While the nation was busy with Sotomayor…. health care destruction advancing under cover of media darkness


As the Senate committee puts on it’s usual media dog and pony show for what will ultimately result in the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor, other Senate members from the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee (HELP) slithered behind the scenes to bring the nation one step closer to Obama’s “remade” America with universal health care by passing a a $600 billion health-care reform bill called the the Affordable Health Choices Act.

“What was passed today is the foundation for meaningful reform,” said Sen. Patty Murray, Washington Democrat. “This bill says that health care is not a luxury, its a necessity. … It protects existing coverage when it’s good, improves it when it’s not, and guarantees care for the millions who have none.”

In case that name, Patty Murray, rings a bell, she’s the same Washington State Senator who stood up in front of students and praised the accomplishments of a fictional Osama Bin Laden, who she portrayed as traveling the world, building schools and tossing daisies. uh… nuff said.

But back to the prime bozos at hand… which brings me to Obama, happy as a clam on the heels of his lack luster pitch the eve before.

“Today, thanks to the unyielding passion and inspiration provided by Sen. Edward Kennedy, the … committee he chairs has produced a proposal that will finally lower health care costs, provide better care for patients, and ensure fair treatment of consumers by the insurance industry.”

BTW, on that pitch… don’t *even* bother me with another BS type post about Obama’s purported (or not) athlete prowess… or even if this is important in the scheme of things. I care not that he can’t throw a ball. But I am seriously chagrined that he drops the ball with every play.

The House version…. health care bill, not bad baseball… passed Tuesday, with a $1.5 trillion price tag. ho humm.. those words just roll of the tongue as the norm now, yes? Want to read the Speaker’s glowing BS statement? It’s the usual pol doublespeak that squares not an iota with truth, so forgive me if I waste no space on excepts.

Ultimately the bills will have to be reconciled prior to passage and enactment, but below is the precursor. We already know the figures lie, and the liars are still figuring on the low IQ of Joe and Josephine Q. Voter.

BTW, the GOP wanted to simplify the bill with pictures…. LOL So Aye Chi passed on the PDF link to the Arlo Gutherie’esque “twenty-seven 8 x 10 colored glossy pictures with the circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each” type flow chart. But in case you want to save your clicking finger as well as your eyes, here’s how “simplified” looks in a quick glance… …


So without further adieu… and with a H/T to both Curt and Docstoc… da Senate’s proposal to destroy the US economic recovery and diminish our health care system, as seen by Reid and cronies…

Health Care Bill Senate

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I’d like to see the real pitch he threw out rather than the partial picture at the mound the MSN put out. Just a reminder of how fraudulent the rest is.

And the rest is just so heartbreaking, I don’t know where to start. Of course, the destruction of the USA is by design. There is absolutely no other way to explain what they are doing. The hateful 60’s radicals (I used to be one…waking up is possible) are finally getting their revenge and carrying out the old agenda. What might have seemed right at that time (even if it wasn’t) is doubly wrong now. It is mind boggling that these people have never changed or matured over the past 40 years…stuck in the old rut.

Along with the health care debacle, Barney Frank promises to re-do his past disaster on low income housing loans. Part of the plan actually lets foreclosed houses be rented (even if you were the one who defaulted) and those on unemployment (undoubtedly Welfare too) will be given a stipend to assist with rent…paid along with their benefits. Good God. The world has gone mad. We don’t want a hand out, merely a good paying job.

I have ordered a stack of postcards from WND for Fraudo’s birthday on 8/4 (so they claim). Pictured is a color photo of the WH with a lawn sign in front: “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” If that could be proven, what a great end run it’d be…shut down the whole kit and cabootle. I hope everyone will be sending their regards.

If you make it through the maze before you die, and get to take a number, how long is the wait then?

Want to know how well government works, look over at porkiuls and the 9.7% unemployment and no end in sight.

Promises, like transparency, reading the bills, letting the public know what was going on … hah,,, you bought those lies to.

After you have seen the shuck and jive act a few times, don’t you get it yet?

Make it mandatory for all government – NO EXCEPTIONS (get it, BO?) and all the unions. Then let’s see just how wonderful this will be! Bet there’d be abunch of discussion then!

I have an idea for an ad:

We see obama during his campaign saying we’d get the healthcare he and Congress enjoys.

Then you see how not only are we not getting the same, Congress is exempt from it.

Finally, the question is asked: If it’s not good enough for them, why is it good enough for us?

And a Hate Crimes Bill got snuck into a Defense spending Bill by the usual suspects.
Crime is Crime. Period. My train is late. AMTRACK, Government regulated, subsidized and Union as all bloody hell.

I am TRICARE for Life insured and if that gets fooled with Obama will get a huge surprise. Retired Military are that Bitch Janet Napolitano’s worse nightmare. If not fooled with it would have been fine. Team Obama Stirred up a Hornet nest. Promises not kept get consequences like elections fraudulently conducted.

Retribution is sure.

The video of Patti Murray praising Bin Laden is here.


Based on this schematic, the real plan is that few, if any, will make it through this bureaucratic nightmare before they die from either disease or sheer frustration. In the meantime, the government will save lots of money — but with a trillion dollars worth of debt already, they have to.

Since the media refused to educate the public on the ramifications of universal health care, those of us who have lived in either Canada or Europe and seen socialized health care up close and personal can offer some pointers: get used to long lines and lack of services; stock up on supplies for future hospitalizations (loved ones will have to bring in items such as soap and Kleenex); be sure to designate a friend or family member as a companion to bunk with you in case of hospitalization to get you water, help you bathe, and assist you with bathroom calls (neither nurses nor orderlies are always available for these duties); develop a stoic mindset, it will come in handy; and start researching and saving up for those Indian medical vacations.

FedUp had the best solution. Make it mandatory for all — including members of Congress. NO EXCEPTIONS. The rats would desert the bill in two seconds flat and we’d never hear another word about it.

Isn’t it too bad the everything President O’Dumbo touches turns to sh**? So far he has ‘0’ accomplishments and a very high failure score, higher than my computer can count.
Where are the lefties whining and crying about the highest allied death rate (June) in Afghanistan since the invasion of 2001? Get out of Afghanistan, O’Dumbo couldn’t manage a cock fight much less a war, but he’s good at scoring crack. American GI’s are dying due to the cowardance of the entire administration, or is it the stupidity of the entire administration of traitors? I love the new appointee for the SCOTUS. She’s a typical lying, hypocrite and racist democrat. More lies in two day than the average person tells in a lifetime. Anyone wonder why O’Dumbo is crashing in the polls. Blackmailing the Gov of Az isn’t going to help, especially if Az files felony blackmail charges against him. The charge can’t fail, they have the letters as evidence. Some low level hack wrote them but the buck stops with O’Dumbo. He said so, or was that a real president who said that? Looks like he needs another long overseas trip to avoid making decisions and taking responsibility for his failures. How long before the pitchforks and ropes come out for O’Dumbo and his Lame Stream Media a**kissers? Will he last until folks figure out a cut in withholding rates is not a tax cut. April 15th everyone will have to caugh up lots of extra money. If you haven’t increased your quarterly estimated tax payments you are screwed come tax time. No bail outs available for the working stiffs.

This is getting to be a real modus operandus with this Democratic Congress. They wait until the new agencies are nose deep into the current news that they are running into the ground, and no one covers the damn real news. Even FOX News is getting bad about this.

Lets’ start emailing them and tell them to stop keeping us in the dark. We want them to tell us what these Congress Critters and the Administration are doing (Heck the SCOTUS too.)

Mata, I’m confused by the article you linked to and the article I found at Lucianne’s today, could there be hope after all with the Blue Dog Dems? Energy and Commerce?… can Pelosi claim a win without that committee on board?

The House version…. health care bill, not bad baseball… passed Tuesday, with a $1.5 trillion price tag. ho humm.. those words just roll of the tongue as the norm now, yes? Want to read the Speaker’s glowing BS statement? It’s the usual pol doublespeak that squares not an iota with truth, so forgive me if I waste no space on excepts.

Centrist Dem Leader: Has Committee Votes To Block Health Bill


WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, D-Ark., a leader of fiscally conservative House Democrats, said Wednesday a House plan to overhaul the U.S. health-care system is losing support and will be stuck in committee without changes.

“Last time I checked, it takes seven Democrats to stop a bill in the Energy and Commerce Committee,” Ross told reporters after a House vote. “We had seven against it last Friday; we have 10 today.”