Don’t Call My Bluff?


The president told Eric Cantor “Don’t Call My Bluff”. Well, why wouldn’t you call someone’s bluff; especially, after they just told you they were bluffing.

The president has once again made a mockery of the IQ that is supposed to be off the charts, during the negotiations over raising the $14.3 trillion debt limit. His tough guy line that sounds more like a Pee Wee Herman character than Gary Cooper; he was obviously off teleprompter.

The perviously unknown term “off teleprompter” has become that legendary period of time, when the real wit and wisdom of Obama shines through.

The president ended the meeting with a dramatic flair, after delivering his impotent one liner, he walked out of the meeting. Republicans weren’t sure whether it was dysentery or Michelle had a honey do list. Some actors just can’t do improvisation.

Straight man Eric Cantor told reporters upon returning to the capitol:

“It ended with the president abruptly walking out of the meeting.”

Our Progressive Socialists tried to spin the presidential petulance to make him look like less of a spoiled child. Witless Pelosi, Democrat from San Francisco, was asked if the president ended the meeting by walking out to prevent Cantor from having the final word, replied in her typical three word response to the question:

“No. Absolutely not.”

Witless Pelosi has always felt a brief lie is superior to a long winded lie; especially, if your brain is running on fumes of brain cells long gone.

A Democratic source familiar with the negotiations said the reports of a dramatic or abrupt walk-out by Obama were overblown, but the source acknowledged that the president “said what he was going to say, he got up and walked out.”

“The climax of the meeting was the president basically saying ‘what’s happening in this room confirms what everybody across the country thinks about Washington, D.C.,’” the official said. “Which is that people are more interested in protecting their base and political positioning than solving problems.”

The president has been faced with not getting his way for four consecutive days of negotiation.

Eric Cantor reported the president became “agitated” when Boehner said Republicans were open to holding two votes to raise the debt ceiling before the 2012 election: President Obama rejected that plan since it could make him appear even more profligate before the elections.

In another impotent presidential demand, President Obama told congressional Republicans to decide by Friday, the approach they want to take regarding the debt limit. This is the sum total of the presidential contribution to the debt limit negotiations and Americans are left wondering why future tax increases are so critical to the health of the economy, especially those that come after the 2012 elections.

Aug. 2 is the deadline the Treasury Department has set for lifting the ceiling: the ratings agencies have warned they will downgrade the US credit rating if Congress doesn’t act. If America’s credit rating is downgraded, markets could begin to fall.

Cantor told Obama:

“We are very far apart right now. I don’t know if we can get there.”

Cantor figured the two votes on raising the debt ceiling would allow more time for negotiations on additional budget savings to avoid a catastrophic default. Unfortunately, Obama wants history to say, he did it his way.

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Absolutely childish… he really can’t take being told “no” can he


A good psychologist should have fun with this one.

And you’re right about it being a demonstration of questionable intelligence. When you mix a heavy dose of arrogance into the pot of narcissism, you get a President saying, on a matter of critical national importance, “don’t call my bluff.”. . . . . . Must have missed Negotiating 101

Obama’s ”off the teleprompter” remark for republicans, ”Don’t call my bluff,” reminded me of a political cartoon from this last week.
It showed Obama with a hand of cards at a table, only problem, the cards were facing outward.
I forget what it said.
But it appears that a goodly portion of American pundits and editorialists have Obama’s number.

Now all we need is an entire running thread filled with Obama’s many ”off the teleprompter” sayings.

i.e., There is no bluff.

*ticking clock in background*

I love Eric Cantor and I hope that the republicans don’t cave to the demands of all drama Obama……

Remember the old lady in the commercial who looked at her sandwich and asked, ”Where’s the beef?”

Obama has been bluffing on the debt for as long as he could.

Here’s a brief history:
1. Ignored the debt problem for two years by kicking the can to a commission.
2. Promptly ignored the commission’s December 2010 report.
3. Delivered a State of the Union address in January that didn’t even mention the word “debt” until 35 minutes in.
4. Delivered in February a budget so embarrassing — it actually increased the deficit — that the Democratic-controlled Senate rejected it 97 to 0.
5. Took a budget mulligan with his April 13 debt-plan speech. Asked in Congress how this new “budget framework” would affect the actual federal budget, Congressional Budget Office Director Doug Elmendorf replied with a devastating “We don’t estimate speeches.” You can’t assign numbers to air.
6. At the June 29 press conference Obama assailed the Congress for not having seriously dealt with a problem he had not dealt with at all, then scolded Congress for being even less responsible than his own children.

BUT there is a method to Obama’s seeming madness.
It is actually a clever strategy.
For 2 years Obama has run HUGE deficits.
He hoped for a ”clean” debt bill with NO budget cuts associated with it.
Now he does a 180′.
He calls such a clean bill ”can kicking,” and only wants a BIG (through the 2012 election big) deal that puts Republicans fingerprints on all budget cuts.
THEN …… demagogue Republicans to death over ”their” cuts.

If I can figure this out, think it is over the heads of Canter or Bohner?

Obama it seems is the opposite of both King Midas (everything he touches turns to excretia) and The Emperor’s New Suit (it’s Obama who’s missing, not the suit).

Nan G…the cartoon was Michael Ramirez’s ‘Poker Face’. He does excellent work.

Keep up the good work you’all!


i.e., There is no bluff.

Then why did Obie say that there is?

Oh, and you’ve got a cleanup to do on Aisle 36.

@Aye, #9:

Most likely because republicans seem to be convinced that he is bluffing. They’ve confused his strategy with their own. He’s probably just going to keep looking them squarely in the eye until they self-destruct.

Debt Ceiling: What’s the End Game For Republicans?

The Nancy remark: “fumes of brain cells long gone” Excellent description Skookum. I enjoy writing that creates images in my head, great post. And Gary Cooper is the Man! or was the man. Why don’t they let him be the first President to default? I know that the republicans are worthless in at using propaganda, but I would think that even the dimwitted ones could figure out how to use that Fact to their advantage. But then again, Bohnoer would only start crying on national TV. We thought he was ready to sling some snot this morning at the press conference.

@Rita Chalfant:
Thanks for finding that, Rita.
All Ramirez would need to do is re-issue it with a new caption: “Don’t call my bluff!”

I can see the brilliant barry standing in the dust covered street in Tombstone AZ, the wind is swirling, the stealth trolls stand and gawk at their beloved hero, and then he wets himself. They turn away, in disbelief, cover their eyes, shield their children, for their hero’s self professed bluff has been called.

I was thinking about the temper tantrums barack is having and his comment about the talks maybe taking down his presidency. Perhaps this is a plan. The democrats know that barack is very toxic and perhaps this is a way of getting him out of the way for another democrat to run in the next election. How easy it would be for him to save face and say it was the Republicans fault that he had to back out and try and bring back the democrats into the fold. just a few thoughts.

@ Greg

i.e., There is no bluff.

Wrong again Grego. Obama did not say “I’m not bluffing.” Real Clear Politics, The Hill, The Huffington Post and many other sources agree that Obama said “Don’t call my bluff!”

I don’t know where the hell you learned English, but Obama’s statement clearly, can only mean that the President knew he was bluffing, and was therefore warning the Republicans (i.e. that there would be “hell to pay”) if they called him on his bluff. There is no way your contortions can change the meaning of that statement to mean the opposite of what it means.

I’ll tell you right now Greg, that if an agreement is not made before Geithner’s artificial timeline, and if Obama then order’s Treasury Secretary not to send out social security or military checks, simply to play political hardball, there is no way in hell Obama will be re-elected.

Obama is just enough of a brat to throw the ultimate temper tantrum and withhold the SS checks. If he does that, then he can kiss his political career bye-bye.

I just don’t get it. I think that the GOP in the House should just pass an appropriations bill that covers SS, Medicare and Medicaid, VA payments, Military payments, FBI, CIA, etc… along with the interest on the debt. Throw in some cuts that go into effect immediately and raise the debt ceiling by the same amount. Then send it to the Senate and have Boehner hold a press conference announcing that the Republicans have sent a bill to the Senate that would avoid a shutdown, pay the interest on the debt, send out payments to SS recipients and has some actual spending cuts. Then say that it is up to the Democrats in the Senate to send it to the president, because we are sure that the Dems and the prez want to avoid a shutdown as bad as we do.

That would effectively put the ball in the Dems court. If Reid allowed a vote and it passed, then Obie would either have to sign it or own the shutdown.

I guess like Nan said, it just makes too much sense.

Don’t worry my fellow Americans. Social security is separate from Hussein’s budget. The reason for this is that SS recipients get funding provided by working people currently putting into SS. There is more than enough money going into SS every month to fund the people who receive it. The 2011 annual report by the program’s Board of Trustees noted the following: in 2010, 54 million people were receiving Social Security benefits, while 157 million people were paying into the fund; of those receiving benefits, 44 million were receiving retirement benefits and 10 million disability benefits.

Hussein doesn’t control SS, the American people do.

I myself am disgusted by this tyrant’s empty threats to scare Americans.

@Apache, #17:

Of course if anyone needed the services of the Social Security Administration in connection with filing an application for benefits, reporting a change of address or a change in direct deposit, reporting a missing payment, etc, they might have a bit of a problem. If there were no funds to pay federal employee salaries, the Social Security offices and teleservice centers would be closed. The people necessary to assure accurate and timely payment wouldn’t be there.

A lot more is required to guarantee continuing Social Security payment to 54 million Americans per month than just having enough revenue to make good on the checks–a fact that’s probably not lost on the Executive Branch.

Do you expect anyone around here to believe that public workers actually do important work for the public?

Talk about a Freudian Slip!
Skook, your hindbrain has taken over.

The best slips of all are those which really tell us something.

And Obama’s economic sense is perverted!
As is his faith in the sound of his own voice.
Narcissus, you have competition.

Has anyone ever tested Obama’s IQ to find out which direction he is off of the chart?  I submit it is DOWN.  I have mentioned before that whenever a liberal speaks on their own they either say something stupid or they tell the truth.  Obama outdid himself with his, “Don’t call my bluff” comment:  He said something stupid and told the truth in the same statement.