White House: We’re Winning So We Don’t Care How Long The Shutdown Lasts



Meanwhile the comic…er…White House spokesperson Jay Carney says they “disavow” what the White House said.


What isn’t comedy is the fact that all along the Democrats have said they were sickened by the politics the Republicans are using in this budget battle while at the same time they don’t care how long the public suffers because….’we’re winning’

No politics there.


As Boehner complains about the Democrats attitude he apparently is open to dropping the ObamaCare fight. I know that will shock many of you right?

Boehner has essentially three options: (1) Throw in the towel by passing a clean CR/debt-ceiling hike with Democratic votes, which probably means he’s done as Speaker; (2) put together some sort of “grand bargain,” which has proved impossible even when Democrats had less leverage than they do now; or (3) extract some face-saving “pound of flesh” and call it a day.

The “pound of flesh’?

The medical device tax the Democrats didn’t like anyways.

That’s it….

The man is done as Speaker.

Exit quote:

“There’s a definition of ‘winning’ being used in DC that recalls that of Charlie Sheen.”

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Obama, let history record him as a petty, vindictive, little man.

@Skook: #1
. . . . Or probably worse.

When the stories come out over the next few years, some of us will not be surprised about what will be told of what went on behind the curtain and behind closed doors of this W.H. – nevertheless, it will be too late.

Many think it doesn’t matter since he’ll be gone in 3 years, so why continue beating him up . . . . B.S.

He matters. His handlers matter. His backers matter. And most of all the irreparable damage he and his gang have perpetrated on America, matters.

The “bankers” (off shore bankers, The Fed, & big money) have won.

I doubt he has a clue what is really going on. He’s too narcissistic to grasp anything beyond his own myopic agenda.


Stewart: Bullshit Mountain:

@Skook: Why? Did he shut the Gov’t down and make millions suffer? The GOP did that all by themselves. Grow up.

Actually Democrats had a significant part in greatly disrupting the WORLD economy, more so than O. Plenty of forewarnings of this that were ignored. Many are still suffering from that. As for O he lied Ocare into existence and people have been suffering from that and it is not even fully implemented yet. The worse is yet to come.

@This one: Grow up.

Interesting, and revealing; you have no idea how old I am, what I have done, where I have been or what I have faced in this life; yet, you advise me to grow up. You whose only protasis is ideological expression, can hardly be considered a worthy antagonist. In the arena of ideas, you are unarmed. Your exiplexis style of debate impresses no one on these cyber pages, in fact it only serves to reveal a fool who is incapable of contributing meaningful information. You should ply your immature technique on some other blog, one that will be glad to engage in name calling and insults; on these pages, you are in over your abilities and have become an obnoxious boor.

Obama is demanding that a co-equal branch of government cede its authority to him.
No matter how hard he digs his heels in on this it will not happen.
He was humiliated by Russia and the American people with regards his hope to arm al Qaeda offshoot al Nusra in Syria.
But that’s no reason to throw a tantrum like he’s doing now.
He said, in his weekly radio address that he won’t pay a ransom, yet that is exactly what he did do when he gave Iran’s Rouhani a million dollar silver Persian artifact as a gift.
So, he WILL pay a ransom.
Obama demands a ”clean continuing resolution,” and a ”straight debt limit hike.”
He won’t get those things.
60 million Americans voted AGAINST Obama and for what is happening.
He tries to make it look like they are all ”extortionists, radicals, anarchists.”
Well, in pointing that one finger at us, Obama points four back at himself as would-be king.
Closing question: can a petulant child-president grow up while in office?
I hope so.

The Government Progressive/Liberal scum of America… TRUE COLORS, Once Again, ARE SHOWING THROUGH…Its IS TRUE!!! It’s all about the IDEOLOGY and THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS MEME…

NOT about taking care of the MIDDLE CLASSES…Rather STEALING from the MIDDLE CLASS to the POINT that there IS NO MIDDLE CLASS…all through NEFARIOUS Schemes and the FACT there are SO MANY Low Information People in Amerika…so easy to manipulate…

*UPDATED* The List: Unnecessarily Shut Down by Obama to Inflict Public Pain
Check often during the duration to see just how small and mean spirited El Presidente Obama can get.