Obama’s Soliloquy Of Illogic Logic


Who is this Obama, who asks us to accept both his ethnocentric Narcissism and his anti-Semitic vision, a vision tempered by hatred and honed with prejudice. He stands invincible, a knight in silk suits; a legend in his own mind who knows no defeat or wrong decisions.

“There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness. And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.”

– Moby Dick, Herman Melville

On an international stage, our President manipulates the truth with such audacity and imprecision, without challenge or ridicule, that even rational literate men can begin to question their own logic.

While the world tries to decipher and separate the dubious metaphor with lofty expression from concrete policy reflecting reality from within Obama’s latest speech, a speech that was primarily meant to bolster sagging polls and his image as a sage and distinguished diplomat of the world, the damage from his message will inevitably cause more bloodshed and turmoil in the Middle East and compromise the position of the United States.

Obama was self-ingratiating as he described his accomplishments in facilitating the stage for Democratic reform in the Middle East. Accomplishments that seem bizarre when viewed in light of recent history; especially, when anti-theocracy marchers were slaughtered, arrested, and tortured in Iran. Obama’s commitment to Democracy was not to meddle in the affairs Islamic states that are committing atrocities against their own citizenry. While Bashar Assad was killing his own people by the hundreds if not thousands with automatic rifles and machine guns, Obama hailed him as a reformer. In Obama’s convoluted logic, Iraq has become an example of success due to his diplomacy; yet, within recent history, he called for the withdrawal of our troops from Iraq by 2008 and wrote off the Surge and the war itself as dismal failures. Unfortunately, history and the truth follow relentlessly and closely on the coattails of a prevaricator; especially, one who wallows in hypocrisy to avail himself of fleeting glory from actions he had previously condemned.

Middle East authoritarian governments blame the US and Israel for their problems and failures as contributing nations of the modern world. Sponsoring terror has become a convenient conduit for striking back at their straw men or scapegoats to show progress on the sources of Middle East problems and to appease the semi-literate mind, thus the tribal barbarian vents his rage over celebrations of senseless bloodshed and misery, that defines the method of the terrorist, rather than looking at the root causes of their malfunctioning societies: tribalism, religious intolerance and fundamentalism, statism, totalitarian government, the virtual slavery of women, and perpetuating ideas and hatreds from the Dark Ages. Obama excuses these problems and refuses to even mention the word Islam in his speech; instead, he gallantly carried the Middle Eastern banners of hatred and blame toward the US and Israel.

Is it a coincidence, other than the rather bizarre attack on Libya, a former enemy that had been neutralized as a terror threat, but steadfastly refused to tolerate the radical Islamic fundamentalists, that the only dictatorships Obama has turned on, have been allies of the US and could be considered marginal Islamic theocracies that were semi-tolerant of other religions. He neglected to explain why Qadaffi received our wrath for threatening his people, but a homicidal maniac like Assad, who actually kills thousands of unarmed marchers is without blame.

Our most notable Arab ally in the ME, Saudi Arabia, was ignored except for an indirect plea to pump more oil; presumably, to help with the pump price at home; although, he promised skyrocketing energy prices in his initial election campaign, the reality of the situation is that he wanted to raise the price with restrictive taxes not higher crude prices. Thus he faces the negativity of skyrocketing energy prices with no confiscatory tax gain for a federal government that is anxiously awaiting to expand and encompass an ever growing share of the economy.

Again we are faced with the illogical logic of Obama: the ME can relieve oil prices by pumping more oil and Brazil can relieve the cost of energy by drilling in the Atlantic, so it is necessary to give them billions so that they can sell us oil, but it is foolish to think that Americans drilling in America and off our coasts can affect the cost of oil or decrease our dependence on foreign oil.

Now, President Obama is proposing that the US give billions to ME governments and indirectly to Hamas for some obscure reasons that we as Americans are compelled to accept, for we often equate lunacy as sound foreign policy and we ignore the obvious fact that these oil rich nations who relish greed as a way of life, could much more easily afford to promote terrorism against the US than expecting the US to pay for the terror that will be unleashed against the US and Israel. The president assumes by enriching Hamas, an organization that is about to become part of the Palestinian government and is unashamedly sworn to the annihilation of Israel, will see the error of their ways and come to love Obama and decide not to cut the throat of every Jew in the world.

The president assumes that by instructing Israel to reform the pre ’67 borders, Palestinians will lose their hatred of Israel and the Jew: the problem is not the boundaries or the humiliating defeat of the Arab world in the Six Day War, it is the failure of the Palestinian people to establish a workable constitutional government in the modern sense of a governing body in the modern world of nations. While the Palestinians and Jew haters salivate at the thought of pre ’67 borders, we who have normal cerebral function, trust it is hardly a prelude to peace and love for the Jew; not at all, it is merely seen as a way to stage an attack, to weaken Israel and to deliver the killing blow to the Jew. Do any of us in our wildest imaginations believe president Obama would stop the second Holocaust? Hell no, he would dither and wait to see how it played out, while his beloved Muslim Brotherhood governments and Palestinians obliterate the Jewish people. And are our American Progressive Socialists naive or stupid enough to think after the destruction of Israel, the homicidal maniacs would rest content and stop their blood lust? If they are that stupid they deserve the knife of the Islamic Fundamentalist, but the rest of us don’t.

The president is free with US dollars to Muslim nations who hate America, but ignores the disasters like unemployment, flooding, exorbitant energy prices, and fires at home; again, we are expected to accept the illogic logic of Obama by some convoluted process that is hard even for his state directed media to justify. Perhaps Obama should remember the old paradox, “you can’t buy friends or the friends that you buy, you don’t want”.

Unfortunately, this paradox of friends and money defines the thugocracy that is the precept of Obama philosophy: you buy loyalty and you buy friends, and the best way to accomplish it, is with other people’s money.

The president promoted the concept of Democracy in the ME and without exception, he will be promoted as an outstanding orator and statesman by the state directed media and the emptiness and naiveté of his blathering will be hailed with awe and wonder; only to be forgotten after the absurdity and irrelevance of Obama’s illogical logic is used for as much advantage and leverage as possible by his propaganda bureau.

Rather than believing his own press like the proverbial empty headed fool, Obama would be well served to read the old Polish proverb: “Watch the faces of those who bow the lowest.” The homicidal maniac of the ME is cunning and recognizes weakness; he will faun over Obama until it is time to strike.

The epitasis (denouement or climax, just before catastrophe in Greek theatre) is building in the ME. We may regard Obama’s speech as a faux Ciceronian effort to be pitied for it’s circumlocution and naive pandering, but for the semi-literate mind, caught up in the Middle Ages, it indicates weakness and capitulation that serves to embolden and strengthen their resolve. Thus the speech isn’t inconsequential in the sense of anemic posturing; no not at all, it is seen as a great morale builder for the disaffected of the Muslim World, a confirmation of their hatred and prejudices. Thus Obama perhaps gains a self-serving, but false standing in the ME, literally at the expense of the American taxpayer and by compromising the Jewish state and eventually America itself.

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Well done, Skookum!
Your erudition reminded me of a study about reading that came out shortly after 9-11-01.
At that time Americans were reading, on average, eleven BOOKS per year.
Europeans were reading nine BOOKS per year.
Middle Eastern Arab Muslims were reading 7 PAGES per year.

And therein lies the rub.
That old saw, first you must educate the people, is never going to happen for Muslims in the Arab world.
They are products of a paternalistic, authoritarian system.
Taking the word of an imam or a sheik, a prince or an ayatollah comes naturally to them.
Questioning authority is tantamount to apostasy which carries a death sentence.

So, Israel and America will remain the hated scapegoats.
These two peoples will be blamed for every bad hospital & road, high price and high unemployment in the Muslim Arab world.
To allow their people to realize that their leaders themselves are kleptocrats who are amazingly rich would lead to revolution.
And what we are seeing in the Muslim ”spring” is not true revolution.
It is merely a trading of one lead sled dog for another.
From any other Arab Muslim’s standpoint the view will stay the same.

The homicidal maniac of the ME is cunning and recognizes weakness; he will faun over Obama until it is time to strike.

That line says it all. Obama is so arrogant that he thinks he can wow them into submission…

Skookum you have the most expansive vocabulary among modern writers I can think of. Its complexity prompts me to graze my dictionary often several times, while I’m reading your articles. Regularly I spend a moment trying to memorize your punctuation placements and patterns. Your literary skills are impeccable. Your style is classy.

I will learn to do that as good as you.


I will learn to do that as good as you.

Um, “…as well as you.” 🙂

@Skookum: You are so right. Something you said reminded me of when I was a young man with a sales job. I listened to Zig Zigler’s motivational tapes and he said nearly the same as you when you mentioned:

Compare these two sentences, that are exactly the same, except for the punctuation:

A woman, without her man, is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

How quick and thoroughly the subject changes, with only a slight variation in punctuation.

He said inflection is everything. One sentence can be said many different ways and by just putting the emphasis on different words, you can mean it SIX different ways, in this case.

I did not say he beat his wife.

* I did not say he beat his wife.
* I did not say he beat his wife.
* I did not say he beat his wife.
* I did not say he beat his wife.
* I did not say he beat his wife.
* I did not say he beat his wife.

Bravo! I had been asking myself what I was missing in that I could not believe how idiotic and dangerous the schemes of this administration are. At least now I know that I am not the one who needs to come to my senses. Obama and his cronies surely view themselves ‘thru the looking glass’.

Obama allowed Hamas’ own PR machine to serve up its propaganda through his (Obama’s ) speech.
Only this AM is this being made clear.
Barry Rubin has the scoop.
Seems Obama quoted a man who tragically lost three daughters during the Hamas/IDF fighting in 2009.
Obama characterized the incident this way:

a Palestinian who lost three daughters to Israeli shells in Gaza

See how Obama put ALL the blame on Israel?
But the investigation showed a more murky picture.
The man’s roof was used by Hamas to shoot at the IDF from……therefore it became a legitimate target.
Hamas may have stored more ammo/bombs up there than were just inside their guns….those might have exploded.
Hamas shot from the roof ….. and might have hit the girls.
Interestingly enough the injured family members were evacuated to Israeli hospitals!

We simply do not know.

But Obama blamed it all on Israel.

*Well, certainly some interesting off topic discussion on this thread. Just so I give credit where credit is due; I did not write this poem, who did? Beats me, however it pertains to the conversation at hand.

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.


Hey anticsrocks, punctuate this:

James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher


I don’t recall who said it, but the real concern here isn’t the incompetence and/or evil nature of Obama; The real concern is that the American people elected such a man.

(Not the use of the semi-colon )

SKOOK: very impressed with the use of Melville. His works are read and studied in every modern language for his descriptions putting color into scenes people had never seen and action into actions people would never do. The Moby Dick metaphor is perfect; Ahab/Obama is obsessed beyond rationality passing through all logic to satisfy his private greed and usurptation, the crew are those paid off loyalists whom will follow him regardless of reason, the Pequad is the government sailing on the ocean of America while The Great Whale is the Constitution.

I have been researching Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Othello, King Lear and am swayed towards Claudius, the usurper king, in Hamlet. Through the opening scenes and acts he is all butter without a hint o conscience or guilt then his world crumbles.
When sorrows come, they come not as single spies
But in battalions.
Act 4, scene V

@John Cooper: I fear to say that you have me on that one, John.

What now is needed is a Rapture Moment with Burning Bush (foliage type) on a Road to Damascus coupled with the three hags singing “Trouble-Trouble Toil And Trouble” with “Is this a dagger I see before me”.

Beautiful reference, but my quest is to find O’BasketCase in literature or history; he is brilliantly confusing or just plain confused pretending in the dance of chaos to be above the fray. It boils down to the three conundra; 1) he is surrounded and taking advise from poor advisors, 2) he is out and out incompetent, 3) he acts on purpose with strategic plans to subvert and destroy this nation.

A learned moment, the word “destroy” is parsed to desolve Troy which places O’Bingo as the wooden “Idol God” horse in the seige of Troy whereas metaphorically America is Troy. This analogy has legs when we investigate his series of mentors starting with the Davies character, possibly the real father, from Hawaii then there was Bill Ayers, a true Homeric scholar, finished with the jaded preacher Jeremiah Wright. Put dancing shoes on any egoist like O’BazookaGum “You’re Odysseus” and you gotta star.

Skookum, there is a saying that if you can’t name your enemy, you cannot defeat them.

Starting with the previous administration, our elected officials, save maybe Allen West and a few others, are unwilling to call this war we find ourselves in for what it really is; a religious war. Oh, not on our part, but on the part of the Islamists. Signs are ignored. The date of September 11th was no coincidence, as it was the very date that the Muslim hordes were defeated at the Gates of Vienna in 1683. To kill 3,000 Americans, infidels, on that date was extremely important for a group of people who put great store in the symbolism of a date, or an event. Osama bin Laden was simply reconstituting a war that had reached an impass almost 430 years ago. In the mind of bin Laden, he was not declaring war, he was simply starting another battle in a war that has been waging since the late 7th century.

Instead, we are being told a magnitude of falsehoods. “They hate us for our way of life”. No, they hate us because they consider any non-Muslim an infidel who must submit or put to the sword. “The majority of Muslims are peaceful.” No, there is no data that will hold that up. Only the Muslims in America are peaceful simply because they are outnumbered, but when they are the majority, they are blood thirsty cretens who will rape, kill and pilage at the drop of a hat because, BECAUSE they believe it is the way of jihad. Nidal Hassan is a prime example of the “true” believer.

Obama’s ego, bolstered by elections where David Axelrod destroyed the personal lives of Obama’s opponents, and a complicit American press who looked at Obama as the Great Black Hope to finally bring about their socialist agenda, thinks he is so impressive that he can force Israel to cut its own throat. He was wrong, and Netanyahu set him straight, but in terms less strong than I would have used. But to deny that Obama is someone who seems to have a ardent dislike for Israel is simply not logical. One only has to look at his friends from his early years, Said, Khalidi, both Palestinians who hated Isreal. Perhaps that is why Obama said this at the AIPAC meeting today:

“The Palestinian people must have the right to govern themselves, and reach their potential, in a sovereign and contiguous state.”

To acheive such a goal and to unite the Gaza Strip with the West Bank would literally cut Israel in half and make Israel a divided nation with a radical Islamic nation in the middle not to mention the vast amount of land that Isreal would have to cede to create a “contiguos” Palestinian state. With Obama, you have to watch for the little catch phrases and key words to decipher what he really means. “Contiguous” is a pretty strong word that I promise you will be ignored by a complict press.

Soothsayer, you offered three conundra: I propose that all three are correct.

Skookum #15: “JC, don’t you find it ironic that Obama wants Israel to desert her borders…and themselves to follow Obama, like sheep to the abattoir. ”

You are a master at wordcraft, but I’m not sure “ironic” is the proper word here. I’m thinking “suicidal” is a better word to describe Obama’s “policy”.

If one were to come up with a plan to weaken and destroy America, how would it differ from what Obama has done to our Country?

I wonder about the timing. What prompted The One to come up with this Israel “plan” all of a sudden. Was it to distract the media from the debt ceiling? It sure sounds like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to me.

“The main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength.”

Skooum, a well written article. Obama and liberals like him have perplexed me ever since I started to really study their behaviors. I have talked and debated with them over many issues for many years. I have had a nearly complete liberal staff, and funding agencies made up of liberals. And Obama is your sterotypical liberal if their ever was one in my book. But what really just drives me batty is how liberals cannot see how they set themselves and others up for failure. Is it the Ego? Do they really believe what they speak of, and or their suicidal solutions? Like OBis answer for the ME? I look and listen to these young liberals that believe in OBi. Why can’t they see that this eutopia that OBi, and his kind want will only lead all of them into slavery, and worse. Why can’t they see that in reality there is always an opposite of everything, and anything. An old friend once told me, “Don’t stay in their heads too long or you will be just as crazy as they are.”

Gary, except for the wanna-be Elites who are inherently evil with their plans to lead and for self-enrichment, I think the initial drive or purpose of Liberals is a desire to do “Good” in the world. The concept may be naive, but it is honest. We must also realize that the graduate of public education has been programmed relentlessly with the Socialist dogma from day one of their education. The education system has perverted our culture under the guise of doing “good” and our freedoms are under attack as a result of this continuous indoctrination.

At some point, young people who are aware begin to question the socialist dogma. They may doubt the basic premises of their indoctrination, but their friends and family are probably still under the effects of the programming and they feel like the member of a congregation that begins to have doubts concerning their faith; any and all questions are met with the endless circumlocution of Socialist talking points, so that they are blocked from grasping any other ideas or concepts, as if to save their Socialist soul.

It becomes our responsibility to offer another path through intelligent debate with viable alternatives. This is more important than ever now, for after several years of Obama Socialism that has the country teetering above the chasm of economic catastrophe, there will be young Liberals by the tens of thousands, questioning the wisdom of following Obama into total collapse.

Our radio conservatives help spread the word, but in reality they reenforce our ideas and give us greater ability to speak intelligently to those who are beginning to question the legitimacy of Socialism.

Arguing with Useful Idiots and Elites is a waste of time, but we can salvage some of these lost souls, who are wandering around bewildered in the pointless forest without a point of view.

Skookum, I don’t think I agree with you that liberals, no progressives really, are too concerned with “good” vs. bad. Good would be putting their words into actions, such as taking care of the poor, yet they are not known for giving away their own money to help those less fortunate. Michael Moore is a case in point. You see, socialism is never for the socialist, only for those under the socialist.

And yes, our educational system is a major contributor to their viewpoints. For a century now, it has been thought that academia, not the capitalists, have all the answers. Look at any progressive president and you will see a cabinet that can be referred to as a “brain trust” filled with academics. Many of those come from the Frankfort School of thought. Obama’s days at Columbia, under the tutiledge of those like Edward Said, only contributed to his view of the world. Columbia became a hotbed of the Frankfort School of thought, and continues to this day. There was a time if a professor was a self-proclaimed Communist, he would be relieved of his position. Today, openly Marxist professors are tenured in our universities. Now the goal is to take those opinions into the lower grades. Remember, Gramsci said that children must be indoctrinated before age 12 or they would be lost to the communist movement as the children matured and started questioning the philosophy.

Our media has now taken on the responsibility of pushing the ideals of the Frankfort School. Tear down the good, uplift the bad. Example: last night, 60 Minutes featured two reports, one on Al Sharpton, another on Lance Armstrong. The segment on Sharpton was redemptive, talking how Sharpton, who is now an advisor to Obama on immigration, has changed, mellowed, yada, yada. The Armstrong segment was a hit piece, with a former team mate claiming Armstrong was juicing his entire Tour De France career. You see, a lot of kids want to be Armstrong, not many wanting to be Sharpton, so tear down Armstrong by doing an unproven hit piece on him. After all, Armstrong is a close friend of a former Republican, and fellow Texan, president. That is Frankfort School philosophy; cloak the undercurrent goal by giving calm waters on top. Armstrong is a good and decent guy who is also a conservative so tear him down with unfounded claims of juicing.

Retire, I was writing of the ‘feelings’ of adolescents and young adults, when I referred to their to desire to do “good” in the world, a reason that partially explains the existence of groups like the Peace Corps. The realities of life and making a living will either cause them to be numb to the indoctrination or to question the indoctrination.

I feel the influence of Socialist indoctrination has already permeated our public school systems: the university system is lost cause, in this regard. If we were to totally revamp the K through 12 it would take twenty or more years; the corruption is not only within the text books, but the teachers are often committed Socialists in the classroom. There are exceptions, of course, but for too many years, Conservatives have typically entered the work force rather than teaching.

In my opinion, the field of education is about to become obsolete; because of their blatant trade unionism and the corruption of their union in the political sphere, because of their political indoctrination activities, the fact that education has become inefficient and an under-achiever, and because the monitor and machine in front of you can do a far superior job at a fraction of the cost.

Why should children be forced to sit in front of bored and boring instructors who never had the spark to inspire others; the truth is they go through the motions, many of them despise the children they teach, and they are primarily teaching for a paycheck and the benefits. Again there are exceptions, but do they comprise even half the education workforce? If they did, it would mean tar half the students are receiving a substandard eduction.

The best in ant particular field could be made available on programs on the internet; they might not even have a teaching degree, but what does that matter except in the mind of the trade union teacher.

The University system could become obsolete as well, for lectures from deceased instructors can be preserved forever. This will enrage people from the ivory towers where business liaisons and connections for the future are forged, but to them, I must ask of the true purpose of an education.

Social skills and physical activities can be achieved in community activities. Oh! it will change the world of sports and utilizing the school system as a free baby sitting service, that can’t be denied, but what is the true purpose of an education.

In my opinion, the education system has failed. The night OBL was killed, Twitter had their heaviest volume for usage. Over 40% of the inquiries didn’t know who he was and were wondering what band he played in.

Skookum, I hear what you are saying about the young liberals, and their belief systems. And I agree with you that there is the “hardcore upper elite” who think up the twisted belief systems, and have the monies, and clout to distribute the propaganda on a mass scale. And if our society was not going downhill so fast in regards to liberals controlling nearly all avenues of information which is the number one tool in any war to swing the population to their side, I would agree with you on how many young liberals would eventually drop their immature and naive beliefs if our society had not lost the propaganda war. I was in the middle of that undeclared war at the time when our schools, and government was being taken over by liberals. The first two institutions that must be controlled to change any society. I watched as my own profession went from mostly conservative values, and beliefs to liberal beliefs. I had a unique position by where I mingled professionally and unprofessionally with other peer groups. I worked for myself, but I also had government contracts in the schools, churches, hospitals, the military, local governments, etc…. I can remember the first time I saw Hilary Clinton on a hugh screen back in 1994 at a national conference preaching about the new language of PCism, and how our young males had to be re-educated about their beliefs, etccc…. Many walked out that first year. But ten years later at the same convention, they were standing and cheering with a different liberal giving the intro speech. Only a handful of us walked out. I only relate all of that to give you a idea at where I am comming from. The liberals know now that we are outnumbered and outgunned. Like an old liberal friend told me 21 years ago, “Gary you and your kind are walking dinos. We have a plan, and and less than 20 years we will own this country.” She was right. We still debate. Her hopes is that the youth, and minorties will rise up when the time is right. I did not believe her 21 years ago, but I believe now that a violent revolution will have to take place eventually if we are to regain our country back. And no I am not encouraging an armed rebellion. I would hate to even see something like that. But we have way too many people who have been promised everything under the sun, and have not gotten it and never will. But they are filled with hate and anger by the liberals everyday that its our fault, And if not for us they could have their eutopia under the sun. The situation only grows more tense with each passing day. And I believe that Obama actually encourages all these young people and their unrealistic beliefs. And that is not good, but evil. But yes I even saw liberalism as a good thing, and even flirted with it back in the earlier 70’s. But soon saw it for what it was, with the help of oldtimers in all the those institutions I mentioned earlier, and my own love of History. That liberals will always consume their young, and old once they come to power. That is where I get so frustrated with my liberal friends. They think the next Stalin, Hitler, Castro,…etc will do better this time. If I did not lose you! You are one hell of a writer!

Jeez! A toast to all of you for such literary intelligence and fortitude in facing O’bama day in and day out!

This thread should be required college reading! Especially in leftist colleges!


I believe that what seems to be Obama’s “illogic logic” is not illogical at all but a devious, twisted, perverse, calculated plan to stir-up even more unrest in the Muslim world (not just those in the middle east). Obama has clearly been hell bent on destroying America’s relationships with former allies, while at the same time making sure to create problems with even semi neutral nations. His administration’s positions with respect to nations in the Middle East, is a near complete flip-flop of past positions. There is an agenda with Obama’s administration in everything they do. What we have to understand is, “So what is it here?” I seriously think Glenn Beck’s (so called by the MSM,) “conspiracy theories” are possibly closer to the truth than anything I have heard postulated by anyone else.

Skookum wrote: “Bibi was traveling to visit with Obama when Obama gave his speech that kicked the legs out from under him.”

I didn’t know that. That explains the timing. What a devious, back-stabbing bastard Obama is. But we knew that…

Being a curious sort, I also wonder about the purpose of Netanyahu’s trip. If I had to venture a guess, the only purpose was to ask Obama one question: “If war comes, will the United States assist Israel as in previous wars?”

Aside: I had to read your Shakespeare passage several times before I understood it. Thanks.

For all the erudition your fawning multitude bestows upon you, ‘faun’ is not the word you wanted to use in this article.

Which I like, BTW.