What Obama should really should have talked about last night in his SOTU address- updated



The nation has “turned the page” on recession and war, Obama will trumpet tonight. The sad thing about Obama and the left wing media is that Obama believes something is true simply because he says it, and so does the press, who will not question it for one second.

Obama is going to lie. Of that there is no doubt, but I have some thoughts about what he really should say. He will say:

“The verdict is clear. Middle-class economics works. Expanding opportunity works. And these policies will continue to work, as long as politics don’t get in the way.”

Instead, he should tell the truth. And the truth is that 95% of the economic gains have gone to the top 1% income earners.

Obama should say that under his guidance wages have remained stagnant.

Obama should tell America that a record number of people are out of the workforce.

Obama should tell America that black unemployment is nearly 11%.

Obama should mention that 70% of new jobs are going to foreign born people.

What Obama should not do is take credit for lower gas prices. He should remind America that he wanted gas prices to be as high in the US as they are in Europe.

Obama should remind America that two years ago he flat out told America that “we just can’t drill our way to lower gas prices.”

Obama should let America know that under him the price of eggs, fish and beef are at all time highs.

Obama should spend some time explaining how he lost the middle class:

Obamacare doesn’t help those in the middle. Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, the Affordable Care Act, provides generous subsidies to low earners, but aid levels decline as incomes rise and phase out altogether around income levels of $47,000 for an individual and $95,000 for a four-person family. The law does virtually nothing to lower healthcare costs for people who don’t qualify for subsidies.

Meanwhile, the cost of medical care and prescription drugs has risen about 5% per year under Obama, as wages have grown by less than 2%. The cost of health insurance has risen by less than 2% annually during Obama’s six years, but that’s partly because deductibles, co-payments and other out-of-pocket expenses have soared . Obama pursued a noble goal by seeking to make health care coverage available to more people—but he hasn’t done anything, really, to help families above the Obamacare subsidy levels finance medical care.

College is more expensive than ever. College tuition and fees have risen by 5.2% per year under Obama, making the cost of higher education another huge middle-class expense that’s growing faster than wages. That’s not really Obama’s fault, since the government doesn’t control what colleges charge. Obama is keenly aware of the problem and has tried to address it, by signing legislation boosting federal aid for students and taking other steps that might someday help lower the cost of getting a degree. Yet the amount of student debt outstanding has soared by 58% under Obama, to a staggering $1.3 trillion, according to the latest Federal Reserve numbers. Middle-class families are mortgaging their future to pay for college, with the outcome uncertain, at best.

Obama’s stimulus spending didn’t trickle down far enough, or fast enough. Obama has basically admitted he overpromised on the $840 billion stimulus bill that was the first big piece of legislation he signed in 2009. Jobs returned far more slowly than Obama and many economists predicted, and when they did, many paid less than the jobs lost during the 2007-09 recession. There was — and is — no silver-bullet solution to economic problems that formed long before Obama took office, and would have bedeviled any president, Republican or Democrat. But Obama clearly thought the 2009 stimulus plan would get the job done, which is why he turned to health care and other matters after it passed. Mission unaccomplished, as another top Democrat, Sen. Chuck Schumer, admitted late last year.

Obama’s other priorities don’t help the middle class today. Obama may well establish a lasting legacy as the first modern president to make a difference on global warming and other environmental issues. If so, it will help Americans for generations to come. But it doesn’t put money in anybody’s pocket today, and Americans consistently say environmental concerns are less important than jobs and economic issues.

For all the Obama blather, the middle class decline looms over Obama’s last two years:

But for the middle class the scars of the recession still run deep. Federal Reserve survey data show families in the middle fifth of the income scale now earn less and their net worth is lower than when Obama took office.

In the six years through 2013, over the recession and recovery that have spanned Obama’s tenure, jobs have been added at the top and bottom of the wage scale, a Reuters analysis of labor statistics shows. In the middle, the economy has shed positions – whether in traditional trades like machining or electrical work, white-collar jobs in human resources, or technical ones like computer operators.

The news from the foreign front is no better. Obama lost Iraq, is losing Afghanistan and Yemen- which Obama called a model of success– is the on the verge of falling.

Obama should admit that despite what Obama is doing in the Middle East, ISIS is gaining ground.

Obama should remind people that he is still spying on innocent Americans.

He should spend some time explaining why a religion which “preaches peace” kills so man people.

Lastly, Obama should remind people that he promised to reign in Executive Power:

The biggest problems that we’re facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the executive branch and not go through Congress at all. And that’s what I intend to reverse when I’m president of the United States of America.

These are the things that an honest man would say, but Barack Obama is not an honest man. He is not just a liar, but a liar of grand proportions.

It is time to turn the page- on Barack Obama.

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I already started my own Presidential liar drinking game….I only have 4 bottles of bourbon in the house so I hope this is a short speech…

@Bobachek: LOL. Good luck.

Well, Dr.J, you called it, . . . Lie after lie, after lie, after lie – including fake calls for “pulling together” and motherhood and apple pie. And still, the Reps won’t call him on it, or take real action tomorrow.

Not much about Muslim Terrorists, . . . must have received a call on the situation in Yemen and ISIS expansion.

Oh, and did not feel like a Presidential Speech being delivered by a President, but more an unserious speech from someone coming off the golf course for an hour before his next round, throwing something at his adoring crowd in the bleachers.

@James Raider:

Not much about Muslim Terrorists,

He can’t say the word, his Brotherhood won’t allow it.

Obama said “My policies are working.” Maybe so.


The uber right seems a bit sadz over Americans being optimistic again
It was like you all were disapointed that Ebola didn’t”t ” kill millions” in the USA
Or that GM didn’t collapse
Terrorism ???
Radical Islam was birthed in Saudi Arabia
And flourished with the billions we gave to the most radical Islamists to fight
COMMUNISM!!! In Afghanidtan
You think invasion and occupation of 2 Islamic countries by Christian armies wouldn’t have a down side besides the 2-3 trillion and 7000 dead
40-50% combat deployed claiming permanent disability ??? Including 200 needing facial transplant and 1500 with uro genital wounds ????
Better take a closer look at our history and see hiw we ended up here

Obama stood there and INSISTED a law be passed that guarantees women get the same pay as men for the same work.
That law was passed…..in 1963.
Who writes his drivel!?

The Washington Post reported in July, males get paid 13 percent more than women in the Barack Obama White House:

The White House has not narrowed the gap between the average pay of male and female employees since President Obama’s first year in office, according to a Washington Post analysis of new salary data.

The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday. That is a gap of 13 percent.

In 2009, male employees made an average of about $82,000, compared to an average of $72,700 earned by female employees — also a 13 percent wage gap.


but what did you drink

it was mind altering.

I read this:

saying Obama’s snarky rejoinder was “unbecoming” or showed he lacked in class

Obama doesn’t have to make a remark to show he lacks class. It’s obvious

That’s the guy I voted for in the last two presidential elections. Nothing has happened since that would have altered my vote. As for Obama’s “snarky rejoinder,” they had it coming. They dish out far more than he’s ever bothered to give back. They should have figured out long before now that he knows how to choose his moments.

All in all, I thought it was a good speech. I haven’t got much to say about the republican response. It occasionally crosses my mind that they’ve done no favor to the person they extend that honor to. This was one such case. I think they should probably choose people who have had more experience in the national spotlight.


As for Obama’s “snarky rejoinder,” they had it coming.

Heck yea, get those dastardly Repubs, but don’t say nothing bad about those Islamist Terrorists, they’re the Dims buddies. But Obama has no problem putting down Americans, it’s those fellow tribesmen of his that he idolizes.

All in all, I thought it was a good speech.

I don’t have an opinion, I don’t spend my time listening to people that I know will put the country down and build up the terrorists. I have better things to do.

I think they should probably choose people who have had more experience

You mean as in ‘smoke blowing’? Well, Obama was already taken.

@Redteam: HE IS ONE!!

@Greg: Greggie, news flash for you, under President Obola’s watch Democrats lost the House by historic numbers in 2010 and the Senate in 2014!! Remember the lie about health insurance??

@Common Sense, #15:

The fact that democrats lost control of the House doesn’t change the fact that war with Iran would be opening a door on multiple potential disasters for America, and that the republicans’ ill-timed display is unnecessarily jeopardizing talks that actually stand some chance of averting that—all to score some cheap political points on the domestic front. What else could this move possibly achieve? Do they think beating Iran away from the negotiation table will somehow bring Iran to the negotiating table?

You have apparently elected a pack of complete idiots. You might want to stop celebrating for long enough to consider what the hell they’re actually doing. Here’s the deal:

If diplomacy fails, there are two possible outcomes: Iran becomes a nuclear power, or we take military action to stop it.

If we take military action to stop it, there are two approaches: Air attacks narrowly targeting Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, or a ground war.

Narrow targeting is unlikely to succeed at anything other than delaying their program, which they would then be even more determined to complete. So, you’re back to either letting them complete it—having become even more hostile toward the West and Israel—or ground war.

Ground war would be a disaster. Iran has a powerful, well-trained military. The costs in money and American lives would be enormous. If you succeeded—welcome back to all the same problems that existed with the occupation of Iraq. ISIL and similar extremist groups would benefit greatly.

Meanwhile, with our military fully occupied, Russia would threaten Ukraine and North Korea would threaten South Korea.

So, what are republicans hoping to accomplish by deliberately screwing up negotiations, rather than giving the Obama administration a few months to see where they lead?

@Greg: Greggie, you forgot to mention that the Senate was also lost by Democrats. I’m sure an oversight on your part. Iran has NOT come to the negotiating table and can NOT be trusted. Your memory does not exist!! President Obola is the one turning his back on a real ally in the region!! I as the majority of Americans agree, feel that once again President Obola is acting more like a Muslim Terrorist Sympathizer than an ally to Israel.

@Greg: Greggie when you say I have elected a pack of idiots you include the majority of Americans who feel the same way. Who’s the idiot??


You have apparently elected a pack of complete idiots. You might want to stop celebrating for long enough to consider what the hell they’re actually doing.

As the country did when they decided to vote the Dims out.

@Common Sense:

President Obola

I thought it was Obozo.

@Common Sense, #18:

I notice you’re not paying a bit of attention to anything that was said in #16. Apparently you think all that any of this comes down to is some sort of popularity contest between Obama and Congress, or between republicans and democrats. Actually—so far as the well-being of our nation is concerned—that is what matters the least. Whether we blunder into another disastrous, open-ended war that we can’t afford in more ways than I can think of is the issue at hand. The republican’s little display is adding to that danger for no good reason. There’s no logic behind it. None whatsoever.


Whether we blunder into another disastrous, open-ended war that we can’t afford in more ways than I can think of is the issue at hand.

Your guy seems to be quite expert into bumbling and stumbling into things we can’t afford.

@Redteam: You go on and on about Obama. Never making any positive suggestions.
Then you say you support Rick Perry a man who proved himself a buffoon in the Repub. debates–his level of support in his own party at 4%
YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING..That’s your answer. Your suggestion–Rick Perry–he’ll be gone by the 4th debate.

@Rich Wheeler:

You go on and on about Obama. Never making any positive suggestions.

No need to make suggestions . Zero +zero is still zero.

Then you say you support Rick Perry a man who proved himself a buffoon in the Repub. debates

When and where did I say I support Perry. you must be dreaming.
and besides, being a buffoon doesn’t disqualify anyone. See present occupant.

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING..That’s your answer. Your suggestion–Rick Perry–

are you attempting to be psychic? I never said I was supporting Perry. I did say I think he will be the nominee.

You had to think about that for 3 hours to be that far wrong?

@Redteam: You think he’ll be the nominee–that’s even crazier. That will never happen RT. I gotta assume you didn’t catch his act in the 2012 debates.
It’s one thing to have all your conspiracy theories. Quite another to predict a win for Perry.

For Thought Today Are Hillary/Bill getting nervous about the Prez. aspirations of Navy Cross recipient Jim Webb?
Stay tuned.

@Rich Wheeler:

For Thought Today Are Hillary/Bill getting nervous about the Prez. aspirations of Navy Cross recipient Jim Webb?

I doubt it. The Beast is not gonna run. She’d like to but by the time her full role in BenGhazi is known, that’ll pretty well end her fantasy.

I gotta assume you didn’t catch his act in the 2012 debates.

Are you saying the guy in the debates was just ‘performing’, not really Perry? Interesting.