Allahu Akbar, John McCain



Not long ago John McCain admonished Brian Kilmeade on the Fox and Friends morning show about the use of the term Allahu Akbar. Kilmeade expressed his disdain for those who use term “God is great” when taking the life of others. McCain then dressed Kilmeade down.


” “Would you have a problem with an American or Christians saying ‘thank God? Thank God? That’s what they’re saying. Come on! Of course they’re Muslims, but they’re moderates and I guarantee you they are moderates.”

Moderates, says McCain. They’re just saying “Thank God.”

Well, Senator, those “moderates” have been busy.


The man was brought in to the square. His eyes were blindfolded. I began shooting pictures, one after the other. It was to be the fourth execution that day I would photograph. I was feeling awful; several times I had been on the verge of throwing up. But I kept it under control because as a journalist I knew I had to document this, as I had the three previous beheadings I had photographed that day, in three other locations outside Aleppo.

The crowd began cheering. Everyone was happy. I knew that if I tried to intervene I would be taken away, and that the executions would go ahead. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to change what was happening and I might put myself in danger.

I saw a scene of utter cruelty: a human being treated in a way that no human being should ever be treated. But it seems to me that in two and a half years, the war has degraded people’s humanity. On this day the people at the execution had no control over their feelings, their desires, their anger. It was impossible to stop them.

I don’t know how old the victim was but he was young. He was forced to his knees. The rebels around him read out his crimes from a sheet of paper. They stood around him. The young man was on his knees on the ground, his hands tied. He seemed frozen.

Two rebels whispered something into his ear and the young man replied in an innocent and sad manner, but I couldn’t understand what he said because I don’t speak Arabic.

At the moment of execution the rebels grasped his throat. The young man put up a struggle. Three or four rebels pinned him down. The man tried to protect his throat with his hands, which were still tied together. He tried to resist but they were stronger than he was and they cut his throat. They raised his head into the air. People waved their guns and cheered. Everyone was happy that the execution had gone ahead.

That scene in Syria, that moment, was like a scene from the Middle Ages, the kind of thing you read about in history books. The war in Syria has reached the point where a person can be mercilessly killed in front of hundreds of people—who enjoy the spectacle.

As a human being I would never have wished to see what I saw. But as a journalist I have a camera and a responsibility. I have a responsibility to share what I saw that day. That’s why I am making this statement and that’s why I took the photographs. I will close this chapter soon and try never to remember it.

Video is at the link. Meanwhile, more moderate handiwork:

Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


Thank God!


The CIA has begun sending weapons to these “moderates.” In case you were wondering about the influence of the recently terminated Elizabeth O’Bagy, wonder no more. What’s that you say? Can’t tell who’s who?

Of course they’re moderates. Allahu Akbar, John McCain

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McCain has gone over the edge. Actually most of the officials in Washington have gone over the edge. He is a good case for term limits along with most of the rest of the folks in Washington. Get back to sending ordinary people who are patriotic, but do not want to make a career in Washington.

Loved watching McCain pwn’ing the losers on Fux and Friends! The expression on their deer in headlights faces was priceless.

Being incredulously stunned at McCain’s complete stupidity is what they were. It is not that much different than the head-shaking realization of “This One’s” idiocy, after reading his inane posts.

Actually it means Allah is greater (or greatest). It most certainly does not mean thank God. McCain is ignorant, willfully or otherwise, of reality.

As are others…

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Coptic Christians: Convert to Islam, or pay ‘jizya’ tax

Jizya is the money, or tribute, “that conquered non-Muslims historically had to pay to their Islamic overlords ‘with willing submission and while feeling themselves subdued’ to safeguard their existence,” Mr. Ibrahim explained…(Snip)

…“[The] value of the tribute and method of payment differ from one place to another in the village, so that, some are being expected to pay 200 Egyptian pounds per day, others 500 Egyptian pounds per day,” Mr. Shawqi said, according to the translator.

In some cases, families not able to pay have been attacked. As many as 40 Christian families have now fled Dalga, Mr. Ibrahim reported.

The taxes are not unique to Egypt either.

Just over the weekend Syrian rebels went into a Christian man’s “shop and gave him three options: become Muslim; pay $70,000 as a tax levied on non-Muslims, known as jizya; or be killed along with his family,” Christian Science Monitor reported.

Some of the “Rebels” in Syria that Obama wants to arm are are backed by the Muslim Brotherhood.

@This one:
So if christians started burning “witches” at the stake while shouted “Amen! God is great” you wouldn’t have a problem with that?


“The CIA has begun sending weapons to these “moderates.”

It’s actually been going on not so quietly for some time and this Admin has lied very well about it. This is what the Consulate in Benghazi was all about – smuggling what was left of the Qaddafi arsenal to Syrian rebels through Turkey.

What a brilliant plan THAT was. No way Obama ( more accurately, Jarrett), will admit to having approved it, and Clinton is in hiding from microphones, afraid to get hit by the shrapnel from this foreign policy disaster.

Israel is happy some serious shit is being fueled in Syria – the advantage is that the flow of arms has temporarily eased up while Syria (the conduit to Iranian proxies on Israel’s doorstep) is burning.

John McCain’s remark on Fox was the result of his staffers supplying him with the Elizabeth O’Bagy brief of who the “moderate” bat shi& crazy terrorists are. The stooges that watch Stewart nod their heads as he mugs the camera and pokes fun to prop up his master. What the gentleman on Fox should have said are you fkn nuts or off your psych meds?

@Pete: Pete, you do know that, to this day, the Saudis behead people accused of being witches.
And, you can bet they hear a hearty, ”allahu akbar!” just before dying.

I quit respecting McCain a long time ago. I agreed with most of the conservative radio talk show hosts who said that if the republicans chose McCain to run, and the democrats chose Lieberman to run, they would choose Lieberman. After I learned that McCain immediately started talking after he was captured, I lost ALL respect for him.

Remarks like that McCain show just how out of touch Washington is with what’s going on in the Middle East. One thing I’ve learned is that there are no moderates over there. They are all crazy. The real way to characterize them is by deciding what level of crazy they are.

The real way to characterize them is by deciding what level of crazy they are.

Did you know that a group of monkeys is called a CONGRESS? I wonder how that idea came about.

Sometimes truth is better than fiction

Mr. McCain’s expiration date in congress has passed. Time for John to retire to a home on the southern border with Mexico. He can wave as his new neighbors from the south pass through his property.

@Mully: #14

He can wave as his new neighbors from the south pass through his property.

That’s a good one. He would probably fly the Mexican flag, and learn to welcome them in Spanish. He worked so hard to get them there.

@Steve: It’s the equivalent, that’s what he was pointing out. It’s an exclamation of victory like ‘whoo-rah.’

McCain is a douche but at least at times he does try to quell the xenophobic zealots like these idiots. And Fox is the biggest perpetrator of fear mongering like this.

@DrJohn: #16

He should move in with his new pals in Syria.

He moved in with them a long time ago.


There you go – disrespecting monkeys!

@Jeff: #19
There you go – disrespecting monkeys!

I didn’t come up with the name for a group of monkeys. Why did somebody come up with a name for a group of each kind of animal? Why can’t any group of any animal, fish, bird, snake, etc., be called a group? Think how simple that would be.

I have much more respect for a congress of monkeys than I do for a congress of humans. The congress of monkeys gets things done, and they all work for each other.

@This one: It’s not “fear mongering” when the fear is more than justified.

@This one:
Well, then by all means why don’t you permanently move to a country ruled by folks shouting allahu ackbar and stay there…at least for however long they let you keep your head.

You flopping aces bloggers need a little history lesson. “There is no distinct criminal class in America, except for Congress.” Mark Twain, Following the Equator.
And that was 1895 or thereabouts. McCain was part of the Keating Five, after all.
There will be no term limits until the States follow the Constitution and set up their own Constitutional Convention. Congress is a sinecure, guaranteeing permanent wealth. How did Sen Reid become worth upwards of $50 million?
Congress is a charnel house, and requires the treatment provided to the Augean Stables.
[look this one up!]
How did we end up with a full-time Congress, which is seldom (if ever) actually in session, reading and marking up bills? Ugh.

@Tired American:

Speaking of “Congress” and “moderates,” part of the problem for voters is that the MSM keeps referring to Progressives like McCain as being a “moderate.” This is because of the MSM redefining what terms such as “moderate”. To the MSM, “moderate” now means supporting the Democrat party position. These RINOs are not moderates they are leftists, which is why they shouldn’t be the ones representing the GOP in “compromise” discussions. If you consider the “all powerful state” loving socialist wing of the Democrat party as the left wing, then logically the “almost no government” anarchist Libertarian wing of the Republican party is the far right wing. Constitutional Conservationism is closer to the traditional “moderate” position. The “gang of Eight” is a collection of leftist progressives with one confused fool named Rubio.

@mathman: #23

How did we end up with a full-time Congress, which is seldom (if ever) actually in session, reading and marking up bills?

History shows that republics don’t last very long. As Benjamin Franklin said, “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.” Just like ancient Rome, the leaders are finding out that they enjoy the pleasures of their position more than they enjoy running the country. Another good reason for term limits.

All R’s measured against the idea of being a Constitutional Rep. If you ain’t you gotta GO.
Either you’re for the Constitution or you ARE against it.
2 Mill riding, 15 thow at Williamsburg, makes for a TEAM.

@Ditto: I liked when Glenn Beck interviewed Ted Cruz about Obamacare. When Cruz mentioned Rubio’s involvement in the movement, he already said that it lost a good portion of its credibility. Beck was right. The problem with the Republican party is that half sold out like Rubio and McCain while most of the other half are too afraid to speak up.

Here is a translation of a letter co-signed by Assad’s grandfather to the then French Prime Minister, Leon Blum, in 1936. The letter asks for Syria to be divided so the Alawites could get their own independent State. The letter states, already then, that if the Sunnis came to power with their religious fanaticism it would mean the end of the Alawites:-

Dear Mr Leon Blum, Prime Minister of France,

In the light of the negotiations that have taken place between France and Syria, we, the leaders of the Alawites in Syria, want to bring the following points to you and your Party’s attention:

1. The Alawites have never been dominated by Sunni Muslims.

2. The Alawites are regarded as heretics by the Islamic religion. That is why we are asking you to consider the terrible, terrible fate that awaits us if the Alawites are forced to be brought within Syria. [According to Islam an idol-worshipping heretic must choose to convert to Islam, or be killed.]

3. Parliamentary control will be only a facade without any effective value. The truth will be that the executive will be governed by religious fanaticism that will focus against minorities.

4. The spirit of fanaticism and narrow-mindedness – whose roots run deep in the heart of the Arab Muslims against all those who are not a Muslim – is the spirit that constantly feeds the Islamic religion. Therefore, there is no hope that the situation will change. If the Mandate is terminated, only death and destruction threaten minorities in Syria, even if freedom of expression and religion should be proclaimed.

Even today, we see how the Islamic inhabitants of Damascus are forcing the Jews to sign a document in which it is prohibited to send food to their Jewish brethren who suffer in Palestine. The situation of the Jews in Palestine is the best and most concrete proof of the religious problem how the Islamic Arabs treat people who do not belong to Islam. The well-meaning Jews have brought peace, culture to the Islamic Arabs, and wealth and prosperity to Palestine. They have harmed no one and they have appropriated nothing by force. And yet the Muslims declared a holy war on them and would not have any hesitation to massacre their children and their wives, despite the fact that England is in Palestine and France is in Syria.
Therefore a black future awaits the Jews and other minorities if the mandate is terminated, and Islamic Syria is allied with Islamic Palestine. That Association is the ultimate goal of the Muslim Arabs.

5. We appreciate your liberalist views in defending the Syrian people and your desire to achieve their independence, but Syria is currently far from the lofty goal that you pursue for her, because she’s still caught up in the spirit of religious feudalism.

6. You may want to guarantee the rights of the Alawites and other minorities in a treaty, but we stress that contracts have no value in the Syrian Islamic mentality. We have seen this in the past with the Treaty that England closed with Iraq, that forbade the Iraqis to massacre the Assyrians and the Yezidi’s. The Alawites, which we, the undersigned, represent, raise our voices at the Government of France and the French Socialist Party, and call on them to safeguard our freedom and independence within our own small borders.

[Signed by:] Haden, Mahmud Aziz al-Agha Agha Jadid, Mahmud Beak Jadid, Suleiman Asad [the grandfather of Bashar], Suleiman al-Murshid, Mahmud Suleiman al-Ahmad.

McCain asked the peopleon Fox if they knew were Alie’s Snack. bar is located.

@Augustus: #28,
Augustus, good post.

One Correction on #5 if I may:

5. We appreciate your liberalist views in defending the Syrian people and your desire to achieve their independence, but Syria is currently far from the lofty goal that you pursue for her, because she’s still caught up in the spirit of religious feudalism.

The original apparently read:

5. We appreciate your generosity of spirit in defending the Syrian people and your desire to realize their independence, but Syria at the present time is far from the lofty goal that you aspire for her, because she is still trapped in the spirit of religious feudalism. We do not think that the French government and the French socialist Party will agree to the Syrians’ independence, since its implementation will cause the subjugation of the Alawite nation, placing the Alawite minority in danger of death and destruction. It cannot be that you will agree to the (nationalist) Syrian request to annex the Alawite nation to Syria, because your lofty principles – if they support the idea of freedom – will not accept the situation in which one nation (the Muslims) try to stifle the freedom of another (the Alawite) by forcing its annexation.

. . . . Just thought, that while there’s nothing wrong with using poetic license, this particular document makes such powerful statements, including that one, that it’s worth quoting as it was presented. Today we see that blind and ignorant perspective as being very “liberal” however, the signators of that letter were being courteous, and the “liberal” term and its effects hadn’t quite infected our lexicon and our society, as in the present day.

The Assad family has proven to be ruthless in the protection of its self-interests, nevertheless, the foe which it and its henchmen have guarded against, is the same Islamic fanaticism which the rest of the world is now being forced to confront.

Just think, a long, long time ago, back in the old days, McCain had some standards. His only standard now is: get re-elected.

@james Raider:
I agree, and in retrospect I see that my translation at 5. was incomplete. But it does show that nothing much has changed in the last eighty/ninety years in the mentality of the Middle East.

It’s interesting how, a decade after independence from France in 1946, the Alawites began a rapid rise to power, with two key institutions; the armed forces and the Ba’th Party being especially important in that transformation.

Will the people in any of the countries which participated in this Arab Spring be better off when no longer under the old tyrants? I don’t think so, they are too mired in religious fanaticism. And secondly, have our military interventions improved, and would any new ones makes things better for the people of these countries, and are we/would we be safer as a consequence of such changes wrought? Again negative. Look at Iraq, ten years on and more people being killed than before.


Look at Iraq, ten years on and more people being killed than before.

True. The goal was to get rid of Saddam, and that was done, but did it improve Iraq? Very questionable.

@Redteam: #33

Look at Iraq, ten years on and more people being killed than before.

The same is true in Afghanistan. Remember when the propaganda media told us if even one soldier was killed in either country under Bush’s watch, and they ALWAYS gave us the total count each time?

@Pete: Do NOT feed the dam troll!

@Buffalobob: So what is up with AND WRONG with the dam staffers — hummm? anybody got any names? How many MoBroHoodies does the stupid RINO have on his staff? — inquiring Americans want to know.

@Smorgasbord: Right — where this ‘war hero’ crap came from I really wonder. There is or at least – WAS – a Code of Conduct re cooperating with the enemy as a POW —

The big “war Hero” did not have the guts to even mention dear leader’s middle name

@Redteam: Was that back when he was cheating on his wife?


that nothing much has changed in the last eighty/ninety years in the mentality of the Middle East.

Not to mention the last 1400 years

@Redteam: Did it improve Iraq? No

@Budvarakbar: Now that you remind me, yes it was.

@Budvarakbar: I believe that was my point. I don’t really know of any country in the middle east that is better or worse, with the “possible” exception of Israel, as a result of the US military persons dying there..

@This one:

You might want to refrain from posting like that. We’re already aware that “liberals” are uniquely unaware of reality, but it’s bad form to state it so blatantly.