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One lesson is there are a lot of liberal jack asses in NY, NY!

” D.D. opened it’s new season with a record shattering 11.8 million viewers. There’s a lesson there.”
That would be: there’s no accounting for taste.

@Richard Wheeler:

That would be: there’s no accounting for taste.

That was proven in November, 2008 with the national election returns.

@retire05: Who do you like in 2016? Is Cruz eligible? Rubio? Can Perry get Conservs. behind him? Will Christie split the Party (a la Romney) when he runs?

The lesson would be that Robertson is truly a nice, humble person with a sense of humor.
Or, that he has not had the success of celebrity long enough to turn him into a sniveling, self-important, demanding, arrogant sob like so many of our celebrities and politicians.

@Richard Wheeler:

Who do you like in 2016?

Why do you care? And what does it have to do with Duck Dynasty?

Is Cruz eligible? Rubio? Can Perry get Conservs. behind him? Will Christie split the Party (a la Romney) when he runs?

Cruz is as eligible as McCain was. Rubio? He’s been rolled. Perry? Don’t know if he is even interested. Wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t go into a field where he helps our military/veterans since that is where his passion is. Haven’t talked to him lately. Christie? Another northeastern liberal squish.

We know that the Dems will push Shillary Pantsuit. She is really the ideal Democrat candidate. Achieved little and when she really did have an honest job, failed miserably. She needs to be forced to stand on a street corner with a sign that has a picture of the four Americans slaughtered in Benghazi hanging around her neck.

Liberals will do anything to change the subject. Racism claim isn’t working.

@retire05: Why do I care? Because I’m a political junkie and enjoy hearing ideas and viewpoints from all sides.
BTW My gut feeling is HRC will not be the nominee.

Randy I was expanding on 05’s 2008 election comment in #2.

I guess Mr Robertson didn’t “look” like he could “afford” a hotel room in a high priced hotel in NYC. But, no one is suppose to “Profile” people right??

That brings me to Oprah…

Oprah is a Liberal hypocrite. Being honored by PETA?? (I would never ever give an animal to this bunch of seething hypocrites). Then going out to look to purchase a crocodile handbag in Switzerland. Huh??

These Liberals are such frauds…they lecture “US” on life’s virtues… yet they are conniving seething Liberal Progressive Hypocrites…

…many of whom do not get one red cent from me…I refuse to support them…

The other “kicker” is the Liberals/Progressives blast the ‘free market system’ and ‘capitalism’ yet Oprah the Liberal who has a great Liberal following…looks to purchase a $38,000 (crock no less) hand bag, or the equivalent in $$. WHO pray tell, needs a $38,000 hand bag anyway…????

Where is all the Liberal outrage on this form of Capitalism of this type of “profit” ?? Where is PETA??? Why do we not see them protesting in front of her home?? Hypocrites!!

Why do they condemn Wealthy Conservatives??? Why are “they” the villians???

@retire05, #6:

Cruz is as eligible as McCain was.

Not necessarily. Both of McCain’s parents were U.S. citizens. He was born in the Canal Zone, which was under U.S. control at the time of his birth, at a U.S. Naval station. He was born there because his father was a on active duty with the U.S. Navy, assigned to that location.

Ted Cruz was born in Alberta, Canada. Only his mother was a U.S. citizen. His parents had settled in Canada during the 1960s as economic immigrants. This doesn’t appear to have been intended as a temporary absence from the United States, as Raphael Cruz gave up his Cuban citizenship while there and became a citizen of Canada. Ted Cruz is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, but he’s not a natural born citizen.

Any questions regarding his ineligibility should be referred to Donald Trump.

(I’m guessing the duck dynasty dude probably wouldn’t have been allowed to look at the $36,000 purse, either. Consequently, it wasn’t really racism.)

@DrJohn: I honestly don’t know. But if a freshman Sen. with an almost disqualifying name can beat The Clintons why not some other young gun? I also question her stamina at 69.
Don’t worry,it won’t be Biden.

@Richard Wheeler: I disagree about Hillary, RW.
A couple of days ago she announced she would be giving a few new speeches designed to put her on front pages and political radars.

She’s already got the media inoculating her against would-be attacks too close to the primary and election.
Why else would the NYTimes publish an article about her family Foundation being a gigantic slush fund if not to enable her to say, later, ”this is all old news, let’s move on?”
And even though a Republican brought up her bogus hissy fit about Benghazi just this week, it, too will be ”old news” before the election is close at hand.
Look for anything bad about Hillary to be aired now, before it can stay current at election time.
Of course, if Hillary has another blood clot or even a stroke or drunken falling down again between now and then, all bets are off.

@Nan G: A younger, huge favorite HRC, got beat in 08. It can happen again.
How do you handicap the Repub. race?

So the shopkeeper was going to show her a $20,000 hand bag but hesitated at showing her the $38,000 bag because opie was black and shopkeeper knew she couldn’t afford the extra $18,000. Really Opie is that what you want us to believe, maybe the twits in your audience will buy that BS if you ply them with gifts but as the saying goes, you can BS the civilians, you can’t BS the troops. In reality the storekeeper did her a favor. If she walked out of the shop with an Alligator skin bag and PETA saw her they may have sprayed her with red paint.

I was working in Kentucky, back in the 70’s. Some of my customers were true men of the soil. They looked like the men of Duck Dynasty, but they weren’t playing into stage personas, they were the real deal.

Bib overalls, gum boots and half a package of Red Man chewing tobacco in their mouth, they didn’t talk much. Some of them carried a serious amount of money and a pistol. I got along well with these guys.

One of them decided he needed a new Cadillac and was looking at the top of the line cars at the dealership. A salesman asked if he could help. The Hardboot said he needed a new car and he liked the one he was looking at. The salesman looked at the way the customer was dressed and suggested they look outside at some more reasonably priced Chevrolets.

My customer asked to speak to the manager.

When the manager walked up and asked if there was a problem, my customer said, he wanted to buy the car on the floor, pulled out the cash and told the manager, he didn’t want the salesman to have any of the sales commission, that the commission was to go to the manager or there was no deal.

Don’t ever sell those guys in bib overalls short, they can surprise you.

Why have an election? Let’s just make the Community Organizer emperor for life.

@Richard Wheeler: @Nan G: Honestly, this is a great article on how/why Hillary could win . . . or will undoubtedly win, as the article seems to think:

The article is hard to read, but I’m concerned it is 100% true. The writer, Myra Adams, is apparently a Conservative writer and campaign worker for both W and McCain.

I hope she’s wrong, but . . .

It’s really, really worth the read.