Our lives depend on incompetent guardians- or is it even worse than that?


President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

The more we learn about the Brothers Tarnaev the more frightening the whole thing becomes. Our lives are dependent on incompetent fools.

To wit:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was put on two terror watch lists in 2011

U.S. authorities put alleged Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev on two separate watch lists in 2011 after Russian security agencies twice reached out to their American counterparts, raising new questions about missed opportunities to prevent the attack.

Russian officials contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation in March 2011, then reached out to the Central Intelligence Agency in September of that year, citing concerns Mr. Tsarnaev might have been associating with extremists, according to U.S. officials.

The FBI has said it interviewed Mr. Tsarnaev and conducted a threat assessment, but found nothing “derogatory” that could prompt further investigation. A U.S. law-enforcement official said the case was closed after three months, after the FBI asked Russian counterparts for additional information, but received none.

U.S. officials said Wednesday that at the request of the CIA, Mr. Tsarnaev was added to a broad database called Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, which holds hundreds of thousands of names flagged by multiple U.S. security agencies.

Because Mr. Tsarnaev was a permanent resident of the U.S., the CIA alerted relevant domestic agencies, including the FBI, “specifying that Tamerlan may be of interest to them,” a U.S. intelligence official said.

Russia warned the US twice about Tsarnaev:

WASHINGTON — Russian authorities alerted the US government not once but “multiple’’ times over their concerns about Tamerlan Tsarnaev — including a second time nearly a year after he was first interviewed by FBI agents in Boston — raising new questions about whether the FBI should have focused more attention on the suspected Boston Marathon bomber, according to US senators briefed on the probe Tuesday.

But our FBI found Tsarnaev to be harmless:

The FBI has previously said it interviewed Tsarnaev in early 2011 after it was initially contacted by the Russians. After that review, the FBI has said, it determined he did not pose a threat.

The brothers are reported to have gathered some of their bomb making information from the online Al Qaeda magazine Inspire:

The recipe – along with a rationale for post-9/11 terror – was printed three years ago in al-Qaeda’s English-language promotional online magazine, Inspire.

In an article, it instructed readers on how, as its headline writers put it, to “Make a bomb in the kitchen of your Mom”.

It gave the types of explosive, timers and other ingredients needed – along with, it said, a pressure cooker.

That article was from the first edition of the magazine. Written in perfect but slightly hysterical English, some thought it was a hoax or satire along the lines of the film “Four Lions”.

In 2011 the older Tsarnaev sent text messages to his mother stating that he was prepared to die for Islam

The mother of Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev knew as early as 2011 that her son had been radicalized and sent text messages to family in Russia suggesting he was willing to die for Islam, the FBI told lawmakers this week according to two officials with knowledge of the Capitol Hill briefing.

The Tsarnaev’s did all but put up a billboard but no one was interested in following them. But here’s the scary part: these are two street punks who, as did those who plotted 9-11, insinuated themselves into American life and then turned on it.

But if bottom of the food chain street punks could pull this off despite the warnings and texts and the watchlists, how in the hell are we supposed to prevent attacks perpetrated by those whose sophistication is light years ahead of the Tsarnaev’s?

Or is it even worse than it seems?

Barack Obama has been hard at work making it possible for Islamic terrorists to strike undetected. He has purged the concept of Islamists being terrorists from the FBI handbook:

An internal FBI investigation into its counterterrorism training has purged hundreds of bureau documents of instructional material about Muslims, some of which characterized them as prone to violence or terrorism.

The bureau disclosed initial findings from its months-long review during a meeting at FBI headquarters on Wednesday with several Arab and Muslim advocacy groups, attended by Director Robert Mueller. So far, the inquiry has uncovered and purged over 700 pages of documentation from approximately 300 presentations given to agents since 9/11 — some of which were similar to briefings published by Danger Room last year describing “mainstream” Muslims as “violent.” And more discoveries may be forthcoming, as the FBI continues its inquiry and responds to Freedom of Information Act requests for the documents themselves.

FBI spokesman Christopher Allen confirms to Danger Room that the bureau found some of the documents to be objectionable because they were inaccurate or over-broad, others because they were offensive. Allen explains that the documents represent “less than 1 percent” of over 160,000 documents reviewed by the inquiry, which was prompted by a Danger Room investigation in September. The FBI purged documents according to four criteria: “factual errors”; “poor taste”; employment of “stereotypes” about Arabs or Muslims; or presenting information that “lacked precision.” […]

But the FBI isn’t finished. The bureau plans to publish a “touchstone document” in the coming weeks that explains its criteria to ensure new anti-Islam documents won’t enter counterterrorism training in the future. Similarly, the Justice Department plans on March 21 to release “Cultural Competency” guidelines for dealing with Arab and Muslim communities on counterterrorism, according to Xochitl Hinojosa, a department spokeswoman.

And according to Obama there is no longer such a thing as “Islamic extremism” or “jihad” as far as our national security goes:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s advisers will remove religious terms such as “Islamic extremism” from the central document outlining the U.S. national security strategy and will use the rewritten document to emphasize that the United States does not view Muslim nations through the lens of terror, counterterrorism officials said.

The change is a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventative war and currently states: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”

The officials described the changes on condition of anonymity because the document still was being written, and the White House would not discuss it. But rewriting the strategy document will be the latest example of Obama putting his stamp on U.S. foreign policy, like his promises to dismantle nuclear weapons and limit the situations in which they can be used.

So the Tsarnaev’s (as well as any other Islamic threat) as free to plot against the United States in terms of “Islamic extremism” or “jihad” because neither the FBI nor the CIA is allowed to consider it any longer.

It’s out of the playbook.

Obama has made Islamic attacks on this country logarithmically easier.

The irony abounds. Paramilitary authorities can now order citizens out of their homes at gunpoint without warrants, the TSA can grope little children and strip search grandmothers in wheelchairs as a matter of national security but we dare not offend Muslims plotting to kill us.

Is the DHS as incompetent as it appears or did the Tsarnaev’s get a pass because they were Muslims?

And soon after the younger Tsarnaev begins to talk a judge “waltzes” in, Mirandizes Tsarnaev and he immediately clams up.

Feel safer now?

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Wow! Isn’t THAT photograph Rich! Pretty much says it all…asleep on the job again….like the last 5 years..

But then again if she is listening to a speech given by the Ofraud..I think I would do the same thing….Yawn

I don’t know… isn’t it ‘funny’ how the ‘only’ religion, and I use the word religion loosely, that ‘claims’ it is the religion of peace, is the “only religion” that KEEPS ON MURDERING and destroying people and things???

Yet, although not perfect…the Christians…are the ones who are forced to listen to all the negative and equally “offensive” rhetoric being dished at them? Yet, the Christians ARE NOT the ones who are murdering and destroying people and things????????

I am not understanding why our Government and Americans [mostly of the Left persuasion] cannot “SEE” this religion, and I use that word loosely, is a real threat to America [and the true peaceful Muslims here in America] …ESPECIALLY when the Leaders of Mosques in the US are ‘preaching’ to their followers [lies] that there is a ‘war against Islam’ [you know like the Liberal lie that there is a war on women in the US… over birth control…wha..? huh?? ] and to not associate nor cooperate with the FBI-CIA regarding any suspicious activity from Mosque ‘members’…

This Washington Post article from four years ago might put things into perspective—for anyone capable of getting out of anti-Obama mode for a moment.

At that point in time, according to the article, 1,600 new names per day were coming up that qualified to be on the FBI’s watch list. The problem is one of finding needles in the haystack.

It’s interesting how three pounds of explosives were acquired: through the purchase of legal fireworks, from the same company that sold explosives to the failed Times Square Bomber.


At that point in time, according to the article, 1,600 new names per day were coming up that qualified to be on the FBI’s watch list. The problem is one of finding needles in the haystack.

Your use of their numbers is misleading. To quote:

During a 12-month period ended in March this year, for example, the U.S. intelligence community suggested on a daily basis that 1,600 people qualified for the list because they presented a “reasonable suspicion,” …

FBI officials cautioned that each nomination “does not necessarily represent a new individual, but may instead involve an alias or name variant for a previously watchlisted person.”

The Washington Post article also says:

The committee was told that over that same period, officials asked each day that 600 names be removed and 4,800 records be modified. Fewer than 5 percent of the people on the list are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents. Nine percent of those on the terrorism list, the FBI said, are also on the government’s “no fly” list.

By giving only partial information, your above post might make a reader think that these 1,6oo per day added names belonged to US citizens. They would be mistaken.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. on your deceptive tactic.

It’s interesting how three pounds of explosives were acquired: through the purchase of legal fireworks, from the same company that sold explosives to the failed Times Square Bomber.

Bombs and other chemical weapons can be made from a good many innocuous substances. most that are completely harmless when used responsibly.

This weak-kneed, hysterical, nanny-government loving excitability is really getting old. Go back to the flock to tremble and cower under the shadow of your shepherd masters. The world is too harsh for your delicate sensibilities.


OK, we see that the numbers you asserted were doubtful, but even absent that I might have agreed save for the Islam-scrubbing.

@FAITH7: Islam is not the only religion to ravage and kill—Christians have committed theirs share of violent acts in the 20th Century, e.g., the KKK. http://www.juancole.com/2013/04/terrorism-other-religions.html

The older Tsarnaev brother was ultimately placed of the lowest priority of terrorist watch list, containing about one million names alone, because it was determined the his activity was directed more toward Russia, no us. It would take a police state, like Russia—the actions of which some radical right-wingers would support (although they won’t admit it)—to keep tabs on every person at every level of the watch list.

@Liberal1 (Objectivity):
Your crappy data is so skewed it isn’t funny. The KKK? Really? Are you saying the KKK uses terrorism in the name of Christianity? They may call themselves Christians, but their acts of terror are in the name of race, not religion. You do understand the difference there, right?

Is the DHS as incompetent as it appears or did the Tsarnaev’s get a pass because they were Muslims?

No reason it can’t be both.

And I can imagine that FBI interview:
“Are you a terrorist or a Muslim? “.
“I am a Muslim you dirty infidel! DEATH TO AMERICA!!!”.
“Ok – well since we know that someone cannot possibly be a Terrorist and a peaceloving Muslim at the same time – that ends our investigation. Nothing derogatory here!”

@Liberal1 – the KKK was a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION – the militant arm of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It was not a religious order.

Clear and present danger: that which poses a threat of death or harm to U S Citizens, going about their business, while residing in the United States.
What a wonderful slip of the fingers: they typed Untied!
Remember: there has never been a reformation in Islam. Islam has never gone through what the Christians did during the Protestant Reformation. The sacred texts of Islam are so closely guarded that 1) we have no access to the earliest copies; 2) the suras cannot be put into chronological order; 3) the authenticity of the commentaries cannot be confirmed.
Questions such as “how did an illiterate man manage to remember exactly what the content of each vision was?” cannot be addressed.
Qui custodiet ipsos custodes?
No one, apparently. The doors to our nation are open and there are no guards.
It is everyone for him/herself, I guess.


Geez, Greg, good for you.


When the Russian twice warn you, the kid goes to Russia perhaps for training and sends all sorts of nasty messages- you ignore this???

@Liberal1 (Objectivity):

More progressive moral relativism…ie., start by removing any context. WWI and WWII were not “Christian” Wars fought on behalf of the Church. There were people of all faiths (or no faith), including muslims, who fought in the war for reasons “other” than religion.

AS far as the KKK goes…you bring something like this here again as an example of Christian/rightwing extremism. I’ve already told you, the politics of the KKK was the DNC. And they would have also been your friend on the subject of evolution too Liberal1…only not quite in the way you think.

This is the “progressive” way. You start by removing the context so that you can repurpose or measure something for a predetermined motive to show a “different perspective” or “truth”.

To a progressive….there is no difference between a man shooting a home invader who is trying to kill him and his family…and a person just walking up to another on the street, who doesn’t know them, and shooting them in the head just to watch them die.

Once you remove the context of “why” something happened, its just 2 murders that can be statistically calculated and indexed anyway you want. It’s sort of like arguing with a clever child. These are the arguments children make when they are trying to justify their actions….”well…Billy did the same thing”…etc.

It’s no wonder America is struggling. For years now we’ve had affirmative action putting people in positions for which they do not qualify (such as Obama). Incompetent people. If you’ve ever called for help at government help desks, you know what I mean.

And for many, many years we’ve had high school students graduate without the necessary learning and qualifications. Just go to your nearby retail department store. There are fewer and fewer customer service helpers and most of them know absolutely nothing about customer service, their store, or their products.

This means that for those who are privy to competent thinking, the tasks are many. We must work around masses of massive incompetence. Starting at the very top with Obama (I don’t call him president because he is a cheater, liar, trickster and an incompetent). After 4 years in office, he’s a quarter-back who despite excellent coaches knows nothing about the game or leadership qualities. His socialist agenda if not nixed will ultimately hurt the strength of America. I say hurt because America is too powerful and a strong fully-formed economy; as well as well formed free-enterprise machine.

I suspect that at the first opportunity, Obama will be replaced and the Affordable Health Care program ended. In these days, with so much happening in the world, things of great importance, we need a leader with fortitude; not a yellow cheat like Obama with cowardice (or traitor) attitudes he demonstrated during the Benghazi attacks against American interests.

@Ditto, #3:

By giving only partial information, your above post might make a reader think that these 1,6oo per day added names belonged to US citizens. They would be mistaken.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. on your deceptive tactic.

I provided a link to the article so people could read it for themselves. I suppose I could have copied and pasted the whole thing, instead of quoting a number that that suggests the sort of obstacle the needle in a haystack problem represents.

You selectively cited Fewer than 5 percent of the people on the list are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, I see—without bothering to specify the very large number of suspicion persons in question. Five percent of 400,000 people, at any given point—or around 20,000 people whose activities warrant closer scrutiny on any given day. That’s a fairly large haystack.

What’s the likelihood that these 2—who were so low-profile that even people who knew them well suspected nothing—would stand out on a list of 20,000?

What I find most remarkable about our “incompetent guardians” is that they identified, found, and neutralized 2 anonymous bombers within only 5 days of the event. I don’t hear much comment about that, over on the right.

greg 2
don’t go anywhere, I like what you say and think,

@greg 2:

the KKK was a POLITICAL ORGANIZATION – the militant arm of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. It was not a religious order.

Right. That would explain why Lyndon Baines Johnson—a Democratic president during the civil rights movement era—thought and acted so kindly toward them.

Where do people come up with such twisted history? Surely this sort of total crapola was never taught in a public school.


When the Russian twice warn you, the kid goes to Russia perhaps for training and sends all sorts of nasty messages- you ignore this???

The Russians have had a long-standing problem with Chechnya. They likely send us all sorts of warnings concerning specific people who have evaded them. It’s probably another haystack problem, with the additional question of the motive for any given warning always mixed in.

Should we always trust the Russians? It briefly crossed my mind that the bombing might serve Russian national interests. I quickly rejected that angle, but it did occur to me.

@Greg: Trust, but verify!


You selectively cited Fewer than 5 percent of the people on the list are U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents, I see—without bothering to specify the very large number of suspicion persons in question. Five percent of 400,000 people, at any given point—or around 20,000 people whose activities warrant closer scrutiny on any given day. That’s a fairly large haystack.

Yes, numbers (400,000 & 20,000) that you also selectively left out on your original post.

Kettle, Black.

It is your side that continually and quite loudly points only to the danger of this 5% of possible “US Citizen” terrorists (a good many who are on the far-left,) , while seriously understating or ignoring the other 95%. You also ignore the real danger posed by virtually unsecured borders and the real possibility of terrorists entering the country as “illegal (ie. criminal) immigrants” (aka potential Democratic voters).

trash you said, and there is more lots more now,
it make it even worse than your trash

@Greg: This Lyndon Johnson? It wasn’t the first time he used the word either. I recall seeing a special whereby a black aid/staff member (name escapes me) of his recounted a meeting Johnson had with his staff during the 60’s race riots where he made the statement, “I don’t know why the n****** are doing this. I gave them everything they wanted.” The guy said Johnson looked at him forgetting that he was in the room. After the meeting was over he asked the aid/staffer to come outside with him whereby he pointed to a putting turf that Ike had put in and said, “Look at what that son-of-a-bitch did.”


@greg 2: Absolutely right! A fact that eludes the perverted minds of the left. Bird was a cleagle for crying out loud, but because he was a Demoncrat, he received a pass from the liberal blacks in congress. he used the word Ni55er on the Tony Snow show (G-D bless his soul) and was given an other pass. This world is upside down the R’s passed the civil rights act over the protests of the Demoncraps.

George Wallace left the Democratic Party because its mainstream rejected segregation, as I recall. Wallace ran for president as an independent. That was about the time that the GOP started picking up disaffected southern democrats. It was the end of the Democratic Party’s dominance in the south. The south didn’t turn republican during the 1960s because of the GOPs civil rights initiatives.

The DNC of the old south was the common party of slavery. In later times, people like Robert Byrd, G. Wallace, were people who supported segregation and Jim Crow laws in the south post slavery. KKK political connections to the DNC went all the way to the white house (see Harry Truman) It took LBJ (another southern democrat) to speak to the south during the civil rights struggle, to say….it’s time to put this aside and move on. That he believed, as a southern democrat, that such change was inevitable. And that it was time to move on together and do the best we can.

It was he…LBJ…who did what Kennedy could not do…and that was to get the people of the south to accept the changes and orders from a federal level…without having to send the national guard to force people to do it. (ref: see George Wallace, Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama).

After that time…things changed…but slowly.

We were all democrats. I’ve been a democrat since I started voting. I’ve never been a republican and never really knew any while I lived down there. But, that was a long time ago…..things have “changed” a bit since then. The deep south blue-dog democrats…gave up their party after it dissolved and became too touchy/feely for them….mostly from the growing liberal influences of the North East. And a lot of those people ended up with the RNC later over social issues. These things were never part of party politics back then that I recall (DNC or RNC). But, the RNC saw this as a very big dividing line and they pulled all those old democrats over…using these issues. The DNC went just the other way with the same social issues. Just in case that’s not clear…socially, old school southern democrats were always “conservative” in certain respects. The RNC just saw that…saw the DNC moving away from that…and used that to pick them up.

So, the DNC changed as did the RNC after the civil rights movement. As did the people. G. Wallace eventually capitulated later in life. He gave up his party, was shot in an assassination attempt and spent most of his later years in pain and a wheel chair. Robert Byrd gave up his KKK roots, but stuck with the DNC party. We all changed some I guess. And each generation after…remembers less and less of it…because they didn’t experience this the same way. It’s one thing to read it in a book. It’s another thing to live it. And while it was MLK who brought the message, and the Kennedy’s who tried to enforce it, it was LBJ who brought the people of the deep south to accept it. His role was just a critical as any of them.

The “KKK” as it existed back then changed too. As it shrank it mostly evolved into openly racist groups who make no attempt to hide themselves (ie., no longer a secret society), which are based on 3rd Reich, Hitler, Nazi rhetoric. The last political figure tied to them was David Duke. Who was a southern democrat, trying to bring back the glory days of the KKK in politics by running in the presidential primaries. But, the days of those southern democrats was gone, …taken over by “social” issues that the conservatives/RNC were capitalizing on So, he changed his party affiliation to republican and gained a seat in the LA state senate.


iirc the way the capture of Gozar and Speedbump happened, nothing happened until they hijacked a car. The resulting chase killed Speedbump, wounded Gozar, who got away. Some time later, outside the search perimeter (iow where the cops didn’t think there was a chance he’d be) , a guy spotted Gozar in the boat.
Figure cops always go after carjackers, and if they get sufficiently timely warning, catch the guy even if they have to shoot him–which in the context of carjacking seems pretty copacetic to me. Then somebody calls in and says this wounded guy is in my backyard, what do you want to do about him?
I’m not seeing where the feds did anything but coordinate–if it was the feds–the dispersal of all the cop reinforcements.
It is not, of course, the feds’ responsibility to catch guys like this. It’s state and local. They have the guys, the local knowledge, the vehicles, the commo. And, bingo, that’s how it happened.
But the feds have the PR thing worked out. Who else could get away with Waco and Ruby Ridge and come up smelling like a rose?
Identifying the perps didn’t help much. Seems Mrs. Speedbump saw their ugly faces on the tube and called up hubby and said they’re on to you.
At this point, where the feds sandbagged the FBI’s investigation of Gozar, the feds can investigate, coordinate, compile data, communicate with other countries, presuming Holder doesn’t put another stick in their spokes. And we’ll see how competent they are.
As somebody said of domestic terrorism, the worst part is all the midterms you have to grade in twenty years.

@Ditto: Greg is studying to be a lefty journalist. He doesn’t need the facts to write.

Byrd was known as the “conscience of the senate” which, when you think about it, was probably the best choice.

I like better greg 2, the number is important to quickly know
which one
easier to see the difference between the two
and there is another GREG conservative, he come in sometimes
we only know by his comment,

Bryd used the filibuster for over 13 hours to try and block civil rights legislation in 1964. He was a firm believer in the use of the tools that the constitution provides as a check and balance on majority power. He also understood that it was meant to protect the minority party from being run over roughshod …which is what happens in a simple majority democratic system. (ie., the majority “always” wins no matter what).

There have always been persons attempting or threatening to dispose of those devices and protections written into our constitutional republic when they end up on other side of it. Byrd at least understood how important they were sought to affirm and protect them….not to be “done away with” just because you disagree with the other side who is using it.

@Richard Aubrey: Yeah his conscience never bothered him up to the day he died, and yet the filthy left glorified this racist as the “conscience” of the Senate. Blacks fell in line as if he was black himself instead of one who hated them because of their color. Upside down and yet true. J.William Fulbright was Clintons mentor and was one of the most racist of the racist, and yet bubba was the first black president. Go figure.

Don’t worry. In less than four years, the first black president will be leaving the White House. Then you can try to become accustomed to the first female president.


Go Sara Palin!!! A get tough woman we can vote for!!!

yes if it’s a WOMAN, we have SARAH PALIN the best of all,
I can see her shuffling the deck in the WHITE HOUSE with her CREW
in front of THE PEOPLE, to move the bad things out of her way,
and reclaim HER LOVED AMERICA,
she alone can do it faster,
she would make the difference that HILARY COULD NOT MAKE

Thank you DrJOhn for your work. I enjoy your writing style.

Do you have any updated work on the Zimmerman/Martin case?

Rasputin lives
I would like to know also, THEY dragged him so long,
I think they want to make it hard for THE PEOPLE with guns to defend THEMSELVES
AND FAMILY, it has to be, there are no other reason to stall him, like they do.
they are using him as an example. this is unaccepteble, what he went through
to have kill so to save his life, he was almost collapsing from the head beating
and the other sitting on his chest. choking him slowly,
they are influence by the BLACKS interfering in the process,

In the introductory comments appeared:

“The change is a significant shift in the National Security Strategy, a document that previously outlined the Bush Doctrine of preventative war and currently states: “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism is the great ideological conflict of the early years of the 21st century.”

The second part about “The struggle against militant Islamic radicalism…” is about as accurate a statement as I could hope to find in a government document, given the ineffectiveness of the bloated bureaucracies that waste so much paper committing their idle thoughts to the public record. It is “the Bush Doctrine of preventative war” that causes me sleepless nights.

Back in the late 1950’s, a teacher asked assigned us the task of writing down what we would do if we were the president. I wrote that I would go to war with our enemies before they became too strong to beat. At the time, we had the H-bomb and Russia didn’t. I got an “F” and counseling for my answer. I still think that it was a pretty good answer at the time. But times have changed. NAFTA and most-favored-nation generosity have strengthened world economies at our expense, and our 60-year cash-for-oil program has built the Islamic world into a hornets’ nest of rich malcontents itching to bite the hands that feed them. The deciding factor in World War II was our superior industrial base, and today finds much of that capacity has been shipped abroad. We no longer have the financial or industrial capacity to successfully prosecute a non-nuclear World War, and a nuclear war would leave no winners at all.

Bush’s “Doctrine of Preventative War” was a dalliance bordering on madness. His attack on the Afghan Taliban was the appropriate response to their intransigence regarding Bin Laden. His attack on Iraq was adventurism bordering on madness, justified by misinformed “intelligence” provided by those one-and-the-same bloated bureaucracies aforementioned. It is nothing short of serendipity that we were bled dry from that little mistake for only a decade. Then consider China. Literally at our invitation, its government (and its well-controled economy) is undertaking an economic war against us that has a much greater chance of ruining us than what we did in Iraq. How shall we wage a preventative war against China? War simply isn’t a viable solution to anything other than suicide.

The Middle-East is a hornets’ nest of sociopaths itching to get to heaven and their 56 virgins, enriched beyond practical need by our 60-year oil-for-cash program, and eager to bite the hands that feed them. Not every Muslim is of this mind (and out of his) – some have been de-radicalized and others never WERE radical. But this is a free and open country, and shit will happen.

But today we cannot win a non-nuclear World War, and a nuclear war nobody wins. If our military had a winning option, they’d be pressing to take it. They love the practice and it gives them an opportunity to get rid of stuff that’s reaching its expiration date. But given radical Islam’s inclination to suicide-bomb the whole Western World, we would be better off not inviting them to ‘bring it on.”

I agree that we need to really beef up our, yes, profiling of Muslims. Our national security cannot afford the delicacies of political correctness. The terrible consequences of failure justify some rational forfeiture of liberty in this case.

George Whelle
it’s funny the part that every one have a different number of virgins, I notice that often,
no matter ,
but you had the right answer and you got an F, that always depend
on the INCLINATIONS of the TEACHER, which was an ignorant one on those matters,
and should have given you an A,

@Greg: You know nothing about LBJ- as a Texan, I learned how LBJ, aided by George Parr, an advisor and political crony could literally “raise an entire cemetary” in order that the “voters” could vote for him- he won that Senate race by 28 votes.
He also was responsible for killing off the first Civil Rights bill advocated by Eisenhower, just so he could take credit for it whenhe became president.
If you want to know who truly killed Kennedy, look no further than LBJ.

hi, funny your qhestion is answered at FOX MEYGAN KELLY,
HIS process is in 6 weeks from now,
and he was advise by his lawyer to give up the PRE TRYAL IMMUNITY,
he will have a jury trial, and MR O”HARA said he can always ask for the
immunity trial only after ward,