Obama Does What He Does Best


The Debt Ceiling Debate Is Going Down To The Wire

Democrats or the National Socialist front In North America see raising taxes as the generic answer to all problems or at least an integral part of the solution. To paraphrase Rahm, “Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste Without Using It As An Excuse To Raise Taxes”. The looming default is not an emergency that popped up overnight, Obama precipitated the crisis with a stimulus that accomplished nothing, except for the sole purpose of solidifying Obama’s political base both domestic and international by using taxpayer dollars, after that boondoggle for the American people, he charged full speed into profligate spending mode. Now, quite by accident or a result of Bush’s more moderate profligacy, according to the Socialist Party line, the US is nearing default and must increase its borrowing limits.

Fair enough, A Republican controlled congress is willing to raise the debt ceiling, if austerity measures are instituted to cut back on spending so that we will not be facing a similar crisis in a few months. The deal sounds simple; until, Obama throws in the Socialist rallying cry, “We must raise taxes or the sky will fall”. Actually, the austerity measures will neutralize the need to raise taxes; unfortunately, Obama has sound political reasons for insisting on tax hikes.

As the Narcissist, Obama looks as if he is no longer in complete control of the government by bending to the will of the Republicans, who know the wrath of the Taxed Enough Already Party is watching very closely. While Obama acts with indignation at the Republican will, he must attempt to “save face” by imposing the Democratic solution to all problems, “Increase Taxes” by a hundred and spend a thousand.

He also knows he will break the Republican surge of power and backing if he can get them to capitulate to his demands. The Republican base will disintegrate and maybe even branch off to form a Third Party, thus insuring an Obama reelection victory.

He doesn’t need the tax money, he needs to break the back of the Republican Party. If Boehner capitulates to the Socialist in Chief, Obama doesn’t even need to campaign, the presidency is his for four more years and the United State will become a Third Word Dystopia or at best another typical failed European Socialist State.

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Obama has already raised taxes a whole bunch.
But he back-loaded them.
Here’s a short list:

2014 if you don’t buy insurance = $95
2015 if you don’t buy insurance = $325
2016 if you don’t buy insurance = $695

The new surtax on investment income:
2010-2012 = 15% Cap Gains/15% Dividends
2013 = 23.8% Cap Gains/ 43.4% Dividends

Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans:
2018 = $10,200 Single/ $27,500 Family

Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax
2.35% more on wages over $200,000 individuals
3.8% more on wages over $200,000 if self-employed indivuals

No reimbursement for Over-The Counter meds, except insulin.

Flexible Spending Account Cap $2,500.
(Parents of special needs children lose over $14,000 /year)

Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers
2.3% on any devise (wheelchairs, special shoes, anything) sold for over $100.

Medical Itemized Deduction topped at10% of Adjusted Gross income.

Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage in coordination with Medicare Part D

$50,000 Tax on all Charitable Hospitals.

Tax on Innovator Drug Companies

Now, top all of that with the NEW taxes Obama wants to add because he has a manufactured crisis on the debt ceiling!

He doesn’t need the tax money, he needs to break the back of the Republican Party. If Boehner capitulates to the Socialist in Chief, Obama doesn’t even need to campaign, the presidency is his for four more years and the United State will become a Third Word Dystopia or at best another typical failed European Socialist State.

Truer words were never spoken. If Boehner caves – which he almost inevitably will – a lot of conservatives (me included) will probably never vote Republican again. The so-called “leadership” of that party will have proven – once again – that they just can’t be trusted.

Just look at these so-called “negotiations” over the debt limit. The best that Boehner can come up with is $200 billion per year – a tiny fraction of the annual deficit spending. That will have absolutely zero effect on the budget mess. If he had any balls, he’d just say, “NO MORE DEFICIT SPENDING!”, but he won’t and he doesn’t.

People in the lower and middle classes are already struggling to make ends meet and the increase of taxes (plus the rising cost of medical insurance) is more than enough to put a ton of Americans over the edge and beyond their ability to live within their means (and not at their own fault). IF people are taxed, it needs to be the wealthy–those that can actually afford the taxes.

Right on target Skookum! I think Obama wants this showdown, and as you say he is quite aware that a third-party will split off, and obi will glide into a second term. Obama is counting on Americans to stay in their apathy, or to keep repeating the same old behaviors when it comes to voting. But like we have discussed before many of us have already accepted that eventuality. The idea of another 4 years of Marxism is as distasteful as it sounds. But just like Obama was the catalyst for the formation of the Tea Party, another term for Obi will be the end of the republican party, and the birth of a New Party consisting of politicians who will put their political careers second, and returning the government back to the people as their first priority. Will there be more bad news for all Americans until that goal is achieved? Yes. With-out a doubt. But as I told you in that post last nite, I did not come to that decision to vote third-party overnite, and or with-out much soul searching. Nor any of the other Americans that I know did either. Most of the republicans just don’t get it, and never will till they find themselves sitting on the street crub and wondering how they will ever get a real job. Americans are now waking up to their games, and the gig will soon be up for all of them one way or another. Its way past the time to turn the liberal tactic of “You must burn down the village to save it.” against them. Even if they manage to squeeze by on this crisis, the real crisis is yet to come, and is still in the making. I still believe that we can defeat the liberals, and take our country back. Its just not going to be as easy as some wish it could be.

you are totally wrong. boehner has been saying all along that taxes were off the table. he wants reform now in the tax code and in social security, medicare, medicaid. boehner walked away because obama would not give up taxes.

We’ll just see how tough Boehner is when the National Parks all close and Social Security checks stop going out. This is a chess game for the soul of the Nation and Obama and the dems intend to win it. Right now they’re putting together a list of federal programs to shut down which will inconvenience the greatest number of voters – all of which will all be blamed on Boehner and the republicans.

See, people don’t realize how deep of a hole America is in. More than 50% of the Federal Budget is contained in Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare (of various sorts including food stamps) and Unemployment. The federal government borrows 42 cents of every dollar it spends. Therefore, you could cut the entire rest of the budget to zero (including defense!) and not balance it.

The game here isn’t how best to return to fiscal sanity – the goal is as it always has been: Who’s going to get reelected next year.

I too am leaning third party given the tortured history of the spineless republican party. However, the third party route is not without pitfalls. This spring a Repblican presidential debate was held in Greenville South Caroilina. This debate was a byproduct of the Tea Party. I attended the days events and was dismayed at the fact that the Greenville Tea Party was co-opted by the paulbots. In fact they claimed that Ron Paul was the reason the Tea Parties had started. It is my opinion that the Tea Parties started as a result of Government waste , fraud, and abuse by both parties, and have broad appeal across the political spectrum.
The only reason the majority of Tea Partiers vote Republican is that they feel they can move the pubbies in the right direction. The 2010 elections were an indication that that is true, with many CC republicans going down in the primary. In SC Bob Inglis went down in the primary to Trey Gowdy for the 4th congressional district. The favorite for Governor Gresham Barrett, was beaten by Niki Haley in the primary in large part because he voted for TARP. I am willing to go the Republican route through 2012 to allow more conservatives into the Senate and House. I hope it works. Don’t forget we are having an impact at the state level. Even Minnesota is waking up.

chicken thief wrote: “the Greenville Tea Party was co-opted by the paulbots.”

It was the same with the Asheville, NC Tea Party. When “their guy” didn’t win the primary, they sat on their hands and let the Democrat Heath Shuler win. I used to be the Treasurer of their PAC, but left them in disgust because of their doctrinaire attitude. They don’t want to win elections, they want to achieve “political purity”.

BTW, I absolutely LOVE downtown Greenville. The wife and I drove down to the Overlook Grill for lunch a couple weeks ago. What a beautiful place! We stopped at Henry’s Smokehouse on the way out of town and picked up a couple bottles of their hot-mustard BBQ sauce.

@chicken thief: Good observation chicken thief. The RP space cadets are small in number thank-God, but they could still throw a wrench in the works. Maybe like a fourth party?

@chicken thief:
I agree, Chicken Thief.
The Paulbots co-opt everything they can.
Out here in CA the early TEA party meet ups were about
33% Republicans,
33% Democrats (fiscal conservatives)
33% Independent voters.


Obama has done all he could (so far) to make people need to vote for him.
ABC News quotes Moody’s to point out this tidbit:
20 percent of Americans’ income in the first quarter of 2011 came from the government largess.

Social Security, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance, the Recovery Act, Food Stamps and employment benefits, Housing, and all the rest.

[A democracy] can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.

Obama has us up to 1 out of 5 willing to vote for him just to keep the freebies coming.
He wants to ”up” that to more than 1/2 of Americans.
Obama will collapse our government just to get re-elected.

I like this scorecard from a poster at Legal Insurrection:

a) obama pretends to cave but does some other extra-legal maneuver around the Law

b) Boehner caves and the House accepts a deal with taxes that take place first and cuts later. (meaning no cuts)

c) Obama caves but the Dems in Congress don’t so no deal.

d) Boehner caves and the House revolts. No deal.

e) Boehner strikes a good deal and the House approves but the Senate (either because of Dems or because of RINOS (McCain, Snowe, Graham etal)

f) Deadlock and we all get to experience what a default amounts to for the future.

I’m going with “b”, but then I’m a cynic.

Another pretty good analysis at The American Spectator: Beware of ‘If-Then’ Budget Deals

House Speaker John Boehner reportedly offered Obama just such a deal last week. Boehner’s proposal is a classic rope-a-dope, and Obama wasn’t the one getting lassoed. According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post, Boehner offered a deal that extended Bush-era tax cuts for middle-class taxpayers but let capital gains taxes and rates for upper-income taxpayers expire in exchange for a Democratic agreement to rewrite the tax code by the end of next year to benefit all taxpayers.

It was a classic “if-then”: if you do something now, then we’ll do something later. It’s the Wimpy Democrats: they will gladly pay us Tuesday for a hamburger today.

The Republicans simply don’t understand how to fight in a compromise battle against Democrats. They state their stance and then let the Democrats force them to bend their way. They need to play the game the same way the Democrats do. Remember that the Obama administration and Democrats own the current recession thanks to Obama’s first two years. Remind the public of this at every opportunity, including digs at progressive Republicans that also got us there. (1) Don’t start with the proposal you want, Start with one much farther conservative than you want, prepared to eventually compromise into the one you really want. This is exactly what the Democrats do when they come to the table. (2) State your original proposal (3) When The Democrats suggest instead a proposal that is radically opposed to your positions and way over in far-lefty camp (like Obama’s budget,) don’t meet them halfway, but instead change your position to include more things that they don’t like. (4) While you are away from the table, have Republicans introduce new budgets based mostly on modifications of the Ryan plan. The Dems will vote it down in the Senate, and you can tell the press and America that they are the party of “No Budget, No Jobs, and No Recovery,” and that you are trying to do what the people voted you into office to do. (5) When you go back into negotiations take the original budget and fight tooth and nail against all compromises giving as little ground as possible until you get the budget you really wanted. (Failing that go back to step 3 and walk-out, repeat as necessary.)

“Let me distinguish between professional politicians and the public at large. You know, the public is not paying close attention to the ins and outs of how a Treasury auction goes. They shouldn’t. They”re worrying about their family, they”re worrying about their jobs. They”re worrying about their neighborhood. They have got a lot of other things on their plate. We”re paid to worry about it.” Obama yesterday

In other words, the American public should let the professional politicians run the show. We of course are to dumb! Comrade Obama yesterday openly showed his complete disdain for “We the People”. With sheer disdain in his eyes and voice he basically lectured we bad children to stay out of the way while he and his Soviet Style Socialist cronies destroy our great nation?

An aside here. Why is it we call a wanna be dictator or their political cronies who all advocate suffering government control liberals? Just wondering.

@ Snookum

I’m just stating the obvious that they clearly haven’t ever considered. Republicans wrongly think that if they “play fair” the Democrats will also. After decades of failing to understand the actual rules of engagement used by their opponents, they should by now understand the truth. That they don’t is but one of the things that is truly exasperating about the Republican leadership. If any here on FA has actual contact with these congress critters, feel free to pass my advice along.

It is time to set aside the term “liberal” where Democrats and the far-left are concerned. It no longer applies, but it’s continued use still supports the particular illusion that they want people to think. These politic-rats are anything but “liberal.” “Progressives” is also a somewhat misleading term, but it hails back to the early 1900’s “socialist progressive” movement.

@Skookum: Sir,I could not agree more that republicans act like wimpy little boy men when it comes to negotiations. Is it lack of skill, lack of courage, and or they just want to get re-elected so they do nothing to offend anyone.