You know how I always say that obama lies about everything?




I do. I have for a long time. And I’m right.

He lied about the Iran deal, he lied about health care, he lied about Libya, he lied about Fast and Furious, and on and on.

He just did it again.

Two days ago Obama said ISIS is just about finished:

And as a result, ISIL is under more pressure than ever before.  ISIL continues to lose key leaders.  This includes Salman Abd Shahib, a senior military leader in Mosul; Abu Sa’ad al-Sudani, who plotted external attacks; Shakir Wahayb, ISIL’s military leader in Iraq’s Anbar province; and Maher al-Bilawi, the top ISIL commander in Fallujah.  So far, we’ve taken out more than 120 top ISIL leaders and commanders.  And our message is clear:  If you target America and our allies, you will not be safe.  You will never be safe.

ISIL continues to lose ground in Iraq.  In the past two months, local forces in Iraq, with coalition support, have liberated the western town of Rutbah and have also pushed up the Euphrates River Valley, liberating the strategic town of Hit and breaking the ISIL siege of Haditha.  Iraqi forces have surrounded Fallujah and begun to move into the city.  Meanwhile, in the north, Iraqi forces continue to push up the Tigris River Valley, making gains around Makhmour, and now preparing to tighten the noose around ISIL in Mosul.  All told, ISIL has now lost nearly half of the populated territory that it once controlled in Iraq — and it will lose more.

ISIL continues to lose ground in Syria as well.  Assisted by our Special Operations Forces, a coalition of local forces is now pressuring the key town of Manbij, which means the noose is tightening around ISIL in Raqqa as well.  In short, our coalition continues to be on offense.  ISIL is on defense.  And it’s now been a full year since ISIL has been able to mount a major successful offensive operation in either Syria or Iraq.

As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its lifeblood.  As a result of our strikes against its oil infrastructure and supply lines, we believe that we’ve cut ISIL’s revenue from oil by millions of dollars per month.  In destroying the storage sites where they keep their cash, we’ve deprived ISIL of many millions more.

Then today CIA Director John Brennan says that’s not true:

CIA Director John Brennan, in a chilling warning on the Islamic State’s growing influence, told lawmakers Thursday that U.S.-led efforts to strike at the terror group have not hampered its “terrorism capability and global reach” – a message that stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s more upbeat assessment earlier this week.

Brennan, testifying in a rare open hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee, said ISIS likely will “intensify” terror attacks around the world even as its core fighters come under pressure in Iraq and Syria, including by deploying operatives for further attacks on the West.

“The group is probably exploring a variety of means for infiltrating operatives into the West, including in refugee flows, smuggling routes, and legitimate methods of travel,” Brennan said.

The testimony offered unnerving context to Obama’s comments on Tuesday. The president said the anti-ISIS campaign “is firing on all cylinders” and the group “is under more pressure than ever before,” while conceding they’re gaining traction elsewhere.

He noted how resilient ISIS is:

“Unfortunately, despite all our progress against ISIL on the battlefield and in the financial realm, our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach,” Brennan testified. “The group’s foreign branches and global networks can help preserve its capacity for terrorism regardless of events in Iraq and Syria. In fact, as the pressure mounts on ISIL, we judge that it will intensify its global terror campaign to maintain its dominance of the global terrorism agenda.”

Further, he said the terror massacre in Orlando last weekend – the worst U.S. homeland attack since 9/11 – shows ISIS is still working to inspire attacks by sympathizers who have no direct links to the group.

Remember when obama called ISIS the JV?

Remember when obama blamed bad intel for his lousy judgment?

He lied about all of it. This country should be very uneasy when obama speaks. He lies about everything.

Dr. John’s Law

A ground operation (with a coalition and just the US)  is required to eliminate ISIS. In 2014 obama said ISIS’s defeat would take three years. Nearly two years ago I noted that this would give obama time to get out of town and leave his successor holding the bag.

all is proceeding

Until ISIS is eliminated, and with prejudice, the persecutions and killings will not stop, the refugee crisis will not end and the recruiting of lone wolves won’t be put to an end.

That is something you can believe.




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Until we admit where the head of that snake is and cut it off instead of accepting millions of dollars in “donations” from it there will be no end to the madness.

@Lloyd Hargrove: #1
It won’t end there. Another Islamic serpent will arise to take it’s place. The message of hate, approved by a god, is too alluring. The best that we can hope for is to keep chopping off pieces as they become visible, until Islamic serpents become turtles, afraid to stick their necks out.
But that will take determination, resolve, and sacrifice over many more years than modern nations have the stomach for.

Obama has already claimed it was eaiser to by a gun then buy a l book(Hogwash)i have bought many books and never had to register for them he also calaimed it was eaisrer to buy a gun then vegetables(Poppycock)He has already earned three Pinnochios for these lies. Q How do you know Obamas lying? A. His lips Move

Until ISIS is eliminated, and with prejudice, the persecutions and killings will not stop, the refugee crisis will not end and the recruiting of lone wolves won’t be put to an end.

That is something you can believe.

What PeterCat says is true:

It won’t end there. Another Islamic serpent will arise to take it’s place.

History Lesson:
In Israel attacks from Hamas in Gaza were common at first.
Then Israel bombed the founder of Hamas an Ahmed Yassin right in his wheelchair!
The bomb was pinpoint, it didn’t blow up. It just tore Yassin to shreds leaving a hole the size of the rocket in the seat of his wheelchair!
Hamas tried to regroup with a new leader.
But, as soon as Hamas began firing into Israel again, the Israelis killed Hamas new leader.
It happened one more time.
Then Hamas’ newer leader took a nome de plume and lived in hiding.
An unsteady peace obtained for years.
Meantime the same exactl thing was happening with Israel and Hezb’allah.
Hezb’allah’s latest leader, Nasrallah, has ”led from behind,” even hiding in Iran for years.
That is what works.
Kill the leader, keep killing the leaders until the leaders are unwilling to lead a fight.
Then wait until it starts again.
It always will, as long as Islam exists and has the attitude that the USA is the Great Satan and Israel is the Lesser Satan.

Barack Obama LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE watch Obama trousers bursting into flame

Two days ago Obama said ISIS is just about finished:

Well then Mr. Obama, if you are right then I guess there’s no need to take in refugees. Is there?


Obama promised he was going to create a civilian force as well armed as the military.

@Ditto: Wouldn’t we like a profile of the civil servants that are getting training like Navy Seals get.
Can you link to where he promised this?


Can you link to where he promised this?

Here are his very words:

Candidate Obama, July 2, 2008: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Glenn Beck, (while he was still on FOX) asked some excellent questions of Obama:

* Why do we need a civilian national security force that is “just as strong, just as powerful” as the military?

* Who are we fighting? Who internally is threatening our security?

* Mr. President, is your civilian national security force to protect us from things the Missouri State Police, your own Homeland Security and the liberal Southern Law Poverty Center have come out and said were a threat: militia groups; tea party goers; folks with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags; me; Sarah Palin?

* Mr. President: Do you know of a coming event?

* Who builds an army against an unidentified, unrecognized threat?

* Is it reasonable to ask the question — based on these clips — do they (Democrats) think that a good portion of the American people are the enemy? They are such a danger we need a civilian national security force as well-funded and well-trained as the military?

* So who is the real enemy?

More Questions:

* Why Does Obama Need 1.6 Billion Bullets?

* Why does DHS need such offensive and defensive firepower?

* Obama must be asked against which domestic enemy he is arming nonmilitary forces. It sounds incredible, to be sure, but are we watching administration battle plans take shape against American citizens on the streets of Your Town, USA?

* U.S. Army newbies soon to deploy to Afghanistan are training with blank cartridges. Why the priority for arming domestic forces, not military ones?

* Is the government, as some suggest, depleting ammunition stocks as a means of gun control? Then why light tanks, too?

* Why do agencies like the Social Security Administration, National Marine Fisheries Service and so many other non-security agencies need hollow-point “cop-killer” bullets

* Yes, it is called the “Civilian National Security Force.” But what will be its duties?

* Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are leaning on the US Senate to ratify the UN’s Small Arms Treaty which would regulate private gun ownership in America—superseding the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment. Even if the US Senate does not ratify that treaty, how sure are we that the Obama administration will not find a way to do the same thing through a Presidential executive order?

* And exactly what is “this broad mission that we have?” You wanna spell that out for me, Obama?

* So what is the purpose and motivation behind the government’s continued efforts to stockpile so much firepower?

* And what’s to stop our wanna-be dictator President from regulating private ownership of guns in America —by executive order?

* What is the truth behind Obama’s statements that he wants to create a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded “?

Democrats and Obama have never answered any of these questions.

@Ditto: thank you very informative, that along with and our police forces that may take the citizens side in certain situations
its a vast left wing anti american conspiracy
We who love our bill of rights are dangerous to their agenda

“vast left wing anti-American conspiracy.” scary

civilian national security force You’ve misinter preted the meaning
LIKE “I’ ll stand with the Muslims

The reactionary right in this country would be a joke if you weren’t so damn serious.

Ck in with reasoned Conservatives like Wordsmith

@Richard Wheeler: Just want the liberals in the crowd think a little, maybe wonder at some of the things that are going on, dont you think that considering Vets as a threat is way goofy?
Who is more paranoid we the people or those that get military weapons for the engraving office and department of education?
That qoute did come from one of his books, so he would rather get beheaded for 20 years in Wrights church than stand and fight next to the vets. 🙂
 quote from page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope”
He thinks the muslims would make the world a better place lol lol ha haha.
 quote from page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope”

@kitt: What % of Libs. consider Vets a “threat” 1%-or 2% again hyperbole–extreme comments and beliefs of the far right turn off the indies that are needed to win.

@Richard Wheeler: It was a comment from DHS not just a few leftists.