Lost In The Pointless Forest, Without A Point Of View


The OWS Is A Celebration Of The Ongoing Train Wreck Of The Obama Presidency

In a cartoonish caricature of himself, columnist Paul Krugman, of the NYT, has written a rambling and unfocused apology for the incoherence of the Occupy Wall Street comedy, in a lame attempt to steal the energy of the mindless mob. Borrowing the first two lines from a popular 1967 song, by Stills of Buffalo Springfield, Krugman begins his clownish attempt of a unifying message for the mob by clumsily injecting his personal prejudices in a vague but obvious method, thereby parroting a nonexistent voice of leadership to the rebellion without direction, by offering some helpful if flaccid finger pointing.

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear, but we may, at long last, be seeing the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people.

By employing the first line of the first verse, as his opening sentence, Krugman accomplished considerably more than in the entirety of his uninspiring article. The first sentence reads, “There’s something happening here”; indeed, there is the potential for a mob, a mob without direction or intellect to guide it in a particular direction. A point illustrated by the second line of the song and this phrase of the second sentence, “What it is ain’t exactly clear,” this was the high watermark of Krugman’s article and with a nice closing sentence, it could have been considered a great article. For the true purpose of the OWS movement and of Krugman “ain’t exactly clear” isn’t exactly clear, except for the efforts of the Left to co-opt a movement without a message as a populist movement of their own to counter the concise and effective message of the TEA Party.

Paranoia strikes deep and it is hard to counter a message that resonates clearly with the public and cuts dangerously close to the corrupt and incompetent heart of the Democrat movement like a razor sharp blade between the ribs working ever closer to that same heart.

If we analyze that first verse further, we see why Krugman pulled up early with his metaphor: “I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound? Everybody look what’s going down.” While the first two lines were an alliteration of Krugman’s covert premise, the last two lines illustrate the pathetic and impotent nature of a movement without direction.

There’s something happening here.
What it is ain’t exactly clear.
There’s a man with a gun over there,
Telling me I got to beware.
I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down.

The most glaring inconsistency of the OWS mob is not that they fail to note the corruption and greed of Wall Street, no they are obviously upset with the corruption of Wall Street, but they fail to note the symbiotic relationship of that same greed and corruption of Wall Street with Obama, the messiah of Socialism. Of course Obama campaigned on a platform of ending this corruption and of correcting the injustices inflicted upon the common man, but remember, he sends young people text messages when the elections are on the horizon, a real reason to vote for the man.

The second verse could have been used more effectively by Krugman, but we are here to bury him not to help him. For “There’s battle lines being drawn;” unfortunately, when we look at the overwhelming whining of the young protesters, the common complaint of oppressive student loans comes through quite clearly.

Now why are there problems with student loans? Sympathy from a man who worked as a welder at night and a horse shoer on weekends to go to college during the week won’t be forthcoming, for he who has seen the carefree attitude of the non-disciplined college student who wasted time and money on degrees that benefited no one in particular and can be contemptuous of those who have time and resources to attend protests during college as if they were rock concerts.

Yet, people stand in line to attend college, partially to avoid responsibility, adulthood, and that ever looming dark cloud called work; all justified by the Peter Pan syndrome of avoidance of work and a mature life. To what purpose do they attend these colleges, the observer is bound to ask, oh, but to prepare them for some non-dirtying of the hands type job that will allow them to repay their student loans quickly and join that same society they are now condemning. To acquire a home, a mate, two SUVs or tin cans on wheels according to their moral compass, these are the goals, but because of this damned economy and the fact that Obama can’t manage to transform us into a Socialist Utopia, their dreams seem unobtainable.

Yes, “Young people speaking their minds,” right after having the last parental diapers of protection pulled is at the heart of the matter, they are quick to bemoan their woes while reaching out to commiserate their misery in a mournful dirge of despair, “Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.” The collective grief and anguish pleas find little sympathy among those with forty years of work behind them, who now face the loss of everything. Many of whom have never had the opportunity to gambol about on one of the country clubs of senseless and impractical learning, in a magical time warp of leisure and social excess; being faced with that ever nagging force of increasing principles on student loans and the inevitable hopelessness of a job search during an Obama Economy and the very real possibility that potential employers might not regard them with the same esteem they feel they deserve for working so hard at a degree that is considered by many employers to be of dubious value in the mean world of reality. Therefore, the whole country should, “look what’s going down,” the world is being mean to them; mommy and daddy didn’t prepare them for this life, not the cold hard realities of this life. The realities of actually holding down a job instead of the hedonism of a continual search for improvement and self-awareness are not exactly why they attended these expensive universities.

There’s battle lines being drawn.
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.
Young people speaking their minds,
Getting so much resistance from behind.
It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down.

Krugman’s liberalism needs virtuous zealots to carry forth the banners of Socialism, so what if they are nonsensical and witless poets in rags; they are taking a stand and God knows there are precious few willing to stand with Obama these days.

From Krugman’s feeble attempt at subversion, he uses the classic three part play to illustrate his anemic and pathetic plea:

In the first act, bankers took advantage of deregulation to run wild (and pay themselves princely sums), inflating huge bubbles through reckless lending. In the second act, the bubbles burst — but bankers were bailed out by taxpayers, with remarkably few strings attached, even as ordinary workers continued to suffer the consequences of the bankers’ sins. And, in the third act, bankers showed their gratitude by turning on the people who had saved them, throwing their support — and the wealth they still possessed thanks to the bailouts — behind politicians who promised to keep their taxes low and dismantle the mild regulations erected in the aftermath of the crisis.

I seem to remember Obama bailing out the bankers with obscene amounts of taxpayer dollars, Krugman must have run short of ink or he would have mentioned that inconvenient fact. Is it convenient to leave out how Rubin rewrote the bank rules and of Obama’s declaration that the banks were too big to fail? Let’s not mention that Cuomo made predatory lending legal. It is awkward to mention that Clinton opted not to regulate derivatives. The Occupy Wall Street group will become confused if they know that Democrats securitized the bogus loans at Fannie and Freddy. That Goldman and Sachs, Obama’s main corporate supported and one of the beneficiaries of obscene amounts of Obama’s stimulus, packaged and sold worthless debt as high value securities. All made possible, because they own Obama. No these are inconvenient facts, it is far better not let the crowd suffer from Aristotle’s anagnorisis described so well in “Poetic’s” as the instant when ignorance gives way to truth. No Krugman is perfectly willing to pimp for the Democrat Party and lie to the mob, telling them what he thinks they want to hear while the potential for rage over perceived social injustice increases. Little do these people of little cerebral capacity or experience realize that all of middle class America is suffering under the imposition of the Socialist Regime of Obama; they may rightly feel they have no future, the overwhelming majority is watching their lifetime investments of work and money eroding away into oblivion. Krugman implores them to jump on board and complete the transformation of America into a Socialist Dystopia and guarantee they will never have a chance of success, but an opportunity of collective mediocrity.

Krugman tries to soothe the savage beast that resides within the heart of every mob and expresses the oft-repeated premise of the Elite that guides every Useful Idiot and mindless lemming hiding within the collective of the faithful.

A better critique of the protests is the absence of specific policy demands. It would probably be helpful if protesters could agree on at least a few main policy changes they would like to see enacted. But we shouldn’t make too much of the lack of specifics. It’s clear what kinds of things the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators want, and it’s really the job of policy intellectuals and politicians to fill in the details.

How reassuring to those who sleep on the side walks, intellectuals and politicians will show the way just trust in us: “It’s clear what kinds of things the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators want, and it’s really the job of policy intellectuals and politicians to fill in the details.”

For the witless Useful Idiots who were laughed at by Stalin, theirs is not to think, but to follow the whims of intellectuals and politicians, forget those ridiculous attempts at eduction and knowledge, lest you suffer a crippling attack of anagnorisis and be of little or no use to the movement, for if ignorance gives way to truth the movement will be doomed. Remember the words to the song:

What a field day for the heat.
A thousand people in the street,
Singing songs and carrying signs,
Mostly say, “Hooray for our side.”
It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound?
Everybody look what’s going down.

“A thousand people in the street, Singing songs and carrying signs, Mostly say ‘Hooray for our side’.” This is all you need to do, trust in the Elites and we will grant you a life and guide you through the dark scary forest of life.

Fortunately, the Left and the New York Times has intellectual lightweights like Krugman for guidance; otherwise, the country could be in far worse shape with the mounting anger of our worsening economic situation being directed at the party that has controlled approximately one fourth of the legislative government, for nine months, rather the party that controls the Executive and the Senate and controlled it all for two years of this debacle. Yes rather than ridicule our opposition we should be thankful they are so clueless in the arena of ideas.

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How funny Krugman evoked Buffalo Springfield. And you taking that and running, Skook, is as usual a boatload of fun. But you missed the pertinent lyrics that I thought of first…

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

Ah yes… let’s give even more power to the central government to decide what is and isn’t “fair” social and economic justice. That’ ain’t a slippery slope. That’s a direct leap off a cliff.

BTW, Cary… just so you know, some organizers have paid the protestors… protestors that couldn’t even read the signs they were carrying because of a language barrier.

@MataHarley: Yeah Mata, we’ve covered that stuff goes on I wouldn’t like. Like you said, that many people aren’t going to be in lockstep. It’s a shame that stuff happens, it weakens the message for the “non – ne’er do wells.”

Also Cary, there is an ad out for people to get paid by joing the OWS protests.
Political party paying Occupy Wall Street protesters?


Wake up Cary. You are leaving in fantasy land when it comes to your cohorts.

That’s another example of the observation that “it’s not left v right” isn’t correct, Hard Right. The Working Families Party is a far left progressive organization, known to be dragging the liberal wing further left and having leadership from unions and the uber liberal left of the Dem Party. According to a 2005 article by Richard Poe on it’s history, it was founded by ACORN, the Communications Workers of America, and the United Automobile Workers.

Perhaps those that believe this isn’t a “left v right” protest should be pointing out some of the conservative organizations joining in the fray. I suspect that will be tough to do, with the all star progress/socialist/union line up we know of.

On occasion, WFP will endorse Republican candidates who support them on specific issues. However, its candidates are overwhelmingly Democratic. Indeed, shortly after WFP’s launch in 1998, party co-founder Bob Master – who is also New York political director of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) – told the Albany Times Union, “We’re very clear that we are not abandoning the Democratic Party.” Rather, the Working Families Party is attempting to move the Democrats “toward the progressive end of the spectrum,” as another WFP organizer put it.

You’ll find quite a bit of ACORN “squatters/occupying” history in NY housing there as well…. topped off with lots of government funding for their “collectives” – housing assets – as well. It should also be remembered that it was ACORN and the WFP that piled protestors on a bus to “occupy” the lawns of AIG officials in CT a year or so ago.

Big Government did a story in Oct 2009 on the relationships between Obama and the socialist leaning organizations like the Working Families, Democratic Socialists of America, The New Party, the SEIU and ACORN. With John Cooper’s contribution that the private park lending shelter to the occupiers was miraculously gifted with wind farm subsidy money, the threads become quite disturbing.

The Working Families Party, the unions, Adbusters – organizing leadership for OWS – bear no resemblance to Tea Party in agenda, or behavior and methods employed for protest.

INRE Cary’s observation that the OWS is PO’ed about the bailouts… well, join the rest of the nation. Public opinion was against that, just as they were against the ARRA stimulus and O’healthcare. None of that stopped Congress. Most don’t know enough about Dodd-Frank to be up in arms, and a recent Gullup poll proved that only about 10% of American know that Social Security money absconded is spent on non-Social Security expenses.

The point is, where there is commonality in being disgruntled with the status quo, the solutions proposed are as different as night and day. Tea Party wants more power left to states and private sector, while OWS wants larger and more powerful central government to enforce economic and social “justice”, as they view “justice”. And just as the Working Families say on their principles… “A progressive tax system based on the ability to pay.” – it’s just new phrasing promoting more redistribution of wealth.

@Liberal1 (objectivity):

If you support those beliefs, then you are those “names”. It’s funny you think we never hear your far left beliefs. Spare us your projection. It’s been my experience people like you make it a point to avoid thinking let alone condsidering other points of view contradictory to your own.
In fact, you are a prime example. 99% of the time you come here, spew your leftist talking point, then disappear from the thread. No one that is trying to “consider” other POV does that.

Oh and Cary, I wouldn’t get too cozy with liberalman1 considering his racist views.

Another example of leftist compassion. Code Pink protests Wounded Warrior Run.
There is a time and a place for this sort of theing, and this wasn’t it. Wake up Cary. The loony left controls the dems. Do you realy want to throw your lot in with theirs?


Code Pink Activists Interrupt Wounded Warriors at Annual Army Run

@Cary: I’m not worked up about your problem. It makes no impression and I’ve told you why.

You want all evidence that conflicts with your version to be disregarded simply because it disagrees. It’s all fabricated because you say so. Sorry.

@Cary: You said:

Thanks man. But honestly, I’m not backing down from antics.

LOL, you surely doth protest too much.

And to think, I actually imagined that it was possible to have a cogent, civil debate or discussion with someone whose third post on this thread was:

hahaha you still think this is about left/right politics or Obama….. funny. Keep assuming you know stuff and that there’s some sort of created political conspiracy, instead of coming down to NYC and finding out who is doing what. Who needs to think when they have Faux News, right?!

Yes, I know… *la la la you can’t hear me***


Maturity and intelligence at its finest, I am sure…


Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

I covertly mentioned that verse in the middle of the article, but I hesitated to carry it to the full expression of the euphemism, for fear I would look like an ax murderer in an orphanage.

Sometimes we struggle to write original material, when it is much easier to hamstring these literary half-wits the left holds up as illuminati of political theory and discourse. I say balderdash. We need to need to spend more time slitting literary throats of false journalism and slipping the razor edged dagger of truth and logic between the dysphemism ribs of lies and half truths.

It is an exercise that you could perform with methodical and lethal precision.

They leave themselves and their insipid protasis naked and exposed to the world, exposing both an anemia of wit and theory.

I suggest perusing the NYT, waiting stealthily; until, false confidence overwhelms common sense and prudence, a situation accrued from leading sheep so easily to the metaphorical abattoir of Socialism, thus these philosophical sheep herders are vulnerable to the satirical knife of the antagonistic assassin, to be butchered like innocents in the Coliseum, butchered for a Roman Holiday and another day at the games. Let the games begin!

Come on now, Skook… you would make the most charming impression of an ax murderer in an orphanage… oh the vision that conjures. LOL

I’d say the games have already begun. And I’m more than a tad worried as to the possible violent and destructive damage of the OWS, considering the history of it’s prime organizers. This will not be a pleasant game of croquet, played in the sweet summer breezes on lush greens. It’s going to be one butt ugly election season that will make those before it more akin to stoic tea parties at the country club.

@Wm T Sherman:

It’s all fabricated because you say so.

Nope. I never accused anyone of lying. Just of cherry picking. I know that sometimes I can be unclear with my meaning, but I made a particular effort to be clear about that.

And unless you’re down there yourself, you’re taking someone’s word for it. I’m quite okay with you not choosing mine.

@anticsrocks: Your despairation is flattering, but please stop begging, it does not become you. No means no, and I have explained why. It’s time for us to move on with our separate lives. I wish you every happiness.

@Cary: Okay, I take back the maturity and intelligence comment…as it is obvious you aren’t tethered by either of those.



What in the blue hell for?

You are the one who posted on this thread throwing insults and then whined like a lost puppy when nobody would debate you. When I offered, you ran away like a house cat from a garden hose.

Now if it makes you feel all puffed up to say I begged, then go ahead little man; its your pathetic lie, you tell it any way you wish.

Wow… You sound pretty angry. I still wish you well.

@Cary: What part of what I wrote sounded angry? Oh! I get it, you’re just grasping at straws.

This has clearly become a “last word” contest. How ’bout I let you win? Make it good!

@MataHarley: I hear what you’re saying Mata, and if Cary really was “down there” as he intimated, then the caliber of those OWS’ers is woefully inadequate.

What I am looking forward to is Obama and the Dems’ praise of this mess backfiring in their faces.