2012….A Good Sign?


This report from New Hampshire is a telling sign….too bad most of them are Romney signs:

The sheer number of Republican yard signs in New Hampshire is staggering.

…the signs are everywhere, and not just on empty lots and medians. They’re on front lawns and in the windows of businesses. They’re in every neighborhood and in front of every type of house.

Barack Obama is in big trouble.

I know, I know: It’s a Republican primary. And, of course, “yard signs don’t vote.”

But signs on front yards are a very public expression of political opinion. A yard sign is an extremely accurately measure of that single voter’s comfort level with a candidate or a party.

And people in the swing state of New Hampshire are very comfortable letting their neighbors know that they’re voting Republican this year.

My how things have changed.

The author describes how many might think this sign is no sign at all but if you have ever lived in a blue or purple state you would understand that the opposite is true. Putting a sticker on your car in a blue area meant getting accosted by neighbors and friends about how wrong you are in your political beliefs. I’m sure many of the readers have been through the same thing. So if someone didn’t feel to strongly about the election coming up, they just skipped putting that sign in their yard, putting that sticker on their car. If the opposite is happening, it’s a sign.

We all experienced this in 2008. If you just followed the media, Facebook posts from long-lost friends and, yes, the yard signs, you would never have guessed that someone other than Barack Obama won 46% of the vote in 2008. (His name was John McCain.) In “polite company” in purple states (and on the “purple state” of Facebook) it was just assumed that you were with Obama.

…But there are also signs up all over the capital city of Concord – a Democrat stronghold. Concord isn’t “purple.” It’s deep-blue town in a purple state. The Republicans who live there personify the “I sometimes vote Republican, but…” mentality.

Concord is full of Romney, Huntsman, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum signs. They’re in every neighborhood. They’re brazenly posted in shop windows. There are more Republican signs in Concord, New Hampshire than I have ever seen.

Swing-state Republicans take note: 2012 will be different.

Too bad we have the relief pitchers on the mound this time. Or as Zombie calls them, the Unfunny Charade.

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Great news. So now instead of showing that they are idiots, they will show that they are just stupid by voting for McRomney.

HOPE RICK PERRY SWITCH THOSE SIGNS , and replace them with his own,
he’s got the stuff, but not the sign.

you must be busy with your CANDIDATE

Have you checked President Obama’s average Job Approval Rating number on Real Clear Politics lately?

If Obama isn’t doing something right, the opposition must be doing something dead wrong.


And a Happy New Year to you too, Bees!

Hey @Greg, have you checked Obama’s DISAPPROVAL ratings lately? Hint, it’s the number that’s bigger than the “approval”…..

@Greg: #6
Have you checked to see if the Real Clear Politics sight is a liberal, conservative, or neutral web site?

I hope the new year of 2012 will bring an open-minded attitude to all conservatives, liberals, and neutralists. May we look at each politician with an open mind so that we can see their faults and strengths no matter what political party they belong to. May we also vote for them with those ideas in mind, and not by which party they belong to.


There are politicians in both parties that should be voted out. I will try to do my part in putting them in the unemployment line.


You ask a lot of a propagandist like greg. He doesn’t care about facts, just pushing his agenda.
There was a time when I thought greg was just a devoted liberal, but it’s become clear he is happy to push what he knows to be outright lies.

Well Greg, the RCP approval percentage is 46.4 and the disapproval percentage is 48.2. I guess you are entitled to your own opinion, but you don’t get your own facts. No president in history has been reelected with this low approval rating ten months before an election. But of course, there are those Democrats that cling to their windmills and ideology and are scared stiff of persons that look like me, to paraphrase the chief donkey.


Ride A Pale Horse
that is a good counterpart, that will crack up CURT

@Rides A Pale Horse: Too funny!

@Smorgasbord: @Greg: #6
Have you checked to see if the Real Clear Politics sight is a liberal, conservative, or neutral web site?

The site isn’t the problem, it is averaging apples and oranges in all these polls.
Some are polls of
LIKELY voters (people registered to vote who have voted in their past most recent two elections),
REGISTERED voters (people registered but who may never have voted).
ADULTS (people who may or may not be registered to vote but who are over 18).

CBS’s poll (see click it then see page 8 ) is of ”all Americans,” which doesn’t even limit it to adults!
It gives Obama the best approval rating, too. +3

Rasmussen only asks LIKELY voters.
From them Obama does worst. -10

Seems the less you know or care, the better Obama looks.

@Nan G: You said:

Seems the less you know or care, the better Obama looks.

Empty suits are like that, Nan.

Remember the Bradley effect? Obama is going down in a landslide. The faces on the TV blow-drys will be priceless on election night.

Congress is the key battle. Republicans will take the Senate and hold the House, and the slide into Socialism will slow from 85 mph to 55 mph. As voters see the slight improvement this will bring, the Tea Party will gain strength and the following mid-terms could be very interesting.

This has been a long slog, but people are starting to remember the American dream is the freedom to shape our lives as we desire, rather than have a govt shape it for us.

Most Americans still want to live in a country with a govt, as opposed to the opposite.

I thought this might be the best place to make this comment since people should pay attention, really pay attention this next election. As I mentioned previously in a thread and told I was wrong, I knew I wasn’t and the following provides that proof. This bill that is now law originally only included illegals and those in the country legally, but not US citizens. Obama insisted it include US citizens. He has now signed the act to allow detention of U.S. citizens -Law empowers military to indefinitely detain terror suspects. He has just made the green suiters (military) his own personal brown suit army (SIC). More details are provided below.


As an aside, what will this do to people who post on blogs like this or make comments in general, in public? Since big sis has determined all military, religious people and those hanging onto their guns, and of course white people are really terrorists, this is a real concern.


Get over it Bigots. Romney wins and it’s game over for you twits.

Nice article about ex-Obamites in Iowa.

Bobby Burns: “I guess you could say I have seen the light.”
Garrison Gardner: “Anything is better than what he have going on now at the White House.”
Allen Anthony: “Twenty-three years ago I made more than I did today, My future, my town’s future, is all heading in the wrong direction.”

Nan G
they can visit, we will teat them well here, thank’s for the good news.
more encouraging to begin the NEW YEAR,
MY MY HOW TIME FLYE, we’ll be there faster than we think with those good news


if you’re not happy about it, don’t insult anyone but yourself,
bigot’stwits in your face

@Ghost: Do you always attempt to make your points so eloquently and with such studious application of factual sources?

Or does being the south end of a north-bound horse come naturally to you?

Ghost has me wondering. Are we bigots because we oppose Romney, or because we are Conservatives? Hmmmm.
If it’s the Mormon thing, my Mormon fiance’ might disagree with him/her/it.

I have no idea what Ghost is referring to when he accuses people here of bigotry.
As to Romney’s Mormonism, I can find no policy issue where it makes a bit of difference.
People were far better at making a case against JFK’s Catholicism than they have against Romney’s Mormonism……yet despite that, he won!

But I did find out from an Iowan blogger that IF Ron Paul were to ”win” 25% of all Iowa caucus votes more-or-less equally across Iowa he would get no delegates at the Republican Convention!

An excerpt:

Let’s say Paul’s support holds and he finishes first in a close race, with about 25% of the statewide caucus vote. That vote won’t be evenly distributed. Some precincts will have a majority of Ron Paul supporters in attendance, and I would expect those precincts to elect Ron Paul supporters as their delegates to the county convention and to pass platform resolutions reflecting Ron Paul’s distinctive opinions.

But in this scenario, in the vast majority of precincts, Paul’s support will be far below 50%. In these precincts, I would expect supporters of “Non-Paul” candidates to band together and ensure that no Ron Paul supporters represent them at the county convention. There will be exceptions — a Paulistinian who is a long-time party activist or a community leader might be advanced to the next level.

At the county level, there may be a few counties with a concentration of Paul supporters where the majority of county delegates will be Paul fans and will elect their own to the state convention. But at most county conventions, Paul’s support will be less than 25%, and “Non-Paul” delegates will band together to keep Paul supporters away from the state convention.

If Paul is to have any backers at all at the state convention, it will only happen if the campaign successfully mobilizes its supporters to constitute a majority of the caucusers at a majority of the precincts in at least one county. If Paul’s 25% support is spread evenly across the state, he will have no delegates at the Iowa state convention and no delegates from Iowa in Tampa.

This outcome would not be the result of a grand establishment conspiracy against Ron Paul. It would be a reflection of how Paul polarizes the Republican electorate.


I don’t believe in this 2012 stuff..