2012 Poll Watch – GOP Presidential Candidates


Latest poll update on the Republican field. First we have this one from CNN which shows Daniels at 5%. Quite interesting since he isn’t known well enough by many to form an opinion on him:

They also included the “do you view the following candidate favorably or unfavorably” question:

Favorable / Unfavorable

  • Mike Huckabee: 46% / 27%
  • Mitt Romney: 40% / 30%
  • Sarah Palin: 35% / 59%
  • Donald Trump: 31% / 64%
  • Ron Paul: 30% / 27%
  • Newt Gingrich: 30% / 44%
  • Michele Bachmann: 22% / 23%
  • Tim Pawlenty: 17% / 18%
  • Mitch Daniels: 14% / 15%
  • Rick Santorum: 16% / 19%
  • John Huntsman: 9% / 13%

You notice who wasn’t included in the poll?

On to this Gallop poll on the issues for Republicans, and another weird one. They only included three Republican names:

When you think about politics, which of the following sets of issues is most important to you?

  • Government spending and power 37%
  • Business and the economy 36%
  • Social issues and moral values 15%
  • National security and foreign policy 12%

Among those who say government spending and power are most important issues

  • Mike Huckabee 19%
  • Mitt Romney 17%
  • Sarah Palin 9%

Among those who say business and the economy are most important issues

  • Mitt Romney 18%
  • Mike Huckabee 15%
  • Sarah Palin 14%

Among those who say social issues and moral values are most important issues

  • Mike Huckabee 26%
  • Sarah Palin 18%
  • Mitt Romney 8%

Among those who say national security and foreign policy are most important issues

  • Sarah Palin 19%
  • Mike Huckabee 18%
  • Mitt Romney 16%

Basically a tie amongst all three except for the social issues where Huckabee has a strong lead.

Here are two regional polls. A New York poll done by Marist College Institute for Public Opinion gauging the interest in their “favorite son” Guiliani:

The field of possible 2012 Republican presidential candidates is wide. But, given the choice, about one in four New York State Republican voters — 23% — report they would back former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and one in five — 20% — say they would support former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Here is how the field stands among these Republican voters:

• 23% for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani
• 20% for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney
• 12% for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
• 10% for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
• 7% for Businessman Donald Trump
• 7% for Texas Congressman Ron Paul
• 3% for former Georgia Congressman Newt Gingrich
• 2% for Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty
• 2% for Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels
• 2% for Businessman Herman Cain
• 1% for Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
• 1% for former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum
• Fewer than 1% for former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman
• Fewer than 1% for former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson
• 10% are undecided

Only 205 people were polled so take it for what it’s worth.

Lastly here is a Missouri done by PPP:

Huckabee leads the pack in Missouri so far.

Donald Trump’s emergence has taken a huge hit on Newt Gingrich’s and Sarah Palin’s support. Mike Huckabee (28%) and Mitt Romney (13%) are treading water since January, but Trump’s 12% has knocked Gingrich from 19% to 10% and Palin from 14% to 8%, with Michele Bachmann at 9%, Ron Paul at 6%, and Tim Pawlenty at 5%.

Think Huckabee will be getting into the race? I think it’s a foregone conclusion.

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We have to remember that there probably won’t be any one perfect candidate to challenge Obama in 2012. I like Ron Paul but disagree with his take on Afghanistan and Iraq. Other than that, he still makes a lot of sense. I’d have no problem voting for him just like it didn’t bother me to vote for McCain. He wasn’t Mr. Perfect either, but had he been elected we wouldn’t have Obamacare, the deficits wouldn’t be as bad, and allies like Israel and Poland etc. wouldn’t have been thrown under the bus. And yes, UBL would still be dead.

Another Vet Chopper pilots were true heros in V.N and got up and down in a fearless manner.Marine pilots were mostly 24+. The real wild men were Army W.O.’S 18-20 yr old H.S. grads acting like they’d been given a new Corvette.Fearless or maybe just a little crazy they’d put down in anything.Truthfully I was happy to see that “old” Marine up front when I boarded myself or my troops.

another vet, hi, I must say that I find you very smart and full of wisdom.
every times you come here,
thank you for that,

@rich wheeler: Found it.

“The Man in the Doorway”

@ilovebeeswarzone: I appreciate the compliment. You don’t do too bad yourself!

AnotherVet #54 CHILLS Thanks and Semper Fi
btw I agree with you re. Ron Paul Was never a supporter but the more I listen to him the more common sense he makes.

another vet, wow, thank you for the 54,link, that can dig wittin the core of the soul, and project the
to see those images and listen to the narratives so perfectly done leave one shaken and sobing with them all along.

@ilovebeeswarzone: It was short but powerful. I was in grade school during those years but remember watching the news. No where near the same as being there. Unfortunately, those that served there got the shaft from a lot of Americans including the VFW.

another vet, yes I’ll tell you how powerfull it was, It crash my computer,
I must have stayed too long to view the other videos, and when I shut my computer
for a while, and came back later it was black no answer and breeding hard and so hot,
It scare me, and not knowing what to do, waiting till now to get some help,
for my miserable fear of having lost the laptop forever, the one I just bought a few months ago,
and my help came and push one button, on top, and back was I, happy to reconnect with my friend laptop who let me down.
I just thought to let you know, about my ordeal, and my anger of being ingnorant enough to not knowing what to do, and scare to push any buttons too. but it serve me to learn about ,the next time,
I will know what button to push right then, instead of spending the night miserable.
bye, end of my story

@ilovebeeswarzone: Most of us “oldtimers” have had a learning curve with these contraptions so don’t feel alone!

another vet, yes, but, this is the only gadget , that I need to be explained more than once,
even it has his own language, and I would have never guess that IT can breed hard,
like a pervert on a silent phone call. It had freak me when it happened to me and it freaked
me having it from my own computer.

Hey how about the Tom Coburn and John Ensign presidential ticket, it represents what the GOP is, rather than what they profess to be. But I guess it would be like the Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump presidential ticket, right?

@Kevin: So corrupt people only have R’s after their names?

Maybe a good Democratic ticket would be Rangel/Jefferson.

Or Rostenkowski/Spitzer.

Or Dodd/Murtha.

I guess you forgot those guys and what they “represent” in the Democratic Party and what it stand for, huh Kevin?

What’s that? Those men don’t represent the ENTIRE Dem Party? Oh, well we figured since you were painting with a broad brush that you would also apply that brush to your own party…

Guess not.

Or maybe when you say “…it represents what the GOP is, rather than what they profess to be,” you are saying that your party doesn’t profess to be anything other than self serving, selfish, law breaking, corrupt politicians.

Is that what you are saying?

I bet anyone here that Sarah Palin will not run. She knows she will not win the Republican vote, but wants the media attention to milk it for what its worth. Michelle Bachman will not win in any states…including her own. Huckabee will probably win the Republican vote unless someone else steps forward…

Sarah does not need the vote from stupid.


Huckabee will probably win the Republican vote unless someone else steps forward.

Not likely because Huckabee is not running.

I will go on record now that Richard Thurnton will NOT win the Presidential Election of 2012…even on the Drone Party ticket.

He may snag a spot in the ministry of silly walks, though.

The Huck and his recently resurrected rock-roll band playing re-treaded songs from 50 years ago on the Whitehouse Lawn! Pleeeas!!! Nooooo! We have to watch the Huck at least twice a month as a deal with one of our friends. And that is two times too many! And maybe Sarah will run on a third party ticket as she has hinted. Who knows?