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ISLAM SUCKS & so does racism – as a matter of fact, I don’t really care if blacks, muslims, asians, mexicans, whatever or whoever calls me a racist becuz it doesn’t mean anything to me from now on – it has been so overused that it is just another word in the dictionary between rabid & radical – freedom of speech is freedom of speech and if I wanna say ISLAM SUCKS – I will anywhere and anytime…………………

If this idiot thinks HIS country of South Africa is so great – move there – I don’t see an anchor on his ass holding him here

As for those stupid horns, if those things appear at any sporting events where I live I won’t be going & if it’s an annoying buzz on TV – won’t be watching either- I need my hearing & I don’t want to be sprayed by someone’s spit – eew eew eew – ugh!

Wonder if there will be any teams who ban them?? Nah – they’re a bunch of spineless wimps too – racism my ass – stupid is as stupid does……………………..

it’s in our country South Africa


‘lil Liar johnnie ryan must be loving this guy.

If slavery came out of black/african culture, then opposing slavery would be racist. Makes perfect sense.

Typical of a race baiter in the mold of Sharpton, Jackson, Rangle, etc. If something is associated in any way with blacks, whether individual or the culture, is disliked, then it is racism to dislike it. Are blacks, whether Americans or of other nationality, so fragile in their feelings that we must walk on eggshells around them so as not to make them feel bad? Are they so weak in their own identity that it is better to not criticize, and thus, help them keep their self-esteem artificially high?

I wonder about a man who presupposes these qualities on his own people, who thinks they, black Americans or Africans, are so fragile of the mind, that people of other races should be compelled, whether through force or by law, to keep their thoughts to themselves, and thus, refrain from hurting the feelings of blacks in general. Sounds to me like the true racist is Mr. Barron.