A successful President Romney won’t be your friend, but if we’re lucky, he’ll be a leader instead [Reader Post]


Barring some unforeseen cataclysm, Mitt Romney will be the 45th president of the United States… and the vote will likely not even be close. His acceptance speech at the GOP convention last week did exactly what it had to do, it provided Americans who might have been sitting on the fence with the nudge they needed to climb down and pull the lever for him. If you had to distill his speech down to one line, it might have been “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. MY promise…is to help you and your family.” In one fell swoop Romney put the absurdity of Barack Obama into context. It put in stark contrast his soaring, vainglorious rhetoric with the abject failure of virtually every aspect of his presidency. By contrast, Romney demonstrated his clear understanding of what is important to most Americans.

The question now becomes, what form will that “help” take? One assumes Barack Obama meant to help Americans by seeking to institute policies that advance his “share the wealth” agenda. That’s the problem with words like help, support, or phrases like “restore America”, “American values” or even “Hope and Change”. They mean different things to different people. Indeed they are by design sufficiently nebulous that anybody can read into them anything at all.

That is largely how Barack Obama got elected in 2008. Although he had a record that was crystal clear in demonstrating his leftist ideology, for the most part the mainstream media ignored it. As a result, many on the left (and in the middle) buried their heads and took Obama’s promise of “Hope and Change” to mean whatever they wanted it to mean. They interpreted it that Barack Obama was going to implement policies that pursued their particular hopes, whatever they might have been. As anyone who’s ever heard of a psychic reeling in a gullible customer with “There’s something in your past that troubles you…” can tell you, “Hope and Change” was a recipe for disaster and disappointment. And the resulting policies were just that. As a result, thankfully, Barack Obama is going to be a one term president.

Mitt Romney will need to follow a different path, otherwise he will suffer the same fate. His will have to be a presidency of leadership; explicit and painful leadership at that. Given the coming taxageddon, a 60% higher national debt and a floundering economy, Romney will have to deliver a variety of painful medicines to Americans of all stripes. Here are five suggestions that would help Romney combat the current malaise and help resurrect American prosperity.

1. He should freeze federal spending at current levels. Cut programs, personnel and redistribute funds among departments, but don’t increase spending by one single dime.

2. He should implement the Fair Tax. Absent that, he should immediately implement a 10% flat tax that applies to income, dividends and capital gains while eliminating all deductions, period. In addition, he should set a 20% corporate income tax.

3. He should roll over all federal debt into bonds with a minimum maturity of at least 10 years, with as much as possible into 30 year bonds.

4. He should require every federal department, commission and agency to provide a 10 page overview of every regulation on its books that impacts more than a quarter of a million people and or costs the economy by more than $100 million per year. Upon receiving those overviews, he should use a strict constructionist interpretation to determine if each is Constitutional, and rescind those deemed not to be so.

5. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he should appoint Paul Ryan to present options that will harness the power of beneficiary choice and market forces to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

In January 2013 Mitt Romney will find himself in a situation similar to that in which Ronald Reagan found himself 32 years before. The biggest difference is that in 1980 federal entitlement programs cost approximately $245 billion a year and represented 8.8% of GDP while in 2011 they cost $2.25 trillion and represented a full 15% of GDP. At the same time, the national debt, which must be serviced with taxpayer dollars, stood at 25% of GDP in 1980 while today it exceeds 100%.

Because of the potential consequences of an American collapse, the economic disaster the United States faces today is more precarious than any American president has ever had to face. Mitt Romney will not have the luxury of taking half measures in order to cure this disease. Success in the next president’s term will require him to clearly communicate to Americans the difficulties that we face and the consequences of not acting; demonstrate the courage to make the painful cuts that will be necessary; and finally, possess the fortitude to endure the withering abuse that will no doubt follow.

After two decades of unfettered spending by politicians of both parties, it’s time for Americans to learn that it’s simply not possible to spend more than you have in perpetuity. It’s time for a president to step up and bear the burden of articulating the challenges ahead and his plan to solve them. At that point citizens can begin to act accordingly. That’s the kind of help Americans really need.

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Bravo! It is amazing to me how the lying Democrats are projecting themselves onto the GOP. Harry Reid saying Romney is the most secretive!!! I pray the American people can discern the genuine leader from the imposter, the competent man from the disfunctional, the visionary from the dreamer and start to set this great country back on the track laid out by the honest folks who preceeded us.

All that I want from the government is for it to get out of my way.
Go back to where you came from, Feds.
Back to the Constitution and it’s limits on your power.

I hope Romney is smart enough (unlike Bush Jr.) to hand out pink slips to the progressive leadership that all the agencies have been stacked with. Clinton cleaned house when his administration came to power, (including many of the White House staff positions.)

For a compete compendium of Romey’s lies (all 533 of them)—and possibly some of Ryan’s too—see:


What, a leader?

Unfortunately, Lib1, there is no counter to your list of Romney lies.
As a mathematician, I must point out that the lies of Obama are transfinite in number. Or, saying it another way, there are not enough numbers in the natural number set to enumerate them all.
Futility is encountered when one tries to track all of the promises Obama has made.
Lies, distortions, exaggerations, and misstatements are the core of Obama’s campaign.
He has no record (except incomplete) to run on.
So go ahead.
Drink that kool-aid.

Vince says Romney wins and the vote won’t be close. You’re kiddin aren’t you?
This election will be heavily influenced by the debates. Then it’ll come down to the winner in Ohio,Fla, and Va. Romney must win all 3, no easy task but certainly doable . The popular vote should be equally close with less than 2 million votes seperation.
Dems will get a slightly bigger bounce from their convention and take a small yet surmountable lead into final 2 months.Romney is substantially outraising BHO. They are both soliciting me.
Obama hurt by going negative so early. Michelle may be his biggest asset. Negative on her would be a HUGE Repub. mistake. Clintons’ influence on outcome not yet clear.

Hang On

@Richard Wheeler:

Michelle may be his biggest asset.

Actually, Michelle might be his biggest anchor. Replays of her “proud” statement show a disconnect with reality. The facts regarding her “vacations” don’t play very well to the people her husband lectured about saving and cutting back.

And I’ve said before, I don’t care how well he might be as a father, or a husband. Radical progressive ideology leading to tyranny is not what We, the People, want.

@ Ditto #3….
DC will need a MAGNUM strength ENEMA… to help clean things up if Romney wins.. if OBAMA wins.. the Cesspool will only become MORE FULL ….

It’s encouraging to see that Mitt can count to 5 on his fingers, although his expression suggests that he might be momentarily stumped concerning what comes after 4.

@liberal1(objectivity): So let me get this straight. You, Lib1 hate all who has a different opinion than you and believe the website you posted as gospel, or should I say truthful since you may not want to mention anything that is related to God. This is a website which is run by a former teacher who now lives in Hawaii and now all he does is blog six different ones. I think it’s pretty ironic, a former teacher (union lackey) and he lives in Hawaii one of the largest welfare states in the US. This websites info is pulled from the likes of a news show on the Comedy channel, Pravda and Al Jazeera to pick a couple of trusted reporting standouts.
So go ahead and keep reading this drivel and drink the “Hope and Change” cocktail Obama is serving this time. People like you make it real easy to choose the right thing to do for our country.
Thanks for that.

But how exactly does Vince know that Romney won’t mess up the economy? We can’t take Romney on his word and expect what he says will occur. I can’t do the same with Obama either. So what makes any of you so sure about voting/supporting Romney? Many of you are presenting Romney as the saving grace against the devil that’s Obama. On democratic/leftist websites, it’s the other way around. Neither Obama’s economic plans nor Romney’s social plan appeal to me.