Two cops shot in Ferguson last night courtesy of Eric Holder


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Holder scores two more trophies for the wall.

Two cops were shot in Ferguson last night:

Two police officers were shot early Thursday morning outside the Ferguson, Mo., police department, according to a police spokesman.

A 32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves was shot in the face and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder, St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said at a news conference, according to the Associated Press.

Both officers were taken to a local hospital, where Mr. Belmar said they were conscious, the AP reported, adding that Mr. Belmar didn’t have further details about their conditions but described their injuries as “serious.”

This is the fruit of Eric Holder’s grandstanding.

It’s unfortunate that even the Journal paints an inappropriate picture:

Ferguson gained national attention in August after one of the city’s police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, setting off protests across the country and a national debate about race and policing.

Brown was killed after robbing a store and then attacking Wilson.

A Grand Jury found no cause to charge Officer Wilson and a Federal probe could find no reason to charge Wilson either. The entire “hands up don’t shoot” meme was debunked.

That left Holder steaming. He wants to able to bring civil rights violations charges at his whim. Listening to him one could see that he would have liked to bring civil rights violation charges against Republicans who opposed him and Barack Obama.

Andrew McCarthy remarks that the investigation of Darren Wilson was race-based and nothing more.

Holder needed a pound of flesh. He needed a head to mount on the wall. He got them.

So he decided to condemn the entire Ferguson police Department in a report. The Police Chief, the Town Manager and a judge resigned.

Holder’s report is nonsensical.

“Data collected by the Ferguson Police Department from 2012 to 2014 shows that African-Americans account for 85 percent of vehicle stops, 90 percent of citations, and 93 percent of arrests made by FPD officers, despite comprising only 67 percent of Ferguson’s population.”

Those statistics don’t prove racism, because blacks don’t commit traffic offenses at the same rate as other population groups.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ 2011 Police-Public Contact Survey indicates that, nationwide, blacks were 31 percent more likely than whites to be pulled over for a traffic stop.

Ferguson is a black-majority town. If its blacks were pulled over at the same rate as blacks nationally, they’d account for 87.5 percent of traffic stops.

The Justice report on Ferguson continues, “African-Americans are at least 50 percent more likely to have their cases lead to an arrest warrant, and accounted for 92 percent of cases in which an arrest warrant was issued by the Ferguson Municipal Court in 2013.”

Again, this pretends that a mere difference is evidence of discrimination.

But the report’s statistic doesn’t even look at whether people pay their fine or appear in court — something that makes a big difference in whether to issue a warrant.

I don’t what else one could expect from a guy whose law firm defended Gitmo detainees pro bono.

Holder (and Obama) see racism everywhere and in everything, especially in any disagreement with them.

You will recall that Holder once asserted that whites are not entitled to protection under hate crimes laws.

Holder has threatened to dismantle the Ferguson Police Department. It appears that that has begun- one officer at a time.

I’d love to see Holder dismantle the Ferguson PD and then be responsible for the result but I know he will not. He’s stirred up the dirt but will leave the mess for others as he flees to sunnier climes.

In the meanwhile, the Ferguson PD should heed Holder’s words and give Ferguson what Holder wants. Don’t confront or apprehend anyone whose arrest might bring an accusation of racism, no matter what the offense. Let Ferguson enjoy the fruit of Holder’s labors. Then pass the popcorn.

As of this moment I have no idea of the ethnicity of the two injured cops. I do know that Eric Holder has declared open season on them.


A “protester” can be heard in this video echoing Holder.

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I am sure Eric and BHO are proud.

The majority of citizens in Ferguson in black and poverty affects blacks more so than whites, particularly since unemployment for blacks have risen significantly in the past six years. Thus, if these poverty-stricken people get more tickets than other segments of the populace (more needy people don’t maintain their cars as well and so have more broken tail lights, inoperative headlights, expired inspection and registration stickers, etc) it would stand to reason that they would probably not pay their fines at a greater proportion than other segments of the populace. Add to that other warrants and unpaid fines and you have arrests.

Lots of cities have police that, towards the end of the month, are writing more citations than usual, to make quotas and make money. Shocking.

Even before this article came out, while racism could indeed be absolutely rampant in the FPD, there is nothing thus far revealed from this report that proves the case one way or another. Just Holder being Holder; a race-baiting grand-stander without regard for human safety.

One of the black instigators is on CNN calling for vigilantism.
She stupidly said she doesn’t want the National Guard or State Police.
Maria Chappel Nidal called instead for blacks to ”police themselves.”
Yeah, we saw how THAT worked out already.
Major intersections became chokepoints where people were ”litmus tested” as to their ”worthiness” to be out in public.
What with all the resignations, maybe we ought to allow blacks to ”police themselves,” to see just how unjust they are.
I heard Ms. Chappel-Nidal (an elected rep of that area) proclaim that throwing missiles in the direction of police should be de-criminalized.
What else Ms?
Obviously walking in the middle of the streets.
Seems like shaking down small business owners for cigarillos should be added.
Hear goes that poor lady’s bakery…..again!
Maybe 3’s the charm and she will move out of the area.

@Bill: What a joke your are!! Your comments do NOT justify the black racist attack on law enforcement. All you are doing is blowing a lot of BS for NO real benefit!!

@Common Sense; what the hell are you talking about?


The majority of citizens in Ferguson in black and poverty affects blacks more so than whites, particularly since unemployment for blacks have risen significantly in the past six years.

How does poverty affect a black person more than a white person? If you have no job, if you live in public housing, if you are trying to survive on the pittance paid to you from Social Security, your race has nothing to do with that, Poverty is an equal opportunity condition.

Holder is a racist. Pure and simple. Along with his boss. And both of them are anti-police. If you read the DOJs own report, it shows that blacks, nationally, get more traffic tickets but pay their fines less. That is a national stat. But that was never mentioned by Eric The Red.

told you a longtime ago that holder is a racist and needs to be impeached

If only the white supremacist/kkk roof top snipers had not been asked to leave maybe this would never have happened

@retire05: I think there is a gross misunderstanding of the point I am trying to make or else I make it poorly.

The point is that this “report” of Holder’s no more shows evidence of systemic racism than his shows widespread cannibalism. The fact is that there are very sound and logical reasons for the statistics compiled.

“In Ferguson, Missouri, blacks outnumber whites by more than 2-to-1. But African-Americans are arrested at a rate roughly four times higher than their white neighbors, according to Census data and Ferguson crime statistics released by the Missouri Department of Public Safety. Ferguson’s arrest rate of blacks outpaces national and state numbers.

About 14,000 blacks live in Ferguson, compared with more than 6,500 whites, according to U.S. Census data for the Missouri city. From January to April of this year, there were 27 whites arrested in the city compared with 217 blacks, or about 8.1 times as many black arrests as white arrests.

The Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting Program lists 36 offenses in its data, including murder and runaways under 18 years old. Most black people were arrested under a category called “all other offenses.” In all, that represented 79 of the 217 arrests involving black people. At least 65 black suspects were arrested for larceny, the second largest category. In contrast, 13 whites were arrested for the same crime, meaning five times as many blacks were arrested for larceny as whites. Seventeen blacks were arrested on marijuana possession charges, the third-highest arrest total among African-Americans; only two whites were arrested on that offense.”

Oh by the way, the headline is race baiting.



If only the white supremacist/kkk roof top snipers had not been asked to leave maybe this would never have happened

No, actually if the left wing race-baiting media and Soros-backed peddlers of violence had not invented the same kinds of stories as you have repeated, there would have been no shootings.

@Enchanted: Blacks contribute disproportionately to crime statistics nation-wide. Many factors contribute to this fact but none of it confirms any systemic racism in the FPD.

Obama’s ”My Brothers’ Keepers,” Initiative strives for ”equality of outcome” in schooling and employment.
If there are 12% blacks in the population, then only 12% of expulsions can be of black students, etc.
Another term for this is ”disparate impact.”
If 100 men are arrested for armed robbery, only 12 better be blacks!
Or else!
Thing is, expulsions and arrests are based on CONDUCT.
IF everyone complied with the law at the rates whites and Asians do THEN these stats would even out.
But they don’t.
So they won’t.

@John: Nice try, Woobie!

It is an undeniable, irrefutable fact that both the KKK and the National Socialists, aka White Supremists, caucus with the Democrat party. Had they been there, and had they shot any rioters or instigators, it would have been “Blue-on-Blue” violence; Soros is not ready for that, yet.

Don’t let them take away our guns !!
Don’t politicize this tragedy
Guns keep us free