The Reluctant Imperialist Leader of International Socialism Is Ravaged By The Bloody Socialist Dictator


The Year is 1933, Von Hindenburg has just made Hitler the Chancellor and the games are about to begin

History once called on a Socialist to stand against a dictator, but it was hard for the most famous of such antagonists to go to war: there was a certain reluctance at least, for in truth, both were dictators and Socialists. Modern day Socialists regard one of them as a saint and they refuse to acknowledge the other one.

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Left’s preferred name for the Treaty of Non-Aggression between Germany and the Soviet Union, was a non-aggression treaty signed in Moscow between the National Socialists of Germany and the Soviets on August 23, 1939. The basic premise, according to Leftist history, was that each side agreed to stay neutral if the other nation was attacked by a third nation; however, the secretive nature of the agreement was far more insidious in nature and revealed the imperialist intentions of both the National Socialists and the Soviets. Written in the agreement was a secret protocol to divide Poland and for the acquisition of the countries of Northern and Eastern Europe through a plan of mutual and cooperative imperialism: it used the popular leftist practice of using benign sounding jingoism to politely refer to this naked aggression and imperialism as “territorial and political rearrangements”. It was in force until Germany launched an attack against the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941.

To mask his imperialist plans, one of Hitler’s early foreign policy initiatives was a non-aggression pact with Poland, during January 1934. An unpopular move, because Poland was given the German provinces of West Prussia, Pozan, and Upper Silesia through the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. For Hitler, the non-aggression pact was a device to decrease the possibility of a French Polish alliance towards Germany before Germany had the opportunity to rearm and attack.

Post World War Germany was angered and seething over the treaty of Versailles and resentment was building; thus the stage was arranged for the corporal who promised to make amends for Germany’s humiliation by the treaty of Versailles. France and England were sickened over the sacrifices of the Great War and wanted to avoid confrontation at all costs. By making limited concessions to German demands, they hoped to avoid a repeat of the great war. Thus while France and England hoped to avoid war, Germany continued to gear up for war and the conquest of land lost by the Treaty of Versailles plus infinitely more territory.

In 1938, neither France or Germany was prepared to go to war; yet, they acquiesced to Germany’s demands that it must rearm during the period of 1935 to 37. The desire of the French and British for peace and their willingness to appease Hitler gave confidence to the German people and led them to believe that England and France’s no longer had the stomach for war. They began to appreciate the former corporal who was restoring Germany’s honor among the nations of the world.

Britain and France essentially acquiesced to Germany’s rearmament (1935-1937), the remilitarization of the Rhineland (1936), and the annexation of Austria (March 1938). In September 1938, after signing away the Czech border regions, known as the Sudetenland, to Germany at the Munich conference, British and French leaders pressured France’s ally, Czechoslovakia, to yield to Germany’s demand for the incorporation of those regions. Despite Anglo-French guarantees of the integrity of rump Czechoslovakia, the Germans dismembered the Czechoslovak state in March 1939 in violation of the Munich agreement. Britain and France responded by guaranteeing the integrity of the Polish state. Hitler responded by negotiating a nonaggression pact with the Soviet Union in the summer of 1939. The German-Soviet Pact of August 1939, which stated that Poland was to be partitioned between the two powers, enabled Germany to attack Poland without the fear of Soviet intervention.

On September 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland. The Polish army was defeated within weeks of the invasion. From East Prussia and Germany in the north and Silesia and Slovakia in the south, German units, with more than 2,000 tanks and over 1,000 planes, broke through Polish defenses along the border and advanced on Warsaw in a massive encirclement attack. After heavy shelling and bombing, Warsaw surrendered to the Germans on September 27, 1939. Britain and France, standing by their guarantee of Poland’s border, had declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939. The Soviet Union invaded eastern Poland on September 17, 1939. The demarcation line for the partition of German- and Soviet-occupied Poland was along the Bug River.

In October 1939, Germany directly annexed those former Polish territories along German’s eastern border: West Prussia, Poznan, Upper Silesia, and the former Free City of Danzig. The remainder of German-occupied Poland (including the cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Radom, and Lublin) was organized as the so-called Generalgouvernement (General Government) under a civilian governor general, the Nazi party lawyer Hans Frank.

Nazi Germany occupied the remainder of Poland when it invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941. Poland remained under German occupation until January 1945.

Poland was their first official act of mutual and beneficial acquisition through an act of planned aggression; the history books only mention the “Bad” National Socialists invasion of Poland on September 1, but those “Good” Socialists led by Josef Stalin invaded Poland on September 17 in their prearranged division of Poland.

The irony of history is that the beautiful marriage of the two forms of Socialism, that were both firmly rooted in genocide, was condemned to distrust and eventually came to dissolution or the splitting of the matrimonial sheets. Like most divorces, one side is portrayed as the most fair, even in the most perverse and diabolical unions: the Soviet Union has been cast as the blushing virtuous bride who was led down the garden path and ravaged by the National Socialist Workers Party, a brutish and evil rapist who doesn’t deserve to ever be called Socialist because of their inhumane and unrefined genocides. The Soviets could conduct their genocides with style and class and can wear the term Socialist with pride, especially their chief benefactor Josef Stalin. After the Winter War, the Soviet Union annexed Eastern Finland and followed up with acquisitions of Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina, and Hertza region.

A Pernicious Veil Over The Truth

Although history was being written in favor of the Soviets by many Leftists, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt initiated the official bias for the Soviets partially because of a peculiar attraction for Stalin, a mid-twentieth century bromance that was probably a one sided love affair, for Stalin had FDR’s administration riddled with Soviet spies.

Whittaker Chambers, a former spy for Stalin, who became disillusioned after the purges and genocides, identified a multitude of Soviet spies within FDR’s administration including some of his most trusted advisors. His book, “Witness” was powerful enough to convince a New Deal Democrat to become a leading Conservative, that particular politician was Ronald Reagan.


(Watch the video and learn some of the truth about Socialism. The truth that our Socialist Union indoctrinators known as teachers are either ignorant of or participate willingly as part of the continuous cover-up of lies and deceit known as Socialism. I promise, there will be more in the near future to expose to your children and friends who have been duped by the Socialist brain washers.)

As Chambers wrote in “Witness”:

The simple fact is that when I took up my little sling and aimed at Communism, I also hit something else. What I hit was the forces of that great socialist revolution, which in the name of liberalism (emphasis added) spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, but always in the same direction, has been inching its ice cap over the nation for two decades. This is not a charge. My opinion of that revolution is not at issue. It is a statement of fact that need startle no one who has voted for that revolution in whole or in part, and, consciously or unconsciously, a majority of the nation has so voted for years….

President Obama desperately needed a military campaign to boost his image as a strong leader who will stand up to oppression and to bolster the morale of a public saddened by the economy and the loss of America’s prestige and exceptionalism. North Korea and Iran are too formidable and either one would take a major commitment of money, American lives, and would drag on for at least the term of his next presidency. The perfect Vanity War would be a small dictator that America hates. Gaddahfi’s Libya seemed like the perfect conquest; there is a great deal of American enmity towards Gaddahfi; especially, after the Pan Am bombing and the public’s reaction to the freeing of the homicidal maniac who planned the murders along with the mounting evidence that Obama might have known all along about the trading of a killer for oil, it was time for Obama to make amends.

Gaddahfi had a Civil War in his country and threatened retribution: a perfect opportunity for Obama to regain prominence and become a hero to the world.

With diplomatic firmness tinged with capitulation, Obama demanded: Ceasefire or…we’ll do something. Gadahffi, after over forty years of totalitarian control, ignored Obama’s impotent threats.

Thankfully, there was support from Europe, so Obama could make speeches about how the US wouldn’t put boots on the ground and we would create a no-fly zone, that surprisingly includes bombing tanks, troop carriers, and presidential palaces, but the wily desert fox is still in power and Obama’s Vanity War drags on.

While Obama pontificates about the compassion of his Socialism, we are expected to ignore the millions of dead Ukrainians resulting from the Soviet Holdomor (genocide by starvation) long before Hitler’s black trains were painted. This is the seminal group that has formed the Socialist movement that has spawned the Obama Myth and the American Socialist movement. Not that we didn’t need their help defeating the National Socialists, 400,000 Soviets were killed fighting the Hitler Youth and old men defending Berlin, after defeat was inevitable and the war was over.

Today’s parallels with the history leading up to WW II are interesting and show a sign of macabre humor. An International Socialist president is confronting a tyrant who is for all purposes a National Socialist, they seemed to be good friends and then one turns on the other planning on a quick victory. The groundwork is laid for World War and the tyrant who is under attack is trying to encourage Christian versus Muslim world war if for no other reason than to take the pressure off his own neck.

During WW II, both Socialist leaders wanted to depopulate the world and replace the people with their own. In this struggle, many radical Muslims want to depopulate the world and replace them all with the Faithful. The killing is just getting started and as it escalates, it will illustrate the problem with electing a pop cult hero as opposed to electing a qualified leader.

At one time, the world respected America’s wrath and justice towards war criminals. Now our system of justice toward war criminals is a continuous joke among those who deal in evil, but seek justice in America’s civilian court system.


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Don’t forget that the Soviet-Nazi pact included massive amounts of raw materials to Germany, which Stalin insisted continue while ignoring reports from his own troops about the Germans massing on the border…as I recall the last such train shipment passed over to Germany just hours before Barbarossa began.

Also before the agreement was even made the Soviets helped the Germans get around Versailles Treaty conditions and conduct training and development in Russia.

Obama opportunisticly used the Libya situation in a very shrewd way. Libya of course is a major oil producer, and the outbreak of revolution there caused oil prices to spike. However ‘daffi soon appeared to be taking care of business and restoring the staus quo ante. At just this moment Obama leads a convoluted and disjointed intervention that can only have been calculated to create a stalemate. The civil war will go on (and more and more Libyans will die), and the uncertainty will keep oil prices high. This serves Obama’s green energy totalitarian agenda by allowing for the increased demagoging and regulation of the energy sector and driving more Americans into government dependence. There will be no resolution of the Libya situation anytime soon. It’s part of the plan.

Hopefully Americans are waking up to our slow progression into socialism. Our Liberties/Freedoms are being taken away chunks at a time on that slow but steady path to socialism …people need to wake up, we need a LEADER to wake them up and reverse course, push back HARD…so much ‘real reform’ is needed for the health of our country…. People need to wake up to the fact that every time a chunk is won by the Liberals, it’s a victory for the Liberal Socialists/Communists who want to transform America by eroding our Freedoms and Liberties… History has a way of repeating itself, but, we have the heads up…let’s not have history repeat itself because who will save us?

Skookum says:
“At one time, the world respected America’s wrath and justice towards war criminals. Now our system of justice toward war criminals is a continuous joke among those who deal in evil, but seek justice in America’s civilian court system.”

Now when we fight a war (terrorism), the enemy dictates how the fight should be fought. And our poor brave men and women of our military have to use a ‘check list’ on the battle field. While the enemy uses the liberal policies [disguised as Democracy] which has invaded American Policy, against our Military and against America.. When actually the end result ‘ should be’ as [quoted above]

[Side track: Funny how the ‘liberals /Left’ don’t care who they hurt, when it comes to their absurd ‘ wars’ here at home on the political front… both – physically, mentally and against property…..and against their own countrymen and women. We see it in videos all the time… their contradictions and rhetoric. If the end justifies the means [Liberal/left Policies for the Liberal/Left ] then it should be the same for our Military without interference of liberal hypocrisy/contradictions… ]

If our military was ‘allowed’ to do their job, and use our ‘might’ we would complete missions in a lot less time… and gain a lot more respect or if you prefer – respect for the fear of US Wrath… Again it is liberalism that is tearing down America…. and the ‘way’ our military and American justice is forced to face our enemies.

Another absolutely brilliant analysis and essay! Skook, you never fail to amaze me and your stuff is so well researched I learn something every time I read your stuff!

As you state, the “system of justice toward war criminals is a continuous joke among those who deal in evil”. It must be pointed out however that the fact that the U.S. has become nothing more than a joke to those around the world goes way beyond the war criminal realm. We are a laughing stock because we refuse to even remotely live up to the basic ideals and tenets this country was founded on. We have Obama, Hillary and the other entrenched morons giving it lip service and immediately acting opposite to the very things they lie about as supporting. As this country has apparently lost it’s bearing and it’s soul, so it has lost the respect of the world.

it’s awfully hard for anyone to look up to a supposed leader that is in fact not fit to lead. At this particular moment in time, one could say we are not fit to be deemed the leader of the free world when in fact our elected officials are hastening the pace towards leftist dictatorship or worse.

Good historical account. Now, how about doing one on the origination of the Koch Brothers’ family fortune–derived in a large extent from work with Stalin; or IBM, that made a lot of money by keeping tabs on Jews for Hitler. I think these stories of conservatism would make at least as interesting tales as talking about Josef Stalin’s dictatorship and trying to superimpose that experience of current American liberalism.

@ OK Joker, got any proof on the Koch Bros?

That film is a powerful argument against overwhelming centralized power, Skook, . . . . regardless who’s in charge, since there is no such thing as “benevolent” dictatorship.

Demagogs use human weakness to feed their egos and enhance their personal power. However, even more dangerous, is the self-righteousness which, when injected into feeble minds, spreads like an infectious disease.

In our age of celebrity worship, where overnight stardom is achieved by airheads, the potential for a replay of your above posted film on the Stalin age, is higher now than it has been in a couple of generations.

Demagogs use strife to their advantage. Demagogs use divisive agitation to heat up anger to a boil, and Demagogs use resentment. There is plenty of economic “strife” available as fodder for the teleprompter’s barrel. With no leadership yet in sight to turn-around the Nation’s downward economic spiral, Obama’s speeches should worry all his listeners.

Worthwhile reminder, Skook. Well done.


Because when you finaly see it with your own eyes , mean that the BEAST is rendered to big and to hungry to stay underground silent, and is at your door knocking to get inside to destroy your life and belongings


If you accept that demagogues manipulate feeble swarms on the streets, through pandering to their biases and prejudices, thereby rousing those mobs into frenzied rapture against a small, and splintered minority of individuals, THEN . . . . .

You will accept as demagoguery the latest effluent from the bully-pulpit of the White House, spewing venom on “investors, . . . . speculators and index traders in oil futures markets.”

. . . . And this demagogue continues to get a pass from the timid and ideologically stunted MSM.

Federalist No. 1 – (Alexander Hamilton) October 27, 1787 – ” . . . . a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidding appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants.”

. . . . Up To The Podium step Obama and his handlers with self-importance, and big aspirations of boundless wealth and power.

It’s so strange feeling of danger from that escalation of turmoil,
THE SOCIALIST PLAN; so destructive because we cannot conceive that they are for real, it doesn’t enter the mind,
because we have to excuse what we cannot believe that the intent
could be so dark and so destructive, until we are rendered unable to think of a solution.