Our Embarrassing MSM Fawns Over Obama & We All Lose


A few days ago ABC noted a list of the top 100 political blogs and Flopping Aces made the list. Number 62 to be exact, ahead of some might fine blogs (take it with a grain of salt tho….check it out, Hot Air and Ace of Spades didn’t make the list, wacky). The sad thing is that these blogs are pretty much the only source for information that would dare be critical of Obama seeing as how our msm display a embarrassing amount of bias for him. For example, Evan Thomas of Newsweek calling him some kind of god:

Granted, he is not calling him God but rather, literally, saying that compared to other men he is all-knowing and all-powerful.

Then we have Brian Williams who’s “unprecedented” access to the White House led him to produce an embarrassing lovefest for Obama. It was so bad even Jon Stewart, a man not know for unbiased opinions, had to make fun of it:

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Partial transcript via Newsbusters:

  • JON STEWART, HOST: This is a huge coup for NBC. When you get this kind of unprecedented access, you can cross-promote.
  • BRIAN WILLIAMS: The TV version of the “West Wing” on NBC has only been off the air for three years.
  • WILLIAMS TO OBAMA: Have you seen the depictions of you, Fred Armisen, “Saturday Night Live,” what do you think?
  • STEWART: And speaking of Chuck, look who’s just stopped by, Zachary Levi star of “Chuck” returning this fall. Mr. President, do you find “NCIS” has become formulaic? One final question: Today, must-see TV is just a suggestion. You have the power to make it Law…and Order.
  • STEWART: By the way, the show’s host clearly has the hots for the breakout star.

And then you have Richard Wolffe who worked alongside the Olbermonkey praising every single footstep Obama made while not disclosing to those who employ him and those who use him for information that he was in cohoots with Obama writing a book about him. A book that Obama even suggested the name for:

It was Barack Obama himself who first proposed that Newsweek reporter Richard Wolffe make a play to be this generation’s Theodore White—the legendary journalist whose insider account of the 1960 election painted John F. Kennedy in heroic light.

In the 2008 version, Obama provided the insider access. And Wolffe lavishly delivered on the heroic-light end of the bargain.

But the early response to his new book, “Renegade: The Making of a President” has made one thing clear: Wolffe is not living in a Teddy White era of journalism.

Far from vaulting him to the top ranks of the profession — as happened to White and a parade of other reporters with intimate access to winning presidential candidates —Wolffe’s Obama journey ended with him out of mainstream political reporting, making his living as a public relations operative.

And far from being the toast of Newsweek, which once built its franchise around reporters who were close to the powerful, Wolffe now has a frosty relationship with his former employer.

At a book party at Washington’s Café Atlantico Monday night, there were quail eggs and caviar but no Newsweek editors, who declined to speak on-the-record about Wolffe or his book.

Some of his former colleagues grumble privately that the magazine gained little of news value from Wolffe’s access to Obama and his inner circle, and suggest he lost detachment as he became more enraptured by a politician with whom he shares personal and ideological sympathies.

Of course once the book was out he could no longer pretend to be a journalist, but rather a PR man for Obama. He used his access to enrich himself rather then report the facts, ask the tough questions, and criticize the man when it was deserved….and there has been plenty to criticize him for so far.

This is the media that is watching our President folks.

Robert Samuelson see’s it as dangerous:

The Obama infatuation is a great unreported story of our time. Has any recent president basked in so much favorable media coverage? Well, maybe John Kennedy for a moment, but no president since. On the whole, this is not healthy for America.

Our political system works best when a president faces checks on his power. But the main checks on Obama are modest. They come from congressional Democrats, who largely share his goals if not always his means.


The infatuation matters because Obama’s ambitions are so grand. He wants to expand health-care subsidies, tightly control energy use and overhaul immigration. He envisions the greatest growth of government since Lyndon Johnson. The Congressional Budget Office estimates federal spending in 2019 at nearly 25 percent of the economy (gross domestic product). That’s well up from the 21 percent in 2008, and far above the post-World War II average; it would also occur before many baby boomers retire.

Are his proposals practical, even if desirable? Maybe they’re neither? What might be the unintended consequences? All “reforms” do not succeed; some cause more problems than they solve. Johnson’s economic policies, inherited from Kennedy, proved disastrous; they led to the 1970s’ “stagflation.” The “war on poverty” failed. The press should not be hostile, but it ought to be skeptical.

Mostly, it isn’t. The idea of a “critical” Obama story is one about a tactical conflict with congressional Democrats or criticism from an important constituency. Larger issues are minimized, despite ample grounds for skepticism.


The press has become Obama’s silent ally and seems in a state of denial. But the story goes untold: Unsurprisingly, the study of all the favorable coverage received little coverage.

And while unemployment hits figures haven’t seen since 1982 our media still fawns over Obama’s date night in Paris.

This is our media….

Any wonder the paper news and many of the network news are failing while the alternative media, such as Flopping Aces, is gaining popularity?

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“Obama as God”

Putting Obama ahead of “The Prophet” ought to really make us friends in the Muslim world.

This kind of utter nonsense qualifies as that “Oh Sh*t” that obliterates all those “AttaBoys” on the foreign policy ledger.

I’d say this is the perfect thread to insert Brian Williams bidding King Obama adieu with a very notable head bow…. OMG. Embarrassing. That it was probably an instinctual and spontaneous movement reveals one scary perspective of this POTUS by a top media giant.

El Curtbo is being wayyyy too modest!

Flopping Aces makes the list for the top 100 political blogs!
It’s due to two reasons:

1. Our readers. Without you we wouldn’t make the cut.

Just as important:

2. El Curtbo’s time spent promoting the efforts of the contributing writers like myself.

Thank you all for making the efforts of contributor’s here such a worthwhile experience!

The Top 100 List cannot be accurate. There is no way Hot Air and Ace of Spades aren’t in the top 100.

i was wondering where several blogs were, the list seems to be pretty heavy with liberal leaning blogs. i read only the good ones, in my opinion, and only visit some links to others. this one by far is my favorite, then aos and then confederate yankee…

It’s “Wikio”, luva… so there’s a certain amount of caveats to be applied. ala their “how rankings were achieved” explains a lot.

The position of a blog in the Wikio ranking depends on the number and weight of the incoming links from other blogs. These links are dynamic, which means that they are backlinks or links found within articles.

Only links found in the RSS feed are included. Blogrolls are not taken into account, and the weight of any given link increases according to how recently it was published. We thus hope to provide a classification that is more representative of the current influence levels of the blogs therein.

Moreover, the weight of a link depends on the linking blog’s position in the Wikio ranking. With our algorithm, the weight of a link from a blog that is more highly ranked is greater than that of a link from a blog that is less well ranked.

Our rankings are updated on a monthly basis and also include Top Blogs for several categories: Technology, Politics, etc. New categories will be added on a regular basis.

However Mike is correct above. All of FA’s cyber prominence – however great or not-so-great – is because of FA Founding Father, Curt. It is he who garnishes extra exposure by posting links on additional possible sites like Baltimore Reporter, Free Republic, Diggs, etc.

That said, at the end of the day, FA’s cyber status is the same as it would be with… or without… a Wikio ranking. It’s rapidly growing, and site stats can be verified by anyone at the bottom of the page in the right hand frames. Personally, I’d rather a small,devoted and intelligent blog forum compared to sheer numbers. Makes it harder to weed out idiots and moonbats, and carry on a debate. Were we not-so-blessed with Huffpo’s numbers, I may go crazy.

Evan Thomas knows that Obama is uniting the entire world. Dictators, Statist regimes, Democratic Republics and Islamists all bow down before him.

Nationalism is a thing of the past. The Second Coming has arrived, so forget your chauvinistic and provincial country. The path to heaven can only be achieved if you accept Obama as your Lord and Saviour.

This is a religion… It is Obamaism. If you dont have a half dozen Obama shirts, coffee mug, framed posters, screen saver, refrigerator magnets and bumper sticker you are getting left behind by the Joneses.

@MataHarley: If we ever get to Huffpo status I am going to ask for a raise.

I wouldn’t worry so much about an influx of moonbats and trolls at that level. For every lefty loon there would be five or more solid Americans commenting.

Still, it would be tough to keep up with all the comments.

OK Mike there are only 9 comments in this post, including this one.

If this post goes past 100 I’ll send you an Obama 8×10 autographed glossy photo. It will be a historic first for an African American President to give out such a photograph as a reward for prolific commenting. Be a part of history and celebrate another important Obama milestone.

I thought the left was all about the separation fo church and state – perhaps their god ought to step down.


Golly Gee! Good luck on getting thatObama picture from “Freedom Now” Mike. Have you any ideas what you would do with such a “treasure?” (All sarcasm intended.) Chris Matthew may pay big bucks to add it to his fantasy collection.

Who needs an 8X10 glossy? turn on TV, the man’s way over exposed to the point of being stale. Have to agree with Maher on this one, stay home and get to work, enough!

Congratulations Curt!!!! Proud of this place!