Remember… and honor


My thanks to Old Trooper for these first four poignant photos… and I’d like to share not only those he sent, but also other photos and links to those dedicated to honoring our fallen warriors. This should never be confined to one day or weekend, conveniently fitting in between family BBQs, grill outs or picnics and a four day work week.

*Every* day is “memorial” day to me…

Please feel free to share – add more links to websites and causes dedicated to our fallen in the comments below.

As for me? To those that have paid the ultimate price, and to their families left behind, I can never repay you for your bravery, strength and dedication to securing my freedoms. I can only offer my eternal thanks, and respect…

And, as “Private Ryan” noted at the end of the epic film… I hope I am worthy.






The World War II Memorial as viewed from the Washington Momument
First two below photos by Richard Latoff

The Field of Stars

from The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website

Read the many moving tributes and essays on the link.

and more photos by Hal Barker

Donate to the Korean War Project Online


One example below… click on link above for more

Three Servicemen Statue at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Features a collection of video memories from family, friends, military colleagues, and co-workers of those that have fallen.

Contribute your own

Watch Iraq Veterans Memorial: L-Cpl. Ryan Winslow in How to Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at

View Screen grabs and Photographs



Mata Musing: Don’t know what has happened to Sgt. Scorpion and his site… many links broken, but many also still working. Still worthy of a wander thru, with links to programs such as United Through Reading® Military Program to help families thru the long separations during deployments.

We genuinely believe that one of America’s greatest resources today is her citizens currently or formerly serving in defense of our ideologies and traditions. Desert Vets is a Veterans’ organization dedicated to those members of our military who have served in the Middle East in pursuit of democracy and freedom for people of that area and at the same time protecting our shores by taking the fight to them.

Desert Vets was conceived and is operated by Desert Vets for Desert Vets.

The Desert Vet mission is three fold:

1. Unearth problems being experienced by Desert Vets and their families
2. Formulate a legitimate solution for those problems
3. Engage in battle to resolve the problem

In addition to our standing mission, with this website, we hope to put Desert Vets together in communication and camaraderie


Warriors often find a more unusual soldier has his or her back on the battlefield. Also honored are those committed to promoting the long history of Military Service Dogs at US War Dogs Memorial. As many of these handlers can attest, man’s best friend has, at times, been his military K-9 comrade in arms.

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Great post, Mata. To all those who have served, thank you.

Just remember them. Know that Freedom is Never Free!

Take a minute and bend a knee for them to say Thanks.

@Old Trooper:

For my part, I am currently working at Yankees Stadium serving VIP ticket holders. The Yankees have given free tickets to military members during Fleet Week. When I serve them, I make it very clear that I am grateful for their service, and decline any tip they offer. It’s the very least I can do when they give so much. I love the Patriotism displayed at a ballgame, it’s one of my favorite things about working there. (too bad we lost today!…)

Great post. Growing old is something to be infinitely grateful for.

We should all feel a great sense of gratitude toward those who have left us with that positive possibility, and nurturing that freedom takes much diligence and care.

Cary.. if It helps I am A Yankee fan for the past 40 years but was deployed for most of that time and live way west of NY but would buy Rudi G a hot dog and a beer if I could sit next to him in the World Series Games this year.

Active Duty Military is welcome at My Table for dinner. Congress weasel folks are not.

Take care Cary!

At 3pm in whatever your location, a moment of silence is to be observed for our fallen warriors. May they RIP.

@Old Trooper:

I actually serve in his section and have seen him there quite a bit! Tickets where he sits include free food, so you’d only have to buy him the beer! Let’s hope we go all the way this year! Take care yourself, and thanks again.

*Every* day is “memorial” day to me


Not a day should go by without keeping our fighting men and women in our hearts and in our prayers.

Let this Memorial Day be a day of Thanksgiving. Go to an airport and welcome some Troopers home like they did in Maine for me many years ago. Buy them a meal or a drink.

Go to your local graveyards, read a few headstones with your Colors staked out there and know that Your Freedoms came from their sacrifice. Then play golf, grill up your grub drink some beers on the tab of those that rest below those headstones.

I will visit Normandy in June and visit St Mere Eglise where my Father landed by parachute in 1944. The most selfish spending ever for me. Visiting beaches that were stained with the blood of heroes. Visiting their graves and remembering Who I am, Where I came from and not from Kenya but the Great Plains of America.

They passed the baton to me, I Served, Fought, Retired and passed it to the Next Greatest Generation and Yes, We are Grateful and Worthy but Entitled to nothing unless We are posess the strength of will to Defend Freedom with Our Lives and Hold Our Fallen forever in Our respect.

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 30 This post is a suggested read at,

all gave some, some gave all, I will never forget

Very nice post. I will hoist them high this weekend in salute to my brothers and sisters that have fallen. Some friends, some strangers, all family. Thank-you.


I posted this on another thread, but it bears repeating.

Specifically, in WWII we fought Japan because they were as maniacally determined to rule the world as are the Arabs today. Pay special attention to from the 3:00 minute mark for about 25 seconds, but watch the whole thing for the full effect.

If it werern’t for “Victory At Sea” I probably wouldn’t know anything about WWII, or at least little factual, at any rate.

If America would press the issue, perhaps Islam would abandon it’s dreams of world dominance, as did the Japanese, who are now among the most respectable of peoples.


Thanks. Good to see you’re still ‘lurking about’.


Hey..ytba! I’ve wondered about you myself! The master of linkage! Good to see _you’re_ still lurking about!