We’re All Screwed Under Obamacare



Great video explaining another reason why most everyone will be losing the health insurance, no matter how much you like it:


What it comes down to is this. The bill that the democrats came up with, and voted for, says that all health insurance must fit within four different “bands”. Each band is based upon the percent of covered benefits it will pay for. Now take a look at the table below and tell me if you can find the problem:

obamacare band chart

Six percent between each band is in no mans land.

John C. Goodman:

Suppose you are in a Bronze plan with an actuarial value of 58%. Then, a year from now, because of price changes, technology changes, or some other kind of change, your plan suddenly covers 60% 64% of expected expenses. That’s good for you, right? Wrong. Because your plan no longer fits into one of the metallic corridors, it’s no longer a valid plan – despite the fact that it has become a better plan!

Now let’s suppose you have a really good plan – a plan that pays 98% of expected health care costs. Given the large number of Democrat’s who believe that health insurance should pay almost every medical bill, you would think that the law passed by a Democratic Congress without a single Republican vote would strongly encourage such a plan. If you’re inclined to think that, you are mistaken, however.

Any plan that pays more than 92% of expected health care costs for the average enrollee is illegal under Obamacare.

So the message is…we’re all screwed.

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I credit Justice John Roberts for screwing this nations medical system….He had the ability to stop this madness and failed miserably…

We were all screwed six years ago on November 2008. The past is prologue. We are just awaiting our fate over the next two, where we will find out what is in store for us. We’re not in America anymore, Toto.

In November, if anybody votes for any of the politicians who voted for obamacare, they deserve what they get.

Curt please tell us all about your own medical insurance
Do you think everyone would be better off and healthier and happier with that type of insurance?
Do you think all citizens should have health insurance like that ?
Why should public service employees get better healthcare and the people that pay them ?

@John: As usual, you missed the point of the post. The purpose was to show how impossible Obama Care makes having adequate health care for individuals really is. You of course, must try to take this thread in an other direction to attempt to cover up the fact Obama Care was not just poorly designed, but it actually hurts those it was supposed to help!

0Muslim Care is about giving free (to them) HC insurance to public assistance parasites by over-charging those that do pay for their healthcare insurance.

This fact can be seen by simply watching any “reality” cop/law enforcement TV show and then asking yourself “who pays the HC costs for the perps and the large numbers of non-working “I didn’t see nothin” stand-a-rounds” you see on these shows…

The bottom line here is that everyone should pay the same HC and HC insurance costs. If some don’t pay, then none should pay. Period.


@This+one: Good description of Obama Care. Finally a reasonable post from you!

I didn’t notice the “screwed” logo until just now, and I saved it. I suggest others save and send it too. It’s brilliant.

A nice simple graphic that shows to those with a bit of intelligence that you can’t have a one size fit’s all. It’s like going to a store and buying a shirt, dress or shoes and you only have 4 sizes to choose from. Lots of luck with that.