Obama’s Lowest Approval Rating Yet & Strangely The MSM Is Silent; Unlike When Bush Hit That Low



Lowest poll numbers from Gallup yet. Yeah, I know, shocking it isn’t but let’s look at the Washington Post when Bush hit 46 the first time:

Friday, May 14, 2004; Page A01

Six months before the November election, President Bush has slipped into a politically fragile position that has put his reelection at risk, with the public clearly disaffected by his handling of the two biggest issues facing the country: Iraq and the economy.


Bush’s approval rating in the Gallup poll fell to 46 percent this week — the lowest in his presidency by that organization’s measures. Fifty-one percent said they disapprove — the first time in his presidency that a bare majority registered disapproval of the way Bush is doing his job. A Pew Research Center survey released Wednesday pegged Bush’s approval at 44 percent, with 48 percent disapproving.

Page one news.

How about when he hit 45 for the first time….the next stop on Obama’s trainwreck of a Presidency.

USA Today:

President Bush’s approval rating has fallen to 45%, the lowest point of his presidency, according to a new USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll.

Another article from the Washington Post the very next day is here.

Oh yes, how about CNN? The poll numbers were highlighted during a Anderson Cooper segment and a Jack Cafferty segment that day.

Ok, ok….so the big news of that drop was the Schiavo case so lets give the MSM the benefit of the doubt and check when he hit 45 again…June of 2005.


Poll: Disapproval of Bush at high point

(CNN) — The number of Americans disapproving of President Bush’s job performance has risen to the highest level of his presidency, according to the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll released Monday.

According to the poll, 53 percent of respondents said they disapproved of Bush’s performance, compared to 45 percent who approved.

Anderson Cooper again:


COOPER: Hey. Torie, let me start off with you. In the latest CNN- “USA Today” Gallup poll, President Bush’s approval number is down to 45 percent; 37 percent say he has a clear plan in Iraq. That’s down from 49 percent. How worried is this White House?

CLARKE: Well, they’re not worried about their polls. They’re worried about having a really serious and honest conversation with the American people…

COOPER: Wait a minute, you are telling me they’re not worried about the polls?

CLARKE: … about what’s going on in Iraq. I can’t speak for all of them, but I can tell you what they worry about more, which is what is going on in Iraq, and having a very serious conversation tonight with the American people. What’s going on, where the challenges are, where progress is being made, because there is some progress being made, and a caution to the people that this could last for sometime and it will be very, very tough. That’s what they’re really focused on.

COOPER: Paul, do you believe that?

PAUL BEGALA, CNN POLITICAL ANALYST: Well, yes, in part, but, at the same time, they have to be focused on the polls, because that’s how we gauge whether the public supports it.

Let’s see if CNN, the Washington Post, the USAToday and other media outlets will report on the 46% approval rating let alone when it 45.

Politico has saved the MSM’s bacon a few times…and to the rescue they ride again but still no sign of any doom and gloom from the others all week. Last 30 days?

Amazing what a D next to the name can do to our MSM eh?

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What gets me, is the rabid meme among the far-left that the ALL media is “right-wing”. Most Dems will single out Fox, but there is a large group that lumps them all together. When I dig deeper, I find that simply because the are corporations is their “reasoning”.

So I’ll be holding my breath for Brob to take back his quips about Rasmussen being the outlier…NOT!

I think that it is just fine that the MSM is ignoring these polls. I suspect that Obama’s poll numbers will continue to slide until they are in the 38 to 42 percent range and at that point, they can’t be ignored. The heartwarming aspect of this is that the slide continues and what the MSM has to say about it is irrelevant. The people know and the people are speaking.


On 4/11/2008 GWB was at 28% approval on this same Gallup Poll. BHO at 46% has a ways to go.

Mr. Wheeler

According to the post and the dates involved, it took a little over 4 years for Bush to hit the 46% mark. Obama did it in just over a year. At his current rate of decline, Obama is going to hit 28% sometime next year, sooner if he insists on pushing an agenda that continues on his socialist “change” path.

The number is probably closer to 40% taking into account the questions that were asked and the group of people that were asked.

Perhaps the Obamedia is taking tips from the Democratic Party and taking the attitude, “well, if we don’t report it then it’s not news”.

I’m with you Disturber, no need to keep complaining about the media. We know the animal, just let it keep sticking with stupid.

But, but, there are other polls, the media can ignore Gallup and Rasmussen and do a glowing write up for the manchild. For instance, here’s the AP-GfK Poll putting him at 53% and and a write up telling us he will be saving the democrat’s bacon this fall. Adults only with over 4% MOE …. could mean he’s below 50% in this one too but, noooo he’s going to save the democrats.

With all that’s been written by dem polsters that have polled this president….Carville, Greenberg, Cook, Shoen, I find it amazing that the Ipsos.McClatchy and Ap-GfK even put their results out, an accurate poll by them would have to be considered their personal outlier. They should be embarassed by their obvious partisanship but they know they may still have an audience of brobs who will bite.

Here it is, making a silk purse……..” lol, ya just have to!

AP-GfK Poll: Obama more popular than Congress


The loss of credibility and of market share no longer seems to affect the media, a fact that only adds to the public’s view of them as being a state directed media or propaganda bureau. Becoming irrelevant and inconsequential will become more important as the ‘news services’ become fiscally un-viable: at some point they will need to abandon their state direction or become subsidized by the Obama Administration; a move that could be the coup de gras for both entities.

It is encouraging that America’s tolerance for lies and fraud that was promulgated by the self-admiration and self-importance the news agencies bequeathed themselves with titles like the “Fourth Estate” and claiming a quasi-legitimacy as an official part of the federal government with the responsibility to accurately report, investigate news and vet potential members of government. Hmmm

Of course, any pretense or significant substance the agencies once had has disintegrated, like a cow pissing on a flat rock. They destroyed their own validity. Media is evolving and the audience is becoming more sophisticated: sites like FA may become the major news broadcasters in the near future. If things start going that way be ready to buy stock in FA, it will be a wild ride; because, things are going to be changing very quickly, in my humble opinion.

Looking at that graph shows that their has not been a significant decline in Obama’s poll numbers since when ? And as far as Bush’s 46% that was about TWICE what Americans thought of him at the end. I don’t expect to see much of a drop from where Obama is now, and the 7% drop from the number that voted for him ? I would expect much of that is disappointment from the left His disapproval of 45% is actually LOWER than the number that chose to vote for McCain. Looks like some McCain voters APPROVE of the way he is doing his job

Curt, you are ignoring the fact that Bush, at one time (late 2001, early 2002), had an approval rating in the high 80s/low 90s. So to slide to 46% about two years later was much more stunning than going from the high 50s to the mid 40s. In addition, I saw one pollster who noted that Obama’s approval ratings have ranged in a very tight seven or right point band. No one is “turning” on him as much as his approval rating is muddling along. More people approve of him than not and that has not changed much at all. And if you think passing a bill that will decrease the deficit by $118 billion and cover 31 million Americans with some health insurance will make him LESS POPULAR, then you have a big surprise in store.

And another thing — when Bush was at 46%, he was underwater, with a disapproval rating well above that. That ain’t Obama’s situation . . . not to mention that Bush had those “issues” in an eleciton year.

This also reinforces another point — who would have put money on Bush to win re-election that year? A lot can happen in seven or eight months. Likewise, Obama and the Dems . . . they probably will lose some seats from their current huge margin, but it probably won’t be nearly the slaughter that you cons think it will.

@John ryan: seriously? Obama isn’t even through his first term and you are comparing against Bush at the end of his 8 years? And your logic makes the jump, that McCain voters are now approving of oDumbo? That is some liberal logic for you. If you didn’t notice, republicans are unanimously against issues such as the way he is handling the economy and subjects like healthcare. You obviously believe he is uniting this nation.. that is funny. The right hates him, and the left is abandoning him in droves because he is resembling Bush more and more to them. Or is oStupido just easier for you to swallow than Bush? Its the deluded left that thinks there is actually honor in career politicians and lawyers. I think those breeds died off a while ago. There will never be a political savior. Its just funny, how many of the left are atheist and put their hope in people like obama to change their lives for the better. I guess when you have nothing, you are willing to trust in anything.

Make bumper stickers with Obama approval rating on it.

Make bumper stickers with Obama approval rating on it.
At the bottom say I have this bumpoer sticker to get the message out since the
Propaganda media will not report it.

also according to Gallup the only educational demographic that still heavily supports Obama are those who have post graduate degrees, Obama has lost the approval of the stupid people http://www.gallup.com/poll/125423/Americans-Postgraduate-Education-Back-Obama.aspx

Okay, I can’t resist such a huge opening….

John Ryan: Obama has lost the approval of the stupid people

Now John Ryan, how can that be when YOU clearly are still a devoted O’faithful??


@John ryan:

The part of the “educational demographic” that still support Obama are commonly known as “educated idiots.”

Far be it from me to pile on [snicker] but I cannot resist this one either:

according to Gallup the only educational demographic that still heavily supports Obama are those who have post graduate degrees, Obama has lost the approval of the stupid people

Errr….as Mr. ParaLegal2, our resident arrogant elitist racist bigot has proven over and over and over again….edumakation and advanced degrees does not equate with being smart.

Another theory shot to Hell, eh?

Exit question: What post graduate degree do you have John ryan and from which college or university did you receive it?

M.H. Your dislike of Sean Hannity will always give you credibility in my eyes.Anyone who saw Nancy Pelosi on Charlie Rose and doesn’t believe she’ll get the votes to pass Obamacare in the House is delusional IMHO. 3/17/2010 St.Patricks Day passage.

@John ryan: LOL – you just made the best case yet for me to stop supporting him! I was once on a tour where we had some major problems with the way our producers were treating us. We, as a cast, sat down and composed a letter to them. I was the only one who did not have an advanced degree, yet I was the one fixing grammar and phrasing. Go figure.

John Ryan: Obama has lost the approval of the stupid people

Excuse me Mr. Ryan but I have to point out sensible educated people didn’t support /approve Obama in the first place.

@rich wheeler:

Could it be this remark “poor baby, poor baby” Pelosi made during the interview that would encourage just everyone to want the thing passed? Or her spastic behavior while discussing Massa? I thought she was losing it.

“Imagine an economy where people can follow their aspirations. If
they’re a creative person, they can be a painter, a musician, a writer, a
photographer, whatever, and not say I have to be job-locked because I need
health care and insurance, that they could start a business, they could be

I have 5 degrees and I’ve despised him since I saw him. But if by “educated,” you mean “of the same educational system that produced the Zero,” I can understand, because they are not educated, they are indoctrinated. And btw two of those degrees were heavily on poll research, I can tell you the numbers can mean whatever you want them to mean. Most people design research with that fact in mind. Might as well consult a fortune teller.

Year 2 of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the right-wing media fairly bubbling over with one of the most persistently virulent attacks on any president in US history, anti-government sentiment at an all-time high, and still the RPC poll average shows more approve of the job Obama is doing than disapprove?

What happens when it finally registers that we’re already in the early stages of an economic recovery?

Greg —

They have their own reality. They are in a permanent “two minute hate” bubble. The anger, the nastiness, the bitterness, the ignorance, the race baiting . . .and yet they wonder why no young people want to be associated with their party and they have lost the suburban vote, too!

Missy You gotta admit Massa is one drunken sailor.He made Beck appear almost sane and that ain’t easy.

@rich wheeler:

Massa sure had the opposite effect on “poor baby, poor baby” Pelosi and that ain’t hard.

Missy I think anyone who saw Massa’s Fox and CNN appearances would agree Massa is a sick man He says he has cancer. He admits to groping at least one male staffer. He rambled about naked shower encounters and was under an ethics probe when he suddenly resigned. Pelosi would probably feel sorry for any House member this screwed up. Point is she’s a tough pol. and I believe will get the votes for passage.

@rich wheeler:

I saw parts of both interviews, then finding Hoyer and Pelosi were aware of incidents prior to what brought down the House on Massa leaves me with no confidence in either Hoyer or Pelosi.

Pelosi’s “poor baby, poor baby” remark was repulsive and sinister, and evidence has surfaced that Massa has been sexually aggressive with subordinants years and years prior to cancer. He was third in command on his ship, made improper advances toward some young officers, was reported to higher command and the incidents were swept aside only to resurface now.

Like the Bush media action vs Obama media inaction, we are now seeing the same with the Foley media action vs Massa media inaction and back in time, “poor baby, poor baby” Pelosi was a big instigator, I’m sure you haven’t forgotten Foley being part of her “culture of corruption” theme. Remembering all this, combined with the Massa information, her Rose interview was downright creepy.