Ms Clinton Causes Islamic Radicals To Wet Their Trousers, From Laughter


Words actually mean things, especially code words. The Obama Administration has a simple code system; so simple in fact, even the illiterate Muslim can understand his intentions. These same expressions and phrases serve to reassure Americans who refuse to face the truth, as they willing delude themselves into accepting the code at face value. Thus the radical Islamic Fascist is encouraged and emboldened and the moderate Muslim sympathetic to American intentions in the Middle East begins to doubt the intention, strength, and resolve of America. While the sycophantic believer in the Hoax of Obama is overcome with the joy of appeasement and forgiveness, the typical reactions of cowards; since they hold up the words appeasement and forgiveness as if they were noble shields and banners as they take false pride in their cowardice.

Ms Clinton our Secretary of State presumes to strike fear into the hearts of cold-blooded killers, with this response:

I condemn in the strongest terms the attack on our mission in Benghazi today. As we work to secure our personnel and facilities, we have confirmed that one of our State Department officers was killed. We are heartbroken by this terrible loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who have suffered in this attack. . . .

Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet. The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.

It was right from the heart; the faint heart of a half-assed and dim-witted speech writer, who would be replaced if his boss wasn’t a boring narcissist, willing to settle for the lukewarm pablum of worn-out cliches.

I condemn in the strongest terms

“I condemn in the strongest terms,” oh my, I bet those killers were not expecting this expression of condemnation.

As we work to secure our personnel and facilities,

This is not clean-up after a church social, we either secure our embassy or desert it. If we secure it, we do it like we are highly pissed, not like the Sisters of the Poor, securing a homeless shelter.

we have confirmed that one of our State Department officers was killed.

Yes, he was murdered and dragged through the streets, why do we use anemic window dressing to describe an atrocity.

We are heartbroken by this terrible loss.

We are not writing a letter of sympathy to his killers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and those who have suffered in this attack. . . .

Go visit his family instead of attending fund raisers, playing golf, campaigning and acting like simple-minded dilettantes; don’t express your grief and sadness to your enemies so they can laugh at your weakness.

Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet.

Why play into their propaganda?

The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. Our commitment to religious tolerance goes back to the very beginning of our nation. But let me be clear: There is never any justification for violent acts of this kind.

It is hard to debate from a self-designated point of weakness.

Trying to coddle and mollify killers is worse than a waste of time; it gives your enemies the advantage.

The U.S. should threaten to respond to these acts of war with appropriate responses and let the Muslim Brotherhood, now firmly entrenched in our upper levels of the State Department, know that we can close our embassies and stop all funding of their Jihad activities and their war machine. (Yes, what do you think savages spend our foreign aid money on?)

The Muslim Brotherhood continues to impose Sharia and the Obama Administration acts as the facilitator and enabler. It is their purpose to impose Sharia on the free world and such statements by our Secretary of State makes that goal more of a reality. One of the Muslim Brotherhood’s most respected propagandists has an intimate and controversial “position” with our Secretary of State, and we may assume she is encouraging and advising the simple minded Hilary, who has the reasoning of an infatuated teenager, but now that Hilary has dropped the ball and left our embassy personnel without security in radical situations, it is time for Hilary and her paramour to step-down and disappear from public life before more damage is inflicted upon our foreign affairs and more lives are lost.

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Skook, you conclude:

……it is time for Hilary and her paramour to step-down and disappear from public life before more damage is inflicted upon our foreign affairs and more lives are lost.

Hillary already promised to step down IF Obama gets a 2nd term.
She’s ready to go….now.
She’s been hemmed in by Obama’s whimpy constraints that prevent our looking good no matter what happens.
She’s beaten up over the tightrope Obama forces her on.
She’s made mistakes of her own, as well.

So, she is going.
It is Obama we need to focus on.
How can Obama’s record be used against him just as effectively as his words have been?
We must not allow Obama to define the narrative……he always smells like a rose that way.
When Obama was speaking in front of the 4 coffins he said, Obviously, our hearts go out to them.
He sounded like, ”they knew the risks, they volunteered, why do I have to say anything, they’re dead, so what. Where are my golf clubs.
He should be shredded for the robotic tone and bloodless words spoken over those heros bodies.

Nan, a chain saw has hundreds of sharp teeth and each one takes a small portion of wood until the tree goes down. This is the analogy I used to formulate this piece on Ms Clinton and her MB advisor.

It is raining ten pound hammers on BO. I could hardly add anything new, but Hilary screwed up big-time here. She is responsible for emasculating the embassy and staff by not allowing security. She killed those men. It was her responsibility to provide adequate security. She failed miserably, especially in light of warnings of the attack on 9/9, two days before the attack. Sending in the USMC to secure the building and recover the bodies is not heroic; it is a major case of doing the right thing too late. She and her lover should retire to the Clinton library. She can make speeches to ditzy headed feminists and Liberals until they realize she has nothing to offer, but more empty cliches.

Now, I must go to work.

Our whole country has been placed at risk due to this administration. Their “cleverness” has reduced our security around the world so much, I am afraid to let my niece travel. We will all be fair game even in Europe!

Well done Skook. The Secretary of Steak, Her Thighness, Shillary Rotten Clinton is finished. Too many people die around the Clintons. Nothing was done about their crooked fundraising. The surname Clinton is synonymous with corruption.

“The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others.”

This is absolutely, inherently and utterly an untrue statement. The liberals in the U.S. gov not only celebrate, but support (with tax payers money) things that they are well aware are provocative and insulting to Christian’s the world over…including Crucifix upside down in urine, painting Mary with dung, etc..all celebrated as “art” and funded by the US gov. and displayed in public funded spaces. Insulting and provoking Christians is a bloodsport and a badge of honor for most Liberals. What a crock.

@Skookum: Skookum says: ” She can make speeches to ditzy headed feminists and Liberals until they realize she has nothing to offer, but more empty cliches.”

Unfortunately they never will >> the PUMA type will always drool over that ’60’s skank. I am afraid that we will be plagued with the obies and clintoons for yet a long time — they will be running all over the world sabotaging any legitimate efforts by any legitimate American officials to actually solve problems — not to mention stirring up the rabble within our borders. Just think of all the trouble around the world that the likes of the swimmer, jean francoise kerrie and carter – among others including several RINO’s have caused or at best – not helped improve things.

@oil guy from Alberta: Oil Guy says: ” Too many people die around the Clintons. Nothing was done about their crooked fundraising. The surname Clinton is synonymous with corruption. ”

You are being nice — re the clintoons — you are putting it mildly. Oh and please never forget folks that the hildabeast is from and part of, the Chicago area/ Illinois corruption culture.

Oh – and re the fund raising corruption do not leave out the gorical.

@Dc: Agree — just think of all the assaults on Christmas displays and crosses in public places — including cemetaries — and the prohibition of displaying the Ten Commandments – oh and didn’t our golden turdboy pres give a speech at – was it – William and Mary where he demanded that a religious symbol – crucifix? — be covered?

Excellent point Dc.

I wonder what the opinions of the two former SEALs were regarding Hilary as they stood trying to protect our ambassador without ammo against the Islamic maniacs with live weapons with ammo. The old M1 and M14 made excellent and deadly clubs, vertical butt stroke, horizontal butt stroke, the smash, and the jab, but these new weapons, I don’t think they are useful without ammo. Still I bet those SEAls fought valiantly to cover for Hilary’s stupidity. You might think I am bitter, but I am less than 1% as bitter as those SEALs were when Obama and Hilary greeted their remains after the dynamic duo condemned them to death. But it was a chance to reduce the negative fallout from being stupid and incompetent.

Bazera, I think you have made a wise decision; too many people are interested in politics because of celebrity worship based on silliness and buffoonery. This is major part of the problem facing America at this point in time. We have elected images that make people “feel good”. Leaders require the ability to analyze, an astute intelligence (a factor that often has nothing to do with education or the ability to ace tests). America is in deep trouble because of incompetent leadership; yet many supporters are still in love with the man who has nearly collapsed our economy.

Unless you are willing to learn the truth from independent sources and disregard the national propaganda (a national disgrace), you would be well-advised to leave politics and especially the responsibility of voting in the hands of people who are not so easily deluded or led like sheep to the abattoir.

The sad part of this is not only Hillary and the administration she shills for but in fact that even now our Govt. officials (and this is aimed at past administrations as well) cannot get it through their heads that first and foremost a woman has no standing in Islamic culture. As such they not only laugh at her but in fact ignore her and are insulted. Please don’t take this as me being derisive as to Hillary or Condi for that matter. Personally I love it that we stick it up their you know whats and send a woman over to them. None the less, I’m sure it adds to the problem of the disrespect for her by them.

Having said that (oops, one other thought. I’d love to have seen Jean Kirkpatrick as Sec of State. Man, can one imagine the bombs she would have thrown!) Skook, you’re correct about this. Obama and his minions are in fact aiding and abetting in allowing Sharia to take hold. The damage they have done to the judicial system as well as to the rejection of our rights, both religious and speech wise is horrifying. Case in point. They brought in the maker of the excuse film for questioning! questioning for what?! Exercising his Constitutional Right to Free Speech and Expression. Excuse me? Isn’t this Gestapo like? Isn’t this the Obama Muslim Truth Corp shutting down opposition?

As such, can one even not figure out why these people are attacking? They don’t have to answer to Western Civilization, only the false prophet whatever his name is (and yes, I’m full of insults today. As I said on another post here, I’m really pissed right now). And in my view Sheik Obama and his followers have given the tacit ok for their actions.

One other thing here I mentioned on a drjohn post. The embassy in Egypt did not allow the Marines to have their weapons loaded according to various reports. Correct me if I’m wrong. The U.S. embassy as are all embassies is sovereign property of that country. So why were our people not in a position to in effect blow away invaders on our sovereign property. I’m not one these days to put up with the “oh we have to understand” or whatever other politically correct bullshit reason for not defending ourselves. The encroachment of our embassies is an act of war just as is the encroachment of our borders in Mexico as to their army coming into the states and acting on things which we know they are in fact doing. Our Marines should have been able to shoot to kill anyone invading our property but they instead had to stand by,. In Libya, this asinine mindset cost us the lives of four Americans.

The Muslim world is sticking it to us because the United States does not have the balls to stand up to what is right! This started well before this clown, but he is the personification of our capitulation to the Islamic factions.

I’ve always felt the same about the gang wars here also. The gangs act without fear because of police forces having their hands tied by politically correct assholes. I’ve always felt if they were actually confronted with the same brutal force they use on citizens the gangs would understand what they do have repercussions. Same with the Muslims. Invade our sovereign territory, prepare to go get your seventy virgins because we will blow your sorry asses off the face of the earth. A country that will not stand up for it’s ideals and rights is a country defeated and this President is doing his best to insure that defeat in my eyes.

Quick follow up to my above tirade. I just found this on the Great website Atlas Shrugged, ran by the fabulous Pamela Geller.

“Al-Azhar Imam urges UN to issue law banning insulting symbols of Islam” Egypt, SIS Thanks to David
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb in a statement to the Secretary General of the United Nations on Saturday 15/9/2012 stressed the need of a UN resolution to prohibit insulting symbols and sanctities of Islam by some fools and misguided, who do not know the value of social peace among peoples and agitate seditions among them.

Dr. Tayyeb called for punishing those who committed such heinous acts and insulted Prophet Muhammad of Islam.

Tayyeb also urged Ban Ki-moon to work for the adoption of this resolution thus criminalizing insulting symbols of Islam and other religions in order to avoid repetition of such acts in the future.”

One has to assume that his motion will be seconded by our representative to the UN as per Sheik Obama’s orders? Not being snitty here. I firmly believe as Skook states above this man is pro Muslim, completely anti_Israel and if not un-American, certainly socialist dictorial with Muslim leanings. What else can one perceive by his words and actions.

This is from Victoria Nuland, Obama Spokeshole:

I’m going to frustrate all of you [reporters], infinitely, by telling you that now that we have an open FBI investigation on the death of these four Americans, we are not going to be in a position to talk at all about what the U.S. government may or may not be learning about how any of this this happened — not who they were, not how it happened, not what happened to Ambassador Stevens, not any of it — until the Justice Department is ready to talk about the investigation that’s its got.

We may safely assume she is a functioning illiterate by her diction, and by using deductive reasoning worthy of Sherlock Holmes, we can also assume AG Holder will never finish the investigation. Thus they figure they have stymied public scrutiny with Hold the Facts Holder. Unfortunately for Obama and associates, the Muslim Brotherhood fanatics, partially guided by Huma’s family, will not let Obama attend his money raising functions without repercussions. They sense weakness and cowardice and like any predator they will take advantage of the situation. Holder will be damn busy investigating fast and furious among all the soon to develop atrocities that ordinary Americans seem to be precipitating.

There’s a joke. holder investigating anything that will make his puppet master look bad. As you state, they have once again tried to keep the facts under cover, Good catch Skook!!

hillary is Arkansaw trailer trash. She has been involved in the murder of several civilian while her whore dog husband was the gov. of AK. She is trask..when you will wake up. GARBAGE. If the ass****wins, she will assume a very high political position. And when she does, her whore dog piece of garbage will ask for more secret service protection, as he now gets. 🙂 screwed again..but you deserve every moment.

We can’t give our ambassadors a squad of Marines, while they are in hostile territory, but Valerie Jarret has a full Secret Service security detail at Martha’s Vineyard. We must protect Obama’s brain at all costs; otherwise, Obama will be totally clueless and unable to dress himself or zip-up.


If you check, you will see I posted about the State Department media black out last night. This presser was held late in the afternoon, on a Friday, which is typical of this administrations practice of late Friday dumps, knowing that it gives them a couple of days to avoid any press.

The only problem the Admininstration has now is that it cannot silence the foreign media, and there are those in the Middle East who are in the know, that are singing like birds about the warnings that were issued to the U.S. about possible violence in the days leading up to 9-11-12.

Obama has but one plan now; to try to tamp down the anger that is certainly coming his way for the deaths of four Americans. Four Americans, who according to a Time article, did not have any security to speak of and on the morning of Sept. 11th only had four guards at the Consulate that were provided by the Libyan government. The two former Navy seals that were at the Consulate were there not in a military position, but rather as either a private contractor tasked with locating Gahdafi’s missing shoulder-fired weapons or as a Consulate employee.

I think it is important to acknowledge the significance of Hillary’s Ramadam celebration on 9-13-12. We have four dead Americans in Benghazi, not yet on their way back to the states, and she is praising the Libyan government for its sympathy to the United States (not admitting that the Libyan government was tasked with the outsourcing of Consulate security) and to the Libyan people (not admitting that it was Libyan citizens that murdered Chris Stevens and the other three). One has to wonder if the next thing out of her mouth will be that Ambassador Stevens was actually assassinated by redheaded Irishmen dressed up in Libyan Halloween costumes. I am still trying to find out when Ramadan because a State Department “tradition.”

Obama is now in full blown black out mode. He is trying to do damage control big time. Americans don’t like other Americans being murdered, no matter what part of the world they are in. And they damn sure don’t like the Al Qaida flag flying over our sovereign posts overseas. It seems that the Obama administration demanded requested that Google take down its link to the movie clip. Google told the feds to get bent.

We are in Carter, II, except now we have a POTUS that has his campaign tweet about buying his wonderful Obama sweat shirts while he stands in a hanger to receive the bodies of four dead Americans.

Obama and Clinton are hiding behind the wall that proclaims, embassies are protected by host governments.

In a Middle East where an ‘Arab Spring’ has overturned so much of its leadership, . . . .

– Has it not been obvious that Incoming Governments would still have messes on their hands, regardless the degree of their extremism or support from the populations?
– Has it not been obvious that their countries still suffered 20-30% unemployment?
– Has it not been obvious that mobs would even more readily take to the streets on a whim?
– Has it not been obvious that anger at ‘everything’ would persist?
– Has it not been obvious that Terror Cells occupy every Middle East country except Israel?
– Has it not been obvious all Terror Cells are now even more numerous, and armed better than ever since they’ve had access to armaments pilfered from deposed governments?
– Has it not been obvious the new governments, and the new leaders, would happily direct the anger and mobs toward BOGEYMEN as is done every day to deflect reaction to corruption and system failure?


Only a fool would assume that such governments would protect American Embassies, or even want to, regardless what they might pretend.

Why play into their propaganda?

Simple, because Obama also needs the excuse that this was due to a video to turn focus away from his failed Middle-East policies which have enabled and empowered radical Islam.

The fanatics are not cooperating and there is trouble in river city. Just maybe, the film had sweet bugger all to do with this attack.

Al-Qaeda said the deadly attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was in revenge for the killing of the network’s number two Sheikh Abu Yahya al-Libi, SITE Intelligence Group reported Saturday.

“The killing of Sheikh Abu Yahya only increased the enthusiasm and determination of the sons of (Libyan independence hero) Omar al-Mokhtar to take revenge upon those who attack our Prophet,” Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula said in a statement, quoted by the US-based monitoring group.

Al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based offshoot did not claim direct responsibility for Tuesday’s attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that killed the US ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other Americans.

But it stressed that “the uprising of our people in Libya, Egypt and Yemen against America and its embassies is a sign to notify the United States that its war is not directed against groups and organisations … but against the Islamic nation that has rebelled against injustice.”

Slowly, very slowly, Europe is waking up to the reality that Obama might not be what he seems.

From Spiegel Online International we get this headline:

The World from Berlin

‘Obama’s Middle East Policy Is in Ruins’

Now that his progressive world view is negatively impacting them, Europeans are reacting. At least they’re a step ahead of the MSM on this side of the pond.

@Ditto in one way, this really has nothing to do with Obama… except to us in the US during an election year. On the global front, it’s not all about him, tho he would love it to be.

Obama, in reality, is just the latest in the line of Great Satans, and this is just one more wave of protests in a long line of previous protests used by Islamists to stir up discontent and unrest towards all things Western… i.e. Danish cartoons, Abu Ghraib (more serious than ‘toons…), Qu’ran burning by soldiers or wacky anti-Semitic pastors, etc etc.

On the global stage, no one cares about a POTUS Obama on the campaign trail, or whatever tale he weaves. To the Muslims, and even much of Europe, Obama’s foreign policy is viewed as just another failure, following prior admin failed policies. But Obama, playing to an American audience in an election year? You bet he’s going to deflect this as another “Danish cartoon” rather than discuss repercussions of his foreign policy.

But in all honesty, it’s not like the GOP candidates can point to prior POTUS and their similar events, saying that Bush’s foreign policy had any more positive effect on curtailing Islamists… or even that similar events haven’t happened.

Islamists don’t give a crap about US leadership. Same infidel – different face and name.

But you have to figure the bulls*#t jig is up when even Tony Karon at Time Mag says that the WH, via Jay Carney, is “overreaching” when Obama claims this isn’t about foreign policy, but a cheesy flick of questionable origin and intent.

But White House press secretary Jay Carney may have been overreaching when he insisted on Friday that the protests arose “in response not to United States policy, not to the Administration, not the American people [but] in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. That in no way justifies any violent reaction to it, but this is in no way a case of protests directed towards the United States writ large or at U.S. policies.”

It’s never that simple.

The reason a piece of “evidence” of American animus to Islam — the desecration of a Koran, say, or the dissemination of a video painting a grotesque caricature of the Prophet Muhammad — ignites rage toward U.S. institutions in so many Muslims is the way those Muslims have viewed and experienced U.S. policy. Direct insults of Islam such as those contained in the offending movie are such a powerful tool in the hands of those who would agitate against U.S. involvement in the Middle East — and against those in the Arab world who would work with Washington — because they function as a kind of narrative “gotcha!” motive that ties together all of the Arab world’s many grievances with the U.S.

Egregious insults like the Innocence of Muslims film would not be so easily translated into rage at U.S. power were it not for the simmering long-term rage at Washington over its invasions of Muslim countries, its support for Israeli governments and Arab despots, its drone strikes and more.

Deep anger at U.S. foreign policy is the extended preexisting condition that geopolitical Obamacare has failed to significantly alter; the outrage at an offensive film is the opportunistic virus that, when combined with the preexisting condition, creates a crisis. Instances of American Islam-bashing are used to prove that the policies and actions of the U.S. that most anger ordinary Arabs are not simply discrete foreign policy choices driven by self-interest and other agendas but rather expressions of a deeper animus toward Islam itself — a proof that functions as a chemical catalyst that can bring residual anger to a boil.


So in that sense, President Obama’s Republican critics are not wrong in suggesting that this week’s upsurge in protests represents, at least in part, a response to the Administration’s handling of the Middle East or even to what vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Friday called ”mixed signals” from the White House.

But where Ryan and those echoing him are wrong — egregiously, spectacularly wrong — is in suggesting that the protests are a response to a retreat from “moral clarity and firmness of purpose,” watchwords of the Bush era.

On the contrary, the Muslim world was up in arms against the U.S. on a sustained basis for most of the Bush presidency, precisely because of its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, its unconditional backing of Israel as it pummeled Palestinians and the obvious hypocrisy of a policy of proclaiming democracy and freedom while coddling friendly despots.

If the Arab world is angry at the “mixed messages” coming from the Obama Administration, that’s because the President in Cairo in 2009 had promised a break from Bush-era policies yet failed on many fronts to deliver it. It’s not the changes Obama’s made since the Bush era that drive Arab anger; it’s his Administration’s many continuities with Bush-era policies in the Middle East.

Ryan demands that Obama show “American leadership” by marching even more closely in lockstep with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. That’s going to calm the crowds gathered in front of U.S. embassies in the Arab world?

At least this liberal writer and media rag are honest enough to point out that Obama is just another POTUS who is experiencing the same thing any other POTUS as the Great Satan experienced – or will experience in the future – but with one difference. Obama predicted the waters would part and that relationships would improve with his more wussy, neutral approach. Of course it didn’t work… and won’t. Islamists just don’t work that way. Nor will it ever work because of any foreign policy to appease the Islamists would require complete surrender of our founding principles and embracing Islam as the one true religion.

Ain’t gonna happen. Nor is the US going to make 1st Amendment speech, with regards to Islam, illegal either. Not even the most liberal SCOTUS robed one would buy that argument… I suspect Islamists know this, but it’s just one more demand they like to pile on as a promise that if we just do that one thing, we’ll all get along just fine.

Yes, Obama has continued some of the same military options… drones, attempts to stay in Iraq, etc. But when comparing the Bush foreign policy to Obama’s, Karon misses a large difference between the two. Bush had made cooperative allies of former enemies – Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and some in Afghanistan – post Sept 11th. Obama has virtually destroyed all those allies by, oddly enough, attempting to mimic Bush’s “democracy is good” rhetoric. What he forgot to notice is that Bush went about that nation building “democracy” by having tight reins and influence and – most importantly – it was only attempted in countries that were enemies.

Obama, on the other hand, has decided to advocate for internal nation building in countries that were allies… and therein lies his foreign policy fatal flaw. He gave the US blessing to overthrow the very governments that Zawahiri and fellow Jihadi wanted overthrown. Whether this was done on purpose, or by sheer stupidity, it’s hard to say. Certainly if it was done on purpose, and Obama expected a welcoming Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and Egypt for his efforts, the drugs have to have worn off by now.

As Karon correctly points out, there’s nothing the West can do to subdue this year’s wave of protests, riding atop the cheesy flick. One just has to batten down the security hatches, and wait for the tide to again recede… that is until someone else decides to be the epicenter of another tsunami wave that opens the doors of opportunity. This wasn’t the first… and it sure won’t be the last either.

The more important question is what should the US do about the ME, and foreign aid overall? Tricky question. We could do as Canada did and withdraw all US diplomatic presence, and tell them that we’re not only withholding all foreign aid, but giving at least 50% of what they got to Israel to make sure they’ve got an endless arsenal at their disposal.

But then, withdrawal of all US presence is exactly what they want…. and my guess is any of these countries would be happy to give up their foreign aid in exchange for no US on their soil, or breathing down their necks asking for counterterrorism intel. That, however, is not in the best interests of the US.

Only one thing is certain. Bush left a much better ME foundation for Obama… yet he’s managed to turn both new and old allies into enemies. Unfortunately, these five steps backwards are going to cost a lot of lives, and are not easily reversible. If he stays for another four years, he will have a far more dangerous ME to manage than what was left to him. That would all be just fine if “what happens in the Middle East, stays in the Middle East”. Unfortunately, it never does.


On the global front

I live in Eastern Europe, tell me about the global front.

Mata, thanks for the sobering assessment of this complicated situation.

If there is a positive effect of this disaster, it should be the admission by all literate people that the Obama Administration foreign policy in the ME is an utter failure, despite his assurances to the American people that his mere presence in the Oval Office would calm the savage heart and traditional animus of the Islamic radical. Well, that turned out to be nothing more than a shovel full of steaming manure.

Skook, many of these guys wear man dresses instead of pants! (They still are wet from laughing at Obama and his secretary of state.

That “steaming manure” is the only “shovel ready” anything the temporary occupant of the Oval Office ever had. LOL

Skook, not sure if it’s a “positive” effect (INRE this election), but Hillary’s head and perhaps more at the SOS office are likely to roll. According to a report by UK’s The Independent, “sensitive documents have gone missing…” from the Bengazi consulate, including names of Libyans working in concert with the US. OMG…

Via the Marine Corps official response about their presence… or would that be lack of presence… at either the Tripoli or Benghazi locations, the repercussions for not having even the Marine Security Guards present – who’s job it is first and foremost to protect documents like this from attacks – falls squarely on her shoulders. It was never a matter of whether they could be armed. It was a matter of why they weren’t set up at even an interim, remote consulate located in a hot bed of bad guys.

You know if has to be bad when even Larry Johnson at No Quarter, a staunch Hillary supporter back in 2008, former CIA and friends with Valeria Plame, is giving “no quarter” to her. Because of its dangerous location, and being an unlikely site for any official embassy, he thinks it’s more likely there as cover for intelligence. And in that case, why did the SOS not provide for security measures within their power, knowing what they would have present, and the high risk location.

It’s been a while since I’ve read No Quarter, but I’m absolutely astonished that the participants seem to have transformed from their original liberal status just a few years ago, then to disgruntled Hillary PUMAs, to now – where comments are almost indistinguishable from moderate conservative blogs.

This single incident may tank any future WH aspirations Ms. Clinton *may* have entertained with her supporters. For Obama to save his own tush, he may have to announce a diplomatic parting of the ways – cutting her loose but in a way that doesn’t damage the Clinton name – prior to the election to distance himself. I do not anticipate hearing any criticism of Hillary publicly from this WH, lest they bring the wrath of Teflon Bill unmercifully down on their heads.

In the long run, I think the only one who actually believed Obama could part waters and soothe the savage ME Islamic beast was Obama. I’m not giving most of the voting public the benefit they could clearly see Obama’s destruction of allies that Bush created, as well as long standing allies like Egypt. That will always be sold as “spreading democracy”, a concept they will blame on Bush without pointing out the differences. Most voters don’t have the time, nor inclination, to be that abreast of international issues.

But I will say this… I don’t see Hillary supporters standing behind the big Zero come November, nor hoping Hillary will take the Veep slot away from Biden. Whether or not that’s a large enough defection from the Dem Party to put Mitt over the top is questionable. But I get the feeling that Hillary’s days are numbered. So it’s a matter of how they handle it – whether she voluntarily exits citing personal fatigue or whatever, or Obama just announces a congenial parting of the ways for a new admin in the event of a win, attempting to help her save face.

Surely Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson’s decision to, “not permit U.S. Marine guards to carry live ammunition,” is now a story which will gain some traction, given that it required SOS and perhaps Presidential/Jarrett approval.

It speaks to the mindset of this Administration. Progressivism has little changed or evolved through a century, given what are evidently the perceptions and methodologies of Obama and Jarrett – tweaked a little to serve particular selfish objectives, maybe, but not changed.

Technically, the ammo story has already been denied as untrue per the Marine Corps semi-official statement, JR. This comes from a left wing site, Mother Jones, but the Breitbart link I used above quotes from the same statement, was confirmed as accurate by Captain Kendra N. Motz, Media Officer in the Division of Public Affairs.

Below, the full statement by Alex Cross, Maj USMC, Deputy Director, Marine Liaison Office, U.S. House of Representatives, B-324 Rayburn

From: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 4:55 PM
To: Cross, Alex Maj OLA, LA-41B
Subject: Marines in Libya and Egypt

Ladies and Gentlemen-

The following information is provided regarding Marine involvement in the recent actions in Egypt and Libya:

-The Ambassador did not impose restrictions on weapons or weapons status on the Marine Corps Embassy Security Group (MCESG) detachment. The MCESG Marines in Cairo were allowed to have live ammunition in their weapons. The Ambassador and Regional Security Officer have been completely and appropriately engaged with the security situation. Reports of Marines not being able to have their weapons loaded per direction from the Ambassador are not accurate.

– The Marine Corps does not establish Rules of Engagement (ROE). Nonetheless, ROE is classified and release of that information would jeopardize the Marines and U.S. interests. Any further inquiry should be directed to the State Department, since Marine security guards report to the ambassador not to a military commander.

-As reported in open sources, approximately 2000 personnel were protesting outside the U.S. Embassy and six individuals entered Embassy grounds. The Marines quickly took control of these six individuals and subsequently turned them over to local security officials.

-There were no Marines injured in this, or other actions in Cairo.

-There are no Marine dependents in Cairo.

-Contrary to open source reporting, there are no Marines currently stationed at the Embassy in Tripoli, or the Consulate in Benghazi.
-There were no Marines killed in the attack on the Consulate in Benghazi.

-The American Embassy in Sana’a, Yemen has a MCESG reinforced with a Marine security force. Due to operational security, we are not at liberty to provide additional details at this time.

Marine Corps Embassy Security Guards (MCESG):
Embassy security in Tripoli and the consulate in Benghazi fall under the Regional Security Officer with the State Department. The U.S. maintains over 285 diplomatic facilities worldwide. MCESG provides 152 security detachments provide internal security at designated U.S. diplomatic and consular facilities in order to prevent the compromise of classified material vital to the national security of the United States. Perimeter security is the responsibility of the host nation police/security forces. AMEMB Tripoli does not have a MCESG detachment. Typically, when a new embassy is established, it takes time to grow a new MCESG detachment. In coordination with the State Department, there was discussion about establishing a detachment in Tripoli sometime in the next five years. Overall, the plan is to grow the number of MCESG detachments worldwide to 173. The size of a MCESG detachment depends on the size of the Embassy and the security situation on the ground. They normally range anywhere from 5-20+ Marines in size. MCESG can, and have, provided security at Consulates as well as Embassies. For example, Marines guard the US Consulate in Hong Kong and, in the past, have guarded the US Consulate in addition to the Embassy in Haiti. The decision as to which consulates receive this augmented security lies with the State Department. State identifies its requirements and DOD/Marines work to provide it. A U.S. Ambassador serving in an unstable region can/will normally have a security detail provided by the State Departments Diplomatic Security Corps. State has agents specially trained to provide personal security details (similar to the Secret Service). Stephanie Hoostal at the State Liaison Office (B-330) can be reached at 6-4542 if you have questions specific to the State Dept.

Fleet Anti-Terrorism Support Team (FAST):
A FAST platoon deployed to Libya yesterday (12 Sep 12) to provide security for the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli. Established in 1987, FAST platoons provide a limited-duration, expeditionary security force to protect vital naval and national assets. FAST companies maintain forward-deployed platoons at various naval commands around the globe and possess U.S.-based alert forces capable of rapidly responding to unforeseen contingencies worldwide. FAST is not designed to provide a permanent security force for installations. FAST platoons are primarily designed to conduct defensive combat operations, military security operations, and rear area security operations in response to approved requests in support of geographic combatant and fleet commanders. When deployed to reinforce embassies with existing MCESG detachments, FAST platoons will customarily provide an outer cordon of security inside the embassy compound, while MCESG Marines maintain security of the chancery proper, and host nation police/security forces provide an outer cordon of security beyond embassy grounds.

NOTE: Although a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) has traditionally been forward deployed to the Mediterranean (2.5 MEU forward deployment-1 x east coast MEU to the Med, 1 x west coast MEU to the Pacific, and the 31st MEU forward based out of Okinawa, Japan), there is currently no MEU presence in the Mediterranean. The Marine Corps currently maintains a 1.5 MEU presence forward deployed. We currently have the 24th MEU from the east coast deployed to the Persian Gulf, a west coast MEU is conducting work-ups for deployment, and the 31st MEU is operating from Okinawa.

Please see the attachments for more information on FAST or MCESG. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Marine Corps Liaison Office in RHOB-B324.

Alex Cross, Maj USMC
Deputy Director, Marine Liaison Office
U.S. House of Representatives
B-324 Rayburn

@MataHarley: #26,

You present a plausible scenario for H. Clinton however their challenge is that it is so late in the term & election campaign, that any rationalization for her exit would be a lie and would be seen as such. The MSM is looking ridiculous covering for this mess already. It would have an even greater challenge to overcome the PR stench on her exit, while still protecting Obama.

Right now, Slick Willie is strategizing/threatening/pleading with every Democrat holding a grain of influence, in order to save his wife’s reputation, save his legacy, save his daughter’s future run for office. The fresh ‘spin’ coming would make for great entertainment if it wasn’t revolving around such a sad calamity.What could go wrong?

I think that O. is between a rock and a hard place, and Hillary will stay put till the end of the term.

@James Raider, she may stay in place until the end of the term, or at least thru the election. But she’s already made noises she didn’t want to do this thru a second term.

But if the focus on the SOS failures to provide the necessary security to guard sensitive docs, plus to aid in the safety of diplomats if a facilities is breached, continues via media, I don’t think Obama has any choice but to cut her loose prior to the election. She’ll be an added albatrose around his already burdened neck.

@MataHarley: #29,

Thanks Mata, I’ll eat that one. Seemed insane but came across it too many times in 48 hours and presto, I swallowed it. :-/

I stayed there looking at him and felt his painful ending, I SEARCH HIS FACE TO FIND DEATH,

Perhaps the disease BYOBS (Believing Your Own Bull Shit) is endemic among classic narcissists and has inflicted not only BO but Hilary as well. Oh what a measure of conceit you must have to believe that with a pretty speech and a heart-felt wave that all will be well among your faithful followers. In essence this is the downfall of the narcissist, for after a lifetime of admiration by simple-minded sycophants, Hilary and Obama both believed the rest of the world viewed them in a similar manner. But reality can be a cruel mistress or sometimes a beautiful whore with the clap as these two are starting to realize.

With the upcoming bloodletting, where Libyan collaborators will be butchered like Christians in the Coliseum were butchered for a Roman holiday, how will we ever secure an intelligence network in these Arab countries. Those days are over, thanks to the incompetency of Hilary, who has expressed shock at the behavior of the Islamic fanatics. They have surely forgotten that she shares the most sensitive State Department information with her constant companion and confidant Huma; who was a powerful voice in the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the rest of her immediate family, through the Muslim Journal, before signing on with Hilary.

Odds are, Obama will make a show, flexing military might against Iran. He has to take some drastic action to change the subject of his disaster in Libya, and general failure in the ME.

@James Raider:

Maybe Bubba Clinton will advise Obama to come up with his own “Monica Lewinsky” to distract the reporters who are asking questions about Libya. It worked so well for Bubba. After all, those that support Obama would only clap their hands and shout “Lookie, lookie, Obama has a modernmarriage. Isn’t he wonderful?”

@Skookum, the confirmation of the groups responsible for the Benghazi consulate attack. At latest, it’s mostly smacking of AQ/Zawahari affiliated Jihadi groups, not the MB. It’s important to know there is a difference, even if but by degrees. They are, IMHO, all bad guys and they all want power. But they see different ways to achieve that power.

As I’ve tried to point out, the AQ type hardliner Jihadi groups, who prefer militant jihad (shunning democratic elections) don’t get along very well with the MB (who prefers electoral power). They consider them pansies, so to speak. MB has gained their ground in other Muslim nations by following in the footsteps of Hamas and Hezbollah, attempting to wrest power via elections. They’ve been expanding their methods of recruitment and infiltration via universities, Internet, etc. I wrote an FA post on this back in July 2008.

MB worming their way into power worked well in Egypt. In Libya, they aren’t there yet since they are still viewed more “radical” than Jabril’s National Forces Alliance of Libya, but not as radical as AQ affiliates. Being that the Benghazi areas prefer to be autonomous from the rest of the country, I was surprised that the MB didn’t fare as well as they thought in the election. Instead they went 60% to Jabril. Then again, there were something like 80 different political parties in that election. But I don’t believe that, considering MB’s push via electoral methods for power, they’ve suddenly changed strategy and are now risking that fragile foothold by using violent attacks instead. It’s possible, but unlikely at this venture.

Libyans – tho Muslim – have resisted radical Islamists for the most part since the 18th century and preferred the more Western leadership of their “Sufi King”, King Idris (the guy overthrown by Gaddafi). In this way I think they are much like the Pakistanis, who resist radical Islam dictating their lives and enjoy the modern amenities of the west, like universities, etc. But like any Muslim nation, these elements live within their borders and never stop attempting to gain the upper hand on the rest. The MB would win no favors by employing the methods of Zawahiri and his Jihadi affiliated groups.

Zawahiri and his jihadis are a whole different critter. They didn’t like Mubarak, but they don’t like the current leadership either. They have more to gain stealing the names of those that cooperated with the rebels and the US than the MB does. So while we don’t know for sure, it leans towards them, not the MB, as the culprits. We might know eventually, but I’m betting that those responsible won’t be found to be the MB.


We might know eventually, but I’m betting that those responsible won’t be found to be the MB.

It’s entirely possible that the MB itself has been infiltrated by those more sympathetic to the ways and means that AQ uses. Wouldn’t surprise me.

johngalt: It’s entirely possible that the MB itself has been infiltrated by those more sympathetic to the ways and means that AQ uses.

Anything is possible, johngalt. But in that case, they would be acting as rogue agents outside of the MB leadership, and they would publicly disavow them. Generally radical Islamists take credit for their attacks… they don’t try to hide them. The MB, attempting to gain government power thru elections, are not going to compromise their attempts in doing so by aligning themselves with this attack officially, IMHO. Just as they did last year in Damascus.


Point taken.

But this;

The MB, attempting to gain government power thru elections, are not going to compromise their attempts in doing so by aligning themselves with this attack officially

……… not what I meant.

AQ has shown a propensity to deceive and intermingle with other muslim and ME groups, such as police and military, in order to carry out attacks. Mostly against our soldiers and the soldiers of other countries, but also against the citizenry of those countries we are in. It wouldn’t surprise me if AQ has infiltrated the MB, without MB knowing about it. If for nothing else but the information available, particularly in those countries like Egypt and Libya, who have fragile governments in place at the moment.

I understood what you meant about infiltration, johngalt. That doesn’t change the outcome that any MB infiltrator is not working on behalf of the MB, but as a rogue radical Jihadi agent. I had read the same CNN article Skook quoted above.. that they suspected an AQ affiliate that named themselves after the US imprisoned Blind Sheik. No final culprits yet, and a group may step forward and claim official responsibility in time. But as I said, I think the possibilities that it’s MB is highly remote and improbable.

Marines not allowed to carry live ammo on embassy duty in Cairo sounded like B.S. from the beginning see # 29 . Just another day at the office for USMC.
Question is , how much other B.S. is being disseminated by far right American fanatics?
Exit question Do you really want to defend this lying ,convicted felon, trash “movie maker?” Did he violate his probation terms of early release by using the internet without probation officer’s permission and using a false name?


There were attacks in Benghazi on both the American Consulate and the American Ambassador’s car, and one on the Red Cross and the idiots at the State Department puts out a web note that there is no “credible” information that there is any unrest just days before 9-11, only to scrub that entry yesterday?

Then Jay Carney, the Howdy Doody of the Obama administration, says that these attacks were NOT against U.S. Middle Eastern policy or against the Obama administration (never mind the chants of “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”/and the burning of Obama in effegy) but it was all due to a stupid film? And we have Americans who are saying “Well, yeah, it could have been the film?” And then Howdy Doody Jay Carney says that there was no “actionable intelligence?” How damn stupid are Americans who are buying into this crap?

Know what “actionable” intelligence is, folks? It’s knowing the who, why, when and where so that “action” can be taken against it. I guess those at State were just too busy watching porn to be looking into Benghazi’s Consulate that was unprotected.

Obama, 2009

“That experience [his time being a Muslim in Indonesia when he was under 10 years old] guides my conviction that partnership betweern America and Islam must be based on what Islam is, not what it isn’t. And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative sterotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

Well, that is ONE promise he has kept. He will continue to defend Islam (which is NOT a nation) against all odds. Odd, I thought the purpose of foreign policy was to create parterships with nations, not religions. I guess that partnership only applies to Islam since he seems to have no trouble going after the Catholic faith.

Did anyone else notice that there were no emotions in Clinton’s or Obama’s voices? Clinton now uses the same digital voice as Obama. She’s been digitised.

I can’t help but see a relationship between the political realities of the ME and Fundamentalist Christianity. When they talk about “Obama’s inability to handle the ME”, they really mean ‘control’. In the past, the US has always controlled governments by buying and installing dictators. This president has encouraged nations to become self-governing democracies—regardless of if the leaders the people elect believe as we do or not (they are functioning at the behest of their people, not the US.

One such freedom that democracy ensures is freedom of religion. The predominant religion of these countries Islam. Of course this factor is one in which they are wrong—they should all be Christians. Right? Well that’s not the way it is—get used to it. And they have their own bible (the Koran) and their own laws (which actually aren’t as severe as suggested by the Christian Fundamentalist extremists). There may be some extremists who still believe in the literal remedies in the Koran (as Christian Fundamentalists believe in the proscriptions and penalties against homosexuals, prostitutes, and adulterers in the Bible).

We do not any longer control other people’s cultures.

Funny you’d make that point liberal1..

Seeking freedom and supporting Democracy and democratic reforms in the ME was trashed in the press during Bush years as entirely insane and unworkable part of the “Bush doctrine” that was invented by Rumsfeld and Century for New America as a means to project power in the region and take their oil. One of the rebukes by liberals was that such reform would ….promote Islamic religious institutions in gov and foment religious violence. It’s a little known secret that Obama adopted, continued and carried on many key parts of it as President. Thanks for pointing it out

Now…where is he on Iran? Still reaching out his hand? They had a “spring” uprising. Crickets. He’s perusing the old containment/UN model with them and it’s failing miserably. The “crippling sanctions” they’ve put in place are mostly punishing the citizens/people….the regime has all the money and support it needs to survive.

Democracy doesn’t preserve religious freedom. It preserves the will of the majority. Thank God we have a Constitutional Republic…where the freedom of Religion and other rights are enumerated such that they cannot be denied us….unless you are president Obama or a liberal of course 🙂

One way our rights that makes us inherently different is the freedom “not” to practice a religion nor have gov impose one on everybody. You can’t be prosecuted by gov here for blasphemy, or not honoring religious tradition. You are free to insult, desecrate religious symbols…etc…which most liberals do with abandon. These rights are not inherent because of our democratic form of gov. They are enumerated, fought for and paid for.

What are you fighting for? What are they fighting for? One would think that sooner or later…they’d run out of virgins.

I would add..the only organized extremist protesters we have right now in the US using violence and disruptive tactics in order to be “heard” are OWS idiots.

Dc, don’t forget the union thugs of the SEIU.

Obama and his clowns of hypocrisy could not pull off this charade without the compliance of the alphabet propaganda bureaus. It is time to expose and humiliate them; until they are no longer accepted in polite society, academia has also earned a place in the rogue’s gallery of Useful Idiots.

why do we always fall for the same crap from ragheads that pisslam is a religion which it is not because it is a political system that worships death.pisslam is a death cult so that is what we should give them what they want just take iran it wants nuclear weapons so we should give them some of ours.then tell the human savages that their moon god in meca is next.i say we should kill them all and let god sort them out!