Democrat Lawmakers Not Too Happy About Specter Deal Either


Don’t blame them one bit:

Several Democrats are furious with Reid for agreeing to let Specter keep the seniority accrued over more than 28 years as a Republican senator. That could allow him to leap past senior Democrats on powerful panels – including the Appropriations and Judiciary committees.

One senior Democratic lawmaker told The Hill that the Democratic Conference will vote against giving the longtime Pennsylvania Republican seniority over lawmakers such as Sens. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) when they hold their organizational meeting after the 2010 election.

Specter was elected in 1980, and under his deal with Reid would jump ahead of all but a few Democrats when it comes time to dole out committee chairmanships and assignments.

“That’s his deal and not the caucus’s,” the lawmaker said of Reid’s agreement with Specter.

As far as many Democrats see it, they did Specter a favor by allowing him into the fold thereby allowing him to keep power because he was going to get his ass handed to him if he ran as a Republican.

Those who may lose spots include Tom Harkin and the one spot which might really set off a fight is the Appropriations spot since that spot is gold to those addicted to pork. He could get that spot if Pat Leahy doesn’t take it…..BUT if he does take the Appropiations then Spector may even take his old slot on the Judiciary Committee which would set off a fight also.

Gotta tell ya, this brought a smile to my face. The Republicans don’t want him and now the Democrats are not too thrilled either.

Poetic justice for a selfish nimrod.

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Obviously Spector cares not a whit for what the other Dems think, for that would require principles. And he is too smart to not have known that some Dems were going to be pissed. Unlike Scott McClellan, who I think really think was stupid enough to think he would be embraced by the left when he turned on President Bush, Spector knew the reality and cares about as much as he cared for his GOP colleagues.

Have fun with him, Dems! And trust him – Arlen has your back! Bwahaha!

The democrats will stab Specter in the back as soon as they get a few votes out of him. No way he can win an election as a democrat since he’s proven he can’t be trusted. Goodbye and Good ridance to Specter the traitor.

And who trusts a traitor.

That was the question I was wondering about, Curt…. would the D’s strip him of his seniority, as they promised to do to Lieberman. Note the key words:

… his deal with Reid….

It appears they are bribing the shunned-by-conservatives Specter with the DNC expensive gifts… promised backing (no matter what other Dem wants to run in the primary), the big Zero campaigning for him, and now “keep your seniority” and screw some pretty big Dem powerhouses (love to see Feinstein’s take on all this… HA).

All this is to ensure they get the Spector co-op votes for cap and trade, health care, energy and other sundry social Dem dreams.

Yeah… big “change” in politics. For sale to the highest bidder, as usual.

Only been a Democrat for a day, and already he’s screwing his fellow Americans! Heh.

Just imagine how all the other prancing prima donnas in Dem Senate caucus feel about having another prancer running loose.

It’s bad enough that Dems have such noxious bores like John Kerry. Now they have to put up with Benedict Arlen too.

Serves them right.

Dems are unhappy? Too Damn Bad!! NO BACKS! You wanted him? You got him… with it! Chuckle chuckle chuckle!

Just goes to prove the dems don’t play favorites. They even screw their own! Man, that senority thing is just too funny!

I’m thinkin (bein from Philly/Bucks) that the admiral, rep Sestak (D), may be also unhappy, as is a lage part of the demo primary electorate in PA who didn’t vote for him, evah. Wouldn’t it be downright poetic if snarlin Arlen loses to the demo primary voter croud?

“snarlin Arlen” Heh.
I see a lot of “Specter of Elections Past” jokes on the horizon!