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Just a heads up, the site will be upgraded to a new theme today or tomorrow. Due to all the graphics in the old theme it took way to long to load properly so a new, cleaner looking site is on its way. It won’t have as many fancy graphics but I think you will like it.

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I’ve always loved the look you’ve given FA, Curt!

National Review Online redid their front page and it sucks!
they went the opposite direction as you, Curt.
They added distracting moving segments that change the instant your cursor touches one of them.
Ow! My eyes!

I just this week began using a different browser.
All my issues with FA freezing up ended.
Also the “+” between Nanny and G disappeared.
But change is good, too.
Just as long as your not the dietary guideline folks who want me to become a vegan.

Looking forward to the new look – as always thanks for running this site, Curt!

Second thing other than the Drudge that I open every morning

Hi guys. I put together the new look for FloppingAces (and Curt).

I really hope you guys like it! I’m stilling buffing out a few quirks on mobile sizes, along with a few other things. If anyone finds any bugs or oddities, feel free to comment back here. I’ll do my best to address any issue discovered as soon as possible.

Happy reading!

Curt and Axel: As a continuous reader for the past four or five years, and, yes, a very sparse commenter, I just want to say best wishes on the new look. I have really enjoyed the look and layout of the site, though, and I hope you will still be able to have some of the really attractive backdrops and artwork. It has always given FA character and cachet.

Aaagh! Getting a 404 on every “Most Wanted.” Help!

Curt and Axel,

Congratulations and thank you for continually updating and improving a great site. Over the years, your updates have always improved the experience – this one looks like a positive move in the process. Well done and your effort is much appreciated.

@Axel: We also lost the ability to sign in – makes it a lot easier for us guest posters to prep our submissions and save Curt some legwork. Or did I miss the link?

Love the new look overall though – great job!

Looks great and works fine (thus far), but what’s with the two reply buttons?

So far, so good except for the Most Wanted but I see that issue is being fixed. This is the only blog site I go to. Like minded thinkers (for the most part) who aren’t afraid to disagree. A great example of why some are pushing for The Fairness Doctrine. It challenges their propaganda.

Hi guys, I have most of the issues address. Most Wanted links should be working now! Sorry about that 🙂

Fixed the double reply buttons along with a few other text formatting things (large blockquotes). Post back if you find anything else!

, @Axel –

My compliments on the refresh. “Very crisp, very sharp lines.” That’s what my DI would have said. Well done. 🙂

Axel, it’s fast. When you live in the country and you have a weak signal, you appreciate the speed. Outstanding.

Will it return to the unarmed wounded guy on the ground being shot by the lawman.?

@Curt: Thanks, Curt!

Hey John, whatever excites you, sure.

(Thanks guys, “Most Wanted” connecting just fine.)

It took a couple of minutes to get used to, but I like it. I like sites that load quickly and don’t crash the flash player in my browser. Very nice.

In case the email didn’t get through, there is a glitch (or perhaps a feature.)
When you click on the number of comments on a thread it used to take you to the 1st comment in the thread.
Now it takes you to the top of the initial post.
Then you must scan down to the first comment.
Other than that, it seems better than ever.

Another thing that has just started happening. Name* and Email* would stay filled once you put your name and address. Now I have to enter it every time. Of course if I forget to enter it, I get a ‘fill in the blanks required’ and have to back click and put it in. Otherwise working great.

I’m having this same issue that Redteam reports. Not every time. But when I respond to an email notification that a new message has been posted on a thread I’m involved in, I follow the link provided and find that I need to enter the ID info that was all ready filled in before. If I forget to and try to post a reply, it gets erased by the fill-in-the-missing-info warning.