Obama Concedes [Reader Post]


Things are likely getting a little scary in the White House these days.  (See the ghost in the actual photo?)  Just last week, the Justice Department ceases its efforts to find any wrong doing with the CIA.   Wasn’t this a campaign promise of Obama?

Last Friday, the Justice Department also provided a news release of that charges of financial misconduct have been dropped against Sheriff Joe.

What is next?  Well, the Justice Department is still investigating those pesky security leaks.  The two attorneys likely will interview all 4,800 people who knew of the intelligence before they interview senior White officials.  That should take at least until after the election.  Then it will not matter! 

And what about the Fast and furious investigation?  Does anyone believe that the documents will be turned over to Representative Issa?  Obama needs to be careful here.  If he loses the election, the next president can prosecute Holder and many others in the administration.  After the new president is sworn into office, Obama can no longer pardon those responsible.

The courts have chastised EPA overandoveragainfortheirincompetence.

Things are so scary that Obama felt the need to follow Romney to a state that will undoubtly vote for Romney this election.  Did he do this because he cares or because if he didn’t it would tarnish his image?

Obama continues to whine about Romney and Ryan and their “extreme” views like socializing the United States is not an extreme view! 

He isn’t just bailing out US companies, he vows to bail out Greece after the election with US dollars. 

He is also planning on bailing out foreign companies. 

His green cars were purchased by companies who were awarded stimulus money.  (Volts were likely purchased after donations to the “Reelect  Obama” campaign.)

Now, the volt production has been stopped so Government Motors can build real cars that real people will buy! 

I guess Obama has conceded since he does not even occupy his chair during a debate with a movie actor/director.  Maybe he is trying to minimize his “extreme” positions until after the election.  Isn’t that what he told the Russians?

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I watched Obama give a stump speech where he berated Romney/Ryan as not having any ”new” ideas.
But the commies stopped coming up with any new ideas back in 1932!
And Obama is sticking with that ancient playbook.
He has a lot of nerve.
No, wait, Obama lacks nerve.
He’s just assuming his listeners are too stupid to think about the obvious comparison.

@Nan G: Many of his listeners…millions, in fact, ARE too stupid to think…period.

CNN blows holes in the 4.5 million jobs claim

I called my Congressman today and asked about the leaks. Nothing to report. I told them when Congress reconvenes, the “investigators” need to be called on the carpet to give a progress report on their “investigations”. Fox found out in less than a week who wrote the OBL book but these guys can’t get to the bottom of the intel leaks and it has been how many months?

@Hard Right: Yeah, who ever did that article will be gone in a week, damn Right Wing radicals reporting the facts.