Chelsea Clinton’s Self-Righteous Entitlement – And No One Noticed?


Chelsea Clinton recently told an interviewer, when referring to her mother’s Presidential run,  “I don’t know what she’s going to decide. But whatever it is, it will be the right decision for her and for all of us.”   Fusion’s Alicia Menendez evidently found it a completely natural statement for her interviewee to make, and so did the rest of the media which repeated this story.

Chelsea & Hillary


This interview was not intended to provide the adoring public with insight into Hillary or the foundation which the Clintons use as a personal piggybank.  It was really another attempt to provide Chelsea an outing on her training wheels since she apparently has political ambitions of her own and it provided her an outing for practice in preparing her path to consecration by worshipers.  Although, many of the MSM assume she needs none.

So what insight does this interview provide us into this neophyte Clinton? Simply, we are served a continuation of a mindset, which firmly believes in its own nobility.  I am not referring here to the “noblesse oblige” phrase used by the French to infer a certain responsibility, or duty to the larger society, by the nobility.  There is no sense of responsibility, or duty in evidence here.  That  $10 million apartment she purchased is deserved, is it not?

This is a declaration of entitlement by a Self, a Clinton, which is completely lacking in insight and self awareness.  She believes that her mother is so important to a Nation of 320 million people, and that those people, “all of us,” will be the better for whatever “mother” deems to deign confer on us.

This pitiful declaration is unfortunately too prevalently pervasive in the political class and in the few who finance it.



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Chelsea already knows what’s good for all of us. She didn’t fall far from the money tree either. Chelsea married a hedge fund trader, Marc Mezvinsky – son of Ed and Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky- in whose hedge fund Lloyd Blankfein helped fund. Blankfein, as in Goldman Sachs, who paid Hillary $400,000 for two ‘speeches.”

Will the Clinton’s just fade away or will they go kicking and screaming.

@DrJohn: #1
And that’s the tip of a massive iceberg, DrJ.

Clintons have always been influence pedlars, and Slicky has been able to avail himself of additional “side benefits.”

@DrJohn: Ed would be the sane felon who managed a Ponzi scheme and served time for his slight infraction. He has apologized to his victims, but figures money he earns honestly is his to keep and is refusing to pay back those he stole from.

@Skook: #5
Good point Skook. The MSM has a protected the Clintons on this one. Almost no stories appeared of this felon’s crimes, before, during or after the wedding.

Edward Mezvinsky was only released in 2008 for his frauds and thefts, but has been a best friend of the Clintons for a quarter century +. He used that friendship to steal the millions from investors, and was convicted of 31 out of 69 felony charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Just a really stand-up guy. And now his son and Clinton’s daughter buy a $10 million apartment in New York?

How awesome is that for a sudden “rebound”?

When Bill says the Clinton Foundation does way more good than harm, there is moral equivalence taking place. You can take millions from Middle East countries that will need influence in the future because the are doing more good than harm. It is the same Machiavellian logic Stalin used to starve tens of millions of Ukrainians by stealing their food to feed other more loyal Russians. The ends justify the means, any means and Bill can justify any corruption or evil with a certain amount of good from his foundation; of course, that amount of good will be determined by his own barometer of good and evil, but how much good versus evil would take place if millions of us had the ability to sell influence like the Clintons. We could do a lot of good in the world, but the world had better be ready to withstand a tremendous amount of evil as well.

@Skook: Skooks I recently returned from Africa where the Clinton Foundation has done much good and where he is highly praised. “W” has also done much for the people of Africa.
I’d praise the humanitarian efforts of these men over the robber baron hedge fund managers and greed driven corporate execs of America.
The “commish” taken by Clinton Foundation more deserved than one taken by the likes of Goldman Sachs.