’s just that Obama and Netanyahu simply don’t like each other. AND THAT IT’S AS MUCH NETANYAHU’S FAULT AS IT IS OBAMA’S . . .

. . . Which is an Outright Lie and Contortion of the Truth Beyond the Veil:

LONG BEFORE OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT OF THE USA . . . his closest Political Allies were Israel/Jew HATING LEFTISTS. There were Palestinian Apologist Extremists who were routinely part of Obama’s sphere.

BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT OF THE USA . . . Obama and his Despicable Wife attended the Black Chicago Liberationist Church of Jeremiah Wright, who OPENLY and AGGRESSIVELY assaulted the United States of America, Jews and Israel.

AND IN CHOOSING HIS AMBASSADOR TO THE UN . . . Obama chose the ULTRA-LEFTIST Samantha Power, who is FAMOUS for saying that American or NATO Troops should OCCUPY Israel to PROTECT the Palestinian People.

SO ANYONE WHO IS “SURPRISED” . . . with the way this Obama War Against Israel has been developing in the last few weeks of the Obama White House, is an outright FOOL, or a WILLING JEWISH IDIOT, to whom I ACCUSE of being no better than the JUDENRAT, who were Elitist Jews, whom the Nazis used to help carry-out the Holocaust, simply by stroking their Jewish EGOS as being smarter than all the other Jews.

I DON’T CARE WHO THE JUDENRAT IS . . . whether it’s Barbara Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Rahm Emanuel, or MILLIONS of others who have gone so far as to Campaign for Obama, to as little as simply voting for him . . . because you supported the man who Hates Conservative Jews and Israel.

And Whatever Bad That Might Happen To Israel . . . IS ON YOU!

I listened to John Kerry . . . Obama’s Secretary of State, SPEW UNADULTERATED BULL-SHIT, laced with LIES, HALF-TRUTHS, DISTORTED HISTORY, and CREATED NON-EXISTENT FACTS.

Kerry was a TRAITOR to his OWN Country and Fellow American Warriors during and after the Vietnam War. So what else can anyone expect from a PIECE OF CRAP like John Kerry?

THE COMEUPPANCE FOR THE UNITED NATIONS . . . and all the LEFTIST Jew Hating, Israel Hating, and Conservative America Hating Countries and People . . . is now ASSURED because of Obama and the Bastards he has surrounded himself with.

Because Obama Finally Dropped The Gauntlet, which I believe he now regrets, NOT BECAUSE HE DIDN’T MEAN IT, but because it has so BACKFIRED, and is so BLOWING-UP in his FACE, and the FACE of anyone who supports him, INCLUDING the Democrats, that there’s nothing left for Obama but SHAME in what he’s done to America, SHAME in what he’s done to America’s Friends and Allies, and SHAME in what will be the most FAILED LEGACY IN AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL HISTORY.

January 20, 2017 . . . Can’t Come Soon Enough.

Best Regards . . . Howard Galganov

Be a shame if somebody popped a cap in him.


The left despises freedom of speech? Really?
Of course, I realize that the rabid right plays nothing but a rubber/glue game.

It’s interesting that imediately after the SCOTUS ruled on Citizens United v Fed (which basicly said that both corporations and Unions could donate all they wanted in campaign races as that was their “freedom of speech” GOP states went to work implementing so-called right to work laws in order to crush the cash flow (or, “freedom of speech” from unions and the workers.

And that’s just the beginning.

Somewhere in Kenya a villager is missing his ass to pull his load

@Ajay42302: Delutional if you think the unions ask the members where their dues go to when donated to a politician, My daughter and her husband union members voted Trump and the union supported cankles, do you really believe some of the crap you post? So how many good union workers have the dem policies really supported fool? Putting coal miners out of a job, well at least they save all those self destructive union dues, oil workers, truck drivers, steel workers, auto workers??? None thats why they lost the rust belt, you know the blue wall that Hillary only sent minions to campaign.

@Ajay42302: is that his type
his ‘type’? Why are you picking on gays?


It’s interesting that imediately after the SCOTUS ruled on Citizens United v Fed (which basicly said that both corporations and Unions could donate all they wanted in campaign races as that was their “freedom of speech” GOP states went to work implementing so-called right to work laws in order to crush the cash flow (or, “freedom of speech” from unions and the workers.

As usual, being the progressive you are, you conflate freedom of speech with freedom of assembly. How do “right to work” laws suppress a union’s freedom of speech? It doesn’t, Citizens United simply grants to other organizations the same right’s unions have enjoyed since the days of FDR.

Right to work states grant freedom of assembly. Why should a person be required to belong to a union just to take a job that they were offered? Why should states have to do the bookkeeping for them by collecting the union dues of government employees only to turn it over to the unions? If you want to belong to a union (freedom of assembly) you are free to do so but you should have to fork over your dues to the union on your own. They should not be taken out of your paycheck requiring the company to do the bookkeeping for the union.

The problem unions have, and have had for a long while, is that they do not represent their membership when they pour millions of $$ into Democratic candidate campaigns. All the unions now represent are the union bigwigs who draw absurdly high dollar salaries, even when their members are on strike drawing zip.

You are the left are soooo illogical. No wonder you lose elections all across the nation. You can’t seem to get things straight.

The reactionary right embodied by folks like Patriot?? Spurwing, RT, Enchanted and that lovable rascal Kitt are taking over the asylum . They are making The Donald look like a moderate..lol

@Rich Wheeler:

The reactionary right

That’s too funny, RW. What about the “reactionary” left that has protested since election day and now threatens to shut down the inauguration? Seems the left is much more “reactionary” that the right.

@Rich Wheeler: We are just taking the asylum over after the criminally insane began to run it. It had to be done we may be crazy I still dont fully trust Trump, but he is much more moderate than this administration, we will see. Trump appoints generals O appoints cop killers its enough isnt it?

@Ajay42302: Obama is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. If his complicity in the various scandals like Bengasi, Fast and Furious and a the Clinton email issue, Obama can be tried for criminal charges. Bush placed Bill Clinton’s issues off limits even though congress wanted him to pursue criminal charges. This is a gentleman’s unwritten agreement that you do not demean the previous president. That is why Trump has declined to prosecute Hillary. There is an old saying by wise men. Let a sleeping dog lie. If you rile him, you may get bitten.

@Ajay42302: Actually, major universities are restricting free speech. Liberals only believe in their definition of free speech, not the constitution’s definition. You are wrong as usual.

@July 4th American:

Obamas next place of residence should have bars on the windows and the door of a small little cell wearing a black and white striped outfit numbers on it

@Rich Wheeler: They are making The Donald look like a moderate..lol

Oh, contrare…. the radical left is what is making Trump look moderate. Can you imagine how loud the leftie’s would have screamed if GWB had betrayed Israel as Obozo has done in the last weeks of his admin?
I think if you give it a little thought, you’ll realize Trump has been moderate all along. It’s the extreme left wing loonies that are trying to make him look normal (to the right)
I’ve never seen a US President stab an ally in the back before, especially in broad daylight. As John Bolton said, he didn’t stab them in the back, he stabbed them in the front. He wanted the world to know what he had done, made his mark for the Palestinians. He want’s to be seen as on their team when he gets out of office.

@RedTeam: Betrayed them?–along with the rest of the world he’s simply asking them not to build on someone else’s land–How would you like it if your neighbor started building on your land?–my guess is you’d break out your vast arsenal of weaponry.lol

I have little doubt that if Obama had run (even illegally, since their support of Hillary proves liberals don’t respect the Constitution or laws) he would have won. The left loves them some Obama because… he’s Obama. Like Kardashian, he is famous for being famous. He has not accomplished one goddamn thing for our country, but the left can’t get enough of the “first black President”. The novelty and celebrity would rush him back into office.

And, if anyone thinks for a second that Obama is going to keep his yap shut for five minutes, they have another think coming. Any time he can gather a flock of his pet sycophants, standing before him with their mouths agape, awaiting the noises which issue from his jaws, he will blather on, he will do what he can to stir conflict and encourage our enemies… just like the past 8 years.

@Rich Wheeler: Rich, all I can say is you obviously know absolutely zip about the History of Israel. Let me just give you the 30 sec. education. In 1947, the Partition was agreed upon with Israel getting certain land and Arabs the remainder. Within less than one year, the Arabs had overrun and occupied the entire west bank area and would not allow Israeli’s to even enter the area, and, you may note that the Arabs built upon and occupied that land. Israel did not get that land back until the 67 war. Well, in the 67 war, the Israeli’s also took the area necessary to provide security to Israel for the future so the Arabs could not overrun them easily as they had in the past. You will note that the world had no sympathy for Israel’s position from 48 til 67 when they were occupied and being built upon by the Palestinians. The Arabs big problem is they lost in 67 and are still crying. Now they finally got Obozo on their side, him being a Muslim and all that, and so they think they should prevail. Let’s just say they sowed, they reaped. let them cry. Don’t support cry babies and terrorists. You’d be amazed what learning a little history will do for you. As I’ve suggested before, you should get a refund from that school (?) you went to. Have they offered you a refund yet?

The squatters have multiple times been offered a 2 state solution, only to reject it.
Just acknowledge Israel has the right to exist to live, nope they cant do that so 1 state solution is the only solution. The PLO should never be given a homeland.

@Rich Wheeler: actually, Trump is a moderate. If you paid attention during the Republican debates instead of making you absurd election predictions, you might be a little knowledgeable instead of just running off at the mouth.

Common sense says a two state solution is the only way to peace in that region Netenyahu govt appears to be against it Clinton, Both Bushes, Carter and Obama in support. Israeli people, American people, and people of the World in support.
The settlements violate The Oslo Accord signed onto by both sides.
Israel’s right to exist is fully supported by Obama Admin. Palestine also has a right to exist.

@Randy: “Trump a moderate” said tongue in cheek.” Only in comparison to far right “lock her up” types on display here at FA.
My predictions absurd?? I said she’d win popular vote by 4 million–how close were you?

DrJohn, reading this diatribe by Soros, will give you additional insight into what fills the jarrett/obama mind-mush.

Though simplistic, it borders on the insane. Soros, the great White House manipulator, demonstrates a complete lack of insight into the nature of human beings and a sick self-serving deception to be fed to the deplorable swine locked in the pen.

This is not the dumbest of it, but is a sample of his absurd article, . . . . .

Democracy is now in crisis. Even the US, the world’s leading democracy, elected a con artist and would-be dictator as its president.

@Rich Wheeler:

Liberals, you can’t lecture about Trump when you helped nominate a depraved crook

@Curt: My #29 referenced final popular vote –not E.C.–Glad you’re watching though –don’t know how you allow some of these posts through moderation.
Semper Fi

@Rich Wheeler: As you well know I only moderate if I really have to. I even let the unhinged and vulgar reem post comments. The only thing I frown upon is the sockpuppets. We’re all adults here and can moderate ourselves. Don’t like the comments don’t read them.

@Rich Wheeler: My #29 referenced final popular vote –not E.C.As you well know, there was no national popular vote election. Pop votes only determined who got EC votes in each state. That’s what the election was about. It didn’t help Hillary to continue to campaign in Ca after she had enough to get the EC votes, but apparently she didn’t understand the system and thought that if she got enough popular votes she would be crowned queen, or something. Do you know that Cleveland got more runs in the world series this year. do you know who won the world series. Chicago understood the objective, just as Trump did. Was that extra 4 million votes worth more to her than the extra 12000 Trump got in Michigan?
I think it rather humorous you appealing to Curt to moderate some comments. As he said, you don’t want to read them, don’t. It seems obvious you didn’t read comment No. 25 above. Otherwise you would not have written this dumbass statement in 28 above: Common sense says a two state solution is the only way to peace in that region Netenyahu govt appears to be against it Clinton, Both Bushes, Carter and Obama in support. Israeli people, American people, and people of the World in support.

The only obstacle to two state solution is Palestine who immediately invaded and occupied Israeli territory in 1948 and held it until 1967. They have constantly attempted to occupy Israeli territory every since. Unfortunately for them, the Israeli’s kicked their butts in 1967 and took over the territory which they were using to launch their attacks against Israel. Your statement above is wrong because you said Israel is the only state that is against it. Apparently you don’t believe actions speak louder than words as Palestine occupied Israeli land from 48 to 67 and no one but Israel gave a damn. But when they were driven out of Israel and part of their land taken. Then they(palestine) quickly got in favor of a 2 state solution. So even tho I gave you the 30 sec version, you still didn’t get it? You should be demanding a refund.

@RedTeam: Watch your blood pressure RT–I don’t wanna have to come looking for you again. You were gone over two weeks last time and I’m the only one who noticed or cared—well maybe Curt.

Jesus, he’s not just silly and ignorant of the workings of the world, he’s deluded. He talks about people who disagree with him but on the sly say they know he’s right. Who are all these ‘people’ he’s always talking about, these ‘experts’ who “ALL agree that…” etc.?

Never came to the mainland until he was 18. Edited the Harvard Law review but never WROTE for it. Taught. Alinsky “community organizer” (the R’s missed explaining what a community organizer actually is). State legislature who dodged 127 politically-risky votes. Became a senator and almost immediately ran for president.

THAT is the vast experience that prepped him for the job?

Eight failed, wasted years.

@RedTeam:” The Arabs big problem is they lost in 67 and are still crying. ”

This crucial fact is never reported by CNN or MSNBC (at least in my viewing experience). To watch them and the alphabets you’d think Israelis just walked over from somewhere and took over–ala the evil Americans who killed all them Indians.

I suspect most people today don’t even know about 1967, and why it’s important to all of this.


He is the puppet master for obama and mrs clinton, need more be said?


Not only will his efforts to fundamentally transform this country be done away with. But like his presidency, his family name over time will only be a footnote. No males to bring forward, goodbye O, to you, your name and your failed policies.
Make America Great Again!!


Thanks for a coherent response. We could argue several of your talking points on you obvious disdain of unions but lets go with a few facts.

To be clear on CU v Fed, it was a decision made under the premise of free speech, that corporations and union dollars were their voice. So based on that, it appears R governed states are trying to silence that voice.

I actually agree with you that a worker’s employment shouldn’t be contingent on them joining or not joining a union but that’s not what this so-called “right to work” is all about. It allows a worker to opt out of paying dues while demanding the union to represent them. Not only does it require the union to make sure they receive the same pay and benefits as the dues paying members but requires the union to provide the same representation and to pay legal expenses of their abitrated grievances or any breach of the union negotiated contract. So not only is it about drying up revenue but puts extra expense on them. A much better term would be “right to freeload”.

As far as campaign money spent, it stands to reason they’d contribute to who would best represent them. The past election was a race between 2 profoundly flawed candidates. Unions (in comparison of previous years) pretty much shied away from the WH race or gave weak tea endorsements and focused more on lower seats. And Dems did pick up seats in both the House and Senate.

But I will agree that workers felt they’ve been left behind, have seen their jobs lost, their wages stagnated, and the voice weakened (parallel that with the decline of unions, refusal to raise minimum wage, and gutting prevailing wage-all Republican initiatives). I would say that Hillary took them for granted by assuming they had no choice to vote for her over the lying con man who thrives on low wages or hell, even no wages as Trump said that was “good business”. Workers drank the Trump koolade and we’re seeing that reality on a daily bases such as his labor sec pick, other union busting and anti-worker appointees, and even his early morning toilet tweets bashing unions.


Not only does it require the union to make sure they receive the same pay and benefits as the dues paying members but requires the union to provide the same representation and to pay legal expenses of their abitrated grievances or any breach of the union negotiated contract. So not only is it about drying up revenue but puts extra expense on them. A much better term would be “right to freeload”.

Obviously you have never been a “non dues paying member” of a union. Good luck with getting any union to properly taking up grievance arbitration on your behalf. Oh, yeah, the union stewards will tell you they will act on your behalf, but when two years go by and you have zip, it will dawn on you (perhaps) that they intend to give only lip service to your grievance. And if you are a retired member, who paid dues all your working years, and have a problem with company paid health insurance, good luck. The union big wigs don’t give a damn about you since you’re not contributing to their paycheck anymore.

The unions have strayed so far from their original goal of a fair wage/safe work environment that they are now moot. No one cares about them, and unions are losing membership because they are top heavy. When a union president makes more than the POTUS, there is something wrong with that picture. The beginning of their demise was the fair labor laws. They lobbied for laws that would eventually put them out of business, and frankly, it can’t happen soon enough. The “rubber rooms” in the NYC school district is a prime example of how unions stick it to the taxpayer and act only in their self interest, not the interest of what their goals should be.

I have no use for unions after seeing two hours pay come out of my family’s income for over 30 years. The benefit did NOT outweigh the burden.

If you think unions are for the benefit of the worker, look no further than the whole Hostess Bakery fiasco.


Common sense says a two state solution is the only way to peace in that region Netenyahu govt appears to be against it Clinton, Both Bushes, Carter and Obama in support. Israeli people, American people, and people of the World in support.

Since when it the rest of the world allowed to make decisions that are strictly the purview of an independent nation? Would you be willing to conceded New Mexico to Mexico if the world decided that New Mexico should do that?

There is no Arab state of Palestine. It was Jewish when it was Canaan, it was Jewish when it was Judea, and it is, and always has been, Jewish land. Stop sounding like an ill informed liberal.

How do you reach peace when you want peace but your enemy only wants you dead? Arafat was offered 90% of all his demands yet he walked away. The Palestinians are so radical that even Jordan and Egypt doesn’t want them.


While some parts of your argument had some merit, you kinda shot yourself in the foot by invoking Hostess. Unions worked with Hostess, gave concessions to Hostess, and in the end, workers were making very little. One could say the union bent over backwards for them. Hostess fell due to venture capitalism, greed of corporate.

But like most things that folks like you want to see, you will continue to stick with your debunked talking points. Why? Because as you say, you hate unions.

And you ignore the arguments of right to freeload. You ignore the stifling of freedom of speech. You ignore the reality that as unions have declined, the inequality gap has widened.

@RedTeam: In 1948 Palestine War it was the Israelis that overran territory that was Palestian per the 1947 UN proposed Partition Plan—700,000 Palestinians driven out and 70,000 homes destroyed—-refugees could not return–Jewish refugees arrived from surrounding countries.
Palestians eventually regrouped in West Bank and Gaza—referenced 6 day war Israel seized Jeruselem, West Bank and Golan Heights and began building settlements in occupied territories. In 2000 Israel withdrew from Gaza Strip and built West Bank barrier.
Hamas controlled Gaza Strip clearly the bad guys and should be viewed as such.
International law, numerous U.N resolutions including The Oslo Accord and the Geneva Convention of 1947 have said Israel cannot transfer it’s population or build settlements on these occupied lands—-that’s the Law.

The U.S continues to give Billions of dollars towards Israel’s defense–amount increased under Obama Admin—We are their staunchest defender–and always will be.

BTW I have never suggested Trump did not win election fairly.. I was pointing out to Randy my final popular vote prediction was pretty accurate. Like Trump, HRC spent little time campaigning in solid blue California

@Rich Wheeler: True post but also funds hamas and PLO under the guise of humanitarian aid. So what was done with these funds? Tunnels built, schools filled with bombs, http://freedomoutpost.com/barack-obama-ignores-congress-sends-500-million-of-taxpayer-money-to-hamas-palestinian-authrority/
Sorry Rich re-writing the history and legacy of Benedict Obama wont work with those that refuse to be useful infidels.
21days 10hours left and he is doing his best to turn his entire legacy into the death of Democratic Party.
Israel has 5000 years of history in that area and now the UN says they cant pray at the western wall?

@JSW: 36
THAT is the vast experience that prepped him for the job?

We all know that Obozo grew up going to a muslim school in indonesia until he got to high school when he moved to the US (maybe for the first time) and became a drug user as the leader of the Choom Gang. Then came to the mainland to attend Occidental as a foreign student. After attending part of two years there he dropped out and moved to the vicinity of Columbia Univ where he hung out and played soccer with the ‘guys’, never attending any classes at Columbia. Then a few years later some Middle East rich guy donated millions of dollars to Harvard on the condition that they give him a law degree, based on affirmative action. Then spend a few years in the bath houses of Chicago, get married and then run for president. All that experience……. Wow…….


While some parts of your argument had some merit, you kinda shot yourself in the foot by invoking Hostess. Unions worked with Hostess, gave concessions to Hostess, and in the end, workers were making very little. One could say the union bent over backwards for them. Hostess fell due to venture capitalism, greed of corporate.

Obviously, you are ignoring the history of the Hostess Bakery example. The union was pricing itself out of jobs. Hostess Bakery, although not required to, even opened its books to the union to show that there was NO MONEY to meet union demands. So the union, thinking it was smarter than the owners, ordered a strike. There were no union funds to pay strike benefits (ooops, all that money put in the campaign coffers of Democrats was then unavailable for the very purpose union dues are paid) and the company sold and the new owners not only reopened as a non-union shop, many of the former worker were permanently out of a job.

Did the union bigwigs that forced the strike do without their paychecks while their members did? Nope. So who did those union bigwigs serve? Certainly not their members who found themselves unemployed.

Unions are not shrinking due to Citizens United. They are shrinking because union members realize that the unions are not holding up their end of the bargain. The unions are shrinking because the members are beginning to understand that the unions do not represent them when needed the most, such as providing strike benefits so members can at least continue to buy groceries for their families.

Workplace safety/fair labor laws have made the unions moot. Why should anyone give a union $50-$100.00 a month knowing that if ordered on strike, you won’t get a dime in strike benefits.

33 years of dealing with the CWA will open any rational thinking person’s eyes. Apparently you have not opened yours yet.

@retire05: 43. Hey Retire, haven’t heard from you for a while.

In 43 above, where you ‘quote me’ that was a quote from RW in 28 that I commented on in 34. I think if you check that out, you’ll see that my comments to RW were very similar to what you made.

So your statement to me: Stop sounding like an ill informed liberal. should have been addressed to that ‘real’ liberal, who is very ‘ill informed’ Richard Wheeler.

I think if you read the whole thread related to the discussion of Israel, you’ll find that I support the Israeli’s.

@kitt: The Palestine Authority led by Abbas are the “good guys” It’s Hamas in the Gaza Strip that are the “very bad guys.” Humanitarian Aid to Palestinian people is very minimal–compared to–Tens of Billions to Israel around 50% of total AID allocated by U.S.
All American admins have been good to our Jewish friends

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