Joe the Plumber vs. Kathy the Drag Queen Band Singer [Reader Post]


On October 12 of 2008 Barack Obama campaigned in “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher’s neighborhood. Wurzelbacher asked Obama why he’d want to raise taxes at the time. Wurzelbacher subsequently became something of a Presidential campaign issue. In what seemed mere seconds the liberal press descended upon him like so many locusts. Within days we knew more about Joe the Plumber than we know about Barack Obama to this day.

Within three days later had Joe fact checked.

Four days later PMSNBC proclaimed that Joe had no plumbing license.

That same day CNN was defending Obama’s tax proposals.

Joe took it in the chin from the media. They combed through his personal files. They protected Obama.

As Curt posted above, Palin approached a woman holding a sign which read “Worst Governor Ever” to ask her about the sign. The media reported it thusly:

Ben Adler:

Sarah Palin Gets Snarky on a Schoolteacher

Well, Palin’s dark side came out in full effect this weekend, and this time the victim was not President Obama but a schoolteacher in small-town Alaska. Palin was there to film a segment of a nature program on TLC, and she confronted Kathleen Gustafson who was holding up a sign reading “WORST GOVERNOR EVER.” Palin clearly intended to disarm Gustafson with her charm, but instead got defensive.

Andy Barr:

Sarah Palin gets in dustup with teacher

Sarah Palin was involved in a brief argument over the weekend with an Alaska teacher over her decision to leave her post as governor of Alaska halfway through her term.

David Jackson:

There’s something about Sarah: Palin argues with teacher

The latest Sarah Palin video making the rounds shows her arguing with an Alaskan critic who displays a banner reading, “Worst Governor Ever.”

Jackson says there’s something about Sarah. Well, Davie, there’s also something about Kathleen Gustafson, who identified herself as a teacher.

She’s no teacher.

She’s just a singer in a rock and roll band. A drag queen band.

Jackson, Adler, Barr and the rest of the Obama lapdog media pounced on Palin as though pouncing on Palin was the Democrat National Sport.

Well, it is.

Thre was no “dust-up” when Joey met Barry. They never wrote that there was something about Barry. Obama didn’t get “snarky” with Joe.

Because Adler, Jackson and Barr suck are pathetic left wing tools, just like the rest of their colleagues.

They failed to do their jobs. They were so gleeful to mine this incident for the precious antiPalinite mineral that they let go of the little credibility they have remaining. They hounded the guy who was honest with Obama and now they have no intellectual curiosity about the drag queen band singer. She was a fraud but that didn’t matter. What really mattered was Sarah Palin allegedly rolling eyes at the charlatan.

Something about this stunk from the get go. The stink came right from the liberal press. It’s the rank odor of bias.

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