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Please give a warm welcome to Brother Bob:

brother bob

Blogging by the credo of “Making the world a more offensive place, one blog post at a time”, Brother Bob started writing posts around the beginning of the Obama presidency over at Brother Bob’s Blog. A born-again Existentialist and self-professed libertarian with conservative tendencies, he has ironically chosen to live in the Washington, DC area – deep behind enemy lines. He has always loved history, and spent eight years volunteering as a tour guide on weekends, giving over 200 tours to roughly 2,500 mostly foreign guests. His tours were highlighted by stories generally not found in the history books or most other tours, such as the importance of the Battle if Antietam, the origins or Arlington Cemetery, and dispelling the myths of FDR’s New Deal.

Although his favorite subject to blog about is Economics, as seen in his Economics for Politicians series, his posts try to address angles that other conservative writers and the mainstream media (naturally!) miss. “There’s no point in putting up a post on a subject that someone smarter than me has already written”. He believes in the “Happy Warrior” approach, and tries to inject humor in his posts, sometimes successfully. Two such examples are his posts comparing the modern left to the horrible Star Wars prequels, and analyzing the laments of a DC woman in search of a feminist boyfriend.

Brother Bob lives with his very patient wife known as Sister Babe, and their fantastic son. Little Bob. Little Bob is also the reason that being a tour guide came to an end, as spending Saturdays raising a son takes priority over giving lectures to foreign visitors on the folly of Keynesian economics.

BB is also grateful for the opportunity to take his place among the outstanding writers at Flopping Aces, appreciates every person who takes the time to read his posts, and especially those who join him in the conversation in the comments.

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Welcome, Bob!

Dr. John: Thank you – thrilled to be here!

You know, I felt like Bob was already a fixture at FA. Nice to see you officially take that post.


Congratulations! Brother Bob!

Welcome, Brother Bob. Good to have your talent adding weight and momentum to FA’s energy.

Welcome Bob, we’ll have some fun around here.

Welcome, Brother!

There is only one place to go after this, being committed to the state hospital. Welcome aboard and good luck.

Congratulations on becoming an FA author! It means more opportunities to take on Gullible Greg. 🙂

Thanks all for the kind words – Skook I appreciate the warning!

@Brother Bob: Welcome, your resume’ sounds good. I went over and bookmarked your blog and read a couple stories, I think I’m gonna like your writing.

Can’t profess to help you with economics. Can help you disemenate the facts from the bs in the oil patch and oil industry. A big Calgary Stampede welcome!

Thanks Oil Guy & Red Team!

Welcome, Brother Bob,

I’ve read several of your previous contributions, and have always found them interesting and informative. Welcome to FA.

Thanks jhouse48!