Community Organizing Is All They Know


The President is too toxic for Democrats scrambling to raise support as we head into the midterms, so the hopeful statist campaigners look to visible alternatives from the White House, or other senior offices.  Valerie Jarrett, Elizabeth Warren and Michelle Obama are considered less harmful in getting out the vote and in stimulating the disgruntled supporters to exercise their rights in the polling booths across the Nation.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

The faithful are favored with deep and perceptive instructions from the FLOTUS such as,  “Five votes per precinct is what can make a difference,” she said, “We have 10 days. We have no excuses.  So many of our people have to catch the early bus.”  And so her message goes around the country because as CNN tells us,  “The first lady’s East Wing staff is pouring through campaign requests and filling her calendar with travel plans.”  And Nia-Malika Henderson of The Washington Post says,  “Michelle Obama is, in many ways, the keeper of the Obama flame.” 

Every pol, Republican and Democrat, scrounges for useful support from whatever source will provide it, and we have accepted that taxpayer moneys are spent raising political party cash, however, . . .

The FLOTUS, the POTUS, and others from this White House, constantly focused on politics, golf, basketball, or other nonsense, when the Nation and the world around it is in serious turmoil is seriously disturbing to a majority of voters, and yet their absolute inability to move beyond community organizing strikes an even more discordant note.

Instead of wasting hundreds of millions of dollars flying around on Airforce One to issue simplistic commands of, “catch an early bus” to vote, when historic numbers of Americans are unemployed, or underemployed, couldn’t some of those massively expensive trips have been better applied to inspiring the many unemployed?

Could those costly teleprompter deliveries have been directed toward the tens of millions  unemployed in order to uplift them to not give up, to keep seeking, to continue looking for opportunities, to knock on all doors within a bus ride?  Could these hundreds of millions have been spent on motivating some to become entrepreneurs, stimulating them to strive to become self-sufficient?  Could they have encouraged self-actualization?

Apparently not.

They try to shame people into getting off the couch to vote, but instilling inspiration in fellow human beings is simply not in their toolbox.  It requires talent, some insight, and more than just a little amount of Caring.

This is the age of, “vote for more government.”   This is the age of, “vote for your government to look after you.”   This is the age of, “vote for your government handout, . . .  it’s coming out of someone else’s pocket anyway.”    This is the age of Obama. 

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And I saw on Drudge that B. Streisand is whining about the demo’s not getting enough money — how times now has teleprompter boy been to LA on fundraisers — LA, Los Vegas, SD , SF Seattle – those grifting demo slimeballs pass through about every 4 to 6 months — what a dam joke!

I want to hear Valerie Jarrett screeching about the elections. She is the poisonous little Iranian parrot that sits on Obama’s shoulder and whispers into his ear about how to ruin America and lose wars in the Middle East. Without her, Obama needs a teleprompter to read a menu.

@James Raider:

They were bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and senior international bankers who also care little about America. To them, it isn’t that there are “fly-over” States, . . . it is that America is is a “fly-over” Nation.

These are all internationalist banker cabal forces whose main obstacles to their takeover is the US Declaration of Independence and the Constitution!

and coherent support for it from the Repub. leadership.

Way overdue – but unfortunately the Republican Establishment is one of the main parts of the Internationalist problem. and has been ever since WW David Rockefeller and the gang — The so-called ‘moderate’ Republicans – what damn BS — they are so left they are just another version of COMMUNISM — their agendas mesh and complement and thus reinforce each other. Taking turns holding the populace down and filling them full of BS through the MSM propaganda chute. Look at the recent revelations re ROVE. Need a new word – ‘rovelations’. Ever wonder how every dam newscast has essentially the same talking points no matter how many different networks you catch? As for the gopE — they have completely exposed themselves with the dufuses they nominate for President and the crap they pulled this summer in MS — was a major nail in their coffin. MuckStain was a fake candidate – imho they picked Sarah Palin for VP in order to drag her out and try to destroy her before she got more established and experienced in AK! Romney — they knew he wouldn’t win – putting up a Mormon when the country has dingy Harry stuffed in its face every day and is pissed about Obamacare and they nominate the guy that did the similar thing in MA. ’nuff said – ya’all get the drift!