Obama & Pals Take Credit For Iraq War Success


Video update by Mike’s America, a Fox News report:


[Biden] – I am very optimistic about — about Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.

I spent — I’ve been there 17 times now. I go about every two months — three months. I know every one of the major players in all the segments of that society. It’s impressed me. I’ve been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences.

A stable government no thanks to you, Obama and Hillary:

[2007] – President Bush signed a bill Friday to pay for military operations in Iraq after a bitter struggle with Democrats in Congress who sought unsuccessfully to tie the money to U.S. troop withdrawals.


Democratic presidential rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama both voted against the bill.

“I fully support our troops” but the measure “fails to compel the president to give our troops a new strategy in Iraq,” said Clinton, D-N.Y.

“Enough is enough,” Obama, an Illinois senator, declared, adding that Bush should not get “a blank check to continue down this same, disastrous path.”

Their votes continued a shift in position for the two presidential hopefuls, both of whom began the year shunning a deadline for a troop withdrawal.

Sen. John McCain, a GOP presidential contender, said the two Democrats were embracing a “policy of surrender.”

“This vote may win favor with MoveOn and liberal primary voters, but it’s the equivalent of waving a white flag to al-Qaeda,” said McCain, R-Ariz. MoveOn.org is a grass-roots anti-war group that rose to prominence in last year’s elections.

How about Biden’s awesome idea to split Iraq up?

Iraq’s new government of national unity will not stop the deterioration. Iraqis have had three such governments in the last three years, each with Sunnis in key posts, without noticeable effect. The alternative path out of this terrible trap has five elements.

The first is to establish three largely autonomous regions with a viable central government in Baghdad. The Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite regions would each be responsible for their own domestic laws, administration and internal security.

Or his assertion that The Surge, the strategy that ultimately won the war in Iraq, was going to be a failure and should not have been implemented:

“I mean, the truth of the matter is that, that the — America’s — this administration’s policy and the surge are a failure, and that the surge, which was supposed to stop sectarian violence and — long enough to give political reconciliation, there’s been no political reconciliation… The reality is that, although there has been some mild progress on the security front, there is, in fact, no, no real security in Baghdad and/or in Anbar province, where I was, dealing with the most serious problem, sectarian violence. Sectarian violence is as strong and as solid and as serious a problem as it was before the surge started.”

But that’s not my only “dude….seriously”

Here we have one of The Four Corpsemen of the Obamaclypse, Robert Gibbs, telling the press corps that the Obama administration deserves the credit for Iraq.

Yeah, you heard me right:

Someone explain to me WHAT Obama “put back together” in Iraq? He did nothing….absolutely nothing for Iraq. He voted consistently against any kind of measure that would ensure victory and insisted troops be withdrawn before the victory was achieved.

Because of Bush there is now a democratically elected government in Iraq. Because of Bush there are millions of free people in a country that once ruled by a tyrant. Because of Bush, and his willingness to change course and listen to new ideas, we won in Iraq and THIS is why those troops can be brought home.

Nothing Obama, Biden, or anyone else in his Administration did enabled Iraq to be a success story. If the American people had listened to these fools we would have ran home with our tails between our legs like the paper tiger the rest of the world believed us to be.

Charles Krauthammer put it best tonight:

“At least this administration could have the decency to call it an American Success”


Remember this from six months ago?

WHERE are the Americans?” Talk to Iraqis in Baghdad these days, and you’ll likely hear the question.

Of course, everyone knows where the Americans are physically. The 130,000 US troops cantoned in a diminishing number of barracks outside the cities make their presence felt on occasion. The thousands of civilian Americans who are helping build a new Iraq are also easy to spot.

The question refers to the United States’ fast-fading political profile.

Those who deem Iraq as the biggest US foreign-policy success in decades are baffled by Washington’s determined efforts to deny that reality — indeed, whenever possible, to try to undermine it.

Having labeled Iraq the “bad war” as opposed to the “good war” in Afghanistan, the Obama administration has tried to minimize its commitment to the newly liberated nation.

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Everyone (even this dubious administration who is lying to themselves), knows who should receive any accolades for successes in Iraq. The successes were and are due to the great insight of the military leaders and fighter in Iraq.

Obama’s totalitarian administration is desperate for one single good success, though. Of course, they will hijack the Iraq successes, despite their consistent undermining and resistance to the efforts for Iraq, both in Washington and Iraq.

The Democratic (socialists) Party of America, is already claiming Iraq as their success…as if Iraq is already a full blown success.

But, we should all keep in mind, this administration still has three years of Iraq to accept responsibility for, be it success or failure. And, Iran has just declared itself a Nuclear nation, while this totalitarian administration ignores their threat. The world will not ignore this administration’s ignorance.

If I were Obama and Biden, I would choose my words carefully.

Know what the biggest disgusting thing is about this, especially when they have spent over a year BLAMING Pres. Bush for everything?

Pres. George W. Bush (and VP Cheney) would take very little, if any, credit for the Iraq success, stepping back and giving ALL credit for success to the troops, before during and after the surge, and to Gen. Petraeus.

And here you have the idiot VP blatantly acting as if he and Obama had ANYTHING to do with it … and then toady Gibbs coming out and defining it in their terms to make the assertion correct … and failing miserably.

Interesting they take credit for this but it is still W’s economy.

As O & Joey B are so adept at delivering creative, outlandish revisionist-history, without breaking into a laugh, they should quit their day jobs and seek acting careers.

The way Team Obama trashes George W Bush daily while taking credit for his accomplishments -the means of which they opposed- is beyond the pale.

There are no good and decent men or women in this administration… none

Obama and Biden are pirates. They seek to steal the successes of the Bush administration. Too bad for Obama and Biden, Americans don’t take too kindly to pirates.

Iraq War Success ….. I blame Bush 🙂

None of us should be surprized by this statement by this administration.

Remember, we’re told that Mr. Obama is a genius and his grades are hidden.

Take the obvious and state the opposite. Nothing new here, move along.


Excellent, Eric Boehlert included the question about Brennan who recently wrote an op-ed accusing GOP Senators of basically aiding and abetting the enemy.

Curt just laid out what President Bush was facing from the Dem leadership, forgot Harry Reid announcing the war was lost at the beginning of the surge, but, it mattered not at the time that that was exactly what they did throughout the war. I will always believe that what they did contributed to prolonging the war and now they shamelessly claim credit for its success.

Obama attempted to convinced Iraq to postpone the SOFA agreement until after the election. He obviously knew at that point in time that decisions made and efforts put forth by our military and President Bush were destined to be a success, he wanted to put his name on it.

Now his cohorts are sent out to steal the thunder, not ever crediting those who did the heavy lifting. Maggie is right:

Pres. George W. Bush (and VP Cheney) would take very little, if any, credit for the Iraq success, stepping back and giving ALL credit for success to the troops, before during and after the surge, and to Gen. Petraeus.

Their hearts are still with the troops, always will be.

It is ironic that, the closer that Obama followed the Bush policies, the more successful he has been (Iraq is the prime example), and where the president has gone off in opposition to Bush, e.g., his dealing with the economy, the worse the outcomes have been (and the more he has had to blame Bush for what he himself has done).

@reaganite republican as you said for [good and decent man and woman in this administration]they dont seem to oppose to any thing ,are they afraid of what?

@Taqiyyotomist: Thanks. I do believe Curt had put that in the “featured post” last week, after another reader also linked the video (open thread?).


Obama attempted to convinced Iraq to postpone the SOFA agreement until after the election.

Would love it if some reporter brought that up and questioned Obama as to his reason why.

Mil-blogger Greyhawk @ Mudville Gazette has an awesome thrashing and trashing of this … very well worth the read:


I shoulda known, FA is on the ball. I have to stop in more often!


I would also love to see a reporter ask them how they like dealing with GITMO since they were the ones that contributed on the most part to the destruction of it’s reputation. Of course that will never happen because the press was in on it.

Makes perfect sense, sure it does, this is definately a roll your eyes moment where’s Chris Wallace when you need him?

Obama’s Bagdad Bob defends Biden’s comments during his Q&A with the press today:

Gibbs defends Biden claim that Iraq is a great Obama achievement, though both men opposed it

Q Robert, the Vice President last night said that Iraq could end up being one of the President’s great achievements. Given that the Vice President was in favor of a partial partition of the country and the President opposed the surge that helped stabilize it, how is that one of the President’s great achievements?

MR. GIBBS: Well, putting what was broken back together and getting our troops home, which we intend to do in August of this year.

Q But the Status of Forces Agreement to bring troops home was signed before the President took office.

MR. GIBBS: Something that — something that I think the political pressure that the President, as a then-candidate, helped to bring about.

Look, I think that we will long debate Iraq. We will long debate whether at a very important moment in our efforts to root out terrorism particularly in Afghanistan and on that border region with Pakistan, whether we took our eye off the ball.

I think historians will debate that long after we’re gone. I think they will come likely to the conclusion that no single event took our eye off of what needed to be done in order to — in order to occupy a country that, until we got there, didn’t have a single member of al Qaeda.

So, look, obviously — look, the Vice President has been deeply involved in fixing the political process there so that elections can be held and so that our troops can come home as scheduled this summer.

They would rather make fools of themselves than give credit where credit is due.

Andrew Malcolm who blogs the Top of the Ticket Blog at the LA Times isn’t buying it.


Just came upon this interesting video, enjoy: