The Unintended Consequences Of Spiking The Football


Obama’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost

A measure of the effectiveness of foreign policy is the number of attacks on a country’s embassies and foreign-service workers. On Thursday in Yemen, a senior Yemeni official, Kareem Aklan, an employee of the United States Embassy was assassinated on his way to work.

Two men on a motorcycle, drove up next to his car and the passenger opened fire and killed Mr. Aklan. Security officials think the attack is the work of al-Qaeda.

Mr. Aklan had worked at the embassy for twenty years, he was currently working on an investigation into the demonstration/attack last month that breached the outer security perimeter of the embassy.

The demonstration was supposedly a reaction to an obscure video denigrating the prophet Muhammad. There were demonstrations in nearly 20 countries of the Muslim world.

Theses same demonstrations were used by al-Qaeda as a diversion to launch an attack on the consulate in Benghazi, resulting in the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans.

Mr. Aklan was the security coordinator for the embassy and the Yemeni government. He had applied for American citizenship.

Although al-Qaeda has not claimed the assassination of Mr. Aklan, they have claimed responsibility for the decapitation of three security soldiers found on Thursday near their security checkpoint near Mareb, a city east of Yemen. The soldiers had been kidnapped from their check-point on Wednesday and returned on Thursday without their heads.

Earlier in the week, al-Qaeda decapitated three other men they accused of spying for Yemeni Intelligence. Their bodies were dumped on different streets in Mareb.

Perhaps the president was premature in declaring the defeat of al-Qaeda and implying that they are on the run to bolster his campaign or maybe al-Qaeda didn’t get the message, but maybe they did get the message.

This pathetic video supposedly inflamed the Middle East, but our president seems to be just as dangerous with his habit of spiking the football after his successful assassinations. Maybe we should just kill al-Qaeda’s leaders and not boast about the deed.

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Tom Always keeping them honest and accountable,

More like showing what a douche he is and and a scumbag you are foir supporting him.
rich, what are we talking about here? Spiking the football. The liberals, YOUR dems savaged Bush because they thought he had done that. Obama has done it several times as has biden, and you and the other liberals are okay with it. THAT is an example of hypocrisy. Since you both asked for proof, here it is.

Liberal tolerance:

BTW rich, quite a few National Guardsmen have fought and died in Iraq and Afghanistan. On behalf of those who are my friends, F*CK you very much.

H.R. I said the National Guard performed well in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Why is it that old Far Right woman like you and Retire o5 curse and insult more than anyone on this site? Frustrated?
Weasal Zippers and Michelle Malkin. C’mon

Another Vet Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

@Richard Wheeler:

How does that crystal ball of yours work to know that I am “old?” Can I buy one on Amazon? You complain about insults while insulting? Only a liberal could think that way. Apparently you subscribe to age bigotry. What do you have against seniors since you will eventually become one yourself?

The NG performed well during the Revolutionary War, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. You just wanted to continue to exhibit your BDS.

@Richard Wheeler: Unfortunately some of those Guard units that were first into Korea were ill trained and ill equipped thanks to cuts made to our military after WWII. One of them, it may have been the 29th ID from PA, went in at division strength and came back at brigade strength. Something to ponder when the pols in DC start pushing for big cuts in the Defense budget. Training and logistics always get hit the hardest.
As for VN, the policy was not to make use of RC units which was probably a mistake. Had LBJ went in to win a war rather than to fight one, he would have mobilized RC units the same way Wilson, FDR, Truman, and later both Bush’s did to effect the outcome of the war to our advantage, i.e. victory.

From Richard Nixon we learned that “it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.”

From Obama we will learn that “it’s the crime, and it’s the cover-up.”