The face of NBC News, Brian Williams, is both a pervert AND a liar


brian willia,s live from the moon

We’ve visited with Brian Williams a few times here already. We’ve had to show him what an honest newsman looks like since he totally ignored Grubergate.

What have they (NBC News) found more newsworthy since the first Gruber video came to light Nov. 7? Topics include cold weather, Ferguson unrest, Tom Brokaw getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, a barber, Black Friday, the Ford F-150, Penicillin allergies, more cold weather, aspirin, Giancarlo Stanton, and how cold it is outside.

For Williams, shielding Obama from criticism is part of the job. He has a long history of being an Obama kiss-ass. The Media Research Center put together an entertaining history of Williams’ sycophantic proclivities. There’s this one:

The New and Improved U.S.A.

“This nation woke up this morning changed. As one columnist put it, America matured in 2008 by choosing Barack Obama.”
— Anchor Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, Nov. 5, 2008.

and this one

Love at First Sight: Williams Swoons for Then-Senator Obama

“Tonight, the overnight sensation surrounding a Senator with real star power may have changed everything for the Democrats in the run for the White House….Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama wrapped up a weeklong book tour on NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday morning with remarks that rocked the political world.”
— NBC’s Brian Williams introducing an October 23, 2006 Nightly News story on Obama’s hint he may run in 2008.

And who could forget his bowing to Obama?


Yuck. I don’t think even Josh Earnest bows to Obama. What a sop.

Let’s recall that Brian Williams gets off watching his daughter’s sex scenes.

Yes, even the bracing sex scenes, which included a moment in this past Sunday night’s episode that saw Allison’s character, Marnie, head into a public restroom to masturbate. Williams said he felt “unmitigated joy” watching Marnie’s “awkward sex scenes.”

Lena Dunham and David Letterman shared this exchange:

On the CBS Late Show Thursday, Girls star Lena Dunham said that not only is NBC’s Brian Williams often on the set for the filming of this sex-packed HBO program, the cast jokes about having a “BriWi-cam” on him to gauge his reactions to his daughter Allison’s sex scenes.

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: We had Brian Williams on the show the other night. His daughter, one of your lovely stars.


LETTERMAN: Yes. And I didn’t talk to him specifically about it, but from the shows that I have, if I were the father of one of the women on the program, I’d, you know, maybe just a little, whoa.

DUNHAM: It’s true.

LETTERMAN: You know what I’m saying?

DUNHAM: He’s surprisingly jaunty about the whole thing. I mean, my Dad sort of takes a perverse pleasure in it. Like people will say to him like, “God, you must be so upset watching Lena get naked and have sex in all these odd positions.” And he kind of goes like, “No, I love it, I’m so proud.” He like really wants to defy people’s expectations. And but Brian is like, Brian’s on the set more than some of our PAs.

Normally fathers who enjoy seeing their daughters nude are not regarded well, unless they’re liberals.

More recently, the truth has finally found its way into the light regarding Williams’ heroic war action.

NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams admitted Wednesday that he was not aboard a helicopter hit and forced down during the invasion of Iraq in 2003, recanting a claim that he and the network had repeated for years — most recently on Friday night.

Contrary to Williams’ past claims that he was traveling in a Chinook helicopter that was hit by two rockets and small arms fire on March 24, he arrived at the scene in a separate helicopter about an hour later. He apparently was never in any danger, and the Chinook that took fire, one of three in its formation, was able to make an emergency landing with no casualties.

Not content to leave bad enough alone, he made things even worse:

“I want to apologize,” Williams said on Wednesday night’s broadcast of NBC Nightly News. “I said I was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by RPG fire. I was instead in a following aircraft.”

A “following aircraft” as in one hour later.

You can see the “evolution” of Williams’ account here.

It’s hard to keep a straight face when you read Williams’ assertion that:

“I would not have chosen to make this mistake.”

But you did, Brian.

Williams’ veracity now is subject to even more scrutiny. While in New Orleans post-Katrina, Williams has told two different versions of a story. In one version he saw a man commit suicide, and in another only heard about it.

He also claimed to see a dead man float by his hotel window, despite the fact that the area in which his hotel was located was not under water.

The discrepancies are piling up and NBC has decided to launch an investigation. For now, NBC News is standing behind their liar. Williams can take solace knowing that Dan Rather stands by him.

This morning on Fox News Howie Kurtz said that NBC could not fire Williams because he is NBC News. Not firing him would say a lot more about NBC News. The face of NBC News is a pervert and a liar.

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Note to Brian’s daughter, it’s time to remove the nanny cam from your bedroom

Perv does not even begin to describe his creepiness.

There is an organization that can help Williams. Here is their spokesperson.

Lyin’ Williams should be fired.

maybe he can run for office with lying cow, Elizabeth Warren.

@A.Men: actually it would be better to keep him as the dark star of NBC Narrative News. This way I can continue to not watch NBC democrat narrative readings or support any of their sponsors. Not a ‘boycott’; just knowing his lying face is there makes it uncomfortable to attempt to watch. Why be uncomfortable?

Should we judge the lineup of lying weasels on FOX News by the same standard? There would hardly be anybody left.

@Greg: You SHOULD judge them to the same standard; as they have been judged. Now, which ones are the liars and when did they lie?


Greg, you’ve made the outrageous claim. Now back up your accusation with facts and you won’t look like a little bitch. Go ahead, we’re waiting. Your move.

“I tell you what, I’ve been in combat. I’ve seen it. I’ve been close to it. And if my unit is in danger and I got a captured guy and the guy knows where the enemy is and I’m looking him in the eye, the guy better tell me. That’s all I’m gonna tell you. If it’s life or death, he’s going first.” (Bill O’Reilly, possibly referring to a fight he once saw in a bar.)

LOL. Nice try. You FAILED. Gee, what a surprise.
Try harder, and next time cite your sources and make sure they are legitimate first.

I’m afraid, New Sock In The Drawer, that your evaluation is as bogus as your bravado. Greggie now provide source. (That being an audio tape of Bill O’Reilly first making the claim, and then losing his cool when a caller has the temerity to question him about it. Sorry about the childish graphics. I’m not responsible for them.)

Seriously, FOX News has got to be the single most deceptive “news channel” on television. Their very motto—fair and balanced—is a deception. They’re pushing an agenda, and routinely mislead and distort information to further that agenda. Think back to all of the bullshit they rolled out about Benghazi as the election approached. They’re a propaganda outlet, and they use recognized propaganda techniques to sell their b.s. That goes far beyond simply being slanted.

So you’ve got ONE example of Bill “Smug Mug” O’Reilly saying something that you say is a lie. Did you listen to his response? How many years has Fox News been on the air, and the best you can do is provide a youtube link which is not actually to anything that was said on Fox News, but rather a radio broadcast from SEVEN years ago? Weak, Greggie baby, weak.
Re-read your paragraph about Fox News and replace “Fox” with your choice of ABC,NBC,CBS,MSNBC,CNN and see if the same thing isn’t true about them as well. The difference being, all of the other news outlets promote the leftists agenda. Fox news is *fair & balanced* because you get to hear the other side. I listen to a variety of news sources, including some of those liberal news casts, as well as FOX news. FOX beats them all hands down, on insight, variety of coverage, as well as OBJECTIVITY. Something you will not get anywhere else.
Why the hate on FOX man? What’s really going on? Scared of the truth, Greggie baby?

Fox news is *fair & balanced* because you get to hear the other side.

Facts don’t have two sides. When it’s apparent that you’ve taken sides, you’ve shifted from news to opinion.

FOX beats them all hands down, on insight, variety of coverage, as well as OBJECTIVITY.

You’re unlikely to find many people who will agree with that who aren’t clearly right of center. Constantly hearing what you want to hear said in the way that you want to hear it is not a strong indicator of objectivity.

MSNBC is not objective, either. The big difference is that they don’t pretend to be.

Greggie, if what you say is true, how can you explain the fact that FOX News ratings obliterate everyone else COMBINED?
…and what’s wrong with being Right of center?…
If you ain’t Right, you’re wrong!


“I tell you what, I’ve been in combat. I’ve seen it. I’ve been close to it.

He was a correspondent that covered the war in El Salvador.

Seriously, FOX News has got to be the single most deceptive “news channel” on television. Their very motto—fair and balanced—is a deception.

As I have asked, not just you but anyone making this claim, since there are so many, you should be able to whip out numerous examples. Yet, shockingly, you nor anyone else ever does. So, there’s that. As to “fair and balanced”, as has been pointed out, numerous surveys and polls shows exactly that; that, above all others, Fox consistently presents a pretty much equal number of positive and negative stories on each subject. Furthermore, despite the left dedicating MUCH resource to tearing it down, Fox is also usually ranked most trustworthy. During the 2008 Democrat primaries, I first noticed, personally, on my own, how the media bias was working in Obama’s favor. In the Dallas Morning News one day, I noticed three Obama stories on the front page while there was one Hillary story buried back in A section. This was my first hit at the media bias that covers for Obama’s failures and, of course, it became much worse than that as his failures mounted.

Facts don’t have two sides. When it’s apparent that you’ve taken sides, you’ve shifted from news to opinion.

True, facts don’t. But issues do and it is important to hear all the details in order to make a decision. Fox does this (or tries to; many gutless liberals will not risk being asked non-off the liberal shelf questions by an actual journalist and will refuse to appear on Fox).

Face it, Greg; there is no counterpart on Fox to a Williams or Rather. It simply doesn’t happen. Even on the opinion shows, you don’t have people that just outright LIE like Sharpton, Maddow, Matthews, Olbermann, the View pigs or Schultz do. You took what was your best shot with O’Reilley above, only to have it thrown back in your face.

Fox is in no way perfect, but the rest are outright corrupt.

The Smoking Gun: So, When Does Rev. Al Sharpton’s Suspension Begin?

Now that the media conglomerate has delineated that bright line, when does the Rev. Al Sharpton’s suspension without pay begin?


Sharpton, 60, cast himself as a victim who first ran into the FBI’s warm embrace when a scary gangster purportedly threatened his life. He was “an American citizen with every right to call law enforcement” for protection, Sharpton told his MSNBC audience. His sole motivation was to “try to protect myself and others.”

He needed the FBI’s help, Sharpton claimed, because his relentless advocacy on behalf of African-American concert promoters had angered wiseguys with hooks in the music business. “I did the right thing working with the authorities,” Sharpton assured viewers. As for being branded an informant, that was a label for others to worry about. “I didn’t consider myself, quote, an informant. Wasn’t told I was that,” said Sharpton.

These claims, broadcast by NBCUniversal, were demonstrably false.


Sharpton was once an organized crime associate who got caught up in an FBI sting and immediately agreed to join Team America to stay out of prison. The street-smart preacher’s decision to become an informant was borne out of fear and a desire for self preservation, a calculus not unique when someone is cornered by men with badges.


As detailed by TSG and Esposito (seen at right) and his Newsday colleaugues, Sharpton agreed to become an informant after he was secretly videotaped discussing a possible cocaine deal with an undercover FBI agent.

Sharpton was “flipped” on a Thursday afternoon in June 1983 when he showed up at a Manhattan apartment expecting to meet with a former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions (like those handled by Sharpton pal Don King). The role of “druglord” was played by undercover FBI Agent Victor Quintana.

After Sharpton entered the apartment, FBI Agents Joseph Spinelli and Kenneth Mikionis emerged from the bedroom. They then played Sharpton a videotape of a prior meeting with Quintana during which cocaine was a topic of conversation. While the agents were unsure whether Sharpton had said enough to warrant a criminal prosecution, the civil rights activist had no doubt he was in trouble. Sharpton agreed on the spot to begin working as an informant….


@Ditto: In all fairness Sharpton has an opinion show while Williams was supposed to deliver hard news.

The greater question is, why would any sane person put the lying racist Sharpton on the air at all? What would you expect other than such lies as you presented? Says as much about MSNBC as it does about Sharpton. Sharpton will be lying even if he is only talking to one person. MSNBC seems to want his lies to be spread throughout their entire audience (32 people).

In order to be consistent with their treatment of Williams, NBC should take MSNBC off the air.


In all fairness Sharpton has an opinion show while Williams was supposed to deliver hard news.

Sure, but so is Bill O’Reilly’s program.

@Ditto: True, but does O’Reilly regularly lie and incite racist violence?


True, but does O’Reilly regularly lie and incite racist violence?

That’s really a question for Greg, as he was the one who introduced Bill O’Reilly into this thread. I just figured that if Greg wants to bring him into the discussion and claim O’Reilly (a commentator) is lying, then it behooves at least one of us to toss Sharpton (commentator and a racism-hustler with a long established record of lying,) back at Greg for comparison.


MSNBC is not objective, either.

an understatement if there ever was one. But tell us Greggie, which News network do you consider to be the best?


their entire audience (32 people).

That’s likely an exaggeration, I don’t believe they have 32 viewers, unless you count the same one tuning in more than once a day.


Ex-NBC Bureau Chief Backs Up O’Reilly’s Account of Falklands War Riot

Don Browne was the NBC News Miami bureau chief at the time, and he oversaw the network’s Falklands coverage. And Browne told O’Reilly his account was accurate. As opposed to some of the other accounts, which have to some extent downplayed the danger, Browne said the situation “got progressively more intense” and there were demonstrations in Buenos Aires every day.

Both O’Reilly and Browne recalled a “very intense situation where people got hurt” and how “this was an extremely violent and volatile situation” where reporters were in danger.

O’Reilly also spoke with Mediaite’s own Joe Concha, who wrote a column this week questioning the motivations of O’Reilly’s attackers. Concha told O’Reilly that Mother Jones is in the business of throwing red meat to progressives, and beyond that, the story isn’t making much headway anyway.

Corn and Engberg Claims About O’Reilly Both Politically, Personally Motivated

Skeptics — largely from left-leaning blogs — charge that Argentina wasn’t part of the war zone, therefore making O’Reilly a liar for stating he was. But protests there following the war did turn violent. In an internal CBS memo to then-Buenos Aires bureau chief Larry Doyle, the network characterized those protests as riots:

Doyle, O’Reilly didn’t have the time last night but would like to say many thanks for the riot piece last night. WCBS-TV and WCAU-TV both took the entire piece, instead of stripping it for pix. They called to say thanks for a fine piece. Thanks again. Your piece made the late feed, a winner last night.

At the time, as reported in the New York Times, Argentine soldiers fired into crowds. Protesters stormed the presidential palace. A CBS photographer got caught in the chaos and O’Reilly — citing blood coming from his ear and being injured — “dragged him out of there.” Add it all up, O’Reilly was covering the Falklands War from Argentina (as almost all reporters were), and while the riot that occurred after Argentina surrendered wasn’t technically in the war zone, it certainly had the elements of one during that particular riot. Again, semantics.

And for Corn to write that O’Reilly claimed to be on the Falklands is patently dishonest, which may explain why major media –outside of Fox’s rival CNN and its media critic Brian Stelter — has largely dismissed this story as the nothing-burger it is.


As many of you know, Bernie Goldberg is a Fox News Contributor — primarily dissecting stories focusing on media on The O’Reilly Factor and Kelly File. Goldberg also worked for CBS News as an award-winning reporter for 28 years, where he complained about internal liberal bias to upper management within the organization with no success.

Here’s what happened after Goldberg decided to share his perspective with the general public per a 2002 book review of Goldberg’s best-selling Bias by the Houston Objectivism Society’s Warren Ross:

In 1996, he (Goldberg) “went public,” publishing an Op Ed in the Wall Street Journal accusing CBS of bias and fully critiquing an Eric Engberg story supposedly providing a “reality check” on Steve Forbes’ flat tax proposal. Despite the story’s billing as “news,” Goldberg noted that it used all the following techniques of distortion: loaded words (“scheme” and “elixir”), omission of anyone supporting Forbes’ idea (though a number of prominent economists were available), omission of affiliation of “experts” opposing the idea, and snide characterization (Engberg called it a “wacky” proposal that should be tried first in Albania). Goldberg used this egregious example as a starting point to support a broader charge of left-wing bias at the networks, and to explain why the big three TV networks were losing viewers.

Engberg has complained for years about Goldberg singling him out. So what better way to get back at Goldberg and smear O’Reilly and Fox News in the process by disputing O’Reilly’s claim about a riot that absolutely did happen and was even a lead story at the time on the CBS Evening News? Again, motives are worth bring into question. Engberg was invited on O’Reilly’s show on Monday to debate the topic, but he predictably refused (he did have time to appear on Reliable Sources for 30 minutes on Sunday morning). After all, would be hard to win such a debate with things like internal CBS memos and video supporting the host of the program.

Greg strikes out again.


Greg strikes out again.

as always.

Rrian Williams has,nt quit lying since he was a kid the peacocks lying all the time after all they tried to smear GM a few years ago witha fake and rigged film of GM trucks exploding in flames