Obama’s media poodles [Reader Post]


Keep an eye out for the following Obama pet poodles:

Ezra Klein, Greg Sargent,Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Frank Bruni, Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall, Faiz Shakir and Joy Reid.

They were summoned to the White House and they were given their marching orders.

Make everything about racism.

An all-star list of progressive and liberal media folks came to the White House today to chat with President Obama over coffee in the Roosevelt Room.

The group chatted with the president about economic messaging, his agenda for 2012, the various campaign arguments against different GOP candidates, the desire among some Democrats for him to highlight his foreign policy accomplishments, fighting corporate influence and the “crappiness” of the Senate filibuster , as one attendee put it.

Those there included the Washington Post‘s Ezra Klein and Greg Sargent, MSNBC anchors Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Hayes, the Nation’s editor and publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel, the New York Times‘ Frank Bruni, and stars of the interwebs Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo, Faiz Shakir of ThinkProgress and Joy Reid of The Reid Report.

Back in May I wrote that the 2012 election would have a racism theme dominating it and it’s here in full force. Not stopping for even a cup coffee following the meeting, Josh Marshall sprang into action.

Donald Trump may have left the Republican Party, but he’s staying put in his role as the right’s racial conspiracy theorist-in-chief. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted his endorsement of the latest bit of holiday cheer from the extremist ant-Obama right. As the story goes on more than one conservative blog this week, Obama declined to offer an official statement marking Christmas, but made sure to get one out celebrating Kwanzaa.

This tale is as blatantly racial as it is demonstrably false, and it comes in the grand tradition of accusing Obama of supporting Ramadan over Easter and the old Trump favorite that Obama got into the Ivy League because he’s not white, not because he’s smart.

TPM, via WZ

Marshall joins the dutiful left wing Obama zombie parade already at work. Racism has already reared its ugly head at vanden Heuvel’s Nation, Sargent’s Plum Line, and Klein Wonkblog.

That they are Obama’s pet poodles is all well and good but no one ever ought to insult them by associating the word “journalist” with any of them.

That would be wrong. They’re poodles.

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I am sick of this racist crap. Hating whites is racist too, you moron.

Christmas vs. Ramadan (Obama Style)

Trump must have missed that.
And also Trump missed Obama TWEETING a Christmas greeting.

And Trump missed Obama with Justin Beiber singing carols.

But, hey, there might still be a few Americans who do Kwansa.
I don’t know of any, and I am at ground zero for it, near the campus where it originated!
It used to be quite big here in LB, but it has disappeared.
Maybe they do it in private only.

Anyway, Trump is ill-informed and (thankfully) an EX-Republican-in-name-only who finally came clean.

Obama’s usual drone is enough for me to tune him out most of the time, but I check before saying it did NOT happen, in case it did…. but Obama put me to sleep doing it.

I have often wondered, does the Race Card have to be renewed every year or is it a lifetime membership that is granted as a parting gift to journalists and reporters when they finish J school? Maybe it comes on the back of the press credentials that are issued to the applicant. The way it is whipped out by these scribes when they have no coherent argument tells me it has to be at the very least laminated because the damn thing has to get worn out quickly through constant use. Maybe its a steal badge they carry around in their wallets and purses.

Another argument could be it is issued by their employers to be used like a sick day. Holiday season and you have to submit something by deadline. Pull out the race card, rearrange a few words here and there from previous articles you wrote, change the date and *BAAM* you got yourself a article and an invite to the New York Times New Years party!

They also discussed how to manipulate polls making it appear that his popularity, and approval is higher than it actually is, and we see that in action. The unemplyment number are also part of this deceit, as well as the housing fudged numbers.
There is not one iota honesty or integrity within this corrupt white house. See the insider info regarding the manipulations foretold a couple of weeks ago.
This crop is pathetic!

And how about those conservative poodles–Hannity, O’Reily, Limbaugh, etc. As I recall, Bush had a propaganda meeting with some of them during his administration.

I commented yesterday on a post by Curt and the same comment works so well here.

The MSM, better known as the Co-opted Media or as I call it the ” Obama/Democratic Party Propaganda Agency” (Tass or Pravda JR. also comes to mind) will not only never publish truth, but in fact will continue to push the lies that are the alternative!

I’ve said way to many times. A co-opted media, telling the big lie until it is truth in the minds of the electorate is the tool of all wanna be dictators or power mad political scum of all stripes. Above is the perfect example of the corruption and deceit that highlights not only this administration but most establishment scum political hacks of all parties. I’ve used the Hitler (and I’m not really in the mood to listen to the B.S. as to using this analogy. what Obama and the scum in D.C. are doing as to the big lie is every bit as bad as Hitler, Stalin or any dictator or tyrant government leader) analogy more than once as most here know as to the big lie, yet there it is, prominently on display for all to see. Yet, there are way to many people who, in not having been taught and/or vilified for their beliefs in God and country who will choose to believe the lie and not look beyond the the MSM dribble! That is the really sad commentary as to this situation and unfortunately is FACT!

yes they have different MEDIAS, but they keep saying the same thing in different words, how boring,
I love the FOX’S HANNITY, AND CAVUTO, AND GRETA, they are the real things for the public to be inform,
an level way up above, the other, that’s why they are so well received in any STATES OF THIS COUNTRY.
and many other contributors to support their work of telling it as it is,

Hi Bees! Just wanted to wish you the Happiest of New Years!

Obama strategy for 2012:

1) “You racist!”
2) “Bush did it!”
3) Repeat steps one and two.

That’s all they have, people!

that is easy to beat, we can think of a better campaign,


we can think of a better campaign

what is your campaign platform, Bee?

C Andrew Scott
I would start with; LET THEM GROW FLOWERS AND LET THE BEES BUZZ, all over AMERICA than the land of honey would come back

@ilovebeeswarzone: that sounds kinda “hippie” to me. you sure you’re not liberal? lol

C Andrew Scott
that is very funny,
you have to read behind the words,

C Andrew Scott
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yesterday was a big calf day, 3 came out at the same time, one refuse to suck the teat, I had to stay there all day trying to incite her, finally she did start at the end of the day,that was a lot of trouble to do it,
and the water was frozen, so it was a lot of work to defrost it, I think the dogs or cats did unplug the wire,
a good thing is that manure pusher machine did work. bye
I just love stories that end well

@ilovebeeswarzone: what about vegans? they don’t believe in eating honey.

(yeah…weird, right?)

C Andrew Scott,
the VEGANS can do what they want, freedom for all,

drj, I’m confused as to what you are unhappy with here, guy. As far as I can see via your links, they are specifically targeting the massive exodus of lib/progs (the white ones.. you know, the ones Obama “gave up” on?) from the Democrat party.

What it appears is that The socialist/progressive Nation, Ezra Klein and Greg Sargeant – for whatever reason – are launching a “campaign” to subtly label the defectors (not conservatives who’ve never supported him) racists if they *don’t* toe the party line, and vote for Obama.

Hummm… Dem calling other defecting Dems racist for defecting… This is bad, how? I call it a losing strategy for them, and therefore encourage them to “go for it”.

As for Obama’s part in this? I know that he is well aware of the Dem registration defection, his disapproval numbers, and the shakiness of his base. But even I can’t see him being dumb enough to gather progressives pundits in the dark of night to give them, as you say, “marching orders” to call other Dems racist. Get serious. I doubt such a pathetic attempt at “guilt” would work.

And if the punditry will be playing the race card against conservatives, they will be holding that tact for the general election. But again, he wants to hold his base together, this will backfire big time.

But one thing is for sure… none of the links you provide are calling the GOP or conservatives.. who’ve never had a positive “approval” rating of this POTUS… racists.

As for TMZ – showing up Trump as the loon, slightly to the right of Ron Paul. Okay. Must confess. No disagreement with that. Trump the chump is an embarrassment, and may play a game in the attempt to bolster his own PR relations as a 3rd party spoiler. We’ll have to see how many loons, that aren’t Ron Paul supporters, decide to jump on the Trump the chump band wagon. Quite frankly, with a 40 something approval rating (at this moment… it will bobble over the next year, depending upon events), any incumbent facing that, plus a loser economy, has got to be praying for a 3rd party spoiler.

But hang.. they don’t need the chump for that. We’ve already got enough “where’s the beef” complaining going with the GOP line up. The more logical, and damaging 3rd party candidate would be Ron Paul.

So let them play a racist card on their own, drj. Consider it a New Year’s gift. This will be very entertaining.

I want to apologize to the Bee Warrior. I’ve been pounding her because the majority of Quebecois that I meet spout nothing but liberalism. Pulling calves, baby, sounds awesome to me.
Happy New Year, to the Bee Warrior, and to all the denizens that enjoy this site. Bonne Heureuse Annee.

oil guy from Alberta
we enjoy you too,
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@MataHarley: I am pointing out the obeisance of these talking/blogging heads primarily. Then again, perhaps Obama is triangulating a la Clinton and Obama benefits from any racially based conflict.

In any case, we now learn what Josh Marshall’s homework was:

What’s the Deal with Romney’s Taxes?

I’ll have more to say about the trap that Romney has set.

Well, I’m not sure they don’t take this tact on their own, drj. Most especially the largest culprit of all your linked articles.. The Nation. I place them in the same category I place publications from the KKK, to be honest. Klein didn’t go that direction. Can’t remember the others. But if you’ll remember, there was the 2007-08 scribblings by these same predictable culprits, saying that conservatives wouldn’t vote for Obama because he was black. So I’d say that they ruing the defection from the Dem party, and insinuating (or even outright accusing, as the Nation writer did) that the dissatisfaction is related to race, isn’t much surprising.

But I’ll disagree that any lib/prog pundit, calling their own defectors racists, works to Obama’s advantage. ’tis likely to have just the opposite in their opinions. Perhaps not enough to make them abandon Obama for the GOP nominee, depending upon who it is, of course. Despite being royally irate at being termed racists by their peers, that doesn’t mean they leap the ideological chasm from Euro-socialist to conservative capitalism. Just might create a more ugly season, and the usual “hold your nose” voting.

Look forward to your Romney tax returns article. But as far as I can see, the Dems are desperate to run against Romney because he’s the perfect punching bag for their “we’re the middle class saviors” campaign tactics…. whoever they are. Personally, that’s why I don’t think they’ve done much negative with Romney, and you can see even our FA liberal denizens giving him a standing O on many things. Both larry and rich have said they’d consider pulling the lever for Romney. He’s not much different than Obama, but he’s got a bullseye on his forehead, easy to portray as the evil capitalist who hates the middle class. And that’s what they need.

Since they desperately need and want Romney, they are holding their fire for the general election. This is just a little lip service by TPM, IMHO. The idea of capital gains increases will end up being an issue in the midst of the crystal ball/unicorns/houdini economic presentation, of course. But they won’t loose the big dogs until later.

And a Happy New Year to you and yours.


@ilovebeeswarzone: Happy and Healthy New Year to you as well, Bees!

To my fellow racist crackers!! Don’t bother trying to point out the obvious with these wacho liberal idiots. Next thing you know you will be hit with a carbon tax for talking back. The facts speak for themselves. Fox News is watched by a wide margin over all their garbage. Especially the Clinton News Network and Almost Beyond Comprehension.

Instead of media poodles, I prefer to call them Obama leg humpers.

Really, y’all gotta quit with this poodle thing. My poodle says he’s better than any politician OR journalist, and I know he’s right.

Quit insulting poodles. They have teeth, too. And they’re smarter than those you call poodles.

Bill Johnson
hi, I see fear in your answer, is by any chance your poodle trying to threaten you?
that’s what I was reading, and you might have to check your back for now,
have you heard of the POODLE INVASION? IT’S happening REALY, LOOK AT THIS post. JUST A WARNING,
BUT things will escalate from there on,
they want to put the leash on us, and choke us with entitelment programs,

Bees: fear? sorry, only humor intended. no, my poodle does _own_ my dobie when necessary – but he’s older, and kinda sorta more alpha, although the dobie keeps trying…at twice the weight of the poodle.

Best thing about the poodle? When that perp tells the judge he was viciously attacked by a poodle, the courtroom would fall apart with laughter. Fear the poodle.

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