David Shuster & Contessa Brewer…Pure MSNBC Comedy


Comedy gold. First we have David Shuster, the shill for all things liberal and scummy, inviting Andrew Breitbart onto MSNBC to discuss the O’Keefe story where Brietbart got Shuster to retract his allegations of wiretapping:

As soon as Breitbart forced Shuster into a corner by reading Shusters’s obviously biased tweets Shuster would not let Breitbart have any airtime, instead he continued to talk over him and lamely tried to change the subject. Andrew later re-printed the email Shuster sent to him alleging that he had “no horse in this race.” An obvious lie based on his tweets.

(On a related note check out all the other MSM outfits still printing the wiretapping lie)

Then later in the day, on the same network (shocker…I know), Contessa Brewer asked Republican New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg about his support for reducing government spending. Of course, being the biased “journalist” she is, she couldn’t help but let that bias show. Gregg wasn’t having of any of it tho and blasted her throughout.

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Thank goodness. Our represenatives are getting their spines back.

It’s pretty damn bad when a network’s ‘news department’ comes off way far less accurate, unbiased, and truthful … and more obscenely comedic … than their SNL counterpart parodies.

My hope is that when Obama leaves the White House with the ashtrays and bowling balls MSNBC’s ‘line-up’ follows him down the road of obscurity. However, the damage they have done to society is far less, and far more easily repaired, than this guy and his puppets in the Congress.

BTW, Brewer has a history (bad habit) of pulling this crap off and trying to pass it off as ‘journalism’ when it’s pure theater:


But one of the worst was during last summer’s townhalls where she claimed: Gun-Toting Protesters are ‘White’ Racists… video of Black Guy with AR-15 Edited to Conceal his Race


And these people have the audacity to say FOX isn’t really a news channel? and call it Faux News???

I’m serious. NBC needs to dump the SNL cast and stick the boobs of the MSNBC line-up on Staurday nights at 11:35pm (once a week yes!) and spare us the daily/nightly torture of their ignorance.

Oh, and, DAMN! Andrew Breitbart knows how to throw his weight around! DUDE!! You rock! (Friggin Shuster’s a friggin’ Michigan friggin fan … friggin bleh! FRIGGIN LOSER!)

Lesson learned? Shuster won’t be messing with Andrew Breitbart again, especially if he has to face him.


Kind of thinking you might have a problem with Shuster. lol

Wasn’t he on FOX at one time? That had to all but kill him.

Best counter punch yesterday.

Fox in the morning guest called the SOTU speech the “Barocky Horror Picture Show”. Damn funny until you get the image of Barocky in drag. Pelosi would be a natural fo the show, she wouldn’t have to change anything.

Shuster is an Obermann wannabe. Breitbart should not not have gone on the MSNBC

There was a bit more to the story.

Right after Breitbart was cut off and this segment ended, Shuster brought in Eric Boehlert of Media Matters to play a few minutes of softball about what a shady guy Breitbart is. If you follow AB’s Twitter feed, you know that he regularly taunts Media Matters — and Boehlert particularly — for propagandizing for the left. I’m sure having him on here and giving Breitbart no chance to respond to him was pure coincidence.



“Kind of thinking you might have a problem with Shuster. lol”

Oh frig no … no friggin problem at all with the friggin Michigan frigger … `splains a friggin lot about him.

Why, he’s a friggin genius. He managed to get me to jump to Hillary’s defense when he said she was pimping out her adult daughter during the dem primary campaign. THAT was classy.

I almost agree with yunz saying Andrew should stay off MSNBC … but Breitbart has this way of getting people to show their true colors (in Chris Matthews case he can actually go for an hour without seeing a ‘black man’ … but remember the SOTU went for like 70 minutes … so which 10 minutes did he see Obama as black? I’d like to know.)

See, Fox can champion “fair and balanced” because, unlike MSNBC that brings on the opposing view after the other (usually the conservative) has already left the screen … and CNN that has on like 3 libs (including the desk anchor) to one conservative in order to shout down or crowd out in the alleged discussion … FOX has both sides on and taking turns in the discussion in a somewhat orderly manner. The other cable ‘news’ channels either ambush, assault, or avalanche the opposing (conservative and rational and fact-based) view.

David Shuster…what a hack!

“Are you willing to tell schools…no money for you” -what part of what you just said didn’t you understand, Ms. Brewer?


[[“Are you willing to tell schools…no money for you” -what part of what you just said didn’t you understand, Ms. Brewer?]]

See, I have to correct myself here …

For the last like 10 years, especially the last 8, I’ve been saying the MSM (especially the MSNBC loser ratings dolts) only talk to hear themselves.

Apparently I was so very, very wrong … and if I had a tail I’d tuck it between my legs and gently ‘yipe’ as I retreated.

But I don’t, so I won’t.

They’re not even interesting enough, apparently, to listen to themselves.

Maggie: You may be on to something!


The man feasts on stupid, reminds me of the lib commenters at Politico except he’s being paid big bucks from a news organization. Sad, sad, sad.

Thanks for responding, admire your input, often see your comments in my travels, thanks for the energy you put forth for this country!!!


If you don’t already, swing by my site now and then.


I cuss more there … with correct spelling. ; ^)


I’ve been there, am going to bookmark it and will visit everyday, promise!

Maggie, if you get Missy in your regular fold, you are one lucky lady…. She is a dearly treasured prize here at FA.

Yunz all are!

I would like to have seen him ask back, “Why do you think schools should be cut first before all the pork? Don’t you love our kids? Why do you put them up on the block before the waste and pork that is included in that 1.3T?”