Welcome to Obama fascism. I warned you about this.


il douche

Il Douche.

“Everything in the state.”
“Nothing outside the state”
“Nothing against the state.”

Back in May when I read about Barrack Mussolini wanting to impose an internet ID I knew what was coming. And I was right.

Barack Obama is going to take control of the internet and he is going to do to conservative free speech on the net what his Nazi IRSS did for conservatives during the 2010 and 2012 elections. And it will all be in the name of “fairness.”

Back I May I wrote about Obama’s desire to see everyone have an internet ID– much like the numbers etched into the skin of the Jews held by the Nazis.

A plot by the Obama administration to impose Internet IDs on Americans is now officially being rolled out, with pilot programs for the controversial online “driver’s license” scheme already beginning in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to the White House, the virtual “Identity Ecosystem” being funded and pushed by the federal government is supposed to make the Internet more “secure” and “convenient.” Critics across the political spectrum, however, are warning that the Orwellian scheme only makes it more convenient for the feds to spy on people, control the public, and suppress dissent.

The fascism was heartily endorsed by the desperately stupid Ed Markey(D) of Massachusetts:

U.S. Sen. Edward J. Markey wants the government to study and recommend ways to stop the Internet, TV and radio from “encouraging hate crimes,” but First Amendment advocates say the bill is a menace to free speech.

Then Obama proposed to regulate the internet to keep it “open and free.”

President Obama urged the US government to adopt tighter regulations on broadband service in an effort to preserve “a free and open Internet.”

In a statement released Monday, Obama called on the Federal Communications Commission to enforce the principle of treating all Internet traffic the same way, known in shorthand as Net neutrality. That means treating broadband services like utilities, the president said, so that Internet service providers would be unable “to restrict the best access or to pick winners and losers in the online marketplace for services and ideas.”

The problem is that Obama is a liar. A f*cking liar. You are going to hear this:

“If you like your internet, you can keep your internet. If you like your current provider and plan, no one will take that away from you no matter what.”

And it will be a goddam lie as is everything else he says.

Then Obama asserted that he can take control of the internet without Congress’s approval:

At stake is what rules should govern how Internet service providers (ISPs) manage web traffic on their networks to ensure they treat all Internet content fairly. At the heart of the latest phase in the debate over the rules is what legal authority should guide regulations.

Obama has urged the FCC to regulate ISPs more strictly under a section of communications law known as Title II, which would treat them more like public utilities. Broadband companies adamantly oppose the plan, saying the added regulatory burden would reduce investment and stifle innovation.

So let’s front a bureaucratic a$$hole to throw up a canard:

Declaring the Internet critical for the nation, a top U.S. regulator on Wednesday proposed an unprecedented expansion of federal power to ensure providers don’t block or slow web traffic for America’s countless users.

The proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler was a victory for advocates of “net neutrality,” the idea that Internet providers must allow data to move across their networks without interference. The idea has been the subject of heavy lobbying and millions of dollars in advertising in the past year.

“Net neutrality” means that whether you’re trying to buy a necklace on Etsy, stream the season premiere of Netflix’s “House of Cards” or watch a music video on Google’s YouTube, your Internet service provider would have to load all of those websites equally quickly.

See? It’s about “fairness.”


All he needed to do was deem it necessary to regulate it as a public utility. And how does one do that?

Find some complaints. And here ya go:

Claiming that thousands of public comments condemning “dark money” in politics can’t be ignored, the Democrat-chaired Federal Election Commission on Wednesday appeared ready to open the door to new regulations on donors, bloggers and others who use the Internet to influence policy and campaigns.

During a broad FEC hearing to discuss a recent Supreme Court decision that eliminated some donor limits, proponents encouraged the agency to draw up new funding disclosure rules and require even third-party internet-based groups to reveal donors, a move that would extinguish a 2006 decision to keep the agency’s hands off the Internet.

Noting the 32,000 public comments that came into the FEC in advance of the hearing, Democratic Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub said, “75 percent thought that we need to do more about money in politics, particularly in the area of disclosure. And I think that’s something that we can’t ignore.”

Now let’s recall that Barack Mussolini twice disabled credit card address verification when he was raising dark money for his election campaigns.

These proposed measures would have a chilling effect on free speech:

Ravel’s statement suggests that she would regulate right-leaning groups like America Rising that posts anti-Democrat YouTube videos on its website.

FEC Chairman Lee E. Goodman, a Republican, said if regulation extends that far, then anybody who writes a political blog, runs a politically active news site or even chat room could be regulated. He added that funny internet campaigns like “Obama Girl,” and “Jib Jab” would also face regulations.

And it would unquestionably follow the Obama/IRSS precedent.

A Republican FCC Commissioner describes this as an “unprecedented involvement of the executive branch in our decision-making.”

That’s just for starters. It will mean regulation of Drudge, of the Daily Caller, Breitbart and most every politically right wing-inclined blog. Like this one.

Obama has declared war on us. He’s out to destroy conservative America on two fronts- by flooding the country with illegals and by throttling conservative free speech. The short term goal is to assure that a democrat takes the White House in 2016.

The proof that this is going to happen is simple- They’ll deny it. That moron Wheeler will deny it. Ravel will deny it. And of course, the Liar in Chief will deny it.

They’re liars, and they’re led by the biggest f*cking liar every to sit in the White House.

Doubt any of this?

Remember when Obama said “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase”? (1)
Remember when Obama said marriage was between a man and a woman? (2)
Remember when Obama said you could keep your doctor? Period? (3)
Remember when Obama said you could keep your plan? Period? (3)
Remember when Obama promised that no one would come between you and your doctor? (4)
Remember when Obama said you were going to save $2500 per year? (3)
Remember when Obama said he didn’t set a red line for Syria? (5)
Remember when Obama said he wanted your electricity bill to skyrocket? (6)
Remember when Obama said Obamacare wasn’t a tax? (7)
Remember when Obama said we couldn’t drill our way to energy independence? (8)
Remember when Obama said he’d stop spying on innocent Americans? (9)
Remember when Obama promised that Iran wouldn’t get nukes? (10)
Remember when Obama was outraged about the IRS targeting of conservatives? (11)
Remember when Obama was against the personal mandate? (12)
Remember when Obama said his government would be transparent? (13)
Remember when Obama said we’d have five days to see a bill before he signed it? (14)
Remember when Obama promised to reign in Executive power? (15)
Remember when Obama promised to not use signing statements? (16)
Remember when Obama said the stimulus was shovel ready? (17)
Remember when Obama said that ISIS was the JV? (18)
Remember when Obama promised to take no vacations as President? (19)
Remember when Obama said the war in Iraq was over? (20)
Remember when Obama said the war on terror was over? (21)
Remember when Obama said Al Qaeda was “decimated”? (22)
Remember when Obama promised that no lobbyists would work in his White House? (23)

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How many times have I said you have to be an idiot to believe anything Obama says? If you do, you are.

image courtesy of moonbattery.com


In my anger I forgot something that is a certainty- taxes. You will see taxes and fees levied on you for use of the internet coming out of this.

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Barokeydoke isn’t a liar….he’s just too gutless and f@ggoty to tell the truth…that’s why they call him “Bath House Barry”

Is it time for civil disobedience yet? Is it time to fight a sinister dictatorship with guerrilla warfare yet? The time is coming close. Keep your powder dry, my friends.

Hate on Obama all you want, it’s a free country. But your remarks on net neutrality are simply wrong. The founders of the Internet itself advicate net neutrality. Without it, we have actual fascism: control of your communications by corporations. Do you really want internet providers to regulate your speech, conservative or liberal?


With all due respect, you’re a dolt if you believe this has anything to do with net neutrality.


Spoken like a true collectivist thug.


“The Stupid is strong with this one.”

Just what is your Idiotchlorian count, Padawan?


The founders of the Internet itself advicate net neutrality.

Who would you define as ‘The founders of the internet” ? Is Algore one of them?

in the 1950s. Initial concepts of packet networking originated in several computer science laboratories in the United States, Great Britain, and France. The US Department of Defense awarded contracts as early as the 1960s for packet network systems, including the development of the ARPANET (which would become the first network to use the Internet Protocol.) In the early 1980s the NSF funded the establishment for national supercomputing centers at several universities, and provided interconnectivity in 1986

Are the computer science labs and the Dept of Defense the ‘founders’ you are referring to? Where do you find their ‘opinions’ or ‘support’ ?

I would also like to point out that the Research Triangle in NC had a working ‘internet’ in the early 70’s that connected NCSU, Duke, WF, UNC and many businesses in the Research Triangle Park.

We were warned……
A people willing to surrender their freedoms for a bit of security, deserves neither. LOOK IT UP, Americans founding fathers warned us !

The false labeling of legislation was well established by the Nazi era, and continued today by American demorats.


Remember when Obama said he wanted your electricity bill to skyrocket? (6)

Uh, hate to interrupt you when you’re on a roll, but I’m pretty sure Obama was telling the truth on this one.

“According to the White House, the virtual “Identity Ecosystem” being funded and pushed by the federal government is supposed to make the Internet more “secure” and “convenient.” “

Not that I’m in favor of this latest attempt to suppress dissent (or at least be able to sic the alphabet soup of federal agencies on you for daring to deviate from the narrative), but wasn’t it just a few months ago we were being told that requiring an ID would somehow disenfranchise minorities?

I can’t keep up with the liberal cognitive dissonance.