BEWARE: Globalist Lies and The Globalist-In-Chief Wannabe


Launched by what will likely go down in history as the most demeaning and insulting State of The Union Address ever delivered in the people’s Chamber, America and the world enters 2016 stunned with an overabundance of confusion and uncertainty on all national and international fronts.



National borders are porous and confused. Nation states are in disarray, and most are struggling to come to grips with their identities.  North America and Europe have inept leaders who have imposed feelings of angst and guilt, with large doses of apologetic behaviour distributed for the world to see.

These champions of guilt distribution are led by wannabe Globalist-In-Chief Obama, a man incapable of telling truths to his own Nation or to the world.  Obama bragged of incredible accomplishments, as the ground under his podium shook from the anger felt by a public struggling to survive pay check to pay check with practically zero savings, and millions surviving with help from food stamps. His juvenile state of denial purposefully points to shiny objects that his followers in America and in other populations around the world will applaud in ignorance.

Shiny objects for his ego have to be border-breaching, grandiose global schemes only his narcissistic character can lead the world to solving.

His favourite globalist ruse is climate change, formerly known as global warming, but data and facts aren’t too supportive of ‘warming’ — so ‘change’ it is.  The objective of this subterfuge is not to clean up our oceans, for example, but to redistribute cashcash from debt-strapped Americans and Europeans, to be principally dispersed to never developed countries in Africa, the Mid East and East Asia.  Most are led by vile and ruthless dictators or religious fanatics, but who cares why they are mostly failed states. It’s your fault don’t you know, so you will pay.

Another shiny object Obama fancies is the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which will move ‘controls’ over American affairs to offshore bodies run by globalists and too-big-to-fail corporations and banks —   “Corporate sovereignty trampling through your individuality, your privacy, and your bank account, will come in numerous forms including the form of international tribunals convened at their behest. Multinational companies disagreeing with a country’s laws will be able to override national laws and regulations from somewhere atop a distant ephemeral wave in the middle of the Pacific, to impose monetary sanctions.”

In the ignorant mind of this Globalist-In-Chief wannabe, the fact that we live in relatively sane, clean, stable and safe societies, is because we have abused our power.

We should feel guilty that our dishwashers and iPhones are cheap because they are made by underpaid workers in obscure foreign factories.

We should feel guilty that our entrepreneurial efforts showed the world how to build an economy — and in any case, we didn’t build those companies, government bureaucrats built them.  Obama’s roots lay deep in the subversive soils of hateful radicals and Marxists, and he cannot and will never understand what really lays at the foundation of a successful and free Nation.

He and his handlers view the American Presidency as only a stepping stone to the international position of Globalist-In-Chief.

The senior bankers who financed his two elections, are financing his rise to the ultimate position in their ‘puppetry’ arsenal against humanity. But, he is a willful Puppet.

Senior bankers have indentured North Americans and Europeans, into debt slavery on a personal and national level, never seen in history.  Personal debt in the West is so high that it cannot ever be repaid. With the U.S. National debt near $19 trillion and about to bounce toward $25 trillion and more as unfunded liabilities come due, and with expectations of reaching $210 trillion sometime in the 2030s, America leads the West toward the abyss.  All of Europe is following.

Those are debt numbers most of us cannot comprehend, and apparently even the disgraceful and loathsome  Federal Reserve does not fully comprehend them.  We are already deep in debt levels that can only be described as insane.

IMHO, the worse debt and the most troubling debt is the ’personal debt,’ which has reached extreme levels. There is no answer, but never you mind, the Globalist-In-Chief will do the bankers’ bidding and however harmful the economic collapse harms you, the senior bankers will be protected.  However, dip further into your already over indebted pocket, he will. Guaranteed.  Will he care that many who worked all their lives and were deducted cash to feed pension funds will be receiving zero checks from a bankrupted Social Security system? Not a chance.

No one in sight of the White House is capable of taking on the senior bankers, nor of doing what is right for both America and the West.  No one running for the White House has demonstrated a capacity to take on the challenge.  With a Globalist-In-Chief about to be officially anointed in a little over one year, if no one takes on the senior bankers, their game will continue unabated with a new mouthpiece pointing to shiny objects, while you slide obediently ever further into their sinkhole of debt.

The bankers have reached this point in ignorance, energized by singular self-service and overwhelming greed.  They have no vision, other than to control the message, and the new Globalist-In-Chief and their teleprompter will provide them that capacity.

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