Every time you see a Wounded Warrior commercial I want you to remember this


wounded warrior


Please watch this:


As part of Obama’s surrender to Iran Qassem Suleimani has been granted amnesty. Suleimani is the commander of the Iranian elite Quds forces. The full text of Obama’s surrender can be seen here. Suleimani appears on page 86.

IED’s have taken a horrible toll on the US military:

About 6,572 U.S. troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and 2,483 of those deaths are IED related, according to the Washington Post. IEDs are the top killer of U.S. troops. Thousands more have been wounded by them.

IEDs are a weapon that have torn limbs and lives in equal measure, left a superpower humbled and ensured the nation and its veterans will pay a high price for decades in continuing medical and psychological care.

There’s lasting damage even if one survives an IED blast.

That’s exactly what happened. The roller was destroyed, but the RG-31 survived. For those inside, there was the shock of the explosion, painful ear pressure, air made black with billowing dirt and dust, and a chemical smell that burned the nostrils.

Skoog, closer to the blast in the driver’s seat, was stunned and disoriented. “It’s not a physical wound,” he recalls. “It’s more like something doesn’t feel right.”

He showed signs of a mild traumatic brain injury from blast exposure, what scientists call the signature wound of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. With dizziness, headaches and minor concentration problems, Skoog was kept out of combat for two weeks.

Understanding the frequency of these wounds in a war where body and vehicle armor block shrapnel but the IED blast wave can still damage the brain was one of the hardest lessons learned by military medicine from modern wars.

“It was like a slow awakening for everybody,” says Chris Macedonia, a doctor and former adviser to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, now-retired admiral Michael Mullen. “There were phenomena that were happening, particularly related to IEDs, that just didn’t match what the education and teaching were before.”

Doctors found that repeated mild brain injuries from blasts — without allowing the brain time to heal — can cause permanent neurological damage, risking later onset of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or the even more debilitating chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

These weapons- the really sophisticated ones- come from an interesting source- Iran.

U.S. military officials charged on Sunday that the highest levels of the Iranian leadership ordered Shiite militants in Iraq to be armed with sophisticated armor-piercing roadside bombs that have killed more than 170 American forces.

The deadly and highly sophisticated weapons the U.S. military said were coming into Iraq from Iran are known as “explosively formed penetrators,” or EFPs.

And delivering these EFP’s to Iraq was the responsibility of a notorious group:

Three senior military officials who explained the evidence said the “machining process” used in the construction of the deadly bombs had been traced back to Iran.

The experts, who spoke to a large gathering of reporters on condition that they not be further identified, said the supply trail began with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, which also is accused of arming the Hezbollah guerrilla army in Lebanon. The officials said the EFP weapon was first tested there.

The Quds Forces. And who is in charge of the Quds Forces?

Qassem Suleimani.

As part of his surrender, Obama lifted travel sanctions on Suleimani and took him off the terrorist list.

The Obama regime has admitted that Obama capitulation will enable Iran to increase funding of terrorism around the world.

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who led nuclear negotiations with the United States, recently travelled to Syria and Lebanon to announce Iran’s renewed support for Hezbollah and the embattled regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, according to the brief.

Iran will “continue providing weapons to support the Middle Eastern countries fighting terrorism,” Zarif is quoted as saying by Iran’s state-controlled press.

In light of the nuclear deal, Iran will “preserve its defensive capabilities and send weapons to its regional allies,” according to Zarif, who stressed that “without Iran and the weapons it provided to the countries fighting terrorism, the capital cities of the Middle East would have been occupied by” the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Obama would free Iran to wreak havoc:

On this deal, there is no doubt that later events will call the pressure to sign a deal into serious question, even if Tehran never produces a nuclear weapon. Iran refuses to give up its support for terrorism, for instance, and claims to have no restrictions on arms. When its proxies are infused with billions of dollars in cash for terror operations and that results in terror attacks – in Gaza by Hamas, for instance, or in Yemen by the Houthis or in Jordan and Lebanon by Hezbollah – the funding for those terror operations will be presumed to have come from the lifting of sanctions on frozen Iranian assets. Increased oppression of Iranians by the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) will also result from access to more funds plus the increase in economic activity made possible by the lifting of other sanctions, making it less likely that the Iranian people can liberate themselves.

Iran’s atomic-energy chief, Ali-Akbar Salehi, said:

“the only thing that Iran gave Obama was a promise not to do things we were not doing anyway, or did not wish to do or could not even do at present.”

Obama, in his typical horse manure style, painted a false dichotomy with the Iran deal- either you’re for this deal or you’re for war.

“Let’s not mince words,” Mr Obama said. “The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy or some form of war. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon.”

Obama had no such reservations when it came to Libya. He destroyed Libya and got Gaddafi killed without any effort at diplomacy. I continue to note that Obama has a predilection for ousting leaders of the more secular nations in the Middle East (Libya, Egypt) while coddling the leaders of the stricter Islamic theocracy (Iran). Obama had a chance to influence the leadership in Iran back in 2009 but was disinterested in disrupting the theocracy. One wonders why.

Obama has given amnesty to the man directly responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops and couldn’t get freed a single one of the four Americans being held by Iran.

Remember this?


It belongs on the pile with “You can keep your doctor and your plan”

This is a bad deal. A really bad deal. It’s hard to imagine it being much worse.

Every time you see a Wounded Warrior, remember that Obama’s capitulation rewarded the man who was responsible for his or her condition.



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I was shocked when it leaked out that we would have to defend Iran from any attack on its ”civilian” nuclear structure.
But then I realized Ukraine is STILL fighting for its life as an independent state as Russia covertly and overtly attacks it.
We also had a promise in writing to defend Ukraine.
Obama has ignored that.
Perhaps Obama will also ignore it if some country takes out Iran’s bomb-making sites.
Also on the Congress and ”the Plan:”
From Andrew C. McCarthy:

Obama has not complied with the mandate that he provide the complete Iran deal for Congress’s consideration.

Therefore the 60-day period for a congressional vote has never actually started.

Obama has withheld from Congress the Iran deal’s key inspection and verification provisions.

Obama takes the position that these terms may not be revealed to Congress.

The Corker legislation — formally known as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 — is crystal clear.

In its very first section, the act requires the president to transmit to Congress “the agreement. . . . including all related materials and annexes.”

It is too late to do that now: the act dictates that it was to have been done “not later than five days after reaching the agreement” — meaning July 19, since the agreement was finalized on July 14.

Under it, this is what the administration was required to give Congress over six weeks ago in order to trigger the Corker review process:

The term ‘agreement’ means an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran . . . regardless of the form it takes, . . . including any joint comprehensive plan of action entered into or made between Iran and any other parties, and any additional materials related thereto, including annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance, technical or other understandings, and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future.

Note that the only serviceman Obama ever took an interest in was the deserter whose desertion resulted in the deaths of six of his fellow soldiers, Bergdahl. Meanwhile, he ignored the unwarranted imprisonment of two US soldiers kept in Mexico, where he could have simply made a phone call and had them released.

Whatever it may be, Obama’s concern and duty is not to American servicemen or American interests.

what did you expected from a terrorist pres?

@Nanny G: Nanny are you suggesting that the GOP Congress has been remiss in not giving Obama permission to begin a war against Russia over the Ukraine ?

It is pretty obvious that Dr J knows little about what an explosively formed penetrator actually is. The ones used in Iraq and Afghanistan have been VERY crudely formed ones as you can see by the images They are essentialla concave disce they actually require no machining at all, you could pound one out of soft copper (the favored material) with a hammer That knowledge is widely known hardly sophisticated https://www.google.com/search?q=explosively+formed+penetrators+afghanistan&espv=2&biw=1267&bih=683&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAmoVChMIz6uRxe_ixwIVyYsNCh1P3Ag_#imgrc=zG-D-sPg_ApxfM%3A
I guess maybe no one considered before the invasion what part Iran may play in the future of Iraq after we deposed Saddam for them.
The Quds force in Iraq currently is the only one who will go nose to nose with ISIS. We have been providing air cover for them for months.
Wounded Warriors? Well what did you expect. 45% of all combat vets are now claiming permanent disability from their military service. Maybe we should we might in the future be a bit more careful about sending them into harms way over a threat that doesn’t/never existed like say, WMD


I provided lots of references for you. They’re the things colored in red called links.
So what’s your threshold, John? How many soldiers does Suleimani have had to.kill before it becomes a concern to you?

300,000 vets have died waiting for Obama to finish taking selfies

obama switched side some years ago (if he was ever on our side). The radical islamics have one of their own in our highest office.

Gee I recall the NYT with a story about how WMD actually did exist.

It’s so tiring to hear every Obamaoid reply with, “Are you saying you want WAR? Because that’s the only choice, Obama’s peace plan, or war–so you’re for war, right?” You sound like the idiot liberals FOX has on, in other words, liberals. So freaking childish.

We had a defense agreement (treaty) with Ukraine, John.
Congress was not the issue.
All Obama had to do was back up our good words with deeds.
He chose not to.
I’m figuring Obama is as reluctant to commit troops to defend Iran from, say, Saudi Arabia, as he was to commit them to that Ukrainian defense treaty.

@drjohn: @john:
300,000 vets have died waiting for Obama to finish taking selfies

Those 300,000 died while WAITING to get INTO the VA system!
These slowpoke federal (unionized) employees are the very same ones who forced a medical doctor in front of a review board for daring to go find a file they those unionized ”workers” could never manage to find.
He found the supposedly ”lost” file and treated the patient before those unionized ”workers” got done with their breaks.

@drjohn: The left neither cares about nor supports our military. They only exploit their deaths to advance their agenda.

There hasn’t been such treason in America since Harry Hopkins convinced Roosevelt to incite war with Japan to justify rescuing Uncle Joe from Hitler, and incidentally make sure that Japan ould not attack the USSR.


I guess maybe no one considered before the invasion what part Iran may play in the future of Iraq after we deposed Saddam for them.

So, I guess you won’t be supporting Hillary for President then, right?

Nanny are you suggesting that the GOP Congress has been remiss in not giving Obama permission to begin a war against Russia over the Ukraine ?

You are aware that there are other levels of support besides war… right? We could be supporting them with weapons but Obama prohibits it. Not everyone is as stupid as Obama thinks they are (and people like you prove he has reason to believe it).

What don’t we understand about allowing an enemy to destroy an enemy? ISIL represents an existential threat to Iran. Gen. Qassem Suleimani could turn out to be ISIL’s worst nightmare.

Apparently there are those who believe the U.S. should be doing the job, while also taking a military stand against Iran. That’s a pretty good formula for doubling the number of wounded warriors and spending a few trillion more dollars. What else we’d accomplish in the process would be anybody’s guess, but regional stability wouldn’t be high on the list of likely outcomes.

@Greg: What don’t we understand about allowing an enemy to destroy an enemy?

That’s not all that’s happening, Greg.
Notice a refugee crisis lately?
Notice how most of those refugees are men aged 16 to 40?
Over 80% are men, it is an invasion of Europe, not a resettling of families.
Of course, for PR purposes, there are some families.
Who won?
ISIS won.
Who else won?
Iran won.
With no intel on the ground, you are taking the word of Iran that they are fighting ISIS.
Iran lies.
Turkey’s mask fell off, they pretended to be an ally while they fought the Kurds, not ISIS.
Iran has the wool pulled over your leaders’ eyes and yours, too.
Iran is remaking the ME in its image, and that’s not a pretty picture!

If we didn’t want Iran ascendant in the region, we shouldn’t have removed Saddam Hussein and dismantled the Iraqi army. If we don’t want a Caliphate covering half the map of the Middle East, we shouldn’t impede Iran, which is ISIL’s principle enemy.

The best choices are seldom the ideal choices, particularly in the Middle East. Ideal choices frequently aren’t part of the Middle Eastern reality.

@Greg: If we didn’t want Iran ascendant in the region, we shouldn’t have idly watched while Jimmy Carter was engineering the fall of the Shah and the subsequent elevation of Khomeini.

Carter’s stupidity, (and I know he’s the very smartest among you) brought us to this juncture. Carter believed he was singularly capable of dealing with the Ayatollah because they were both men of God.

OOOOOOOOOPPPS! Carter failed to appreciate, as have very subsequent lefty gang of idiots, that the God of the Muslims, and the God the rest of us worship are entirely different entities,

And we are here to pick up the pieces. Lucky us


If we didn’t want Iran ascendant in the region, we shouldn’t have removed Saddam Hussein and dismantled the Iraqi army.

Remember that brief time between the downfall of Hussein and the rise of ISIS? No, I didn’t think so. That was when the US military crushed the insurgency, allied with Sunnis and established calm and quiet. Then Obama decided to toss the peace in the garbage and allow ISIS to take control.

Obama did it. Now, we have a major refugee crisis because, like Obama, the rest of socialist Europe just looked the other way and hoped the problems would go away or, at best, simply be someone else’s problem.

Obama created the crisis. Then, Obama and Europe ignored the growth of the crisis and now face an out of control situation.

In the midst of this, he grants amnesty to the killer of US soldiers… because he does not care about US national security. He only cares about spinning his legacy.

Obama is a wrecking ball among free societies.

@Bill, #20:

Remember that brief time between the downfall of Hussein and the rise of ISIS? No, I didn’t think so. That was when the US military crushed the insurgency, allied with Sunnis and established calm and quiet. Then Obama decided to toss the peace in the garbage and allow ISIS to take control.

Iraq was a nation of violently opposing factions held together only by the domination of Saddam Hussein. Once he was gone and his military leadership structure dismantled, order was only imposed by an occupying military power. None of the internal fault lines disappeared. We had simply taken over Saddam Hussein’s job of maintaining order. When we left, things predictably fell apart. The U.S. intelligence community had warned the Bush administration against such an outcome before the invasion of Iraq was even undertaken.

So, you want to blame the Obama administration for not being able to forestall the consequences the Bush administration was warned about. Sorry. Not going for it. The error was going into Iraq to begin with. The power vacuum we created was one that we couldn’t permanently fill. Had our occupation continued, our troops would have become the target of a growing insurgency, with opposing factions united to oppose us. It would have drained our military resources, run up the count of our dead and wounded, cost trillions more, and ultimately have left us with another unstable situation at the end. Meantime, Russia and China would have acted out, and the leaders of Iran would be smiling. Even with things as screwed up as they are at present, we’re better off for having avoided all of that.


When we left, things predictably fell apart.

FINALLY you confess the fact that, while order had finally been restored, that was ruined when Obama, against all recommendation, pulled all the U.S. troops out.

Progress is made.