The Obama Theater Of The Absurd


Let's suppose there was someone who was so stupid, that he would borrow money from a neighborhood leg breaker and then give the money away to everyone in the neighborhood, including the leg breaker. Would you recommend that person be institutionalized? Welcome to Obama's Theater Of The Absurd.

A surd in mathematics is that which cannot be expressed in quantifiable numbers or finite terms. The concept of the surd, becomes an irrational philosophy rather than merely ridiculous; yet, it is more of a pervasive attitude, rather than a definable system of thought. This is the basis upon which the Obama Theater Of the Absurd and The Obama Theory of Economics are constructed.

To better understand Obama's apparent madness in dealing with the absurd, we must first study concepts that sane rational men rarely consider.

His economic theory denotes nihilism, an extreme radical philosophy or attitude that rejects all traditional and moral values by destroying all prevailing systems in a revolutionary force of action. Dadaism evolved from the nihilism and came to mean anti-rules or total freedom from the restraint of traditions and rational thought. Dadaism was eventually subsumed by surrealism, but its effects have been evident in art and literature up to this time. No one expected to ever see its presence in American politics, especially in the highest office.

The surrealist attempts to express the workings of the unconscious mind and synthesize them with the conscious mind. He wants to delve into an area that is liberated from logic and reason; thus in this state beyond realism, a new knowledge of enlightenment awaits to be discovered.

Obama is providing hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries he is borrowing from, according a recent report by Congress's research arm.

Obama, in his best effort to redistribute our wealth to the rest of the world, is trying to bankrupt the country as fast as possible. This is the Obamanation of surrealism that you may have thought was difficult to grasp, don't worry any longer, you are living in that surreal world. The first line is the amount of money that each country is receiving from the US in the form of welfare.

China ($27.2 million), Brazil ($25 million), Russia ($71.5 million), India ($126.6 million), Mexico ($316.7 million) and Egypt ($255.7 million).

China is the largest holder of U.S. Treasury bonds with $1.1 trillion as of March, according to the Treasury Department. Brazil held $193.5 billion, Russia had $127.8 billion, India owned $39.8 billion, Mexico held $28.1 billion and Egypt had $15.3 billion.

The foreign aid to these countries is earmarked for a variety of causes, such as HIV/AIDs prevention, combating weapons of mass destruction, fighting tuberculosis, and counterterrorism efforts.

Now you may see the links from Nihilism, to Dadaism, to Surrealism.

Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., requested the report and blew the whistle.

“Borrowing money from countries who receive our aid is dangerous for both the donor and recipient, if countries can afford to buy our debt, perhaps they can afford to fund assistance programs on their own.

Even a spark of elementary intelligence can be appreciated.

“At the same time, when we borrow from countries we are supposedly helping to develop, we put off hard budget choices here at home. The status quo creates co-dependency and financial risk at home and abroad.”

Obama in a true test of Nihilism is insisting that we raise the debt ceiling after reaching our $14.3 trillion debt limit and increase taxes to avoid defaulting. Moody's in a purely political gesture is saying we will have our credit rating downgraded, a move that will only bankrupt us sooner.

It may just be me or perhaps all of you are lost and bewildered in the surreal world of the Obamanation or the Theater of The Absurd, but this is beyond absurdity.

The State Department is refusing to comment and who can blame them. This is no longer acceptable, we are putting our great-grandchildren into insurmountable debt because we elected a Marxist fool who wants to redistribute America's wealth around the world. This must stop immediately.

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Before Obama – China only owned $19.8 billion in American short-term Treasury bills.
But after Obama, especially after February of 2009, Chinese ownership of short-term U.S. Treasury bills skyrocketed.
By March of 2009, Chinese Treasury bill holdings were at $191.1 billion.
By May of 2009, Chinese holdings of Treasury bills were peaking at $210.4 billion.
At its peak, last October, China held a total of $1.1753 trillion in US Treasuries.
Our latest number is from March of 2011 when that fell to 1.1449 trillion.
$1.7 trillion is due to debtors from the US in March of 2012.

Mainland Chinese holdings of U.S. Treasury bills are reported in column 9 of the Treasury report linked here.

China’s ownership of the U.S. national debt has decreased in each of the last five months on record as seen in this link.

I may just have to declare myself a country so that I might get some of this aid……

Nah, would never work. I just couldn’t take any money from Obama. I would much rather take my leave of him.

2012 get here, get here and quick!!

@Nan G:

Before Obama – China only owned $19.8 billion in American short-term Treasury bills.
But after Obama, especially after February of 2009, Chinese ownership of short-term U.S. Treasury bills skyrocketed.
By March of 2009, Chinese Treasury bill holdings were at $191.1 billion.
By May of 2009, Chinese holdings of Treasury bills were peaking at $210.4 billion.

…and I just read that China has sold 97% of said bills so they’re down to only about $6 billion.

Thus what you’ve written is horribly out of date. – China has dropped 97 percent of its holdings in U.S. Treasury bills, decreasing its ownership of the short-term U.S. government securities from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011, the most recent month reported by the U.S. Treasury.

Interesting Post Skookum! I have often debated the destructive policies of OBi with liberal friends. But what really fascinates me is that nihilism is really liberalism, granted not as radical, but with the same outcomes eventually.
But the main purpose would have to be obvious to even an idiot as to what OBis policies are leading us towards. We have already gotten a good start on that road thanks to liberals and the conservatives who lacked the guts to stand up and fight back against the liberal agenda. But as for the destruction of our values, traditions, and morals nihilism has already chewed away at their very foundations, and wrecked irrepairable damage to those foundations. And I would have to agree with old Frederick Nietzsche that the liberals will eventually destroy not only themselves, but all of as well. Things were bad enough before, but now Obi has only accelerated the process of nihilism in our society with the implementation of his monetary policies which you just wrote about. (excellent analogy)When we studied old Nietzsche back in the mid seventies I laughed at the absurdity of such a thing happening in my lifetime. I am not laughing now.

Yvan, hi, you did not mention who bought those from CHINA ?

Irrelevant to this discussion. If you look at the original thread, Nan was commenting on China. I just pointed out how dangerous it was to make some conclusion about Obama’s link to China given how fast the sit changes from week to week (or day to day).

Skookum very well and organized write up! enjoyed it! What you wrote is dead on and there is even so much more going on as well! I could share many things with you but they would be knocking on my door tomorrow! But I will say this much the Banks and Insurance companies are working with him. That want to control commodities and wealth….He has his eyes on a Government controlled petroleum products and regulating Gold…among many other things! Ever looked at who really owns insurance companies nowadays? And who is holding shares in our Banks? (Hint: They don’t live in Mississippi or Texas!) When you get a good look at the pie…you realize it just ain’t much left for us! Just the scratchins in the bottom of the pan!

The arrogance that exudes from the left is what is so frustrating. I mean you can throw facts and figures at them all day and they will STILL look down their nose you at in you pity that you just don’t get what they are trying to say…

@Skookum: Your right on the money Skook! But like you I am still baffled at the sheer stupidity of those that follow the savior.I can’t say they are ignorant. Ignorant is someone who lacks knowledge on the subject, and or unaware. But like you said they had plenty of time to educate themselves on Obis past political record and history, and with a little effort they could have gained a decent idea of his political ideaology.
And I was called a racist for even bring his record ,and past up in a debate by the the hardcore liberals, but those Americans who called themselves independent are the ones who worry me for their lack of effort at educating themselves on OBi. Unless as you say they just blindly followed the masses. Either explanation does not encourage hope for the future. I actually have some friends/relatives who blame the press now. Dah!! And the group that follows Obi for all the reasons you named are evil, and when this perfect eutopia does arrive they will find out just like all the other schmucks before them in other “revolutions” that the first ones to go are those that risked and gave all to the “leader to be.” (fill in the blank with your most favorite socialist/communist leader from the past)
Take Care