Obama’s Kenyan Pipeline Hypocrisy


Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline two months ago in a strictly political move pretending that such a project would undercut America’s ‘leadership on climate change’.  His politically driven agenda ignored the upside that newly employed thousands would bring to a starving economy – in North America.  So why is Obama promoting, even arranging financing, for a Kenyan pipeline that will run through the crucially sensitive habitat for endangered species, the Great Rift Valley?



Even the Obama cheerleader, WaPo, had conceded that the State Department’s massive environmental review of the Keystone pipeline indicated that it would not have significant impact on greenhouse-gas emissions.  Reduction of dependance on Middle East oil imports was evidently not a relevant consideration of the Obama Administration, nor were increases in employment — Obama professed that the pipeline would not create jobs.

Pontificating against the Keystone pipeline, Obama moralized in his rejection of Keystone, “we’re going to have to keep some fossil fuels in the ground rather than burn them and release more dangerous pollution into the sky” and “America is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change, and frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.” 

So why would he want a new 600 mile pipeline in Kenya, which would have zero positive impact on America?  Does he actually believe America’s economy is so good it needs no help, but Kenya’s economy needs help — damn the environment? From the podium and with platitudinous pretence he proclaims himself the climate change leader, however, his actions prove otherwise.

Kenya is out of sight, out of mind, for most Americans, so Obama is helping it raise the $18 billion (including American tax dollars) required to pull oil out of the ground and build the Kenyan pipeline. Oh, and building the pipeline will apparently create jobs for Kenyans.  Imagine that. Benefits to America? NONE.

Keystone pipeline financing?  Keystone was already financed by private interests, would not have required American taxpayer cash, and it would have contributed at least $3.4 billion to the economy. Thousands of miles of pipelines have been built in the U.S. in recent years and the Keystone pipeline would have required no effort from Obama, but it was visible because it was from Canada.

Kenya’s newly flowing oil (heavy, waxy oil) will head to China and India — you know, those two nations which so mindfully treat their air and so forcefully restrict emissions. Yah, those two.

Pipelines are a reality of our dependence on oil, which seems to be part of our future for some time to come, as alternatives very slowly make their way toward practicality and viability. A pipeline from Canada, or pipeline through Kenya?  Concerned for burnishing his international image, the future Globalist In Chief paves his own road to supremacy by vigorously denying one, and financing the other.

Obama’s extremist supporters and compliant MSM applaud whatever their leaders says, without much analysis of what he does. The false posturing and extreme hypocrisy of this Administration constantly provides us ample evidence that it has no moral compass and the media refuses to offer any challenge.

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There just can’t be all this oil…I remember…was it Jimmy in the oval office in a sweater, long long lines for gas, the world was going to go into a new glacier ice age or some dern thing.
This has to be another right wing political lie. We are out of oil.

Obama also funded oil exploration and development in Brazil while denying the Keystone XL pipeline. He and all of the rest of the AGW leftists do not give a damn about the world climate. Their interests are in spreading the wealth around. Obama supporters do not have a clue that they are being taken to the cleaners.

Obama funded??? Spending Bills originate in the House
Right now mUS midwestern refiners can buy the tar sand bitumen CHEAP because they are the only customers. In fact the price of a barrel is down to $8,00
Nobody wants that crap but SOME want to have states take private land from owners to build it so that oil producers can make more money by exporting it to the world market who will pay more than American refiners
Obama has the Saudis pumping as fast as they can
Soon the Iranians will be pumping and as much as users are addicted to oil producers are MORE addicted to our US dollars which are stronger now than they have been in years
Russia? Russia is in recession and will stay in recession. In 1993 a rubble was worth about a buck, now it is worth a little over a penny

I can buy gas now at $ 1.50
It looks like it will fall to a buck

The Kenyan is all private financed http://www.kpc.co.ke/resources/news-updates/256-kenya-pipeline-upbeat-about-oil-pipeline-financing-deal
Raider where the hell do you think the tar sands bitumen goes if not to the USA??????


Nobody wants that crap but SOME want to have states take private land from owners to build it so that oil producers can make more money by exporting it to the world market who will pay more than American refiners

The land isn’t taken… it is leased. The land owners continue to use it. My God, you are stupid.

I can buy gas now at $ 1.50
It looks like it will fall to a buck

And how much will a gallon cost if our domestic producers are run out of business by the artificially low prices induced by OPEC? Stupid and short-sighted…. just the kind of guy Gruber loves.

The Kenyan is all private financed


According to recent reports, U.S. ambassador, Robert Godec, met last week with Kenyan energy secretary Alfred Keter to discuss building the Kenyan pipeline. Godec stated that “Kenya needs $18 billion worth of financing” for the pipeline, and “one of the questions we are discussing is how we can work together with the private sector and governments…to make certain that this financing becomes available.”

Strike three.

The actual question is, why isn’t Obama fighting the construction of such a globe-destroying project? Oh, that’s right… because he lies with every breath.

@john: You are one of the most ignorant person I know. How do you expect ND and MT light crude will get to the refinery if the pipeline is not built? Right now Buffet’s Burlington Northern Rail way is moving that oil at about 3 times the cost. Also, the trains derailing in the US and Canada has killed over 40 people and contaminated several water ways. Obama would never admit that part of the strategy in preventing the construction of the pipeline was to punish red states.

well it DOES look like you didn’t even bother to look at what I cited if you had you would have seen the list of banks that were going to finance it and no doubt profit Perhaps you didn’t know that Obama can’t fund things on his own, funding bills must come out of the GOP majority Congress. Can you show where that has been funded by Congress?
Right now our midwestern refiners have a lock on that bitumen, you would perhaps rather allow the Canadians to sell it at market rate to the Chinese instead of at a discount to the USA?

I like cheap gas
I don’t want to subsidize domestic oil producers, let’em sink or swim. If they can’t compete with cheap Saudi oil and in the future cheap Iranian oil, then let them die off.If the price goes back up, which I hope it will not, then new companies will step in. That is the free market.

Taking public land for the use of a private company is wrong.
Hey why is it that we no longer see any posts from “Alberta oil guy”
Maybe because oil sands is just about THE most expensive way to produce oil
Bitumen is sell for 8 bucks per barrel NOW and will continue to fall,
What the hell were you planning in putting in that pipeline?
Who do you think would finance it ?
The biggest losers on the tar oil play were the Koch brothers probably they will no double down on financing the GOP

Any exPOTUS even one as despised as George Bush can make 1/4-1/2 a million for reading a speech and shaking some hands
Obama will never be troubled for money.,
neither will his children
Obviously you don’t have any idea what it is like to not be concerned about money.

I wonder if DDT works on trolls. I get so tired of trying to educate them!

Randy DDT has been banned here in the USA
It was primarily responsible for the near extinction of the Bald Eagle, our nation’s emblem
Please don’t think of using it, and also thanks for at least acknowledging the viewpoints of others

@John: Actually, DDT is making a comeback after all of the liberal rhetoric, not science, killed the most effective defense against malaria. Carson’s book and the blind followers are responsible for killing millions of people when DDT was banned. The World Health Organization has recently endorsed DDT as the most effective control of Aedes Mosquitos. You liberals who fail to read or comprehend and choose consensus instead of science are wrong again. DDT did not kill one bird of prey. “Liberals lied and millions died” Please check your “facts” before you just post liberal propaganda!.

@Randy: I read that the book silent spring was just a theory from a lib and it seems science again was not proven but con-nonsense driven. How many 3rd world children suffered and died of malaria because of it. I would like a true fact based study of the decline of the birds of prey, there are lots more of them than there was when I was a kid, but lots fewer pheasant, and grouse.

@kitt: In the 1950s, there was a bounty on many birds of prey. We got $5 for every hawk and owl we turned in. There was also a bounty on foxes. There were rabbits and pheasants then. There are none on our farm in PA now. The decline was in habitat. Not one study showed that DDT was causing thin egg shells or killing any birds of prey. Here are hundreds of DDT articles about the millions that died due to the NY Times support of Carson. http://junkscience.com/?s=DDT+

I see many scavenging the road kill now days, but still keep an eye on the toy poodle.